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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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AC:NL WiFi Buddies ThreadAmrasje76New3/4 7:06pm
High Turnip Prices & Turnip Trend Discussion - ACNL Version #3Nintendude64452New2/24 6:13pm
Official Villager Petition Thread - Post Here To Request Signatures!Amrasje186New2/24 11:58am
Official Re-Tail Premium ThreadTyrope406New2/8 3:36pm
Official Katie Thread - Post Here If Katie Is In Your TownAmrasje278New12/23/2017 3:23pm
Dream Suite VisitsAmrasje30New11/6/2017 9:27pm
Protecting Your Town - A Guide on How to Keep Your Town Safe in AC:NLDa ninja piggy6New5/2/2017 10:18pm
AC:NL WiFi Manners GuideDa ninja piggy1New9/27/2014 12:18am
» Looking for friends (18+)animaltoon048New3/16 11:45pm
» i want close friends who will play w meAllieBaba14New3/15 12:39am
» looking for new acnl friends!maqikarp1New3/12 9:04pm
» Blue -Sea story time adventure preston48-New3/11 11:45am
» Looking for friends again.PennyDreafuls50New3/10 10:55am
» Inkzone grand opening tomorrow preston48-New3/5 5:22pm
» Where is everyone?GimmeMehCookiez3New3/5 12:19am
» LF friends to play with :) Restarted my town! Preferably 18+!BlushKumax31New3/3 8:54pm
» Looking for Host Main StreetGameSlash_-New2/24 11:45am
» Looking for players with DiscordDark_Bowser-New2/20 9:02pm
» Looking for players to visit.Sandroo1New2/18 4:39pm
» Who Still Actively Play's Here?XxMicoleXx9New2/15 8:51pm
» Active PlayersXxBabypeanutXx2New2/15 8:02pm
» LF active players!8girlnoc-New2/14 11:44am
» How do I even set my friend code?lionheart7272New2/13 2:30pm
» T&T EmporiumxoxAshleyxox-New2/12 1:54pm
» Hang out?psychotic_Ninja-New2/10 10:31pm
» Train Station Upgarde Help (Free 99k Bag Every Visit!) FrozenLover5New2/10 10:18am
» Anyone wanna play?Treefrog13-New2/3 5:09pm
» New year, new friends!! (18+ preferably)arturo_s710New2/3 3:42pm
» Art part of museum questionAllieB05241New2/1 4:55pm
» Hi, new town.MsLadii-New2/1 1:15am
» Getting back into AC:NLMike12121New1/28 2:20pm
» Got ACNL for Christmas, anyone wanna join me?PrinceNines5New1/27 10:13pm
» Any gates open or anyone wanting to hang out?Eve_Yves_-New1/27 4:21pm
» Need Villager Signatures! Adorkably-New1/23 4:39pm
» Please Helpredlink322New1/23 4:31pm
» Old Ac player, however new to New Leaf, could use some help :)JaneCarmela3New1/23 4:21pm
» Old AC player new to NL looking for friends/help :) KiraDN7New1/22 1:56am
» Snowman bingovix9201New1/19 7:57am
» Anyone wanna hang out? 18+ Only please (:thatpunkchick3New1/17 12:06am
» Anyone wanna play tonight?arturo_s71New1/14 8:12pm
» Katie's in my townSholea2New1/13 4:57pm
» Anyone have these perfect fruits they would be willing to give me?Ally_Jazz4New1/12 5:09pm
» Anyone who have Shampoodles have the eye color changing option?Ally_Jazz1New1/10 3:52pm
» Looking for someone to hang outShadow079-New1/8 7:17pm
» Looking for town to sell perfect peaches in.Takashi_1New1/8 2:01pm
» Home away from homevix9201New1/7 7:35am
» Looking for visitors in my town or vice versag7249226-New1/6 6:34am
» Early Morning Wanna Come...TheIron_B-New1/6 6:30am
» Anyone wanna play?8girlnoc1New1/3 8:53pm
» 21/F LOOKING FOR MY OLD WILD WORLD FRIENDS xXxSakuraxXx11New1/3 4:21pm
» Looking for 18+ peeps!CarolinaBB15New1/2 8:51pm
» Anybody wanna play later ? (New acnl friends needed !!)Amazingdoll_1New1/2 8:13pm
» College kids home from breaktigerfighter545New1/2 8:12pm
» looking for friends 18+lg1654-New1/2 7:00pm
» Anyone have an axe for sale in their garden shop?arpeggio_pixie2New1/2 1:17am
» Come hang out?zoedabuug7New12/29/2017 10:33pm
» Hair Cutthatpunkchick1New12/28/2017 5:50pm
» Seeking Shampoodlepigeonalex6New12/28/2017 5:49pm
» Looking for friends for acnlSim2469-New12/24/2017 4:17pm
» Active Players ThreadBulbasaur4514New12/24/2017 11:22am
» my turnips are buying for 322!!Tunashark-New12/23/2017 12:35pm
» Looking for some new friends :)lexieb9242New12/21/2017 5:25pm
» Any one wanna hang out?maddyrae1New12/20/2017 6:20pm
» Anyone want to meet up and trade fruit?linkzelda3New12/18/2017 6:56pm
» Need Signatures from Another TownAdorkably1New12/18/2017 6:54pm
» Looking for friends 20+Zendea1New12/17/2017 5:21pm
» Lets hang outHoboHiatus-New12/17/2017 5:17pm
» Gumdrops bakery coming soon in storyvil preston48-New12/16/2017 8:34pm
» Alright everyone time to vote for storyvil 2nd character preston48-New12/13/2017 2:31pm
» Looking to go out!Karmayla1New12/10/2017 1:15pm
» HelpDevilzAngel3New12/9/2017 8:35pm
» Dreamtown of storyvil preston48-New12/7/2017 11:01pm
» Maevy’s Master Squad WiFi Requitment: (just click, im lame I know, it’s okay)Midna_11New12/7/2017 7:45pm
» Looking for new Friendsbball08811New12/7/2017 7:01pm
» Looking for new friendsmrchobbawonga-New12/7/2017 6:09pm

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