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» Does anyone know of a list of all the new villagers from other franchisesfliskit342New10/21 4:58pm
» December 10th and no snowfliskit3411New10/21 4:56pm
» Favorite Hourly Tunefliskit346New10/21 4:56pm
» Any Animal Crossing Fans Still Playing New Leaf? MattyBoii_360-New10/17 9:56pm
» who actually likes getting their fortune told at katrina's place?MeltonTownMayor11New10/5 6:46pm
» Current town regrets?lowerthanurmum17New10/4 6:36pm
» Does friendship decrease?abbyv64361New10/4 3:08pm
» What’s your Animal Crossing Horror Story?buniuo15New10/4 1:20pm
» Feeling Guilty For Not Playingmothvyrn5New10/3 4:32pm
» Best Villager of Each Personality?spookies3New10/3 3:09pm
» Looking for AC:NL friends to wifi with!MeltonTownMayor6New10/3 12:58pm
» Least Favorite Villagers?abbyv64362New10/1 9:15am
» Opinions on saying no to your villagers?SodiumChlroride1New9/27 2:57pm
» Help with petaltail dragonfly?Kkcrimson3New9/2 2:04pm
» New Leaf Save Data QuestionChocolateLuvr4New8/28 1:56pm
» Would love for people to visit my town!Sunnysol7New8/25 8:09pm
» Coming BackPhishPlaysACNL2New8/17 8:52pm
» Beach theme or Gothic themed house? Cant decideSunnysol3New8/6 3:00am
» Favorite Grass Patternsoshtwee9New8/5 1:17am
» Pop-Up Bells #1 (ONLY FIRST PERSON)TheNewEugeneMan1New7/30 1:05am
» Looking for some friendsAudiOdd159911New7/27 6:10pm
» Can 2 people live in the same town on the same device?wOahsmea3New7/25 1:05pm
» Can I Visit Someone's TownNoahACFan2New7/24 5:00pm
» Looking for friendsHashbrown2New7/24 12:33pm
» Question about growing bushesKkcrimson2New7/13 8:47am
» Tarantula and Scorpion567hanna3New7/6 4:40pm
» Can you use Online Features (Town Visiting and Hosting) if your 3DS isn't updated?124FlyGuy2New7/5 9:42pm
» Items that go with Kiki and Lala set?spookies2New7/1 8:32pm
» Apparent glitch?Chalmers1-New6/26 8:53pm
» House plotting using path design'siBlue2k111New6/16 5:14pm
» Questions about the cafePeanutFan14_8New6/9 12:23pm
» Dream Code567hanna13New6/7 6:15pm
» Can you help me find them?Godsson-New6/7 3:25am
» Can the spot for my new 10th villager be filled without warning?leppaberry2New6/4 11:45am
» Back after a long timeAksinya4New6/4 11:42am
» I Got A Random Letter From Leif..spookies5New6/4 11:38am
» Best time to fish for sharks/catch rare bugs in the island?fourks7New6/4 11:36am
» Question about growing trees (oak vs. pine)Kkcrimson5New6/3 1:17pm
» Is there a sceduele for moving? wheatly4ever4New6/3 1:10pm
» Question about Phineas SnugHugs8New6/3 1:01pm
» Should I restart my save file?cherryVelvet5New6/3 12:58pm
» New to ACNL , fastest way to obtain bells in starting days?Sunbae4New6/3 3:18am
» Looking for new friendsNoob1232New6/3 2:38am
» Of course...leppaberry4New6/2 5:01pm
» New friend??Kumiko2122New6/1 5:43pm
» First PWP?PhishPlaysACNL3New6/1 9:22am
» Question about Bells stackArmynia4New6/1 9:21am
» I'm revisiting New LeafILoveACCF16New6/1 9:20am
» Did I lose my digital save data?!SlyCooperFan13New6/1 8:59am
» Visit My Town?PhishPlaysACNL1New5/25 12:32am
» ACNL Buddy Thread hrisV5New5/25 12:29am
» What furniture goes with the Sanrio sets?spookies2New5/23 10:55am
» Questions About Villager TradingMithraaa1New5/22 5:24pm
» timmy+tommy shops and gracieMeltonTownMayor2New5/20 10:01am
» Best place to fish?mathewdetine4New5/20 9:39am
» Kapp'n boat songsPeanutFan14_5New5/20 7:54am
» Raja Brooke butterflyKkcrimson6New5/20 7:39am
» Turnip Priceskatierosie2915New5/17 10:23am
» Stolen Bells!shootingstar77731New5/15 5:28pm
» Console compatibility - AC New Leafperthchickie2New5/13 8:03am
» Question On Adopting Splatoon Villagersspookies2New5/12 8:44pm
» How do I place items outside? - New player Sunbae5New5/9 2:27pm
» villager tradingMeltonTownMayor4New5/8 11:42pm
» ACNL Buddy ThreadSevenFluff8New5/7 1:58pm
» $99,999 bells to anyone who comes to my townNagemQueen10New5/7 1:55pm
» Thoughts on Isabelle?spookies8New5/7 1:52pm
» Would like friends around my age (20s/30s) PaopuBlossom8New5/5 6:12am
» Gulliver no longer visiting my IslandLB19802New5/4 5:02pm
» Music?madkitty172New5/1 9:55pm

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