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If you have site issues, or just general questions for the ACC staff, here's the place to post them. All topics here should be somehow related to the ACC site.  
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» honorary citizenshipSasuSaku1432New7/6/2016 11:39pm
» How do I change my time zone?NeonRainbow7275New5/9/2020 1:46pm
» How do i change my username?Plushy337New7/24/2017 10:47am
» How Do I Change My Username?SheaDean2New11/13/2015 9:15pm
» How do I delete threads?Swindy12342New4/11/2019 1:11pm
» How do I edit a post?Eidson2New6/5/2020 6:17pm
» How do I get my new town to appear?Ofwaylee2New1/5/2016 9:14pm
» How do I make a thread?ThatPurpleKitty2New7/22/2015 10:18pm
» How do i playOliviataylor2683New3/22/2017 5:55pm
» How do I receive items from the giveaways?HerpetyDerpety2New11/2/2015 11:01am
» How do I remove my account?Clutz4503New1/12/2019 5:41pm
» How do I say my friend codesPlushy331New5/21/2017 2:59pm
» How do I uncollapse the ACC WiFi sidebar?leppaberry4New4/28/2020 2:56pm
» How do we send FRC on here?Mflenker1New7/29/2017 5:09am
» How do you get bells on this site?Joshua24481New9/30/2015 11:26pm
» How do you post invisible words?CoconutPalm11New9/7/2017 4:15am
» how to change my old fc to new fc?ANGELg3New1/29/2019 3:46pm
» How to change Signature?spookies3New3/25/2020 6:00pm
» How to change username ?Luckypinch5New11/14/2016 11:12pm
» How to get back recently deleted PTs?_AnimalCrossing1New12/10/2015 7:25am
» How to get emails for flagged threads?zanemc2New9/19/2019 1:06am
» How to Get the Actual Friend CodeMandy0101672New2/10/2019 7:56pm
» How to give ratings eleanor4654New7/8/2016 1:24pm
» How to I find all of my posts?Darrling3New11/7/2015 6:33pm
» how to make my new town name and player appear under my avatarCarmenTheRabbit2New12/1/2019 3:03pm
» How to make trade with non catalog itemKookerpie1New9/25/2018 6:04pm
» How to register my acNL friend code??Vylorian8New7/21/2015 8:28pm
» how to remove friend codesKorruptedFiles1New2/15/2016 5:23pm
» How to send/ receive friend codes?spookies2New2/10/2020 6:51pm
» How to view comment history on ACC?MGK12New2/2 8:04pm
» How to you add friends?Gizmosis315New9/5/2016 11:28am
» How would you describe the siteShandyntra-New4/14/2017 2:02pm
» Huge Pop-Up Ads On MobileDaisydoo144New12/12/2019 8:36pm
» I accidentally blocked a friendcode requestTheresaCrossing2New2/2/2016 11:27am
» I can't call up my profile.gonefishing3New5/22/2015 11:52am
» I can't get any items!Austin721New4/12/2020 5:38pm
» I can't get enough traffic on the Shops/services boardSphithix6New6/6/2020 1:00pm
» I can't see my Ratings.NormalSkull3New9/14/2015 5:32pm
» I got a new DS and a new FCbeearedee2New12/14/2017 11:09pm
» I know I have too many friend codesASUtown-New9/28/2018 10:22pm
» I need help with making my catalog.meow991New4/7/2020 11:15pm
» I need to find Rosie's Golden GiveawayTimTime1352New2/10/2017 4:18pm
» I'm having trouble adding a second 3DS code..FuzzyWolfCat3New4/30/2016 1:11am
» In Menu vs In RegistrySquishy893New3/22/2020 6:56pm
» Inventory Item ( Untradable) in CatalogAzraelHollowFox1New6/7/2016 12:33am
» Is calling someone greedy considered offensive and banned?HannahHaaa11New8/25/2015 9:10am
» Is it possible to post pictures?MetalPikachu1New8/1/2015 2:32pm
» Is there a search field somewhere?suzycupcake1New9/29/2018 4:57pm
» Is there a way I can change my username on here?shaneseyy5New5/9/2020 4:29pm
» Is there a way to get your username changed?PrinceNines3New1/5/2020 3:12am
» Is there an official AC art thread?Ard2New5/1/2020 10:42pm
 Issues DonatingBulbasaurLover8New7/1/2018 5:25pm
» Issues with the loginLamboFan5842New3/19/2020 3:02pm
» It's not letting me postArd3New9/7/2020 8:44pm
» Item Missing in NL CatalogJennybearhug4New9/7/2015 5:24am
» just made an awesome brick path. Is there a place on here to share qr codes?TacosNomNom3New2/23/2017 8:45pm
 Keep getting logged out when clicking on threads/boards.asho2810New9/8/2019 10:10am
» Lack of candle and acknowledgement of birthday on home pagetiggergrrl4New9/7/2020 2:17am
» Large ads taking up much of the pagenintendofan852New5/21/2019 8:53pm
» LGBT+ opinions on Q-word's Removal from the Language Filter? - Poll available on page 6PikaGal444160New7/13/2016 12:33am
» Links in signatureAdLibertatem1New12/19/2019 12:20pm
» Links in SignaturesNovalion2New8/24/2015 2:28pm
» Links on homepage to ACNH trading boardsKalaniCay2New6/12/2020 8:29pm
» Logging out every 2 minutesDanielle233New3/2/2019 3:03pm
» Lost ratingslilopatt4New8/7/2017 5:25pm
» Members Harassing Other MembersSSnOO3New8/1/2015 9:58pm
» Merging posts? Searching site?Nowi4New7/10/2015 4:54am
» Messages sent to email?falcons182New5/20/2015 11:15pm
» Missing Villagers from databaseAnkhakitty2New1/7/2017 2:30pm
» Monthly newsletterACFever2New10/28/2016 5:05pm
» Music automatically stops playing when I click on a forum page on ACC15951New3/4/2017 10:24am
» my browser crashed whenever i click on top bellsluxanna7New3/4/2017 9:52pm
» My catalog is empty...EddiesPrincess3New11/15/2016 10:33pm
» My Catalog was reset?Kitty_Paine8New11/8/2016 9:38pm
» My donation star has disapeared.Avvie3New6/19/2019 5:39pm

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