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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away items for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell items and services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Restrictions For DLC Items Not Yet Released By NintendoVenusKamal-New6/19/2014 11:26am
Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New11/19/2013 9:15am
Official Fruit Trading ThreadAmrasje217New11/13 4:49am
» Free flowersHulachee-New5:52pm
» Lf pink and blue roses pinkpirate331New5:51pm
» Lf itemspreston48-New11:29am
» Lf genie shirt and turbanpreston4824New11:25am
» *FREE* Unorderables—Nov. 17th Blanca's & Sandy's RVsNicoleVernon26New10:56am
» Taking RV Amiibo Requests \(^_^)/ (AC, Splatoon, Zelda, Monster Hunter, and Sanrio)MayorMelody394New10:54am
» Complete Newbie: LF Slingshotsuparsim1New1:36am
» Looking for pirate furniture MayorMegan-New11/16 5:44pm
» Looking for 3ds and Wii U Ally_Jazz-New11/16 4:37pm
» Looking for Kk Slider 3ds & Wii UAlly_Jazz-New11/16 4:26pm
» Looking for Celeste's Hair BowAlly_Jazz4New11/15 6:29pm
» Selling stuff I dont needBumbletheHumble9New11/15 5:13pm
» selling/trading lots of ore and mushrooms!ichiraku8New11/15 5:05pm
» Looking for: Certain ItemsCherryTree154212New11/14 5:28pm
» LF Silver axesichiraku1New11/14 5:01pm
» Looking item and fruitpreston482New11/14 9:46am
» LF: Mermaid Table and Silver Axe!Picligto1New11/13 10:41pm
» FREE Secret Storage Clean Out!rageskittles039New11/13 4:45pm
» Free Unorderable Items and ores GearsOfFates9New11/12 9:43pm
» Will trade pink roses for bellsiamdrdoom4New11/12 8:26pm
» Looking for: Either...NobleHeart99-New11/12 5:10pm
» LF: Sheik RVNobleHeart99-New11/12 3:21pm
» LF/ FT: rv furniture (update)StarMachine4New11/12 2:31pm
» LF: New Nintendo 3DS and Wii U consoleGavinattwood3New11/12 8:22am
» LF: Redd's Paintings! Will pay! leafyy9New11/9 11:32pm
» Lf gold shovel and gold axepreston48-New11/9 8:43pm
» Will anyone hold onto my itemspreston482New11/9 5:14pm
» Fairy Bottle? AnnieCheyenne4New11/9 1:04pm
» Golden tools! godteri975New11/9 10:54am
» LF: BLUE HYDRANGEA STARTS!!marlyzzle1New11/8 11:28pm
» LF: Ornate Clothing Items! Will pay at least 10K Bells!MyopicMomo2New11/8 10:11pm
» Anyone need Mushrooms?BumbletheHumble8New11/8 7:18pm
» Shoot’s anyone? Helpgodteri978New11/8 3:48pm
» LF Stegosaurus Tailtrufflebunnie1New11/8 11:31am
» Rococco series? godteri974New11/8 5:57am
» LF Dinosaur Track & Parasaur TorsoMerm9New11/7 7:12pm
» White cosmosatsila6New11/7 6:46pm
» Lf autumn wall and autumn floorpreston488New11/7 5:08pm
» FS: Fortune cookie, streetpass, fireworks, gulliver etc | UPDATED 11/2/17zandyboi28New11/7 4:18pm
» Looking For: Hero's pantsCillanoodle3New11/6 10:37pm
» Lf: Modern stereoCapnchristina2New11/6 6:30am
» Spooky wallpaper anyone?godteri972New11/6 6:23am
» LF: All sorts of bushesGreeneflower1New11/5 9:53pm
» Looking for wigs!godteri97-New11/5 6:21pm
» Train set?godteri972New11/5 5:52pm
» LF: Certain Fossils FT: Art and/or Bells Hydragon116New11/5 4:54pm
» Need bells! godteri975New11/5 4:10pm
» LF Ornate Clothing Itemsbmontana1New11/5 3:00pm
» Joan Sellin turnips for 97 BellsExatros-New11/5 2:00pm
» Giveaway Town - Free WA items, unorderables, landscaping supplies, villagers - Closedacwwlover17534New11/5 6:40am
» LF: visit to June, ketchup, Tasha, or Claude RVizzykur-New11/5 2:24am
» Lf : mush furniturepreston487New11/4 11:18pm
» Looking for couple itemspreston482New11/4 10:19pm
» LF Turning Prices higher than 99.Merm9New11/4 10:15pm
» LF Historical outfit for Gracie - 50k?MeganMcAlister-New11/4 5:32pm
» LF: items to complete my houseizzykur3New11/4 5:08pm
» Looking for some things- new hereOddpeace2New11/4 3:18pm
» LF: A Few Old DLC ItemsClavis3New11/4 1:07pm
» LF: landscaping itemspouringraine-New11/4 12:38pm
» LF: Wii UHero_Of_Flames1New11/4 8:22am
» Free stuff! + Blanca & Marty (Sanrio - Pompompurin) in RV 11/3vix9207New11/4 5:31am
» Looking For: Ankylosaurus torso, Pteranodon torso, and Mammoth torsoChris_Masters1New11/3 7:00pm
» Buying all clovers 25k each!MeganMcAlister2New11/3 10:14am
» Lf mush item don’t havepreston48-New11/2 6:57pm
» Lf: poltergoidpreston4820New11/2 5:11pm
» Need signatures! Please hellpgodteri972New11/2 10:27am
» Grandpahat!godteri97-New11/2 9:33am
» Selling customized modern setvix9202New11/2 7:05am
» Lf: Autumn floors and autumn wallpaperpreston48-New11/1 10:05pm
» Looking for “Creepy Set” will pay bellsxxxZanexxx1New11/1 3:00pm
» Anyone have perfect orange premium preston48-New11/1 2:07pm
» Looking for Halloween masks! skeeb1New11/1 12:48pm

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