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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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» PartyDragonfly132-New7/27/2018 11:08am
» Please go to the island CarmenHawke-New7/10/2018 3:08pm
» Anybody online and willing to play right now?Guidingbasil418-New7/10/2018 1:00pm
» Island and. Hang out Loveablegal-New6/30/2018 8:14pm
» I wanna visit you mikodog-New6/28/2018 11:46pm
» LF Best friends to play with Penguinpuff-New6/25/2018 10:36pm
» Katies in town!Moesgoes-New6/23/2018 10:32am
» Open all day!Taurusajg-New6/22/2018 3:57pm
» Anyone like to play?IndoSavvy-New6/9/2018 1:13pm
» Fruits!JoshGill17-New6/5/2018 12:44pm
» Looking for someone to help me in exchange for RARE PRIZEsrhxv8-New6/1/2018 3:39pm
» Any active player still on?Anikimist-New5/17/2018 7:27pm
» Turnip Prices?Moesgoes-New5/17/2018 12:08pm
» Can anyone help me unlock the train station please? Brummiedollie-New5/8/2018 9:42am
» Looking to play at island, or catch bugs/fish in another season!Remitofu-New5/6/2018 4:28pm
» Rainbow guy looking for friends!hikapika25-New5/2/2018 5:54pm
» Termina need visitors !Firesys-New4/25/2018 11:23pm
» Looking for people to play with. :)Jazzyy-New4/20/2018 3:10pm
» Looking for friends.Jazzyy-New4/3/2018 11:17am
» Visit someone’s towntwiga32-New3/29/2018 8:33pm
» Looking for some friendly folk to add!Robertskull9-New3/28/2018 4:39pm
» Friends??!!psychotic_Ninja-New3/20/2018 10:12pm
» 28/M Looking to TRAVEL to other town. Preferably Time Traveled...CARLITOS72889-New3/17/2018 5:15am
» Blue -Sea story time adventure preston48-New3/11/2018 11:45am
» Looking for friends :)sugarsprinkles-New3/10/2018 7:22pm
» Inkzone grand opening tomorrow preston48-New3/5/2018 5:22pm
» Looking for Host Main StreetGameSlash_-New2/24/2018 11:45am
» Looking for players with DiscordDark_Bowser-New2/20/2018 9:02pm
» LF active players!8girlnoc-New2/14/2018 11:44am
» T&T EmporiumxoxAshleyxox-New2/12/2018 1:54pm
» Hang out?psychotic_Ninja-New2/10/2018 10:31pm
» Anyone wanna play?Treefrog13-New2/3/2018 5:09pm
» Hi, new town.MsLadii-New2/1/2018 1:15am
» Any gates open or anyone wanting to hang out?Eve_Yves_-New1/27/2018 4:21pm
» Need Villager Signatures! Adorkably-New1/23/2018 4:39pm
» Looking for someone to hang outShadow079-New1/8/2018 7:17pm
» Looking for visitors in my town or vice versag7249226-New1/6/2018 6:34am
» Early Morning Wanna Come...TheIron_B-New1/6/2018 6:30am
» looking for friends 18+lg1654-New1/2/2018 7:00pm
» Looking for friends for acnlSim2469-New12/24/2017 4:17pm
» my turnips are buying for 322!!Tunashark-New12/23/2017 12:35pm
» Lets hang outHoboHiatus-New12/17/2017 5:17pm
» Gumdrops bakery coming soon in storyvil preston48-New12/16/2017 8:34pm
» Alright everyone time to vote for storyvil 2nd character preston48-New12/13/2017 2:31pm
» Dreamtown of storyvil preston48-New12/7/2017 11:01pm
» Looking for new friendsmrchobbawonga-New12/7/2017 6:09pm
» Storyvil storytelling preston48-New12/5/2017 10:19am
» Recreating my TownDevilzAngel-New12/5/2017 12:21am
» Looking for rich and nice acnl friendspreston48-New12/1/2017 4:57pm
» Does anyone have a silver axe for sale at their islandyoshifico-New11/30/2017 8:26pm
» Anyone have really good turnip prices right now?yoshifico-New11/28/2017 7:58pm
» Anyone playing welcome amiibo??Hotpoppopcorn-New11/28/2017 3:33pm
» Storyvil grand tour coming soonpreston48-New11/28/2017 2:28pm
» Would anyone like any help with their town?Ally_Jazz-New11/20/2017 3:51pm
» Crazy Redd?Ally_Jazz-New11/20/2017 9:46am
» Anyone have animal crossing villager in their campground or a animal crossing amibo Ally_Jazz-New11/18/2017 12:20pm
» Would anyone like any help in their town or anyone to go to their island with? Ally_Jazz-New11/17/2017 12:52pm
» Need friends and help will help you as well am a new player.g7249226-New11/16/2017 5:33pm
» Attention all players who have all shop upgrades also those who have K.K. Slider Amiibo figureAlly_Jazz-New11/16/2017 12:04pm
» Starting from scratchDrgblazed-New11/15/2017 9:08pm
» Perfect FruitClowdella-New11/14/2017 2:02pm
» Looking to drop of katie, and maybe shop?jaw272-New11/9/2017 12:34pm
» Need someone town for storagepreston48-New11/9/2017 12:17pm
» Looking for premium item of the day; Perfect ApplesDevilzAngel-New11/8/2017 8:49pm
» Looking to add new friends FrozenLover-New11/8/2017 2:10am
» Looking for players right now!TheAverageAaron-New11/8/2017 1:04am
» Want to visit someones town todayChris_Masters-New11/4/2017 10:51am
» ACNL WiFi ClubM4v5m4nn-New11/1/2017 7:23am
» Travel the islandGizmosis31-New10/30/2017 6:48pm
» Looking for new friendsmargierules2000-New10/28/2017 10:08pm
» Lf: town that perfect oranges for retail sell my orange preston48-New10/22/2017 2:21pm
» Looking to visit!Kuzzie-New10/11/2017 6:56pm
» New Friends! Add me!Pandapple97-New9/30/2017 7:39pm
» Looking for New Leaf and 3DS friendsconkerbert-New9/27/2017 6:50pm
» Looking for friends to play with in ACNL!miruukiihime-New9/25/2017 8:15pm

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