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Guides: Halloween, Mushroom, Harvest, Toy Day & Snow PeopleLiv9096New12/1/2015 1:11pm
Board Rules - Please read before postingEssie-New10/15/2012 6:01am
Animal Crossing: Welcome amiibo Information - Updated Info on Page 7Devin2600339New7/7 8:47am
Communal effort: post your Welcome Amiibo items here! Feature is complete! :DAnnetteSR153New6/23 8:43am
Nintendo Zone DLC and regular DLC; Summary on page 4AnnetteSR92New5/8 5:45am
Guide: Villager's PicsAC1NL9New4/13 6:09pm
Villager Movement Guide V1.0sunmarsh130New4/3 8:20pm
» random grass question!!!!Prompted_animal-New2:52am
» Share your most recent accomplishment 3GoldenCelebi12New9/18 3:39pm
» What little things do you miss/wish were added to the game?ACCFQueen60New9/17 10:52pm
» Playing music on top of a dresser DigestingDonut2New9/17 9:41pm
» Who are your current Villagers?Aksinya12New9/17 7:36pm
» Your ACNL quirks!?!?!Prompted_animal14New9/17 7:31pm
» Daily Routine Games12197New9/17 7:13pm
» What is the WORST furniture set?Makayla12323New9/17 6:17pm
» Getting villager pics from Amiibo card added villagersLB1980-New9/17 5:48pm
» Weird Plot Resetting Glitch?PotatoPuppy7New9/17 3:54pm
» The islandPrompted_animal6New9/16 6:50am
» Does anyone actually use balloon furniture?DaBraxMan44New9/15 1:42pm
» Who Was Your Last Villager To Move Out?alana55470New9/15 9:19am
» Who are your favorite villagers?MayorRemilia19New9/14 6:46pm
» Restart?Darkness1082New9/14 1:00am
» too much bamboo, not enough flowersKitti6062New9/13 6:17pm
» Gracie QuestionArearanger15New9/13 9:52am
» Campsite moving in & outtheoneyoucallwe2New9/12 8:45pm
» What's your favorite month?ACguy116New9/12 6:18pm
» Villagers Moving & New Moving Instephi9792New9/12 12:40pm
» i have an idea for musichpotter_hockey11New9/11 6:14pm
» Unique Ways to Make Bells?julphi11New9/11 2:49pm
» The Roost (ACNL Edition) -- What happened in your town today?Acww200540New9/11 2:47pm
» Do you shop at other towns' Re-Tails?DaBraxMan19New9/11 1:16pm
» Creepy Town Suggestions?wingweaver843New9/8 3:44pm
» I filmed a Town Tour!carrotmayor2New9/7 10:46pm
» add second friend code?Shieriker2New9/7 6:43pm
» Clamshell Music Boxjulphi3New9/5 10:22pm
» multiple Player charactersPrompted_animal7New9/5 5:22pm
» Is Club Tortimer Worth It?mayor_unicake5New9/5 11:31am
» Hha exterior questionturoen1990-New9/5 11:27am
» Never satisfied with town layout/houseskee5New9/3 11:03pm
» Horrible House Placementalana55420New9/3 11:03am
» home exterior upgradesturoen19902New9/2 7:24pm
» Your last villager to move in?Mflenker14New9/2 10:22am
» that darn scorpion!!!!Prompted_animal3New9/1 6:32pm
» Police stationPrompted_animal9New8/28 2:43am
» Hybrid helpLB19803New8/27 4:57pm
» Linking AC:HHD with ACNL:WAWolfangBeast1New8/26 5:19pm
» favorite of the newly revived villagers? pastelruby12New8/25 11:54pm
» Amiibo cards? So lost!Ktbug2719New8/23 6:03pm
» The Island?Prompted_animal2New8/22 9:40pm
» Do all hybrids breed their own color hybrid?Skyler722New8/22 8:45pm
» Villagers don't enter Re-Tail anymore?AXCrusnik2New8/22 5:53am
» Special Visitor Limit?julphi1New8/20 9:57pm
» Kicks's picture???zandyboi4New8/20 8:22am
» Millennial/Hipster clothing. kikicat5New8/20 2:35am
» Best Island Tour!!Prompted_animal4New8/19 12:09pm
» When you upgrade your house and villager wants to instantly visit. Cue the Horror...Annuh3New8/19 12:05pm
» The troubles of starting towns with the map you wantOceanSunfish5New8/18 12:17am
» Real JobGames12193New8/16 1:35pm
» "your house"Prompted_animal7New8/16 1:11pm
» catalog questionlawlover155New8/15 6:53pm
» Animal Crossing Woes :(doggirl3318New8/15 6:43pm
» what's the deal with prize tickets tonight?codeTONY2New8/15 7:00am
» What's your favorite way to breed flowers?AEnzor174New8/15 12:58am
» When you name side characters...molamola14New8/14 12:29pm
» Letters??Prompted_animal1New8/14 6:30am
» Sold my town!!!!Prompted_animal2New8/14 4:44am
» Creating patterns and the 32x32 sizeOceanSunfish1New8/14 3:01am
» Where did you get your town name from? What about past ones?OceanSunfish28New8/13 10:22am
» Overgrown townsMakayla1233New8/12 5:14pm
» Has this happened to anyone else??julphi8New8/12 12:26pm
» Are people still playing?PlayerN00b13New8/12 2:20am
» Need friends in Animal Crossing New LeafSorasnake2813New8/12 2:15am
» How i put my friend code in this page?Shieriker3New8/9 7:43pm
» Club Tortimer Questionjulphi2New8/8 6:55am
» Will turning off Wi-Fi prevent villagers from moving to my town from towns I have visitedfliskit345New8/7 2:31pm

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