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Board Rules - Please read before postingEssie-New10/15/2012 6:01am
Animal Crossing: Welcome amiibo Information - Updated Info on Page 7Devin2600343New10/29/2017 4:47pm
Communal effort: post your Welcome Amiibo items here! Feature is complete! :DAnnetteSR153New6/23/2017 8:43am
Villager Movement Guide V1.0sunmarsh134New8/12/2018 10:32am
Nintendo Zone DLC and regular DLC; Summary on page 4AnnetteSR92New5/8/2017 5:45am
Guide: Villager's PicsAC1NL21New2/1/2018 1:28pm
» Share your most recent accomplishment 3GoldenCelebi200New2/16 7:28pm
» Did you have a camper today?Chalmers1139New11/5/2015 6:59am
» Who were your original 5 villagers?Brownjoe131New4/26/2016 1:29pm
» Who's in YOUR campsite?DaisyDew130New11/14/2016 3:05pm
» 2015 Simple Questions Thread!brightcrow124New7/17/2015 7:50pm
» Who is your favorite and least favorite neighbor in your town?Poikjlmn114New11/23/2015 8:03pm
» What 'unpopular' villagers do you love?Ebbiecat92New2/19/2016 11:31pm
» What little things do you miss/wish were added to the game?ACCFQueen91New5/28/2018 8:40pm
» Unexpected friendship :) the un-dreamie surprises Nowi91New11/29/2015 5:12pm
» wierd club tortimer stories wheatly4ever89New1/5/2016 9:16pm
» Villagers you'll never let go?alana55487New4/17/2016 2:53pm
» Biggest ACNL regret??julphi73New8:37pm
» Weird nicknames animals call youmolldogg1571New9/13/2016 6:53pm
» Who Was Your Last Villager To Move Out?alana55470New9/15/2017 9:19am
» The WORST areas villagers move ontoKainLune68New10/28/2017 7:20pm
» Villagers that just won't leavealana55468New6/13/2016 12:09am
» Your most recent "YES" momentbingbing32865New7/6/2015 7:29pm
» Landscaping for winter in Erdule. Share your towns here!Sellesion60New12/15/2015 5:37pm
» Villagers placing their houses in bad spotsChalmers156New1/27/2016 8:12pm
» Do you share a name with another animal villager PJ9855New1/18/2016 11:42am
» Rude children!!Kati4450New5/4/2017 11:37am
» You Know You're Obsessed When...ocean150New11/13/2015 3:15pm
» Where did you get your town name from? What about past ones?OceanSunfish49New6/7/2018 4:41pm
» Favorite Villagers from Each Personality?alana55449New2/29/2016 4:58pm
» Biggest pet peeves in this game?Parisa49New1/28/2016 10:46am
» An informative thread about Nintendo Zones at home (Homepass)AnnetteSR47New6/18/2016 3:00pm
» Time Traveling, Yes or No?MooMaster147New12/24/2015 7:30pm
» Your total ACNL play time?Lemonsponge46New9/11/2015 11:45am
» Does anyone actually use balloon furniture?DaBraxMan45New10/1/2017 4:50pm
» What is your town's birthday?bingbing32845New8/20/2015 9:58pm
» The Roost (ACNL Edition) -- What happened in your town today?Acww200543New10/3/2017 1:40pm
» Characters that Scare You?alana55442New10/6/2015 6:24am
» Do you force your villagers to stay if they attempt to move?C0142New9/13/2015 10:47pm
» Villagers you'd never thought you'd get attached to..but you are.DaisyDew40New5/15/2016 9:07am
» Are there animal types you never hadPJ9840New1/17/2016 10:00pm
» Which villager moving away was the worst in NL? babygirl7133739New9/24/2016 6:55am
» Theme of each room of your house?stephxduloc39New6/12/2015 6:43pm
» I miss how active ACC was when NL came outMakayla12338New7/8/2016 1:54am
» Island Trollscrystalclear12338New9/2/2015 8:07am
» Animals Crushing On Each Otheralana55437New5/17/2016 11:36am
» What did you do today in your Town?NormalSkull37New9/21/2015 8:03pm
» Villagers People Love That You Hatealana55436New10/25/2016 1:55pm
» 24/h wifi town?Yacker35New6/2/2016 7:18pm
» What are your villager's nicknames for you?BlyueSkies35New11/23/2015 2:14pm
» Random people visiting your town when your gates open...PhailBoat35New10/5/2015 4:59pm
» Town Name?LdsStryker35New6/22/2015 1:15pm
» What is the WORST furniture set?Makayla12334New10/27/2017 2:07pm
» Favourite Smug Villager?jemcat34New9/13/2015 12:48pm
» One thing you don't like about ACNLXolexiii33New1/12/2016 10:27pm
» Favourite Uchi Villager?jemcat33New8/18/2015 2:07pm
» Why won't it let me have a Perfect Town?GiggleGurt33New6/28/2015 6:55pm
» WA villagersvix92032New9/15/2018 7:05pm
» Free Update to Bring Amiibo Support to AC:NL This AutumnSonnic32New10/2/2016 2:35pm
» Who is looking forward to the return of Grass, Rain, and Bugs?Abfinnie1732New4/12/2016 3:44pm
» What is your favorite wolf villager?MoonlitShadow1731New11/18/2018 1:19pm
» New Leaf would be so much better if........(suggestions)CBAC31New6/8/2017 4:34am
» Most annoying thing about the game?stephxduloc31New2/24/2016 8:09am
» Tarantula Advice/House Centipedecymster31New8/11/2015 9:00pm
» All the villagers in your town?alana55430New10/28/2015 8:31pm
» Need help!!shootingstar77730New8/6/2015 12:30pm
» Best and worst items?stephxduloc28New1/6/2016 10:33pm
» New town ideascarter472928New9/13/2015 10:24am
» Breeding Flowerstgainsbrough28New9/2/2015 7:35am
» Ugggggggggh!darkannie28New7/29/2015 2:28am
» Least Favourite Villager?catslovecitrus28New6/30/2015 7:45am
» Tom Nook's "evilness".nintendofan8527New9/14/2015 4:59pm
» Anyone else like to play in the rain?Bear427New6/9/2015 1:51pm
» Nicknames!KittyInABox226New2/23/2018 11:58am
» Your ACNL quirks!?!?!Prompted_animal26New11/27/2017 6:49pm

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