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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away villagers for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell villagers or run villager cycling services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New7/16/2014 3:59pm
» Looking for a few villagersLac5New7/11 8:59pm
» Punchy is moving! - Best offer!animaltoon041New7/10 7:35am
» Phoebe is MovingBulbasaurLover-New7/3 12:29pm
» Selling Rare Villagers!nicole_acnl123New7/2 8:38pm
» Skye is moving!sstarkxller1New7/1 5:59pm
» Kid Cat is Moving, Free for the first personNowLoading021New6/30 12:01am
» Ankha is Moving! FreeNowLoading023New6/29 2:18pm
» Some Dreamies....SweetKai-New6/25 4:27pm
» Looking for: Pate and BeauSellesion1New6/23 12:50pm
» Available Villagersyoungsquiremay6New6/21 9:52am
» Lf: Zucker, Pietro, otherslactose-New6/20 6:30pm
» Selling MarshalAC56562New6/19 10:07am
» [LF] Molly [FT] AnkhaDestroyman44New6/18 8:05pm
» LF: BobStins2213-New6/17 11:33am
» LF: Fauna, Marshal, and Pekoe!Kemiiko1New6/15 9:45pm
» Lf DreamiesSummerDerp2New6/15 9:44pm
» Kiki's moving! Available until 5/12WowItWorked7New6/15 10:38am
» LF: Certain DreamiesDestroyman42New6/14 6:57pm
» Need these villagers!PrincessAlicey2New6/14 6:27pm
» LF: ANY Smug or SHEEP Villager...mbrintz77New6/12 11:26pm
» LF Coco, The gyroid bunnyseaside6782New6/12 1:28pm
» LF a free villager moving todaystarbunny117New6/10 10:17pm
» Drago for saleDottythebun2New6/10 4:31pm
» My dreamies Millet234New6/9 1:29pm
» Looking for dreamies/ Bettina is movingMillet231New6/6 2:57pm
» Looking for Felyne and PapiMeggy1241241New6/6 2:55pm
» A search for ErikTheWeirdOtaku1New6/6 2:54pm
» Al the gorilla moving away on the 13th / lf rosieLorinish-New6/6 9:01am
» I have Rosie and I don't wantmylittlesyn-New6/2 9:54pm
» Looking for Tangyluniella1New6/2 1:55am
» Peewee the gorilla moving away April 2nd!MewMew8182New5/31 12:39pm
» LF Bob, Cookie, and CherryInvaderMAK20166New5/31 11:38am
» Looking for Merengue Snart2New5/31 10:36am
» Auction! Olaf the Smug Ant-eater! RaelynnB-New5/29 6:18pm
» Rory bouta dip outta my townratqueen420-New5/29 10:24am
» Annalise the horse is leaving! Available until 10pm 5/20WowItWorked-New5/19 1:37pm
» Phil will be leaving on May 19thMcGoofyOne1New5/14 5:15pm
» Looking for...McGoofyOne-New5/13 8:44pm
» Pate is movingAmazingMustard-New5/13 4:42pm
» Pierce leaves on the 19th of may Jazzyy8New5/13 12:49pm
» LF: Rodeo, Ketchup, Roscoe, Scoot, Colton, Hornsby, Floramangoravioli-New5/10 6:26pm
» Hazel finna leaveMcGoofyOne6New5/8 10:55pm
» Filbert and Mint are moving TODAY!nicole_acnl14New5/2 10:34pm
» Lyman will be leaving soon!McGoofyOne-New4/30 10:23pm
» Selling Villagers - RAREnicole_acnl17New4/29 9:31pm
» Fauna: IN BOXESnicole_acnl16New4/29 8:31pm
» Currently In My Cycle Town || [In Boxes: Stinky]newleafrebekah-New4/29 10:13am
» Giving cherry :) ( away or against a deer )Anna88173New4/28 5:47pm
» Looking for kabukiMcMew6New4/27 4:35pm
» Genji for free!Millet232New4/25 7:11am
» Looking For Kid Cat!deadmousie1New4/25 7:07am
» Curt is movingMcGoofyOne2New4/24 4:31pm
» Searching for Katt and BroffinaAmazingMustard18New4/22 4:39pm
» Villagers For Trade / Looking Foralana5541New4/21 5:34am
» Poppy's moving in 2 days!zandyboi1New4/19 12:45pm
» Selling Villagers!nicole_acnl12New4/16 7:06pm
» Looking for villagersMewMew8181New4/14 1:26pm
» Papi no longer moving outMewMew8181New4/13 3:12pm
» LF: Merengue & Etolieejreamg16New4/11 7:38pm
» deli moving!jreamg-New4/10 8:00pm
» help LF stitches & marina!jreamg-New4/10 6:37pm
» Desperate for ANY of these villiagers!mangoravioli4New4/6 1:27pm
» Pashmina moving out soon!MewMew8181New4/5 5:38pm
» dreamiesjreamg2New4/5 3:21pm
» Selling some villagersMewMew8181New4/4 6:34pm
» Fauna is moving soonpreston483New4/4 12:20pm
» Looking for GoldieMillet231New4/2 7:26pm
» LF: A lot of good boys and gals please help if you canmangoravioli-New3/28 7:48am
» Beardo leaves tomorrow free to a new villiage :)mangoravioli-New3/28 6:37am
» LF- These VillagersHarukii-New3/27 9:25pm
» Felicity is Moving Out Tonight-Last ChanceKuzzie3New3/25 2:05am
» Voidcianastar31New3/22 1:32pm
» LF: Punchyxoxobreann-New3/20 2:33pm
» Selling Rosieusedfirework2New3/20 11:35am

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