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» Time Travel QuestionPlushy335New6/24 4:04pm
» another feng shui questionyoshifico1New6/24 3:41pm
» Overwatch QR Codessstarkxller1New6/24 10:40am
» feng shui questionyoshifico1New6/23 9:13pm
» BOTH Nintendos need updating?Stella_Io4New6/21 10:42pm
» Music or Silence? GCorpCrown5New6/21 9:23pm
» Pathsyoshifico7New6/21 8:56pm
» A buncha questions about feng shuiyoshifico2New6/21 12:12am
» what's your top three fav furniture series in the game?MoonlitShadow1715New6/18 1:34pm
» what is your characters appearance?Jazzyy8New6/18 1:31pm
» Doppleganger at CT??yoshifico4New6/18 1:05pm
» Golden netgeorge22New6/16 5:45pm
» Looking for new friends, both local and world wide *vixen201912New6/13 7:49am
» Villager moved into an awful spot: the sequeljulphi8New6/8 3:05am
» What is your favorite badge to work towards and why?MoonlitShadow1712New6/7 5:38pm
» whats your favorite event in the game?MoonlitShadow1719New6/7 5:36pm
» whats your favorite house exterior?MoonlitShadow1715New6/7 5:35pm
» Where did you get your town name from? What about past ones?OceanSunfish49New6/7 4:41pm
» Which Villager is Everyone's Favorite/Least Favoriteyoshifico24New6/6 8:03am
» What's Everyone's Favorite K.K. Slider Song? yoshifico22New6/3 10:12am
» Coffeeciara11784New6/2 6:21pm
» Which season in ACNL makes you the most nostalgic?SashaChan7New6/1 11:51pm
» if only....Jazzyy4New5/31 1:16pm
» Anyone have Katrina?srhxv82New5/29 3:07pm
» Do you still get people on streetpass? izzykur9New5/29 2:30am
» do you miss the flea market?Jazzyy21New5/29 2:18am
» What little things do you miss/wish were added to the game?ACCFQueen91New5/28 8:40pm
» What is the most "desirable" river layout for a town? Which do you use?OceanSunfish6New5/28 8:06pm
» Losing Your TownSellesion4New5/28 7:50pm
» Quick RefreshStella_Io2New5/25 4:46pm
» Questions about selling townBulbasaurLover-New5/25 12:19pm
» How many characters do you have in your town?Jazzyy15New5/23 11:18am
» Resetti, or no Resseti?BulbasaurLover14New5/22 9:06pm
» Favorite Ordinance?JGutiero13New5/22 6:29pm
» List of Surfaces?BulbasaurLover3New5/22 10:33am
» Tell me about your town! BulbasaurLover4New5/21 8:05pm
» Adventures in DreamsStella_Io2New5/21 6:10pm
» Any bad/good Club Tortimer experiences?neptoons5New5/21 1:55pm
» How to get high Turnip priceszipman1New5/21 10:47am
» Catalog Questionmonsterbunni2New5/20 7:51pm
» Hello!xenotaff3New5/20 12:13pm
» pwp glitch?Jazzyy2New5/17 5:26pm
» Anyone else not into NL recently?julphi21New5/14 12:14am
» Favourite seasons/weather?Jazzyy8New5/13 7:36am
» No more sick villagers?GCorpCrown9New5/12 11:38pm
» addiction to watering flowers?MoonlitShadow17-New5/12 11:04pm
» Two animal crossing cartridgesGCorpCrown7New5/12 9:18pm
» do you have any rules for visitors in your town?Jazzyy9New5/11 11:53am
» Keep your town beautiful ordinance?railcrew2New5/9 2:24pm
» The island and its weatherOceanSunfish6New5/9 1:58am
» Special Flowers??ciara11781New5/7 11:41am
» Suggestions of Making BellsSoniccloud7New5/6 7:42pm
» Club Tortimer strories?Jazzyy9New5/6 4:38am
» Dream TownsMogit-New5/4 11:35pm
» where do villagers go when they move out?Jazzyy10New4/30 8:42pm
» increasing chances of a bell tree?Jazzyy1New4/30 8:31pm
» Getting Benjamin's Sloppy StereoStella_Io3New4/30 8:24pm
» main things that annoy you in animal crossing?Jazzyy7New4/30 6:59pm
» villager standing on cliff?Jazzyy1New4/30 3:43pm
» How do you get a resident of your town to leave?Soniccloud3New4/27 7:37pm
» help starting over?ShakingTrees1New4/27 1:15pm
» Perfect Town: PWPs and Treesmcavoyjd2New4/26 8:58pm
» Coffee OrderSnowMtn5New4/24 7:53pm
» Time Travel to Present Day 2WeePandaFlump1New4/24 11:46am
» Who are your least favourite villagers and why? Jazzyy1New4/20 6:23pm
» Did you remake your town after the update?mirrormirror12New4/19 8:42pm
» Map Resetting + Selling Townellybonjelly2New4/13 5:07pm
» Streetpass Catalogue?mystique19822New4/13 1:39pm
» WA villagersvix92026New4/11 3:42am
» help with new town name?tokkiyolk4New4/8 11:03pm
» 4th fossil?!birb_master3New4/8 4:23am
» I'm Lonelybirb_master2New4/8 1:04am
» How can I get someone without amiibo or amiibo card?Chrissy_ACNL4New4/7 1:55pm
» TCP comment and photo ideas?Jazzyy-New4/7 6:45am

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