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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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Official Re-Tail Premium ThreadTyrope421New5/6/2020 7:00am
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» Looking for friends who play regularlyKatie19136New6/17/2015 5:46am
AC:NL WiFi Buddies ThreadAmrasje101New1/17 1:16pm
» Visit me!katwitt1069New8/10/2015 4:59pm
» Come On Overanxiousgeek64New9/6/2015 7:20am
» Looking for friends again.PennyDreafuls63New6/20/2019 7:40am
» PapaRock's Townspaparock696960New3/6/2017 3:44am
» Lets make this site popular again! Want to meet people who play every few days we can make a club!LawlietLuvSweet59New12/1/2017 3:33pm
» Anyone want to play?46249New11/26/2016 11:01pm
» Looking for new friends!carter472946New8/5/2015 4:07pm
Dream Suite VisitsAmrasje43New4/17/2020 10:08am
» ***Earn 20,000 BELLS each time you visit my town!!!***raiechelle42New8/15/2016 1:53am
» TRAIN STATION REMODEL! I'll give you 500k to visit 10 times!snailnugget40New7/10/2015 2:19pm
» Need help unlocking the train station upgradeINateYou39New9/22/2016 10:21pm
» ACNL Revival? Adding Active PlayersXxMicoleXx34New1/14/2017 4:33pm
» Come to my town get 1 million bells!whatamIdoing32New4/25/2016 7:19pm
» Any young adult active players?jk5732New3/29/2016 12:29am
» Anyone interested in playing right now? JamesBondJr1532New5/23/2015 1:17am
» New year, new friends!! (18+ preferably)arturo_s731New7/10/2018 2:38pm
» Seeking active playersmyalilah2830New2/20/2017 8:01am
» ~ New Friends! Active Players?XxMicoleXx30New12/12/2015 11:32pm
» >looking for active 17+ players< *** ALSO, I do skype calls for online ***Midna_29New7/21/2016 10:35am
» Looking for adult friends! (18+)animaltoon0428New6/28/2018 12:51am
» Seeking active friends aged 21+leanne947128New5/1/2016 12:52pm
» Need visitors to help me unlock the train station upgradeINateYou27New10/13/2016 9:56pm
» Looking for some new friends! 17+GoldEagle66027New8/2/2016 5:29am
» LF: Kik buddiesACCFQueen27New7/16/2015 6:04am
» Looking for 18 to 25 friends :)Chernella27New5/12/2015 3:42am
» NEED FRIENDS! anyone else who plays without checking on here? doombase26New2/6/2017 4:42pm
» Train Station Update Help! Will Pay! allhailme26New9/11/2015 2:54pm
» Open for visits.katwitt1026New8/10/2015 4:45pm
» Anyone wanna come over & help me unlock train station? Brummiedollie25New12/28/2016 5:26am
» my gate is open for visitors Misty77cookie25New6/1/2015 10:12pm
» Looking for new friends 16+Lauren2464223New8/8/2016 2:06pm
» I want to travel. Looking for towns to visit!Mamarose22New6/23/2015 1:45am
» Tourseyedana21New7/31/2016 3:03am
» needing new friends FrozenLover20New10/27/2015 1:28pm
» Looking for friends (18+)Zendea20New8/30/2015 2:28am
» Night Owls Unite!RoyalPeasant19New12/22/2016 11:58pm
» Looking for active playersbrutalblonde19New8/20/2016 10:33pm
» Game PartyKEEBY6419New6/24/2016 5:15pm
» Looking for new friends! 22/FHoustonLizzie19New5/15/2015 3:58pm
» Looking for 18+ peeps!CarolinaBB18New4/13/2018 7:53am
» My friendslist is trash.pizzagoddess18New5/16/2017 12:57am
» Adding Online PlayersXxMicoleXx18New9/26/2016 1:05pm
» Paying 20k for every visitRawwrr192xx18New8/29/2016 5:46pm
» LF active 17+ players to binge play animal crossing :3Midna_18New7/3/2016 10:37am
» May I borrow an outfit? (Gracie Fashion Check)jess12289318New11/27/2015 6:05pm
» WiFi Anyone?Discomatt18New6/3/2015 10:17pm
» Would anyone like to wifi! CaptainSmoky18New5/7/2015 1:20pm
» Does anyone still play AC:NL like I do???CARLITOS7288917New9/18/2020 3:19am
» LF Friends ages 16-25Stella_Io17New11/19/2018 12:05pm
» i want close friends who will play w meAllieBaba17New3/26/2018 3:51pm
» 17+ users (: xXxSakuraxXx17New1/6/2017 3:32pm
» Quick 99k for everyone!Catsliketomeow17New8/11/2015 6:27pm
» Anyone Wanna Visit my towns?JGutiero117New7/29/2015 8:11pm
» friends ages 16-20superpackman17New7/7/2015 7:36pm
» need holding town!AllieBaba16New12/18/2018 3:42pm
» Returning player! Wanna make new friends here!xconv1ctx16New8/26/2017 10:29pm
» Come visit! c:Tahyang16New1/21/2017 8:26am
» ADDING ACTIVE PLAYERS!victoriarw916New8/22/2016 6:59pm
» Anyone have Katrina in their town?LoveMeAsColleen16New5/5/2016 4:27pm
» Getting back into Animal Crossing...new friends? NitroNinja16New1/30/2016 1:34pm
» Need 10 visitors today. sillygoose1616New1/23/2016 9:37am
» New Friends 16-20 Years Oldcanblueheaven16New1/14/2016 3:01pm
» Looking for WiFi buddies!Allie_43516New11/15/2015 12:01pm
» Who needs help?autumnadorable16New6/10/2015 11:15pm
» anyone up for a costume party tomorrow?thejayeagle216New6/4/2015 4:38pm
» Looking for 18+ friendssntcringe15New10/9/2018 9:28am
» Who wants to play! 17+ preferredSilic15New8/5/2017 11:41pm
» 31/F looking for Adult friendsaes_15_9915New11/8/2016 9:10pm

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