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Use this board to discuss anything related to Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS.
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Board Rules - Please read before postingEssie-New10/15/2012 6:01am
Guide: Villager's PicsAC1NL22New4/16 6:10pm
Villager Movement Guide V1.0sunmarsh134New8/12/2018 10:32am
Animal Crossing: Welcome amiibo Information - Updated Info on Page 7Devin2600343New10/29/2017 4:47pm
Communal effort: post your Welcome Amiibo items here! Feature is complete! :DAnnetteSR153New6/23/2017 8:43am
Nintendo Zone DLC and regular DLC; Summary on page 4AnnetteSR92New5/8/2017 5:45am
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» Creepy Success!Dancyfrog-New9/15 1:59pm
» best k.k. dirge song for speedpaint?tessathethumpie1New9/13 8:35pm
» i need help with the happy home showcase pleasee :ccaidenuwu2New9/13 2:46pm
» Looking for friends!DuranWarp-New9/11 5:42pm
» What’s your Animal Crossing Horror Story?buniuo10New9/11 3:41pm
» Start a new town with me!Lynkie1New9/9 9:11pm
» Greek mythology themed towns, villagers & patternsMakayla12310New9/9 6:25pm
» How long does it take for grass to grow back?TheSimpleEevee4New9/7 7:33pm
» Any cool clothing patterns?KingOfUs1New9/7 5:45pm
» Please Help!Dancyfrog-New9/6 1:32pm
» Anyone Play a Lot?JGutiero117New9/5 4:49pm
» Looking for friends! :3Peachy_-New9/2 4:04pm
» In Need of Friends!Jaxxinee12New9/2 3:51pm
» New to Animal crossing new leafMikeNew1New9/2 1:04pm
» Nailed My Tarantula!Dancyfrog2New9/1 9:09am
» I can't update my game data (Error Code 009-2916) ??C01-New8/28 11:19am
» Favorite Villager and why?LobosBest5New8/28 6:27am
» Tarantula woesstrawberryraven4New8/28 1:09am
» Katrina, Fortune Teller LobosBest-New8/27 2:49pm
» Dr Who ThemeDancyfrog-New8/27 12:45pm
» How to trade friend codes?Werenothere1New8/26 5:46pm
» How to trade ACNL friend codes?GwenP2New8/26 10:24am
» Why I Stopped Playing New Leaf black_peaches2New8/26 7:03am
» Quick Question..GuillySoulStar-New8/23 7:40pm
» BADGE HELP WANTEDCarmen26-New8/23 12:00pm
» Question about the special pics from amiiboTheSimpleEevee-New8/19 10:27am
» Looking for anyone to play with!Wiru8New8/16 12:30pm
» HELP! What happens when I demolish my home in AC:NL?skepticall1New8/11 12:53pm
» Needing Furniture for a HotelPrince12-New7/31 10:27pm
» Seeking Specific Items for HotelPrince12-New7/31 9:18pm
» Cute and Cool QR CodesNaikoSachi-New7/28 5:42pm
» My turnips spoiled, anyway to recover?yoyodyne3New7/27 11:16pm
» Normals!RFZT2New7/27 1:10pm
» Do I still get the weeding badge from weeding in another town?buniuo1New7/27 10:31am
» How long have you played AC:NL?AveryTheDancer11New7/26 7:36pm
» Night Music From Animal Crossing | Music AnalysisBattlegun1New7/26 6:08pm
» Abandoned Campsitethedarkcave2New7/25 9:55pm
» Looking for friends!huxlb2New7/25 3:52pm
» Favorite K.K. slider song?3dsacnl26New7/25 10:59am
» Any advice about landscaping a town?Chief4Ever6New7/24 12:29pm
» About Welcome Amiibo VillagersTheSimpleEevee1New7/23 1:06pm
» Is anyone else sick of the sea bass?ImJustBecca9New7/20 12:43pm
» Which fruit looks tastiest to you?laatgag4New7/19 11:28am
» Favorite penguin villager? MoonlitShadow179New7/17 12:29pm
» Any good places to look for town ideas?NowLoading022New7/17 9:15am
» New Leaf town visitsBluebird193New7/16 1:51pm
» The corruption of town dataOceanSunfish3New7/14 6:51pm
» I Got the Tingle HoodTheSimpleEevee3New7/14 3:09pm
» tortimer islandbarda6New7/14 3:06pm
» AC Group Chatpeachdeer-New7/13 6:26am
» Town visit, need a friendyoyodyne1New7/11 12:59pm
» Timmy & Tommy camper music ?TouchingEvil3New7/7 4:30pm
» what was your reaction to resettiSammybam881New7/6 6:36pm
» Looking to Sell Fruit with SomeoneMarcusEm21-New7/5 3:51pm
» In Need of Basic ToolsCaitlinturnsove1New7/1 11:23pm
» Help A Friend!TwilightDevil3New7/1 11:20pm
» Redd's Art?lewish_953New6/27 1:01pm
» How long do you wait for a villager to suggest projects?MoonlitShadow174New6/26 8:24am
» Can Amiibo Characters Move Out?Magooyi2New6/24 2:07am
» Noob Question ahoy~fare67t3New6/23 8:14pm
» Dream Address :)sstewart158New6/23 7:50pm
» Looking for friends!! yellowtulipss7New6/23 3:16pm
» Sanrio Amiibo CardsJGutiero18New6/23 10:48am
» What are these things in the water and how do I catch them?ImJustBecca2New6/22 6:16pm
» Why are bugs and fish more difficult to catch in AC:NL than AC:WW?ImJustBecca3New6/22 5:43pm
» What is the point in Katrina?ImJustBecca3New6/22 5:13pm
» New to New LeafImJustBecca9New6/19 5:17pm
» Looking for New Leaf friends!!Vixenastri9New6/15 5:31pm

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