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Off topic discussions board -- here you can talk about almost anything. If there is not already a board set up for the topic you want to discuss, post it on this board. Make sure to read the stickies in this board, as special rules apply here.  
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» 15 years on ACCDFB7New3/5 9:34am
» grocery shopping - holla or nolla?White_Chao129New3/3 4:24pm
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» Ice cream!!Ard4New2/18 10:08pm
» Where do you like to get your clothes from?stephxduloc34New2/15 11:49am
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» What did you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner?Shawnaisus42New2/10 1:40pm
» coca-cola vs mtn dew vs pepsiWhite_Chao127New2/10 1:37pm
» How do you wake up in the morningShandyntra15New2/10 1:34pm
» What are your favrourite apps?spyro87910318New2/10 1:33pm
» What calms you down?stephxduloc33New2/10 1:26pm
» How far away do you live from your family?SilhouetteSmile26New2/10 12:50pm
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» Selfies!TempName799276168New11/13/2018 3:53pm
» Careers and Dream JobsShawnaisus66New11/8/2018 11:09am
» Help name me!!!! (thank u im ari now)yugdyhixruby32New11/7/2018 12:12pm
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» share a secret about yourself that nobody knew (until somebody here reads it)yugdyhixruby130New10/24/2018 3:01am
» Help please?glittercube4301New10/23/2018 4:09pm

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