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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away villagers for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell villagers or run villager cycling services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New7/16/2014 3:59pm
» Daisy is moving out on the 30th MayuNanami3New11/18 11:11pm
» LF: Whitneyvirgosun-New11/18 7:28pm
» Alice the Koala moving out on the 19thlifenevahumdrum2New11/18 4:08pm
» Queenie is Leaving!virgosun-New11/17 6:34pm
» Chops The Smug Pig Is Moving!pastelruby-New11/17 2:30pm
» Tutu the Peppy Polar Bear leaving 24th Nov!Picligto1New11/16 3:11pm
» LF: Bones or BluebearHollyHunny6New11/16 7:17am
» Coco is leaving November 17! Looking for Agent S or Big TopAquaraider4New11/15 12:58pm
» Bertha the snooty hippo is movingpreston48-New11/14 9:37pm
» Grizzly Moving on 14thMerm4New11/13 7:41pm
» Groucho Moving Outsinmachine4201New11/13 5:56pm
» Selling Dianamyspacemia2New11/12 10:34pm
» Looking for epona preston484New11/12 8:38am
» Egbert is leaving tommorowpreston482New11/10 7:32pm
» LF: Mira the Uchi Rabbit, Willing to Payrageskittles031New11/10 11:13am
» LF. DREAMIES! (ROCKET, ROSIE, ETC.!)BumbletheHumble2New11/10 10:36am
» LF: Dreamies (Vesta, Vladimir, and more)Lil_Nug-New11/9 8:32pm
» LF: Multiple Villagers. NO amiibo please!TheDoughnutKid7New11/9 5:19pm
» Francine & Bluebear available jessikuh17043New11/9 2:24am
» Caroline the Normal squirrel is moving on the 10th (can time travel)izzykur-New11/8 8:39pm
» Looking For My Dreamies!Rushii20New11/8 5:25pm
» Tabby the normal cat is leaving preston488New11/7 10:10pm
» Sylvia the Kangaroo - FREEBrownjoe-New11/7 9:52pm
» Pudge the lazy bear cub is movingpreston482New11/7 9:09pm
» Looking for Dotty!misty11001New11/7 8:41pm
» LF: Lucky or Kiki izzykur9New11/7 7:11pm
» Looking for Lucky, Kiki, and Deirdreizzykur-New11/7 12:54pm
» LF ANY UCHI VILLAGERizzykur1New11/5 8:27pm
» LF Dog, Tiger, Mouse, Bull, Horse, Male Chicken (Rooster), and Pig VillagersJoshuatree3456New11/5 7:32pm
» Cookie! godteri97-New11/5 6:19pm
» LF: Deirdre!!!Kms294New11/5 5:24pm
» I'll take anyone. (ONLINE)McKaitlyn2New11/5 11:54am
» LF Villagersmandicakesx11New11/4 10:47pm
» Walt the Cranky Kangaroo is moving on the 10thizzykur-New11/4 7:06pm
» Looking for Olivia| Colton is movingShampooChan13-New11/4 6:12pm
» Lookin for Dreamies izzykur1New11/3 8:13pm
» Frank the cranky eagle is leavingpreston48-New11/3 12:00pm
» Velma in Boxes November 4thjulphi-New11/3 8:12am
» LF: Goldie and/or BonesevieK0105-New11/2 7:48pm
» Violet is moving out todayAdorabear-New11/1 3:21pm
» Lucky Moving on 30thMerm3New10/30 9:41pm
» Elise the snooty monkeypreston48-New10/30 5:17pm
» Cheif is in boxes! Aliceisflying1New10/30 3:36pm
» Flash sale: Walker the lazy dog in BOXes.estygal1New10/29 6:30pm
» Anyone want Rosie the normal catpreston484New10/29 9:43am
» Looking for Twiggymanicminer1984-New10/28 11:20pm
» Colton the smug horse is leaving the 28th of the monthpreston48-New10/27 11:19am
» LF Iggly Today! 10/26 have bells!!!Ktbug27-New10/26 1:42pm
» LF: Mira, Tia, and Stitchesjulphi-New10/25 6:58pm
» LF: Hamlet, Bam, Colton, Cyrano, Diana, Goldie, Julian, Bones, Maple,Fujibashi6New10/25 2:30pm
» Looking For: AnkhaCherryTree154211New10/24 4:29pm
» Dizzy for sale!julphi7New10/23 8:25pm
» Klaus is moving out the 28th !!Ohsnapitzceli-New10/23 6:38pm
» Merengue Villager Trade OPENevie789555New10/23 4:38pm
» LF Deirdrelastrundee-New10/23 3:42pm
» Frobert is leaving 30th monthpreston48-New10/23 11:53am
» I want a villager. I was scammed. I want Octavian but any one is fineAntonioDuenas3New10/22 2:59pm
» Ed SMUG HORSE VILLAGER, needs to goevie78955-New10/22 2:22pm
» LF Villagers, 200,000-1milBuck2741New10/21 2:20pm
» LF: Twiggy!pastelruby-New10/21 11:30am
» Looking for Fang! (or another wolf villager)queenliza-New10/20 9:06am
» Pancetti the snooty pig 10/15vix920-New10/15 10:14pm
» LF MarshallOilux1New10/13 3:27pm
» ELMER is moving!!lauradelpo-New10/13 10:00am
» LFam3bathory-New10/12 11:56pm
» Trade with meh plzAcnlEm2New10/12 4:22pm
» Bella is moving!Fujibashi1New10/11 1:56am
» Ronald is leaving ^-^/ *OVER*AWESOMEGAMER-New10/10 6:08am
» LF: Luckymisspixiee-New10/9 10:59pm
» LF VillagersLogic2New10/7 3:37pm
» Kidd available purple smug goat villagerDaisyPorkella-New10/7 12:13am
» Sylvia Is Leavingmangoravioli1New10/7 12:03am
» Seeking these villagersAC1NL-New10/4 9:46am
» Looking for specific villagers :)mangoravioli4New10/3 5:58pm

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