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Board Rules - Please read before postingEssie-New10/15/2012 6:01am
Guide: Villager's PicsAC1NL22New4/16/2019 6:10pm
Villager Movement Guide V1.0sunmarsh134New8/12/2018 10:32am
Animal Crossing: Welcome amiibo Information - Updated Info on Page 7Devin2600343New10/29/2017 4:47pm
Communal effort: post your Welcome Amiibo items here! Feature is complete! :DAnnetteSR153New6/23/2017 8:43am
Nintendo Zone DLC and regular DLC; Summary on page 4AnnetteSR92New5/8/2017 5:45am
» Does the jukebox play music?aeiou_2New2/25 9:59am
» Katrina's hats question...strawberryraven2New2/24 1:26am
» Lookin' for some people to hang out with in each other's towns.kuxuscips1New2/20 12:07pm
» help me pick a town name? Jazzyy1New2/18 4:23am
» question about new leaf keyboardCarmenTheRabbit2New2/17 11:24am
» Looking for someone to play with!PalleteEntinc-New2/17 4:45am
» TOURS ANYONE??Paigeybear567-New2/16 1:43am
» Need inspiration!!! Vampire1985-New2/15 1:27pm
» Looking for pals to play with / Will give bells to those in need.TheBellGuru2New2/10 8:28pm
» Favorite K.K. slider song?3dsacnl43New2/10 8:25pm
» Current town regrets?lowerthanurmum11New2/10 8:21pm
» need someone chill to hold my items when i restart town (also would like frends:) )dominique173New2/5 11:10pm
» What’s your Animal Crossing Horror Story?buniuo11New2/5 12:37pm
» working at the cafemarshalmalfoy3New2/5 9:36am
» Turnips - pls refresh my memoryYasher4New2/2 3:42pm
» Welcome Back Green Leaves on TreesYasher3New1/27 1:49am
» chocolate coin?marshalmalfoy3New1/26 7:00pm
» flowers randomly disappearing?Jazzyy4New1/26 6:11pm
» Dream Code567hanna7New1/24 2:26am
» Redd567hanna2New1/21 11:55pm
» Welcome Amiibo567hanna2New1/21 9:07pm
» Restarting my town... Help me pick a name.CarmenTheRabbit3New1/21 3:07am
» new to new leaf (some questions)marshalmalfoy3New1/11 4:46pm
» Did You Know - FootprintsYasher2New1/11 2:05am
» the dreaded raffilsia.... help!CarmenTheRabbit3New1/10 1:28am
» Need to Sell Turnips!DethMettle1New1/9 8:37am
» Resetti in his RVvix9201New1/5 1:55am
» Need helpForgersFeline1New1/5 1:53am
» Animals buying off flea marketT8rt0ts3New1/5 1:51am
» tree lightsniniTheGreat1New1/5 12:46am
» Instrument Shelter - Rain/Snow Luck?Yasher4New1/4 2:49am
» most towns start with 2 villagers of same species(?)___warabi9New1/2 7:14pm
» How Do You Design Dresses ?oshtwee2New12/31/2019 1:58am
» How Do You Tell the Difference Between a Regular Tree and a Fruit Tree ?oshtwee3New12/30/2019 5:37pm
» New to Animal crossing new leafMikeNew3New12/29/2019 1:57pm
» ACNL Buddy Thread hrisV1New12/29/2019 1:25pm
» New Town!! need online friendsMissCallie19902New12/29/2019 11:03am
» Is it too late to get into ACNL?pinkswitch11New12/28/2019 10:55am
» Refurbishing Items / BadgeYasher5New12/24/2019 1:22pm
» Amiibo help! How to read my amiibo card when 'central doohicky not working'CarmenTheRabbit1New12/20/2019 11:25pm
» 'tis the season...vix9206New12/17/2019 10:23pm
» Anyone have high turnip prices?Nickster935New12/17/2019 1:46pm
» Stuff that annoys you or makes you madMissBumbles19New12/14/2019 7:07am
» 100% effective way to escape bees.PaperLuigi316New12/13/2019 11:20pm
» Question Regarding Spotpass itemsInvaderMAK20162New12/13/2019 11:10pm
» ACNL Buddy ThreadSevenFluff3New12/13/2019 10:58pm
» Copper/Booker RV question 2strawberryraven1New12/8/2019 3:15pm
» wanna restart my town! but i need a favor!CarmenTheRabbit16New11/16/2019 10:48am
» Is there a way to organize songs in your stereo?Kkcrimson2New11/11/2019 1:20pm
» PuzzleLeauge / IslandEscape question/help !CarmenTheRabbit1New11/9/2019 8:57pm
» Looking for some friendsAudiOdd15993New11/4/2019 6:01pm
» Favorite Villager to scare on Halloween/Favorite maskLobosBest1New10/31/2019 8:05pm
» Would like friends around my age (20s/30s) PaopuBlossom2New10/31/2019 11:55am
» New SpeciesLobosBest3New10/29/2019 9:18am
» Town visit, need a friendyoyodyne2New10/26/2019 7:16pm
» Can someone explain amiibo?pinkswitch4New10/18/2019 12:06pm
» Wait... Where is my bug net?! o.oglittercube4306New10/10/2019 6:38am
» Public Works Project QuestionTheSimpleEevee1New10/7/2019 3:27pm
» Freaky Fridays - Next event on 10/11!sunmarsh-New10/4/2019 7:11pm
» Town Tree Questionrachelkuchmy3New9/30/2019 2:48pm
» What's the best way to get rid of a lot of flowers at once?MJFanGirl4New9/29/2019 7:45pm
» How to trade friend codes?Werenothere2New9/27/2019 3:05am
» Villager gave me a petition form?nagisasgf3New9/25/2019 7:00pm
» Favorite penguin villager? MoonlitShadow1711New9/24/2019 3:01pm
» Looking for friends!DuranWarp2New9/22/2019 2:49pm
» Anyone Play a Lot?JGutiero120New9/21/2019 6:04pm
» I can't update my game data (Error Code 009-2916) ??C011New9/20/2019 10:58pm
» Looking for friends! :3Peachy_2New9/20/2019 10:57pm
» Your EncyclopediaLobosBest9New9/19/2019 5:50pm

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