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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away villagers for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell villagers or run villager cycling services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New7/16/2014 3:59pm
» FT: Lily, Rosie, Wolfgang, Puck LF: Dreamies, bells, itemstyrannosaurus2New1:46pm
» LF: Stitches or lolly or both :DD(ACNL)Shino223-New4/4 10:48pm
» Gayle moving April 5th! [ACNH]ronswanson1New4/4 9:30pm
» Looking to Swap or Trade for villagers!TeaLeafe-New4/4 9:23pm
» Fang moving April 6th!staycool333New4/4 2:33pm
» Looking for sisterly (uchi) villagersKkcrimson3New4/1 9:12pm
» Looking for Bob, Coco, or cherryMicrowavedbirdo-New4/1 7:10pm
» LF Deer villagersPhilia1New3/29 10:43am
» Jacques the smug bird is moving on January 2nd, 2020TheSimpleEevee4New3/26 9:53pm
» Mott is movinghaydenhazza-New3/26 8:51pm
» LF: Wart Jr. !fwogee-New3/26 3:55pm
» LF any unwanted villagers that are somewhat cute!staycool332New3/24 2:10pm
» LF- Looking for Dreamies!haydenhazza-New3/23 10:29pm
» [ACNH] Looking for Audie the WolfPrisma-New3/22 12:54am
» (ACNH) Looking for Rocket the uchi gorilla pink superheroParisa-New3/21 9:48am
» LOLLY IN BOXES TODAY Cvaris1New3/19 9:57am
» BOB THE LAZY CAT IS MOVING. closedohshiyoshi1New3/19 9:55am
» TRADE VILLAGERS FOR MELBAnewleaflilly-New3/17 5:08am
» lf dream villager!dogeII-New3/13 9:51pm
» SYDNEY the normal koala is moving out!! LF DREAMIESmilkyymintt-New3/9 12:22am
» LOOKING FOR KABUKIspookies-New3/7 1:36pm
» Del is moving out on the 10thMullerSaru-New3/1 2:33pm
» SKYE IS MOVING ON THE 27TH OF THIS MONTHKxtinx1New2/25 11:01pm
» Looking for Skye (paying up to 1 million bells for her)Jhin1New2/23 9:15am
» LF: Lolly, Goldie, Bluebear and More!SunDewww1New2/10 7:22pm
» Kody the Jock bear cub is moving tomorrow.TheSimpleEevee-New2/1 2:02pm
» Kabuki in boxes right nowDottythebun1New1/28 12:03pm
» Lobo is moving! LF: Kyle, Kabuki, Coco, or BeauCarolineovo1New1/26 4:30pm
» Puck the lazy penguin is moving out in the 20thTheSimpleEevee-New1/15 10:16am
» LF: Kiki + Putting Villagers up for trade/adoption Bilboquet2New1/10 9:22pm
» Alice the ugly pigSwingagal2New1/10 5:42pm
» Deli the lazy monkey is in boxes!Suggy-New12/27/2019 2:54pm
» LF Rosie, Fuchsia, Coco, and Kabukiowoalaska-New12/26/2019 3:04pm
» Looking for Katt (paying up to 1 million bells for her)Jhin1New12/25/2019 12:10pm
» LF bob teeheeBumbletheHumble-New12/19/2019 6:02pm
» Cycling villagers out in my second townGunbladelad-New12/6/2019 1:37pm
» Becky the snooty chicken is moving on December 2nd.TheSimpleEevee-New11/24/2019 11:28am
» Drift the Frog moving on Nov. 2nd!!Bilboquet15New11/4/2019 9:26pm
» so... Patty the cow is boxed up rn. anyone want her?CarmenTheRabbit-New11/1/2019 6:59pm
» Elvis, the cranky lion, is moving on Nov 2ndalexisarocker1New11/1/2019 12:03pm
» Rudy leaving TODAY!!!coldcoffee-New10/29/2019 6:27am
» Walt the Cranky Kangaroo is moving.TheSimpleEevee-New10/28/2019 11:44am
» Rocco is in boxes!Chochikki1New10/18/2019 7:27pm
» Bam the jock deer is moving! Dottythebun-New10/14/2019 11:07am
» Looking For Rosie!Eclipse02-New9/22/2019 6:26pm
» Flo is moving!SakuraAmu2-New9/17/2019 5:54pm
» I can trade you any of these villagers!GwenP1New9/8/2019 11:50am
» LF PURRLnewzoodles1New9/7/2019 1:54pm
» Hazel is moving on the 9th of SeptemberNickster93-New9/7/2019 1:40pm
» Meowdy, ISO cats!tearducked7New9/3/2019 4:06pm
» APPLE THE PEPPY HAMSTER IS MOVINGFennelSprout2New9/1/2019 11:07pm
» Im wiling to trade these villagers for tangyFennelSprout-New8/31/2019 1:17pm
» Coco in boxes!New_Horizon941New8/28/2019 11:45am
» Papi is leaving TODAYNowLoading02-New8/24/2019 12:31pm
» looking for cats !newzoodles-New8/21/2019 2:54am
» Whitney Leaving, LF...windycastle2New8/19/2019 4:01pm
» muffy & kylevocalizedd-New8/16/2019 4:18pm
» Lf sci-fi villagerspreston481New8/15/2019 7:46am
» LF: Tangy, Ankha, Rosie, Olivia, Mitzi, Kabuki, Bob, Moeemiingham4New8/15/2019 6:27am
» LF: any of these villagersLaurenavery1New8/14/2019 8:52pm
» LF: Tangy, Olivia, Bob, Merry, Peanut, and Diana!fauxfox11711New8/14/2019 3:42pm
» cookie moving soon - L/F Punchy, Coco, Stitches, or...anaibio1New8/14/2019 3:30pm
» LF: Flora, Phoebe, or Rudy carter47291New8/14/2019 2:46pm
» Camofrog is in boxes! Original AC character!tearducked-New8/12/2019 1:19pm
» LF Deirdre, the uchi deerMillom-New8/11/2019 11:16am
» Can I bring Katie to your town?dots72011New7/28/2019 9:15pm
» LF: Chai, Felyne, PapiMeggy1241242New7/22/2019 1:16pm
» Klaus the bear is moving outEmrey-New7/22/2019 11:15am
» COCO THE BUNNY IS IN BOXESRaelynnB-New7/18/2019 12:14pm
» Looking for Apollo, the cranky eaglealexisarocker1New7/17/2019 5:42pm
» Flora the Flamingo/Ostrich is moving! (For real this time.)TheSimpleEevee4New7/12/2019 8:42pm
» LF: Lucky FangLover12New7/8/2019 6:40pm
» Trading/Selling Biskit The_Great_EverC-New7/1/2019 6:02pm
» LF: Marshal, Biskit, and Lucky0melette4New7/1/2019 1:00am

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