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Guides: Halloween, Mushroom, Harvest, Toy Day & Snow PeopleLiv9096New12/1/2015 1:11pm
Board Rules - Please read before postingEssie-New10/15/2012 6:01am
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Villager Movement Guide V1.0sunmarsh132New11/4 3:24pm
Animal Crossing: Welcome amiibo Information - Updated Info on Page 7Devin2600343New10/29 4:47pm
Communal effort: post your Welcome Amiibo items here! Feature is complete! :DAnnetteSR153New6/23 8:43am
Nintendo Zone DLC and regular DLC; Summary on page 4AnnetteSR92New5/8 5:45am
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» Amiibo Characters moving in and out?Jazzyy7New11:27am
» Biggest ACNL regret??julphi26New10:26am
» What Contributes to the Price When Selling Your Town?rageskittles031New4:08am
» Resetti, or no Resseti?BulbasaurLover3New11/18 12:17pm
» Petition NamesNicoleVernon4New11/18 1:44am
» Buying things in other towns???beearedee1New11/17 9:48pm
» Your best friend in the gamepastelruby-New11/17 2:23pm
» What little things do you miss/wish were added to the game?ACCFQueen72New11/17 11:37am
» Town Hall and Train station colorsmearenicole7New11/16 10:31pm
» Please help?!3dsacnl7New11/16 6:00pm
» Club Tortimer island stories skeeb7New11/16 2:44am
» Share your most recent accomplishment 3GoldenCelebi60New11/15 4:25pm
» Why do people hack their towns?Lunalunaluna1New11/15 4:20pm
» Nicknames!KittyInABox215New11/15 12:43pm
» Does my perfect tree is withered...?CinderellaBB3New11/15 2:33am
» Cyrus colored blind?BulbasaurLover6New11/14 5:18pm
» Villager moved into an awful spot: the sequeljulphi4New11/14 4:07am
» Need help avout decoration towngodteri974New11/14 2:13am
» YO IN NEED OF FRUITAmanda_kathleen-New11/12 9:54pm
» Cannot display pro designs on signboard97babycakes1New11/12 6:04pm
» Amiibo CardsClowdella2New11/12 4:22pm
» Who are your favorite villagers?MayorRemilia25New11/12 11:26am
» Does anyone miss Pelly?leah2life17New11/12 3:02am
» AC:NL Pet Peeves?CherryTree1542111New11/11 10:34pm
» How do you decorate your town? Hulachee3New11/11 6:17pm
» Help finding item: Circular man face statueTaurusajg2New11/11 5:18pm
» Stuck lost itemsassmaster115New11/11 2:23pm
» Scanning Amiibo CardsClowdella3New11/11 9:10am
» Who time travels?Jazzyy17New11/11 4:03am
» Phoebe is magical??julphi3New11/10 1:48am
» Started a new file!dominin20063New11/9 7:19pm
» Visit TownAmanda_kathleen-New11/9 7:05pm
» Villagers moving in on pathsClowdella2New11/9 4:09pm
» Who wants katie?jaw272-New11/9 12:00pm
» perfect town???Prompted_animal14New11/9 1:10am
» just started a new gameGINOADAMS3New11/8 2:45pm
» Alerts!godteri972New11/8 1:30am
» Trick for public decorations? godteri974New11/7 6:03pm
» AC: NL Patterns Question Oddpeace-New11/7 12:21pm
» Your ACNL quirks!?!?!Prompted_animal24New11/7 8:38am
» Dream Suite with Riverrosie64-New11/4 9:31pm
» Animal Crossing New Leaf Time Travelling GuideAnnetteSR9New11/4 3:08pm
» Villager Visiting Glitchstitchmaker1New11/4 12:22am
» cedar tree lights not there?Chiyoko2New11/3 3:06pm
» Wondering about Time TravelCherryTree154214New11/2 6:55pm
» Help with landscaping MayuNanami-New11/2 5:05pm
» Halloween 2017acprincess4New11/2 9:28am
» Hair help?sorcererhil2New10/31 5:25pm
» its halloween!!Prompted_animal2New10/31 7:47am
» The WORST areas villagers move ontoKainLune68New10/28 7:20pm
» Amiibo?Lovenookingtons1New10/28 11:31am
» Police stationPrompted_animal11New10/28 3:47am
» Can't get rid of paper bag. Does anyone know how to get rid of it?DementoLover0511New10/27 5:35pm
» What is the WORST furniture set?Makayla12334New10/27 2:07pm
» Can you still lock in villagers?queenliza3New10/27 1:19pm
» What kind of ACNL character would you be?justblogging3New10/27 12:54pm
» New villager in awful spot. julphi10New10/27 5:50am
» I found something really shocking in ACNL on the TV channelsOceanSunfish2New10/27 1:30am
» What Shape Is Your Grass?SuperC12New10/26 4:49pm
» What house exterior should I do haunted house for lavender townpreston482New10/26 1:08pm
» Where did you get your town name from? What about past ones?OceanSunfish32New10/26 11:37am
» Would anyone like to help to gather some pictures for a Town Initiatives Guide?AnnetteSR4New10/26 3:25am
» How to furnish my house better?hollybees3New10/25 7:59am
» Totakas song!!!!!Prompted_animal2New10/25 1:47am
» Bulletin Board listsDeathEater814-New10/23 8:10pm
» Town friendships and drama pastelruby1New10/22 5:46pm
» What furniture series makes an haunted mansion lookspreston4812New10/21 7:31pm

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