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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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AC:NL WiFi Manners GuideDa ninja piggy1New9/27/2014 12:18am
» Looking to sell my turnipsecroarturo1New12:30am
» need help - visit my town? skee-New9/18 9:24pm
» New to New Leaf need friendsArt23-New9/18 5:02pm
» Lets make this site popular again! Want to meet people who play every few days we can make a club!LawlietLuvSweet19New9/17 6:28pm
» Riding the Rails for Meow Coupons!MayorUlia1New9/17 1:27pm
» Looking for friends to play with ^^xseerx2New9/16 8:56pm
» 22yo male needs new crossing friends!!thejjoey12New9/16 8:04pm
» Anyone is a night owl player?kamui_g6New9/16 3:16am
» Hosting!!!emoalice1New9/16 12:23am
» Looking for friends!MrMultiMichael1New9/15 10:54pm
» Looking for friends!callistodreams9New9/15 8:36pm
» Returing to New LeafPWNGODSPEED7New9/14 11:57am
» Hello! Brand new and looking to visit!snow420-New9/12 12:28pm
» Just Restarted My Town!MayorLu2New9/11 7:26pm
» Who wants to stop by?nobipeka-New9/10 10:15pm
» Anyone up!?? lexi70000-New9/10 9:21pm
» Anyone online?k4ss1eno1-New9/9 11:28pm
» My Town is Always Openemoalice3New9/9 4:47pm
» Ac.nl buddysjdams142New9/9 4:47pm
» Wanting friends to hang out with me and friendCr0zwik1New9/9 4:43pm
» Looking for Active Friends ~XxMicoleXx1New9/9 4:39pm
» Let's Visit Each Other's Towns! leafyy7New9/7 5:18pm
» Looking for online friends!mmedi172New9/4 9:47pm
» Want to visit other townsDelfinoluma1012New9/4 9:40pm
» Does anybody want to playsniperjoe35New9/4 9:35pm
» Looking for friends again.PennyDreafuls46New9/3 9:59pm
» Want to visit my town??carrotmayor2New9/3 9:06pm
» Get at me fam if ytall wanna pray! alpharod-New9/3 5:19pm
» looking for friendsyoshikay-New9/2 7:17pm
» Looking for new active friendsAmazingdoll_10New9/2 6:00am
» Please Visit My Towncoralia3New9/1 9:05am
» Need people to play withXurgara1New8/31 10:42pm
» looking to chat and hang out anyone free?LawlietLuvSweet-New8/31 12:00am
» Reese Buying Turnips For 517 Bells!julphi1New8/30 11:18pm
» Looking for friends to play with!Kitty26065New8/30 9:01pm
» Play tonight?amytuesday256New8/30 11:59am
» Just restarted my town, looking to go visit places and make friends!!DestinyExplorer5New8/28 4:40pm
» Looking for friends to play online withDark_Bowser1New8/28 2:39pm
» Need some friendsKaizure973New8/28 2:37pm
» Anyone have good turnip prices?ciscorisco1New8/28 2:36pm
» Come One Come All!!emoalice-New8/28 1:49pm
» Returning Player! Looking To Visit!itsvutran3New8/28 10:47am
» looking for some friends to play w!!Cynth1a12New8/28 12:16am
» Looking for a good friend to let me visitbombarrows3New8/28 12:04am
» visitors??- perfect cherries on premiumamytuesday255New8/28 12:02am
» Anyone on?emoalice-New8/27 10:16am
» ACNL: Welcome amiibo (looking for friends)dynamic91124New8/27 9:47am
» Hosting Game in Noodle Town-Nookingtons, crossbred flowerscarrotmayor3New8/26 11:47pm
» Returning player! Wanna make new friends here!xconv1ctx16New8/26 10:29pm
» Looking for 1 or 2 friendsKirodev3New8/26 10:27pm
» Adding the Active Players Here!XxMicoleXx1New8/26 10:03am
» Would love new friends <3MrAddison4New8/26 10:01am
» Looking to wifi right now and early mornings.willswii1New8/26 12:35am
» lets play? 18+arturo_s712New8/25 10:44pm
» want some visitorsBillweezy1New8/25 10:33pm
» Going to the Island! Reviving the THREAD! ^-^amylase11New8/25 10:30pm
» Needing new friendsemoalice-New8/24 6:39pm
» Restarting Town - Free items/bells for holding on to some of my stuff!!sarulez5New8/20 2:51am
» Wanting to get train station upgrade. Come on over :) Silic-New8/17 6:12am
» anyone have good turnip prices?Alouisea-New8/15 11:09am
» Playing tonight!?!?Prompted_animal-New8/15 8:00am
» Arcadia-A City in Developmentwingweaver841New8/12 11:34am
» I'm back & would love to meet some new people! :)hannzos1New8/11 10:13pm
» Can I Visit Your Town?MayorAbby1New8/11 10:11pm
» Looking to take some perfect peachesstrawberrygorl2New8/11 10:10pm
» Restarted my town - again!shadowx31New8/7 11:47pm
» Late night players?sniperjoe3-New8/6 4:04am

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