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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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» Just bought a 3DS just to play Animal Crossing!Qualitonks2New12/1/2019 6:22am
» Adding?Blue_Roses2New11/27/2019 1:55pm
» Anyone free to play?peachdeer1New11/25/2019 11:06am
» I'm new and want to meet some friends!Wren03-New11/4/2019 8:57pm
» Can I come to your town and change my hair? SummersSunshine3New11/4/2019 8:45pm
» Restarted My Town ! Friend Codes Welcomed :)KyloRen3New11/4/2019 6:39pm
» Looking for Regular FriendsAmandaTheFox6New10/27/2019 1:24pm
» LF: a few apples FT: Bells? Sorry I don't have much :(CmmtThis2Mmry1New10/14/2019 4:43pm
» Tours?Nightfade-New10/10/2019 5:46pm
» Online now - wanna swap friend codes!shortwaved1New10/4/2019 10:05pm
» YOxXxSakuraxXx2New10/4/2019 1:31pm
» New town, looking to play and looking for best friends!Lynkie5New10/2/2019 1:41am
» New Friends!souljaboylover2New9/15/2019 4:11pm
» Let’s play!missangie6New9/6/2019 9:44pm
» Island ToursNew_Horizon942New8/23/2019 4:36am
» Let's Play!nayrb-New8/21/2019 3:43pm
» New to NLpaulinka153New8/21/2019 6:14am
» Need to clear void!carter472911New8/11/2019 2:45pm
» Town VisitsBluebird198New7/17/2019 6:45pm
» Remade town 6/9/19 & Looking for friends! elfae1New7/16/2019 1:55pm
» Restarted town recently, looking for friends and people to trade fruit with!kidcryptic4New7/16/2019 1:50pm
» Hangout todayBilobaExtract-New7/16/2019 12:41pm
» Anyone on.Queen_I_Am-New6/30/2019 1:21pm
» Hi! I need friends:)Queen_I_Am5New6/26/2019 10:52am
» New to New LeafLollyChick2New6/24/2019 4:15pm
» Need hairdresser!gothamsan3New6/23/2019 7:19pm
» Looking for new friendsTreefrog133New6/21/2019 9:18pm
» Looking for friends again.PennyDreafuls63New6/20/2019 7:40am
» Does anyone want to play over WiFi (I need new friends).joey9633New6/19/2019 4:45pm
» Looking for someone to play with!peachdeer3New6/17/2019 4:13pm
» I need signatures please :)InfinitePudding-New6/16/2019 9:57pm
» Looking for shovel!Karmayla-New6/16/2019 8:37pm
» Come play with me and my roommate!Ofwaylee5New6/16/2019 4:01pm
» Anyone wants to play?EvanDoesAC-New6/15/2019 5:23am
» Fellow Gamers for the Next YearSeosaimhin4New6/13/2019 10:41pm
» Looking for fellow gamersmrchobbawonga3New6/6/2019 4:37pm
» Looking for people to play withSquidattack-New6/6/2019 1:48pm
» Want to play ACNL with someone? Message me!!Magooyi-New6/6/2019 1:04am
» Need New Friends Who Play mayorofmoonbeam6New6/5/2019 8:45pm
» As most people, I need new ACNL friends :)SunsetRainbow2New6/5/2019 7:50pm
» Anyone Want to Play?accflover1233New6/5/2019 7:43pm
» {Wi-Fi Hangout} Classica Meet and Greetsivory_rose337New5/27/2019 2:16am
» ACNL Friendsmakinzi182New5/24/2019 10:03pm
» Need friends and help if possible! :)jessicamoneyy3New5/24/2019 10:00pm
» Grand tour coming soonpreston48-New5/17/2019 10:10pm
» Goljunja exploration Grand opening coming soonpreston48-New5/13/2019 9:59pm
» Help connecting to other towns!carter47291New5/11/2019 6:00pm
» Hello! Would anyone like to play?CARLITOS72889-New5/10/2019 9:32pm
» Looking for filthy rich players to donate to my townChris_Masters3New5/7/2019 3:37pm
» superb Grand opening of Goljungapreston48-New5/4/2019 1:37pm
» Can someone store my stuffpreston48-New5/3/2019 4:51pm
» Need shampoodlescarter47291New4/27/2019 11:27pm
» LF Salon Visitpinkhairdmayor2New4/22/2019 10:20pm
» Looking for active European playersBappie5New4/21/2019 10:57am
» Looking for someone who has every fruit in there town!Sburker11New4/21/2019 10:28am
» Yoshi island grand tour info threadpreston48-New4/20/2019 6:31pm
» Just Restarted, Returning PlayerLady_Darkling1New4/20/2019 4:59pm
» lost my old game.. working on new (:bexmaurz2New4/20/2019 8:38am
» Train Station Unlock Trade?pauliemarie1New4/18/2019 9:28am
» Yoshi island grand opening preston48-New4/15/2019 2:03pm
» Acnl and chillSwindy12341New4/14/2019 4:55pm
» 24yo guy needs new leaf friendsthejjoey2New4/13/2019 1:18pm
» Looking for new friends dougiepoynter-New4/12/2019 1:12pm
» Y—Island akas as Yoshi grand opening coming soonpreston48-New4/9/2019 11:13am
» Lf house exterior preston48-New4/8/2019 5:51pm
» New Grand opening preston48-New4/6/2019 10:44pm
» Grand tour coming soonpreston484New4/2/2019 11:24am
» Opening my town for ratings... Waiting for codesdemonajay-New3/30/2019 12:35pm
» Anyone want to help me unlock my train station? Brummiedollie-New3/30/2019 8:35am
» Looking for a Town in Nov - Feb!HershelLayton-New3/29/2019 6:58pm
» Perfect PearsDevilzAngel4New3/27/2019 2:30am
» Anyone want to play? RoyksoppTool1New3/27/2019 2:28am
» Looking to form a group of friends.CinnamonSkinner4New3/24/2019 9:16am
» 21/F Just started town over, looking to visit others/make friends!Eizen2New3/24/2019 9:10am
» Come fill your pockets up at my town for free!Kmackfromwaybac4New3/23/2019 11:16pm

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