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» WA villagersvix92032New9/15/2018 7:05pm
» how did that get there?!glittercube4302New9/14/2018 5:10am
» Town tune help?dexterminate3New9/8/2018 5:41pm
» When you happy cry over a villagerJoJosuke-New9/6/2018 9:44am
» Freya, why are you too cute?JoJosuke-New9/5/2018 9:36am
» Did you notice this?glittercube4302New9/4/2018 7:36pm
» Public Works Projects SuggestionsRawrXD2New9/4/2018 7:31pm
» From 1 being a tiny bit and a 10 being WHAT DID I DO?!Stella_Io7New9/3/2018 1:02pm
» Omg THIS GIRLStella_Io15New8/31/2018 7:10pm
» This is ridiculous!! I still can't sell my town?!?!glittercube4302New8/28/2018 6:02pm
» omg am i really lucky?glittercube4303New8/28/2018 4:31am
» Wish I didn't expand my house 3 timesJoJosuke4New8/27/2018 4:06pm
» Color schemes for townsStella_Io7New8/25/2018 8:13pm
» Creepy Glitch...MANMAN45678907New8/25/2018 6:57pm
» The birth of new hybrids is very slowOceanSunfish12New8/24/2018 11:21am
» My plaza tree won't grow?!glittercube4308New8/23/2018 12:37am
» YuGiOh Town ThemesGalacticTachyon-New8/16/2018 3:45pm
» I Miss Those DaysJGutiero111New8/15/2018 8:58pm
» Mayor retirement? Switching mayors..dinkydinorawr1New8/15/2018 12:38am
» Dream Town Update!vixen20194New8/12/2018 8:24am
» Shark Grinding on the Island?Stella_Io4New8/11/2018 10:40pm
» Just started New Leaf...RFZT5New8/10/2018 10:53pm
» Just started new leaf any help apreciatedroy149841New8/10/2018 6:40pm
» I could use some help regarding one of my villagers moving!ItsNep1New8/8/2018 10:36pm
» Just a follow-up question?vixen20194New8/8/2018 8:39am
» New Dreaming ThreadStella_Io5New8/6/2018 1:33pm
» What are some of your favourite Pro Designs? Ciicelia5New8/5/2018 8:49pm
» tips for restarting save load?NeonCat012New8/5/2018 8:47pm
» Special 3DS versionstogomojoo2New8/4/2018 5:48am
» Town Themecrossinggirl171New8/3/2018 8:15pm
» No Eye Color change even though I have the pink machine?Ontrol2New7/29/2018 10:29pm
» Streetpass with Happy Home ShowcaseTanukichisama2New7/27/2018 3:22pm
» Greek mythology themed towns, villagers & patternsMakayla1236New7/23/2018 8:55pm
» Deleting A Resident?GCorpCrown2New7/22/2018 10:33pm
» Adding new 3ds friendsCodyMKW2New7/22/2018 8:17pm
» need help coming up with a cute, sweet, whimsical town + mayor name for my new game!PinkFairyFloss4New7/21/2018 1:16am
» What's this item called :-?AWESOMEGAMER3New7/15/2018 2:59am
» Post Office Gifts?HarmonyInBoston1New7/14/2018 11:27pm
» qr codeMANMAN4567890-New7/13/2018 2:52pm
» Happy Generosity awards w/o 30 weeds?Stella_Io13New7/12/2018 9:58am
» What is your fav color scheme for paths? MoonlitShadow1716New7/11/2018 3:45pm
» what is your fav pig villager?MoonlitShadow1716New7/11/2018 8:15am
» NewbyMayzii3New7/10/2018 12:59pm
» Do you say no?GCorpCrown6New7/10/2018 9:15am
» Villager Birthday and favorites colors/style?BulbasaurLover2New7/8/2018 10:37pm
» Golden ShovelShakingTrees1New7/8/2018 4:11pm
» Any Japanese players celebrating Star-Crossed Day?TsC_Xanatos-New7/7/2018 11:48am
» any more tips? yoshifico3New7/5/2018 7:54pm
» Why won’t Phineas appear in my town.yoshifico3New7/5/2018 2:57pm
» Town landscaping and public works projects hann252New7/4/2018 12:12pm
» who are your favourite squirrel villagers?Jazzyy11New7/3/2018 8:09pm
» DA QuestionGCorpCrown2New7/3/2018 5:32pm
» Got 27 pages of turnipsyoshifico-New7/3/2018 9:40am
» Marshal.Jazzyy5New7/3/2018 9:30am
» Making Clovers GrowStella_Io2New7/3/2018 1:16am
» Tips?yoshifico9New7/2/2018 7:23am
» Heeeeeeelp meeeeeeyoshifico12New7/1/2018 3:57am
» Need signatures for Mira's petition!sstarkxller1New6/30/2018 11:47pm
» Master list of items not re-orderable in Catalog?Angelina4242New6/30/2018 11:23pm
» Left or Right Side Room?MandysAMess2New6/30/2018 7:57pm
» anyone know who this is?yoshifico3New6/30/2018 6:46pm
» Missing villagers?Jazzyy7New6/30/2018 6:37pm
» Stubborn Villagers & Their house plots Sellesion2New6/29/2018 11:22pm
» What is wrong with my villagersyoshifico3New6/29/2018 10:40pm
» Do You Still Actively Play? *looking for advice*MayorSami5New6/29/2018 6:31pm
» Dream codeyoshifico-New6/29/2018 6:29pm
» Is there people willing to RP? Or is that considered creepy? LolSoisauce-New6/29/2018 12:07am
» Kapp'n makes dirty comments during his songs?OceanSunfish21New6/28/2018 10:03pm
» Villagers say the silliest thingsGCorpCrown3New6/26/2018 9:33pm
» The Dream Address BluesGCorpCrown5New6/26/2018 9:25pm
» When did you become mayor in ACNL?AngelIsabelle1113New6/26/2018 3:14pm
» annoying villager keeps pinging me?Jazzyy7New6/26/2018 4:54am
» Turnips. pleaseyoshifico3New6/25/2018 8:52pm
» Question about villagers moving.TimTime1352New6/25/2018 1:34pm
» Time Travel QuestionPlushy335New6/24/2018 4:04pm

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