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Use this board to post a recruitment thread if you intend to have or already have a company on the Giveaways board or the Shops and Services board. Be sure to tell your potential employees the benefits of working for you.  
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» Hybrid Heaven Employment Centre - Come join our Family!Siobhan123469New4/25 5:54pm
» New Giveaway ~ Sinnful Delights Giveaway ~ Initial Recruitment ~ Now Updated with Goals and Paysinnocent33New4/24 5:03pm
» [MFG] Milly's Flowers & Gifts Giveaway Hiring - Need: Greeter, Recruiters & SurveyorsASUtown59New4/24 1:32am
» Holidays refurbish giveaway and morepreston48-New4/23 2:42pm
» Rosie's Golden Giveaway ~ Hiring Thread ~ Join a Fun and Self-Paced Team to Earn Weekly Rewards!!!MrsTerry77460New4/23 11:51am
» (NEW) NOVA+ Giveaway ~ Employees NeededNovalion5New4/11 12:50pm
» Thread Savvy: A Custom Outfit Shoppe needs you!savvymonster20New4/8 10:11am
» Verdebay garden flower shop hiringpreston48-New3/28 4:49pm
» Diamonds For Free ~ A New Giveaway Threadzdizzlestar15New3/15 7:39pm
» Inkzone rare orderables and more preston48-New3/3 5:44pm
» Cypher Crossing Giveaway - Recruitment Threadpabo3New12/17/2017 9:31pm
» Storyvil holiday gift wrapping servicepreston48-New12/7/2017 3:15pm
» The Treehouse Magazine | Recruitment Thread | ALL Positions Highly Needed! NOW HIRING MAY2017beanie1119817New8/16/2017 10:54am
» ACC's Newest Magazine ~ VillagerHome's Illustrated NOW HIRING!viomet4217New8/16/2017 10:51am
» Mossdeep Greenhouses ~ Employees needed!AC1NL2New7/24/2017 3:31pm
» Beautiful Luxury Giveaway ( HIRING NOW )Amazingdoll_3New7/24/2017 2:46pm
» Bianca's Boutique: Be Part of My Networkbiancasbotique-New7/12/2017 1:43pm
» Nook's Corner Giveaway ~ Hiring Thread ~ Suppliers and Deliverers Highly Needed!!!bluebear12050018New6/30/2017 2:02pm
» Animal Crossing: New Leaf Fortune Cookie shop Needs suppliers!luigybros-New6/29/2017 8:06pm

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