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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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AC:NL WiFi Buddies ThreadAmrasje101New1/17 1:16pm
AC:NL WiFi Manners GuideJarikira1New3/1/2020 8:46pm
Dream Suite VisitsAmrasje43New4/17/2020 10:08am
High Turnip Prices & Turnip Trend Discussion - ACNL Version #3Nintendude64472New9/12/2020 8:09am
Official Katie Thread - Post Here If Katie Is In Your TownAmrasje323New7/21/2020 10:02pm
Official Re-Tail Premium ThreadTyrope421New5/6/2020 7:00am
Official Villager Petition Thread - Post Here To Request Signatures!Amrasje229New6/28/2020 6:25pm
Protecting Your Town - A Guide on How to Keep Your Town Safe in AC:NLJarikira-New3/1/2020 8:39pm
» !! 99k & random item per visit !!Ziggerots12New9/3/2016 9:21am
» ***Earn 20,000 BELLS each time you visit my town!!!***raiechelle42New8/15/2016 1:53am
» *Hosting a Fishing Tournament !*xmychemicalromx-New1/1/2016 8:11pm
» +18 Late night chillenTheIron_B6New3/14/2017 6:08pm
» ---allyb19-New3/24/2016 11:59am
» --- calling treasure hunters!! ---SevenFluff5New11/27/2016 7:21pm
» >looking for active 17+ players< *** ALSO, I do skype calls for online ***Midna_29New7/21/2016 10:35am
» {Wi-Fi Hangout} Classica Meet and Greetsivory_rose337New5/27/2019 2:16am
» ~ New Friends! Active Players?XxMicoleXx30New12/12/2015 11:32pm
» 1 Pm atm. Medli at the campsite. Come visit.entikryst-New4/23/2020 10:15pm
» 100K for each person willing to helpBrownSonic4New9/1/2016 7:11pm
» 16 Y/O pretty bored :PBlasterKing995New6/28/2015 11:11pm
» 17+ Active Players?XxMicoleXx13New9/3/2015 2:40pm
» 17+ users (: xXxSakuraxXx17New1/6/2017 3:32pm
» 18+ New Leaf players wanted!brookiecookie24New6/5/2016 11:05pm
» 18+ Only. Late night fun c:Carlos110New2/8/2017 3:09pm
» 181 bells per Turnip!Nuibella-New8/26/2015 3:53pm
» 19/f/US, I want to visit a new town!! wunderwumun4New11/22/2015 10:21pm
» 1pm in Sol. Gannon at the campsite. Come join.entikryst-New4/24/2020 9:52pm
» 20 and up acnl badge quest superpackman6New1/9/2020 1:39pm
» 21 and overray4955New5/25/2015 6:33am
» 21 year old looking for friends to playXurgara4New10/12/2017 8:21pm
» 21/F Just started town over, looking to visit others/make friends!Eizen2New3/24/2019 9:10am
» 21/F LOOKING FOR MY OLD WILD WORLD FRIENDS xXxSakuraxXx11New1/3/2018 4:21pm
» 22 y/o M; Just started playing again!PoeticPremium63New4/2/2017 6:10pm
» 22/M gay guy looking for other guys to play with cranston4205New9/29/2018 9:10pm
» 22yo male needs new crossing friends!!thejjoey12New9/16/2017 8:04pm
» 23/F UKLauraJ9211New5/14/2016 4:35pm
» 24/F lets hang!cureakiba4New11/7/2017 1:03am
» 24yo guy needs new leaf friendsthejjoey2New4/13/2019 1:18pm
» 25/F looking for friends!PantsLad13New10/24/2017 8:04pm
» 25/M/Wifi palsRyan_172New9/30/2018 6:41pm
» 27 & looking for friends!sassytassie2New12/28/2020 10:12pm
» 28/M Looking to TRAVEL to other town. Preferably Time Traveled...CARLITOS72889-New3/17/2018 5:15am
» 31/F looking for Adult friendsaes_15_9915New11/8/2016 9:10pm
» 35/m Looking for some fun people to visitskids1026New11/9/2016 11:08pm
» 3DS and Wii U item help!supaskulled2New11/20/2016 9:15am
» 3DS Broke; Staring FreshDraziiNa6New6/14/2017 10:40am
» 3ds friend codeLovelock1New12/26/2015 11:30am
» 3DS stolen - starting new town, looking for friendly, kind mature folks for some fun :DLanaBug3New7/4/2016 2:02am
» 42 yr old Oregon New Leaf player looking for adult Oregon New Leaf playerLovesAlot1New11/20/2017 4:27pm
» 99,999 bells just for visiting! :Dvampire_slayer6New11/10/2015 7:08pm
» A Mini Community!BetaToast-New7/13/2015 5:09pm
» A New Startpaytinroks-New6/30/2017 11:34pm
» A New Start!Arearanger1-New6/4/2017 1:14am
» A Quick Visit, Anyone?nelie608-New6/19/2015 11:16pm
» AC Vet Seeking Bestiesitsvutran1New9/24/2017 3:28pm
» Ac.nl buddysjdams142New9/9/2017 4:47pm
» AC: NL Come Visit Me, & Viceversa.GodsGifttoGarth1New3/31/2016 10:50pm
» AC:NL FC Groupzanemc-New6/7/2016 4:32pm
» ac:nl friend code exchangeAngel45452New7/10/2020 8:34am
» AC:NL Friends?teatown-New6/28/2017 12:18am
» AC:NL Looking to travelOddpeace5New11/18/2017 9:03am
» Accepting visitors! (: chantlltr3New5/25/2016 9:19pm
» Acnl & chill (:arturo_s73New2/29/2020 2:15pm
» ACNL & Chill?xXxSakuraxXx1New10/29/2015 1:35pm
» Acnl and chillSwindy12341New4/14/2019 4:55pm
» Acnl and chillarturo_s7-New12/28/2018 5:31pm
» ACNL and chill?xXxSakuraxXx5New5/1/2016 9:49pm
» ACNL buddies wantedjakevik094New8/28/2018 4:16pm
» ACNL Friendsmakinzi182New5/24/2019 10:03pm
» ACNL Revival? Adding Active PlayersXxMicoleXx34New1/14/2017 4:33pm
» ACNL WifixxxZanexxx2New3/13/2016 12:29pm
» ACNL WiFi ClubM4v5m4nn-New11/1/2017 7:23am
» ACNL: Welcome amiibo (looking for friends)dynamic91124New8/27/2017 9:47am
» Active and late night players! StephanieCross3New6/18/2016 4:58am
» Active Friends neededQueen_I_Am-New2/7/2020 10:11pm

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