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Board Rules - Please read before postingEssie-New10/15/2012 6:01am
Guide: Villager's PicsAC1NL20New12/14/2017 12:08am
Villager Movement Guide V1.0sunmarsh133New11/27/2017 7:02pm
Animal Crossing: Welcome amiibo Information - Updated Info on Page 7Devin2600343New10/29/2017 4:47pm
Communal effort: post your Welcome Amiibo items here! Feature is complete! :DAnnetteSR153New6/23/2017 8:43am
Nintendo Zone DLC and regular DLC; Summary on page 4AnnetteSR92New5/8/2017 5:45am
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» Accidentally sold fishing rod, help please!Stefmitchell1New1/15 11:37pm
» Question???harlznmrj4ever18New1/15 10:23am
» ACNC Discord!ToastNews-New1/15 3:37am
» Is my layout ok?glitteryghost5New1/14 5:51pm
» Can you still find out what people want for toy day when it's already toy day?AyalaRBX3New1/13 5:43am
» SnowmenAnzeo891New1/11 10:35pm
» Fruit Trees Questionatryeu8New1/11 10:24pm
» Nicknames!KittyInABox222New1/11 11:46am
» Resetti, or no Resseti?BulbasaurLover9New1/10 9:51pm
» If you have songs, please post them here!AyalaRBX-New1/9 7:19pm
» HELP!Jaclyncupcakes1New1/9 5:53am
» Looking to buy mermaid fencekellyrx1New1/7 7:16pm
» WA villagersvix92012New1/6 1:24pm
» TurnipsJaney556New1/5 6:38pm
» Okay can someone explain Happy Home Showcase to meloganashley2New1/4 1:01pm
» Villagers very easily annoyed?simfan963New1/3 9:14pm
» Which Villager is Everyone's Favorite/Least Favoriteyoshifico13New1/3 7:05pm
» Biggest ACNL regret??julphi30New1/2 3:58pm
» Garden badgelawlover154New1/1 9:54am
» 7/11!!!!Prompted_animal3New12/31/2017 1:19am
» Anyone else not into NL recently?julphi13New12/30/2017 10:17pm
» The chances of raining or thunderstorm in-gameOceanSunfish4New12/30/2017 11:06am
» Katie the traveling kitty is in my town againSholea2New12/28/2017 6:32pm
» So I Bought 10,000 Turnips...yoshifico5New12/27/2017 2:28am
» Streetpass Items?mystique19822New12/26/2017 8:20pm
» manaqinsPrompted_animal10New12/23/2017 3:21am
» Are all unorderable items recoverable one way or another?Masked_Katz4New12/21/2017 7:06pm
» Question about trading villagersmisty11001New12/20/2017 7:16pm
» Cute moment in acnlLilyLynne1New12/19/2017 1:44pm
» Balloon FurnitureBrownjoe1New12/18/2017 11:53am
» Moving out your newest villagerRachel392New12/18/2017 5:52am
» YO IN NEED OF FRUITAmanda_kathleen3New12/18/2017 2:41am
» Lionel's Catchphraseizzios3New12/18/2017 2:36am
» How did you get your favorite villager's pic?Masked_Katz4New12/17/2017 7:46pm
» Dream AddressKristine0153New12/16/2017 11:02am
» Two animal crossing cartridgesGCorpCrown6New12/16/2017 10:15am
» WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOyoshifico5New12/16/2017 8:05am
» I wish it were icy in winterbeearedee10New12/15/2017 9:00pm
» What Should I So With All My Mush Furniture?mystique19823New12/15/2017 9:50am
» What little things do you miss/wish were added to the game?ACCFQueen84New12/14/2017 2:43am
» I need help!DementoLover053New12/13/2017 6:56pm
» Come on guys I needs a lot of votespreston48-New12/13/2017 3:53pm
» how rare is the silver axeyoshifico6New12/13/2017 2:10am
» Has Anyone else noticed this?yoshifico1New12/11/2017 8:55pm
» Share your most recent accomplishment 3GoldenCelebi65New12/11/2017 6:07pm
» How can I catch an Oarfish Easily?yoshifico3New12/10/2017 11:09am
» Why do people hack their towns?Lunalunaluna9New12/9/2017 3:19pm
» Wowieyoshifico2New12/8/2017 6:45am
» Help Me Name My Townoriginalsass_x11New12/7/2017 8:00pm
» What's Everyone's Favorite K.K. Slider Song? yoshifico2New12/7/2017 1:33am
» So I let Luna pick a random dream town for me to visitbeearedee4New12/5/2017 12:56pm
» Help make the clown go awaysorcererhil6New12/5/2017 11:22am
» Does anyone know a dream address with good pathsyoshifico2New12/3/2017 8:09pm
» So Blanca is a "special character".. can you still invite her to your town? (amiibo card)Masked_Katz5New12/3/2017 4:50pm
» Need help avout decoration towngodteri975New12/3/2017 12:01pm
» Where to get each different bush and how to know which is which?Masked_Katz4New12/3/2017 11:22am
» Villager moved into an awful spot: the sequeljulphi5New12/2/2017 11:52pm
» LOLyoshifico2New12/2/2017 1:39am
» Unreasonable ACNL Ragebeearedee2New12/1/2017 9:27pm
» Selling my town?!KLWunicorns1New12/1/2017 10:09am
» HHAPrompted_animal1New12/1/2017 8:19am
» help figure out turnip price patternyoshifico1New12/1/2017 6:45am
» Club Tortimer island stories skeeb9New11/30/2017 10:22pm
» New Town Ideas?GCorpCrown4New11/30/2017 2:42pm
» Plot reset questionbeearedee4New11/30/2017 2:41pm
» Villager House Placement. HELP?!?!GCorpCrown3New11/30/2017 11:19am
» Should I reset my town?skeeb2New11/30/2017 7:42am
» QUESTION? Is AC:NL Wecome Amiibo a full game?Jayx1New11/29/2017 10:23am

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