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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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» looking for friendsCassy70v32New5/2/2015 7:23pm
» Looking for friends.colinthewierd1New5/3/2015 1:30pm
» New ACNL Friends Wanted!!oraccfboy4New5/3/2015 1:32pm
» Anyone care to help me organize my townChristiancb3New5/3/2015 2:31pm
» visits for businesskatwitt10-New5/3/2015 2:45pm
» town visitskatwitt102New5/3/2015 3:42pm
» Looking for new friends! :) Zaraeveline9New5/3/2015 5:38pm
» Need to get a petition signed! Please helpAlexAnimal2New5/4/2015 7:20am
» Could I visit a town in September to November?MayorAR-New5/4/2015 1:42pm
» Looking for friends (preferably gmt timezone) Smittens2New5/4/2015 4:26pm
» Looking for Friends + Trying to get Weed Picking Badge!KayTheSuperstar1New5/4/2015 7:17pm
» My town is openmeganguynes71New5/5/2015 6:32pm
» Need friends,pleaseJetix20056New5/5/2015 8:51pm
» Looking for a new place to visit.KuzusuAtom-New5/5/2015 11:03pm
» Getting startedRossLee1New5/5/2015 11:15pm
» Anyone wanna hang out in mah tooowwwwwnnn?ACNLemperor2New5/6/2015 10:44am
» Looking to visit someone's town!calicrossing-New5/6/2015 5:18pm
» Anybody play regularly?Zar2New5/6/2015 6:37pm
» Help with GracieLinkJoker2New5/6/2015 7:19pm
» Returning player~* Teens? :DBlue_Roses-New5/6/2015 11:57pm
» Looking for friends 18+Lushgurl13New5/7/2015 6:28am
» Anyone older wanna play?lazy_bones6New5/7/2015 6:34am
» looking for morning player friends!littlespacebaby-New5/7/2015 7:57am
» Looking for a buddy :)dweeb-New5/7/2015 1:00pm
» Would anyone like to wifi! CaptainSmoky18New5/7/2015 1:20pm
» Wifi anyone?debbiepearl-New5/7/2015 3:37pm
» Wanting to make new friends who play regularly!CallieMacN8New5/7/2015 9:57pm
» looking to visit someone's retail!miki3333New5/8/2015 9:46am
» Turnips currently at 563~awkwardkaaat1New5/8/2015 1:49pm
» Can I come to your town?calicrossing2New5/8/2015 3:24pm
» New HereACNLmaLOVER13New5/8/2015 8:43pm
» Bored, anyone want to Wi-Fi?cev881New5/8/2015 9:06pm
» Tools?ACNLmaLOVER1New5/9/2015 7:19am
» Lf friend to Wifi withMike_20133New5/9/2015 7:34pm
» Looking to wifi with someone with a lot of weeds I can pullDegemination-New5/10/2015 8:40am
» The SBF Dynamic Duo of Comedy!Patichu18-New5/10/2015 11:25am
» Turnip price at 76 if this helps anybodyCarrotcake7-New5/10/2015 12:16pm
» Need To Sell Perfect Oranges ASAPlittlespacebaby2New5/10/2015 8:57pm
» hey send me fcrs if you play regularly dino_vercotti-New5/10/2015 9:14pm
» For people who actually want to hang out right nowCarrotcake73New5/11/2015 5:57pm
» Looking for new friends - Hang Out Now?youloveallie-New5/11/2015 8:11pm
» LF Town with ShampoodleMike_20133New5/11/2015 8:51pm
» Can I visit someone's town?Drew101-New5/12/2015 12:52am
» Looking for 18 to 25 friends :)Chernella27New5/12/2015 3:42am
» Anyone want to visit?Treefrog136New5/12/2015 5:56pm
» Cataloguing tradeSSG-New5/12/2015 9:19pm
» Wifi ToursMike_20137New5/12/2015 9:20pm
» just started new town need fruitkakashe7New5/13/2015 2:12am
» Wifi sessionMike_20132New5/13/2015 2:42pm
» Looking to visit Katrina!calicrossing-New5/13/2015 5:15pm
» Looking for people to play with!SUPERVEGETA3121New5/13/2015 5:41pm
» Looking for new friends!letshugasians3New5/13/2015 10:54pm
» LF RetailMike_2013-New5/14/2015 8:16pm
» Turnips at 194Meta_Knight765-New5/14/2015 9:34pm
» Anyone want to play on New leaf??Goul5New5/15/2015 12:53am
» Just started my new town, looking for friends to addRobertskull93New5/15/2015 2:22am
» Want to be friends?HoustonLizzie2New5/15/2015 11:30am
» Katrina is in townMike_20132New5/15/2015 2:44pm
» Looking for new friends! 22/FHoustonLizzie19New5/15/2015 3:58pm
» Need A new Friend!yeahyael1New5/15/2015 4:18pm
» Wanna wifi?CaptainSmoky6New5/15/2015 5:13pm
» Gates Are Open! Who wants to come?!yeahyael2New5/15/2015 7:59pm
» Looking for some friends, i will love to visitGreycito2New5/15/2015 10:20pm
» LF: Turnip Spike 300+nikole273-New5/15/2015 11:55pm
» Anyone got any good turnip prices?HK7-New5/16/2015 2:20pm
» Fellow Animal Crossing Pals to Play New Leaf WithCamiBelle2New5/16/2015 3:51pm
» LF: Someone to help me transfer items into my new game (will tip!)Sakuragirl1018New5/16/2015 6:54pm
» Thunderstorm! Who's coming over?Imaginnee3New5/16/2015 10:05pm
» looking to exchange friend codes with new ppl for acnlshellez1218New5/17/2015 1:51am
» Looking for friends sarulez-New5/17/2015 3:48am
» Get Rich Quick! (Keep an eye out for updates)Saa9New5/17/2015 6:15am
» Shout out to anybody that wants to WIFIBeckyS92-New5/17/2015 11:16am
» Group wifi anyone?CamiBelle1New5/17/2015 11:56am
» Get Ready To Smile, and Laugh Out Loud!oraccfboy3New5/17/2015 1:51pm
» Looking for good turnip prices!jboyz34New5/17/2015 5:50pm

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