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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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» hey i got a questioncandy583-New12/6/2020 12:18pm
» Treasure IslandNoutakun-New9/22/2020 2:23pm
» Looking for mature and active players!RiceCrispies-New9/22/2020 9:16am
» Looking for BuddiesSalamiBro-New8/28/2020 10:46pm
» Need Friends! Bilu_3-New6/21/2020 10:13pm
» Ready to playCassy70v3-New6/12/2020 6:00pm
» Any villagers moving/in your campsite?Xolexiii-New5/28/2020 7:39pm
» Need to get some signatures for Rosie's PetitionJustin015-New5/27/2020 1:03pm
» LF a wetsuit!Xolexiii-New5/23/2020 11:11pm
» Wanna visit?PhishPlaysACNL-New5/20/2020 9:25pm
» 1pm in Sol. Gannon at the campsite. Come join.entikryst-New4/24/2020 9:52pm
» 1 Pm atm. Medli at the campsite. Come visit.entikryst-New4/23/2020 10:15pm
» Need a few floor lightsSasuSaku143-New4/8/2020 2:19am
» Need to sell turnips...milkyymintt-New3/10/2020 6:20pm
Protecting Your Town - A Guide on How to Keep Your Town Safe in AC:NLJarikira-New3/1/2020 8:39pm
» Active Friends neededQueen_I_Am-New2/7/2020 10:11pm
» Japanese Bean FestivalADivineUnicorn-New2/4/2020 12:27am
» Anyone have good turnip prices?AlexH86-New1/13/2020 8:19pm
» Looking for someone!!Rain23-New12/1/2019 9:12am
» I'm new and want to meet some friends!Wren03-New11/4/2019 8:57pm
» Tours?Nightfade-New10/10/2019 5:46pm
» Let's Play!nayrb-New8/21/2019 3:43pm
» Hangout todayBilobaExtract-New7/16/2019 12:41pm
» Anyone on.Queen_I_Am-New6/30/2019 1:21pm
» I need signatures please :)InfinitePudding-New6/16/2019 9:57pm
» Looking for shovel!Karmayla-New6/16/2019 8:37pm
» Anyone wants to play?EvanDoesAC-New6/15/2019 5:23am
» Looking for people to play withSquidattack-New6/6/2019 1:48pm
» Want to play ACNL with someone? Message me!!Magooyi-New6/6/2019 1:04am
» Grand tour coming soonpreston48-New5/17/2019 10:10pm
» Goljunja exploration Grand opening coming soonpreston48-New5/13/2019 9:59pm
» Hello! Would anyone like to play?CARLITOS72889-New5/10/2019 9:32pm
» superb Grand opening of Goljungapreston48-New5/4/2019 1:37pm
» Can someone store my stuffpreston48-New5/3/2019 4:51pm
» Yoshi island grand tour info threadpreston48-New4/20/2019 6:31pm
» Yoshi island grand opening preston48-New4/15/2019 2:03pm
» Looking for new friends dougiepoynter-New4/12/2019 1:12pm
» Y—Island akas as Yoshi grand opening coming soonpreston48-New4/9/2019 11:13am
» Lf house exterior preston48-New4/8/2019 5:51pm
» New Grand opening preston48-New4/6/2019 10:44pm
» Opening my town for ratings... Waiting for codesdemonajay-New3/30/2019 12:35pm
» Anyone want to help me unlock my train station? Brummiedollie-New3/30/2019 8:35am
» Looking for a Town in Nov - Feb!HershelLayton-New3/29/2019 6:58pm
» Lf Exterrior In nooks homespreston48-New3/22/2019 4:31pm
» Lf cool sci-fi townspreston48-New3/19/2019 11:30pm
» Anyone wanna play and go to the island?Kmackfromwaybac-New3/1/2019 9:00pm
» Hats on Premiumaccflover123-New2/21/2019 10:46am
» Acnl and chillarturo_s7-New12/28/2018 5:31pm
» Opening gates. Beautiful04-New12/27/2018 11:13pm
» Hang out?AfternoonTeaSet-New12/18/2018 10:38am
» I’m looking for friendsYuuffie-New11/29/2018 9:12pm
» Active Player Friend CodesBabyPanda_HoHey-New11/22/2018 1:22pm
» The Little CatTams197-New10/30/2018 11:55am
» New friends.MsLadii-New10/28/2018 4:34pm
» Returning player looking for companycodaman127-New10/22/2018 2:54pm
» Looking for friendsCoolcat63484-New10/12/2018 9:58pm
» Looking to remodel my station/town hall! Please visit!cottondandy-New10/4/2018 8:25pm
» HELP WANTED dancenessa-New9/9/2018 9:26am
» visit my townmbrown877-New9/8/2018 5:33pm
» Anyone Looking For A Visitor???CARLITOS72889-New8/28/2018 3:03am
» Looking to visit someone nowCARLITOS72889-New8/28/2018 1:20am
» LonelyTreefrog13-New8/26/2018 7:46pm
» New player, I'd like to change my hairstyle!MF_Nook-New8/25/2018 10:02pm
» Looking for JoJo fans to hang with!JoJosuke-New8/25/2018 4:40pm
» Looking for more people to play with!CaptainCronus-New8/25/2018 12:26pm
» ShampoodleAC5656-New8/23/2018 11:30pm
» Lets make bank, your town or mineiPrecutbagel-New8/5/2018 3:50pm
» Male 25 years looking for splatoon cool townSplatter25-New7/27/2018 11:30am
» PartyDragonfly132-New7/27/2018 11:08am
» Please go to the island CarmenHawke-New7/10/2018 3:08pm
» Anybody online and willing to play right now?Guidingbasil418-New7/10/2018 1:00pm
» Island and. Hang out Loveablegal-New6/30/2018 8:14pm
» I wanna visit you mikodog-New6/28/2018 11:46pm
» LF Best friends to play with Penguinpuff-New6/25/2018 10:36pm
» Katies in town!Moesgoes-New6/23/2018 10:32am

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