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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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» In Need of Signaturesaccflover1232New3/3 2:10pm
» Can I visit with someone to use their shampoodle? Cutecarrot6New3/2 10:24pm
» Anyone wanna play and go to the island?Kmackfromwaybac-New3/1 9:00pm
» Anyone Wanna Play? accflover1234New3/1 3:33pm
» Anyone Wanna Go on Island Tours?accflover1231New2/27 7:49pm
» anyone have good turnip prices?Alouisea8New2/26 2:55pm
» Let's Play!accflover1234New2/25 9:39pm
» New to the ForumsHambles1New2/24 11:48pm
» Does anyone want to play over WiFi (I need new friends).joey9631New2/23 3:05pm
» Anyone wanna play today? Kmackfromwaybac-New2/23 2:47pm
» Looking for New Friends accflover1233New2/21 11:25am
» Hats on Premiumaccflover123-New2/21 10:46am
» Just started over, anyone wanna come over?Wilhelmina1New2/20 3:45pm
» Looking for Relaxed PlayersBowsahWuvah10New2/17 9:16am
» coming back to animal crossing welcome amibojonnoj24jonnoj3New2/13 11:56pm
» May I come over with Katy??TexasPch76New2/8 11:49pm
» Snowman bingo- welcome amibojonnoj24jonnoj11New2/7 2:25pm
» Looking for friends to play with!Kmackfromwaybac2New2/6 4:41am
» Needing Signaturesaccflover123-New1/23 7:09pm
» Come fill your pockets up at my town for free!Kmackfromwaybac2New1/21 7:03pm
» Lookin' for palschillijei1New1/21 5:22pm
» Can someone please try to visit my town?MollieScoop2New1/21 3:49am
» Need New Friends Who Play mayorofmoonbeam3New1/21 3:19am
» more active playersAllieBaba4New1/20 1:00am
» Need signatures- please helpHalimaaa-New1/12 10:54am
» LF FriendsHulachee-New1/2 5:34pm
» Acnl and chillarturo_s7-New12/28/2018 5:31pm
» let’s be friends!Jazzyy1New12/27/2018 11:14pm
» Opening gates. Beautiful04-New12/27/2018 11:13pm
» Hi new friends that play often needed Beautiful044New12/27/2018 11:09pm
» 21/F Just started town over, looking to visit others/make friends!Eizen-New12/21/2018 9:02pm
» YOxXxSakuraxXx-New12/18/2018 5:29pm
» need holding town!AllieBaba16New12/18/2018 3:42pm
» Hang out?AfternoonTeaSet-New12/18/2018 10:38am
» Looking for friends to play withlilbug447New12/16/2018 2:38pm
» Do you have a yellow door in nook’s Holmes?TexasPch7-New12/15/2018 2:55pm
» Looking for active visitors and friends!kouichirou12New12/14/2018 9:59pm
» Looking for friends again.PennyDreafuls56New12/14/2018 6:28pm
» FriendsJkMittenz2New12/14/2018 6:24pm
» Resetting my town need help Bbruns2New12/1/2018 2:39pm
» I’m looking for friendsYuuffie-New11/29/2018 9:12pm
» Active Player Friend CodesBabyPanda_HoHey-New11/22/2018 1:22pm
» Looking 4 FriendsCourtneydx127New11/22/2018 10:35am
» Need Play coins! Lets play~Mconway13New11/19/2018 12:38pm
» LF Friends ages 16-25Stella_Io17New11/19/2018 12:05pm
» Please come visit Katrina!Edeville2New11/9/2018 9:07pm
» WiFi test 3.0AWESOMEGAMER6New11/7/2018 10:02pm
» Just reset my town!Edeville1New11/5/2018 12:49pm
» The Little CatTams197-New10/30/2018 11:55am
» New friends.MsLadii-New10/28/2018 4:34pm
» Does anyone have the Callie amiibo?Gamekat5New10/23/2018 4:17pm
» New Friends!RaiiYuu1New10/23/2018 1:17am
» Returning player looking for companycodaman127-New10/22/2018 2:54pm
» Visit my town! Trying to remodel my station :)icedtea14New10/21/2018 2:32pm
» Looking for new friends 18+AAdams12277New10/21/2018 2:18pm

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