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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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» Anyone playing right now? (Still looking to play!)Sellesion4New7/16 7:39pm
» Looking for inspiration! Flickerfairy3New7/10 5:07pm
» Please go to the island CarmenHawke-New7/10 3:08pm
» New year, new friends!! (18+ preferably)arturo_s731New7/10 2:38pm
» Anybody online and willing to play right now?Guidingbasil418-New7/10 1:00pm
» Need Fruit!Sburker14New7/10 11:20am
» Could use help Aradia1591New7/9 8:04pm
» Looking for New Leaf buddies!DeltaEagle126855New7/9 3:12pm
» Looking for 18+ friends!Soniccloud13New7/8 10:38pm
» Needing a Town to Acquire Signaturesaccflover1231New7/8 5:05pm
» Gay guy looking for friendly people to hang out with!hikapika251New7/5 9:17pm
» Looking a town to get signaturesalexisarocker5New7/5 5:49pm
» Island and. Hang out Loveablegal-New6/30 8:14pm
» let's do thisbanana168New6/30 11:54am
» Opening gates at 11 pm ACC time for Summer Solsticealexisarocker2New6/29 9:23pm
» I wanna visit you mikodog-New6/28 11:46pm
» ACTIVE New Leaf Players 2018BlxsianG0d3New6/28 11:44am
» Looking for adult friends! (18+)animaltoon0428New6/28 12:51am
» Wanna be pals?Omgitsjessxo4New6/27 3:28pm
» LF Best friends to play with Penguinpuff-New6/25 10:36pm
» LANDSCAPING HELP WANTEDcrossinggirl173New6/25 6:14pm
» Fresh Start! Looking for new friends!wake20012New6/25 9:05am
» does any one want to play tonight?arturo_s73New6/23 8:46pm
» Katies in town!Moesgoes-New6/23 10:32am
» Open all day!Taurusajg-New6/22 3:57pm
» Anyone wanna play?Omgitsjessxo4New6/21 7:44pm
» Need to get my hair doneBrkdglvr1New6/17 9:11pm
» Anyone wanna be friends.MANMAN45678902New6/13 4:55pm
» looking for people (18+ sfw only pls)zacho961New6/13 10:53am
» Looking forward to getting back to new leaf, looking for friendsGer10182New6/13 12:02am
» Wanna Play?ACNLbranbro1New6/11 8:40pm
» Anyone like to play?IndoSavvy-New6/9 1:13pm
» New to the game acnfShannon79831New6/7 12:21am
» Looking for new friendsReeselover35New6/6 1:05am
» New Friends?megan7671New6/5 7:06pm
» Fruits!JoshGill17-New6/5 12:44pm
» help for a new mayor?chiabell3New6/4 3:03am
» Looking for someone to help me in exchange for RARE PRIZEsrhxv8-New6/1 3:39pm
» I have Katrina...anyone want to get their fortune told?JezebelSterling2New5/31 6:29pm
» Anyone have Katrina?srhxv81New5/31 1:04pm
» Looking for friends to hang out with :) (17+)Ivy12164New5/30 11:29pm
» Rejoining after long Hiatus !Kit_Kat96-New5/28 1:22am
» Looking for new friendsFrozenLover1New5/25 3:43am
» Any active player still on?Anikimist-New5/17 7:27pm
» Turnip Prices?Moesgoes-New5/17 12:08pm
» Who Still Actively Play's Here?XxMicoleXx12New5/14 3:54pm
» Friends :) tiggerwig3New5/14 10:57am
» New Friends?sigil52New5/14 10:45am
» Looking for High Turnip Prices in NLzipman2New5/10 9:43pm
» Paying for amiibo visitsChristos19941New5/10 3:26pm
» Can anyone help me unlock the train station please? Brummiedollie-New5/8 9:42am
» looking for friends :)Jazzyy4New5/6 4:47pm
» Looking to play at island, or catch bugs/fish in another season!Remitofu-New5/6 4:28pm
» Rainbow guy looking for friends!hikapika25-New5/2 5:54pm
» Looking for friends WdymAnnie2New4/30 5:39pm
» Returning to ACNL. Want friends. :)Soulariax8New4/29 9:28pm
» Termina need visitors !Firesys-New4/25 11:23pm
» Looking for friendsDanielp1521New4/25 11:08pm
» New Town New FriendsChristiancb2New4/25 11:07pm
» Looking for people to play with. :)Jazzyy-New4/20 3:10pm
» Looking to hangout and get fruit from someone!Sburker12New4/13 4:30pm
» Looking for 18+ peeps!CarolinaBB18New4/13 7:53am
» In need of Stalk PartnerDaisuke742New4/8 9:24am
» Train Station Upgarde Help (Free 99k Bag Every Visit!) FrozenLover1New4/4 6:35pm
» Looking for friends.Jazzyy-New4/3 11:17am
» Visit someone’s towntwiga32-New3/29 8:33pm
» Let's hang out my dudestigerfighter541New3/28 5:50pm

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