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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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» Looking for a town to visit!00Nothing001New3/11/2016 9:56pm
» May I visit a town with Shampoodle please?00Nothing004New3/1/2016 5:48pm
» any extra bells?10puppyluv10-New5/25/2017 9:19pm
» looking for 2 axes asap!!10puppyluv102New5/20/2017 6:06am
» anyone have bells to spare?10puppyluv10-New5/19/2017 4:58pm
» LF: Good turnip prices15sniper-New6/6/2015 4:50pm
» Gates Open for a little bit. Stop by.2updaisy3New12/20/2015 2:04pm
» Fun game for you and a friend to play at my town!3dslover-New6/28/2016 11:30am
» Anyone want to play?46249New11/26/2016 11:01pm
» Visit My Town!8bluefish11New8/4/2015 6:34am
» LF active players!8girlnoc-New2/14/2018 11:44am
» Anyone wanna play?8girlnoc1New1/3/2018 8:53pm
» anyone want to play?8girlnoc10New1/6/2017 3:29pm
» Need Active Friends! 17+8girlnoc1New8/8/2016 2:10pm
» Looking for new friends 18+AAdams12277New10/21/2018 2:18pm
» Need 100 Visitors for Station Upgrade!Aarmastus5New2/16/2016 4:57pm
» Need to sell turnips.Aarmastus1New2/7/2016 11:09pm
» Looking for a town to visitabbeydoodle1New7/20/2016 11:46am
» Island visit from 10Am-11AmABCcrossing-New7/22/2016 7:54am
» New TownAberforth1New1/25/2016 1:43pm
» New Town, new life!Aberforth3New6/15/2015 8:13pm
» Friends around my age (18)AbiMb12New7/18/2015 1:42am
» Gates open! Anyone want to visit?AbsolutAsh3New1/9/2016 8:26pm
» ShampoodleAC5656-New8/23/2018 11:30pm
» Looking for friendsAC5656-New7/9/2015 3:13pm
» Anyone Want to Play?accflover1233New6/5/2019 7:43pm
» Let's Play Today!accflover1231New3/20/2019 3:31pm
» Needing Signaturesaccflover1231New3/20/2019 3:04pm
» Anyone Interested in Playing Today?accflover1233New3/19/2019 7:05pm
» Katie is in My Town!accflover1231New3/13/2019 6:45pm
» In Need of Signaturesaccflover1231New3/10/2019 5:16pm
» In Need of Signaturesaccflover1232New3/3/2019 2:10pm
» Anyone Wanna Play? accflover1234New3/1/2019 3:33pm
» Anyone Wanna Go on Island Tours?accflover1231New2/27/2019 7:49pm
» Let's Play!accflover1234New2/25/2019 9:39pm
» Looking for New Friends accflover1233New2/21/2019 11:25am
» Hats on Premiumaccflover123-New2/21/2019 10:46am
» Needing a Town to Acquire Signaturesaccflover1231New7/8/2018 5:05pm
» LF a breakfast club bunch :-)ACCFQueen10New2/29/2016 12:39pm
» LF: Kik buddiesACCFQueen27New7/16/2015 6:04am
» Late Night Party! - 6/22 @ 11:30 - 1 spot availableACCFQueen13New6/23/2015 12:02pm
» Anyone wanna play?ACFan1321New6/6/2015 9:08am
» Looking for a fishing buddy!acIsLovedByMe-New7/22/2017 12:10pm
» Come Visit Katrina For Me!aclanna1New8/13/2015 3:13pm
» Wanna Play?ACNLbranbro1New6/11/2018 8:40pm
» Anyone wanna hang out in mah tooowwwwwnnn?ACNLemperor2New5/6/2015 10:44am
» Tools?ACNLmaLOVER1New5/9/2015 7:19am
» New HereACNLmaLOVER13New5/8/2015 8:43pm
» It seems like Fairtown is abandoned...ACNLZach-New3/23/2016 7:26pm
» Who wants to hang out?acnoldz7New6/24/2015 10:41pm
» LF a town to go to, happy to help garden/bring flowers. acww_angel2New3/16/2017 11:15am
» Looking for some Towns to visit in sparetime!Acww20054New10/3/2016 2:25pm
» anyone got Katrina?ACWWMaster2800-New1/19/2016 12:06am
» Looking for some friends!Adelade-New11/25/2015 12:41pm
» Had to restart town! Need friends + help!Adelade6New10/17/2015 2:33pm
» Japanese Bean FestivalADivineUnicorn-New2/4/2020 12:27am
» My daughter wants new friendsadorkable6772New9/5/2016 3:27pm
» Anyone want to help plant perfect cherry trees?adorkable6771New8/15/2016 3:06am
» Can I sell my perfect cherries at your re-tail?adorkable6774New8/11/2016 3:42pm
» New townadorkable6771New8/7/2016 5:00pm
» Active players?adorkable677-New8/5/2016 2:41pm
» Help me chop down dead trees? adorkable6777New8/5/2016 3:24am
» Daughter wants someone to visitadorkable677-New8/4/2016 2:44pm
» Looking for age appropriate friends for my daughter to play withadorkable6771New8/3/2016 7:24pm
» Need Villager Signatures! Adorkably-New1/23/2018 4:39pm
» Need Signatures from Another TownAdorkably1New12/18/2017 6:54pm
» Looking for friends and fruits!Adorkably5New11/9/2017 12:09pm
» Hi want play with me? Adrianfvl-New1/23/2016 12:20am
» Looking for pals to hang around!Adventur2New4/21/2017 10:14am
» 31/F looking for Adult friendsaes_15_9915New11/8/2016 9:10pm
» Shampoodleafireirwin1New3/3/2017 2:05pm
» Hang out?AfternoonTeaSet-New12/18/2018 10:38am
» New Friendsagumm243New11/29/2017 12:45pm
» Just bought AC:NL Today!!aikopotz8New2/13/2016 11:57am
» Looking for ideasaimeemiller1New1/4/2016 11:19pm

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