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Communal effort: post your Welcome Amiibo items here! Feature is complete! :DAnnetteSR153New6/23/2017 8:43am
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» Dream Address :)sstewart154New5/22 3:29am
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» Second town?Lucifercrossing1New5/18 10:52am
» ACNL checklistChelle712New5/17 5:36pm
» I'm looking for friends to play the game with!SweetieBun1New5/17 10:57am
» Towns openyoshi8492New5/13 8:41pm
» HACKERS ON CLUB TORTIMERemmadazy3New5/11 8:25am
» Anyone Play a Lot?JGutiero17New5/10 3:08am
» Just an idea..(a few actually)Danielle2310New5/9 4:16pm
» Can someone hold my stuff while I move?LittleBabyAmy6New5/8 2:00pm
» Broke and looking for a friendccmoore981New5/8 10:45am
» Pawnee towns?shootingstar7772New5/7 10:33am
» Anyone Have Lobo?shootingstar7777New5/5 4:37pm
» Can I visit anyone's town?IchigoTea4New5/4 12:40am
» Please Help with DS Erroraccflover12315New5/2 6:41am
» favorite of the newly revived villagers? pastelruby15New4/30 1:31pm
» Animal Crossing Tumblraccflover1231New4/27 11:13pm
» Need Bells!tdtdynamite1New4/27 10:59pm
» please add me! ACNLabie2New4/25 9:14am
» Town Tree Bug?MANMAN45678902New4/24 7:48pm
» Protecting perfect fruit trees from villager houses?brightcrow3New4/23 9:10am
» Welcome amiibo checklist!mezzoforte-New4/22 2:32pm
» Favorite K.K. slider song?3dsacnl18New4/21 11:32pm
» Club Tortimer strories?Jazzyy15New4/18 12:36am
» lost 3ds game.. please help!!euni1New4/17 3:37am
» Sanrio Amiibo CardsJGutiero1-New4/16 10:39pm
» [Discussion] Bugs and Fish Progressivory_rose336New4/16 3:06pm
» Night Music From Animal Crossing | Music AnalysisBattlegun-New4/16 11:23am
» If I start a new town how do make a yoshi theme townpreston487New4/15 11:49am
» Plaza/train station/re-tail stonebingbing3281New4/9 8:59pm
» Blathers and Fossilsaccflover1235New4/9 4:47pm
» How do I invite villagers backSwirlyRC5New4/9 4:45pm
» Unpopular villagers you like?3dsacnl9New4/3 11:20pm
» Sanrio/welcome amiibo/other franchise villagersbingbing3282New3/31 7:42pm
» Two Trading Offers!Th0ughtless3New3/28 10:41am
» Need bushes!decco62268New3/28 5:34am
» How many Towns Do You Have? JGutiero110New3/27 10:43am
» I need help! I'm new!lanniemarshall1New3/27 4:19am
» Anyone need weeding? decco62265New3/26 8:23pm
» KatieOleev1New3/26 2:01pm
» How do I get OLD villagers to move out of my town?Teaze6New3/23 6:47pm
» Tree in plaza won't grow at all?zander95954New3/22 1:26am
» i’m finding friend who’s name is Mark meet on IslandIsland_friend3New3/21 12:26am
» Seasons & Fish/Bugsgonefishing2New3/19 9:04pm
» Fishing Pole?AleraFletcher6New3/19 5:37pm
» Question about weeding day.Plushy333New3/18 8:00pm
» Room/Town Inspirationec1villager3New3/17 3:49pm
» I’m Devastated! Please help! ACCFlol143New3/16 7:18pm
» Broken Visit!thedarkcave5New3/12 10:27am
» Need help with Train pwpForgersFeline2New3/12 8:41am
» Questions about character limitsJmaz24-New3/11 10:45pm
» Trying to make a kitchen in one of my houses! Danielle235New3/11 5:29pm
» New Leaf Fish and Sea Creatures - Wifi?eeveebelle3New3/10 9:53pm
» My Town Tree turned brown?four_eyes8New3/9 1:01pm
» RocksBonsaiFreak9New3/8 1:31pm
» I need a new villager. Anybody. Name your price <3Mandy01016710New3/8 1:23pm
» Dream Addressesaccflover12312New3/6 8:27am
» Fishing Tourney ReminderOntrol-New3/5 9:20am
» Anyone Time Travel to Help? decco622611New3/5 9:11am
» Villager Picturesaccflover1235New3/4 3:34pm
» Viva Festivale!Ontrol1New3/4 9:22am
» What are you looking for?Mandy0101672New3/3 11:58pm
» Turnip pricesdecco6226-New3/3 6:53pm
» Can you still catch feathers on Festivale with friends in your town?Plushy331New3/3 6:52pm
» Need Office furniturePinkWing20021New3/1 12:25pm

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