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If you have site issues, or just general questions for the ACC staff, here's the place to post them. All topics here should be somehow related to the ACC site.  
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Post information corrections here for AC Events, Catalogs, FAQ, Help & Staff ThreadsJarikira7New2/22 11:36am
Current Poll Discussion threadJarikira3New10/23 7:59am
» Need a little help on how to locate a specific serviceBunnie072New5/11/2015 9:16pm
» Town doesn't showgonefishing2New5/12/2015 4:13pm
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» Help with my profile? Sarah6652New6/2/2015 10:11pm
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» Donation of $50.00 or moregonefishing13New6/24/2015 5:00am
» Sorry for this n00b question but...Jetix20053New6/29/2015 3:16pm
» Catalog items lizzard2New7/1/2015 12:24am
» Question about trading e-reader cardswindkirby1New7/1/2015 1:28am
» Spelling error detected!Tag3652New7/3/2015 11:35am
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» Would this be okay?Drinking_Water1New7/14/2015 11:23am
» Help characterRoseBlood3New7/21/2015 6:02pm
» How to register my acNL friend code??Vylorian8New7/21/2015 8:28pm
» How do I make a thread?ThatPurpleKitty2New7/22/2015 10:18pm
» Donation hick-upJelle8New7/26/2015 7:39am
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» Best way to arange meet-ups & trades between time-zones?Nowi4New8/3/2015 8:00am
» Problem with adding people to PTs beaniee12New8/3/2015 12:39pm
» Bell Shop?falcons185New8/5/2015 11:53am
» When is the bell shop thing being opened?SwirlyRC2New8/5/2015 10:49pm
» Ads Redirecting Me!twilight992New8/7/2015 6:39am
» "We have recently updated our TOS..." MessageKissi24New8/11/2015 4:38pm
» Towns not showing on ProfileStarshone_Lugia2New8/15/2015 2:38am
» Bells expiringspyro87910312New8/15/2015 7:21pm
» A few questions about site rules and the Wi-Fi rating systemStarshone_Lugia4New8/16/2015 10:19pm
» AC:GC Trading falcons181New8/16/2015 10:30pm
» Links in SignaturesNovalion2New8/24/2015 2:28pm
» Is calling someone greedy considered offensive and banned?HannahHaaa11New8/25/2015 9:10am
» What do I do in I declined a FCR?HannahHaaa3New8/25/2015 11:56am
» Hacked items HannahHaaa7New8/27/2015 10:18am
» Unusual QuestionPokedex2New8/27/2015 11:54am
» Colored lettersBeastCrossing7New8/27/2015 10:01pm
» Freind Code Request glitch help.CoconutPalm1New9/2/2015 7:32pm
» Catalog editing issuecymster3New9/3/2015 10:21am
» Catalog reset?!?silentspeedy2New9/5/2015 7:28pm
» Trouble Accepting TOStgainsbrough11New9/6/2015 10:44am
» Item Missing in NL CatalogJennybearhug4New9/7/2015 5:24am
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» I can't see my Ratings.NormalSkull3New9/14/2015 5:32pm
» Adding another friend code to my accountnina517New9/19/2015 11:36am
» well I hate waitingAstridLuna-New9/20/2015 4:41pm
» Bell Ads Don't Work on Phonesshnuffeluv7New9/23/2015 4:12pm
» Firefox not supporting minimize buttons?ChibiCupcakes6New9/27/2015 7:43am
» How do you get bells on this site?Joshua24481New9/30/2015 11:26pm
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» Profile editingkittylaura2New10/17/2015 4:28am
» Catalog Confusiontgainsbrough1New10/25/2015 4:36pm

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