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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away villagers for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell villagers or run villager cycling services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New7/16/2014 3:59pm
» Looking for AnkhaMyopolis-New3/14 9:48am
» Looking for RudyCherryTree15421-New3/13 3:12pm
» Ricky is leavingTurangaa_Maax-New3/12 2:41pm
» Limberg the mouse is leavingmangoravioli-New3/9 11:28am
» Anyone want Boris?vix9202New3/8 11:15pm
» LF These VillagersToanNorune-New3/8 6:55am
» Looking for Elmer and AuroraMillet23-New3/6 1:10pm
» Genji for free!Millet231New3/4 7:28pm
» Fauna is moving soonpreston48-New3/4 3:57pm
» LF: Curt, Julian, Ketchup.mangoravioli-New3/4 8:18am
» My dreamies Millet233New3/4 6:10am
» LF KittTalthe1New3/3 11:25am
» LF: Fauna, Flurry, Purrl and Erik!libbylouu1New3/3 10:01am
» I’m looking for octopus villagerpreston48-New3/2 9:13pm
» Looking for Merengue Snart-New3/1 12:50pm
» Looking for DianaMiini931New3/1 11:58am
» Looking for MerengueMiini931New3/1 11:56am
» Pashmina in boxes!izzykur-New2/28 10:17pm
» Need Kiki or Lucky!izzykur-New2/26 3:04pm
» Looking For Bill the DuckBenjy332211-New2/26 2:11pm
» Looking for Felyne and PapiMeggy124124-New2/24 12:41pm
» Looking for Egbert or Curt! RubyCrimson1New2/19 12:13pm
» Looking for AnicottiNateKimble-New2/12 8:37pm
» Alli the snooty Alligator in boxes (free to good home)NateKimble-New2/12 5:03pm
» LF: LollyMasaya851New2/11 3:44pm
» LF FilbertMcGoofyOne-New2/11 2:08pm
» Drago Leaving on the 17th!Roki3263-New2/11 12:25pm
» LF WHITNEYAAdams1227-New2/11 11:15am
» looking for Rodeo!! Bluebellie-New2/5 9:40am
» felicity moving out tomorrow!shammy22-New2/4 12:11pm
» Moose the Jock Mouse is leaving!me0wbabe-New2/3 4:05pm
» BOB THE CAT IS MOVING OUT!!!mangoravioli2New2/2 6:22pm
» Looking for these animals please <3yellowviolet1-New1/31 8:12pm
» Octavian is moving!Talthe1New1/28 7:43am
» Dobie is in boxes :(annabrmnghm-New1/27 4:33pm
» LF: Dreamiesglitteryghost-New1/26 2:34pm
» Looking for Bluebear! Lauren246421New1/21 10:35pm
» Looking for dreamies/ Bettina is movingMillet23-New1/18 11:53am
» Lookin for Dreamies izzykur3New1/18 5:21am
» Mac is moving!Christos19941New1/18 5:20am
» LF: Lobo or ChiefRunningWolf-New1/15 9:41pm
» LF: GenjiSholea8New1/10 3:49pm
» Peck is in boxes and ready for a new homeRunningWolf-New1/10 2:41pm
» Looking For Kid Cat!deadmousie-New1/10 2:04pm
» Gone..Kuzumy1New1/9 4:53pm
» Sylvia the kangaroo is moving soonSholea-New1/9 3:00pm
» Lopez, Moe, Axel, Henry to tradeannabrmnghm-New1/7 1:57pm
» Broffina is leaving!toasted-New1/7 1:55am
» Julian is Moving and in boxes! FREEnicole_acnl11New1/6 12:24pm
» Do I Have Your Dreamie? nicole_acnl12New1/4 4:06pm
» Looking for ElmerMillet23-New1/4 7:34am
» Static is movingannabrmnghm2New1/1 9:07pm
» Pierce is leaving! mearenicole-New1/1 3:27pm
» Looking for Kevin AnimalChiko1New12/31/2017 10:34pm
» Pudge is movingtoasted2New12/31/2017 9:27pm
» Auroral in boxes - FreeTheBaseGOD-New12/31/2017 9:05pm
» LF: Billy the Jock GoatMelbaBear-New12/26/2017 5:12pm
» Pierce is in boxesSholea-New12/22/2017 2:11pm
» Storyvil dreamers wanted listpreston48-New12/17/2017 9:58am
» Mira the superhero rabbit is moving!esheldon4New12/17/2017 3:38am
» LF: Julian, Skye, Hamphrey, Flurryquinnetmoi-New12/12/2017 8:08pm
» LF: Pango and ChrissySterlinggina1New12/11/2017 8:43pm
» LF: EugeneBeeofNeptune-New12/10/2017 11:49pm
» Amelia is boxed and ready to go!baconslushie1New12/9/2017 9:06am
» Lf dear and penguin villagerspreston48-New12/8/2017 9:59pm
» Bruce is leavingorvilleoctopus1New12/8/2017 2:49pm
» LF: Vesta!MelbaBear5New12/8/2017 6:15am
» Want Ankha. Willing to trade Maple, Chief, or Francine AmnehBanamneh2New12/7/2017 4:58pm
» **Limited Time** Bob, Julian, and Ankha up for auction!ineedsomebells213New12/7/2017 12:32pm
» Villagers 4 bells!!! I need bells to start up my town! jessikuh17043New12/5/2017 5:10pm
» Tom is movingMalcomFlame-New12/4/2017 9:09am
» LF VILLAGERS!BumbletheHumble-New12/2/2017 8:20pm
» LF Teddy!Millom-New12/2/2017 11:37am
» Lf dear or wolves villagerspreston48-New11/26/2017 10:20pm

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