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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away villagers for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell villagers or run villager cycling services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New7/16/2014 3:59pm
» Lopez in campgroundam3bathory-New9/18 11:44pm
» Lf rib-bot Egbert cube preston48-New9/18 5:28pm
» Ftpreston48-New9/18 11:23am
» Sanrio/Fueki?justblogging2New9/17 10:03pm
» Tabby is in campgroundam3bathory-New9/17 4:43pm
» ~LF: Wolfgang, Chevre, Erik, Drago, Frita, & Others~ FT: Bells, Items, VillagersDeavon111New9/17 1:13pm
» LF: Deirdre!!!Kms291New9/17 1:11pm
» Bones is MovingKuzzie-New9/17 1:37am
» Looking for octopus and frogs villagerpreston48-New9/16 5:31pm
» Looking for frog villagersTomFromMemeland9New9/16 5:27pm
» UFT: Gastonskee-New9/15 7:26pm
» Gayle is moving on the 21st.kikicat1New9/14 7:39pm
» LF gayle paying really well.Caseycrazed1New9/14 3:59pm
» LF pippyskee-New9/14 1:32am
» Lf. Octopuses villagerpreston48-New9/13 11:51pm
» Jambette is leavingtheoneyoucallwe-New9/12 1:30am
» LF Villagers, 200,000-1milBuck274-New9/9 4:52pm
» LF Lucky-StarlightJade-New9/8 8:40pm
» Villagers for Sale, including some rare!nicole_acnl12New9/8 3:33pm
» LF: Ankha, ChiefRemy78-New9/7 4:17am
» Villagers for sale ft crossinlover11New9/5 9:25pm
» FT: Skye, Mint, Tangy, Drago, Staticalana5543New9/5 9:15pm
» Locking for these VIllagers for 500KShieriker7New9/4 7:24pm
» SELLING VILLAGERS - Rosie, Julian, Fauna, Pietro, etc. izzykur15New9/4 2:38pm
» Villagers to Give Awaybjm5157New9/2 11:15pm
» LTB: Bam the jock deer!carlaannfumei-New9/2 8:34pm
» Drago is in Boxes!!!DylansDungeon2New9/2 12:40pm
» Lf:zucket,Ankha,kabuki,octavian,and cobbZucker2611-New9/2 12:29pm
» Papi is movingkitsunechan412New8/30 6:14pm
» DRAGO the DRAGON is moving out!alana5543New8/26 7:34pm
» LF: Beardo, Reneeseallove1234562New8/23 9:36pm
» Derwin is moving Aliceisflying-New8/22 1:34pm
» LF: Marshal and Pekoe! Willing to pay anything. Kemiiko2New8/21 7:52pm
» Looking for Shep and rod to TradeWolfin-New8/20 8:21pm
» Ruby is in boxes!!!PokeMasterRed123New8/20 12:37pm
» LF Merenque, any hamster pref.Graham any octopy pref.Zuckermicasjas-New8/17 9:14am
» Villagers for Sale!nicole_acnl14New8/12 1:28pm
» Hugh the lazy pig is leaving on the 20thwheatly4ever-New8/10 9:36am
» LF Mathildaalexisarocker3New8/9 1:44pm
» LF: Alice or SavannahTheDoughnutKid6New8/9 9:22am
» Wolfgang Moving Outkitsunechan49New8/7 9:51am
» LF Cherry, Bones, Penelope and Maddiedoggirl331-New8/6 7:27pm
» LF: Whitney, Deirdre, Snake, Fang, Fauna!Dylaceon3New8/5 12:42am
» LF: Maddie!Danni1011New8/4 1:09pm
» LF Nate!sarahrenee-New8/4 12:31am
» Looking for GayleCaseycrazed-New8/4 12:31am
» Villagers for sale!crossinlover13New8/3 11:43pm
» looking for dierdre, wendy, whitney, static, tybalt, or julian!10puppyluv102New8/1 10:19am
» Looking for a whole bunch of villagers!taystorm2343New8/1 1:50am
» Looking for GayleCaseycrazed6New8/1 1:43am
» LF:Julian the unicorn!! BethAngel1New8/1 12:50am
» NEED Apollo. Will pay literally ANY priceizzykur-New7/30 11:53pm
» LF: SylvanaLac10New7/30 4:44pm
» Marshal crossinlover11New7/30 4:18pm
» Peanut is in boxes! Killer_Kyliegh7New7/30 3:05pm
» Selling Gayle the adorable pink alligator!superkell1New7/30 5:16am
» LF- tangy (will pay top mulla) Aliceisflying7New7/29 3:12pm
» SELLING: Peppy Patty!hsn97-New7/27 4:42pm
» LF-Deer VillagersKawaiiNanda-New7/27 2:48am
» LF: Etoile Allie_4353New7/27 1:47am
» LF: Genji/ kabuki Willing to trade any amounthajima_211New7/26 5:26pm
» Lopez the deer is leaving my townLauren246422New7/23 7:18pm
» Need Apollo ASAP (Last night with internet) izzykur3New7/21 3:21pm
» LF: Apollo and Alfonso izzykur3New7/21 2:06pm
» NEED WHITNEYizzykur4New7/20 10:30pm
» Tipper and Goose are moving ASAPeyedana-New7/20 7:59pm
» LF: Bill, Pierce, ScootSummerDerp1New7/20 5:26pm
» Selling Queenie the Ostrich!superkell1New7/19 7:34pm
» LF: Lolly and GoldieHElizaJ-New7/19 3:37pm
» Looking for dogs will pay millionsmarineford2New7/19 3:41am
» Pietro Moving on the 20th!ZekeWatson2New7/18 9:10am
» Does anyone want Apollo or Drago?DylansDungeon4New7/17 11:32pm
» LF: Coco or Raddlecourtgames4New7/17 8:38pm
» [Selling] Cookie the Peppy Dog! Make me an offer!superkell2New7/16 12:49am

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