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Want to get to know the staff better? Check out the topics on this board! Members wishing to participate can submit their question on the Ask The Staff sticky on the Site Suggestions board. If your question is directed at a particular member of Staff, be sure to check their Sticky below to see if they've answered. If your question is directed at all Staff and is suitable, it will appear as a thread on this board.  
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Ask jader201jader2013New7/9/2012 8:58pm
Ask Bbykat51Bbykat51-New5/8/2018 11:31am
Ask PenguinGeekPenguinGeek-New10/13/2017 8:43am
Ask kikicatkikicat-New5/29/2017 9:13pm
Ask DaBraxManDaBraxMan-New2/15/2017 11:35am
Ask supersonic55supersonic551New4/1/2016 2:23pm
Ask yankees24canoyankees24cano-New1/8/2016 2:48pm
Ask KaterCeasieKaterCeasie-New1/8/2016 12:06am
Ask Dimentio95Dimentio95-New1/7/2016 9:37pm
Ask AmrasjeAmrasje1New7/29/2015 8:15am
Ask JarikiraJarikira3New7/27/2015 4:12pm
Ask LadyKathrynLadyKathryn4New7/27/2015 2:15pm
Ask ACWWFreakazoidACWWFreakazoid1New3/26/2015 7:39pm
Ask GoldenCelebiGoldenCelebi1New9/16/2013 3:35pm
Ask SonicHyugaSonicHyuga1New9/8/2013 3:03pm
Ask 707penguin707penguin1New9/1/2013 5:56pm
Ask Nintendude64Nintendude646New8/25/2013 9:20pm
Ask QueenFire666QueenFire666-New7/11/2013 1:57pm
Ask DavidscoopeDavidscoope3New2/5/2013 3:38pm
Ask Devin2600Devin26002New2/3/2013 6:09pm
Ask HatakeSageHatakeSage-New11/17/2012 3:07am
Ask aldericonaldericon1New10/15/2012 8:57pm
Ask ioliteiolite4New5/27/2012 9:49pm
Ask SeaLionSeaLion1New3/25/2012 6:31pm
» Have you gotten any jackpots on ACC?Nintendude6416New7/10/2018 12:41pm
» Are you more afraid of...pedro_collins11New7/10/2018 12:38pm
» What is your favorite type of cake?Da ninja piggy10New7/10/2018 12:32pm
» Adie asked: What's your favourite cuisine and is there any you aren't fond of?iolite17New7/10/2018 12:30pm
» If the fire alarm went off in your home and you had 30 seconds to grab anything what would you take?pedro_collins17New7/10/2018 12:25pm
» LoJ & Zwaalie asked: If you could change your username, would you and what to?iolite12New7/10/2018 12:24pm
» This or Thatiolite23New7/10/2018 12:21pm
» Why did you first start playing Animal Crossing?yankees24cano9New7/10/2018 12:16pm
» What is your favorite smartphone or tablet app?yankees24cano13New7/10/2018 12:08pm
» Learn another language.BowserBasher18New7/10/2018 12:01pm
» If your favorite thing were to get broken, what would you do?yankees24cano9New7/10/2018 11:54am
» What instruments have you played before/own?yankees24cano9New7/10/2018 11:52am
» Ask GavinGoneGlobalGavinGoneGlobal1New12/23/2017 10:12pm
» Ask SeaViewGal369SeaViewGal369-New10/29/2017 11:21am
» Ask FurryWolfFurryWolf-New10/13/2017 12:56pm
» Ask MissMaddyMissMaddy-New5/29/2017 10:51pm
» What is the most rewarding thing about being a scout/mod/admin?cmh23New12/4/2016 12:42am
» If you had a trillion dollars, how much would you donate to ACC?yankees24cano11New7/27/2016 6:31pm
» If you knew you could try anything and not fail, what would you attempt?BowserBasher16New4/7/2016 1:21am
» Ask AnnetteSRAnnetteSR-New1/8/2016 5:04am
» Ask Jammer400Jammer400-New1/8/2016 12:27am
» Ask HadgerHadger-New1/7/2016 8:05pm
» Ask wakkittywakkitty-New1/7/2016 5:04pm
» Ask PuzzlerBirdPuzzlerBird1New12/3/2015 4:58am
» Ask ErrorCode3000errorcode3000-New7/28/2015 1:25pm
» February 2015 Question of the MonthNintendude643New2/7/2015 1:09am
» If you were a superhero, what would you like your superhero name to be?pedro_collins9New1/20/2015 8:52am
» Have you ever restarted your AC town?BowserBasher19New1/20/2015 8:51am
» January 2015 Question of the MonthNintendude6410New1/5/2015 12:05am
» Change one thing about your current lifeBowserBasher12New1/2/2015 4:32am
» Have you taken any long breaks from ACC since the day you joined?Nintendude6413New1/2/2015 4:15am
» What face do you normally have in an AC game?Nintendude6411New1/2/2015 4:08am
» puppylove213 asked: What's your ringtone?iolite17New1/2/2015 4:05am
» Which video game company do you like the most?Nintendude6410New1/2/2015 2:12am
» What is your favourite animal?pedro_collins13New1/2/2015 2:07am
» December 2014 Question of the MonthNintendude6410New12/13/2014 5:59pm
» If there was going to be a film based on your life..pedro_collins7New12/7/2014 9:19pm
» November 2014 Question of the MonthNintendude648New11/2/2014 5:05pm
» What is one of your most embarrassing memories?Da ninja piggy8New11/2/2014 4:05pm
» What is the site you spend most of your time on, other than ACC?SonicHyuga12New11/2/2014 3:55pm
» Ask ThelockmanThelockman-New10/27/2014 5:51pm
» Do you think of Sunday as the first day of the week, or the last day of the week?Da ninja piggy14New10/26/2014 3:40pm
» How many BT's are you in?SonicHyuga13New10/26/2014 5:24am
» What language would you like to speak?Da ninja piggy9New10/26/2014 5:21am
» October 2014 Question of the MonthNintendude6410New10/26/2014 5:14am
» Ask DringDring-New10/25/2014 8:39pm
» Who's your favorite Animal Crossing main character & villager?Da ninja piggy11New10/20/2014 11:22pm
» Which game in the Animal Crossing series disappointed you the most, and why?Nintendude649New10/5/2014 7:31pm
» You're trapped in a room with no escape, who do you want to be in there with you?pedro_collins11New8/22/2014 6:17pm
» If there was an animated shifty mask, would you buy it?Da ninja piggy9New6/11/2014 2:36pm
» Do you ever miss being a normal member? If so, why?SonicHyuga10New6/8/2014 2:02am

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