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» How many BTs (Buddy Threads) are you in?RunningWolf16New8/24/2021 12:03am
» What's your favorite board game?RunningWolf12New6/7/2021 4:39pm
» What update/feature are you anticipating will happen for New Horizons this year?FrigusReamerus7New4/12/2021 8:32pm
» Ask the Staff - What is your favorite video game character?KaterCeasie11New3/13/2021 5:20pm
» What is your favorite video game of all time?FrigusReamerus13New2/4/2021 10:06am
» What is your favorite and least favorite villager species from the Animal Crossing series?RunningWolf13New1/10/2021 9:22pm
» Question: What is your favorite breakfast to have in the morning?Jojo_15New11/17/2020 8:42pm
» What is your favorite video game console of all time?FrigusReamerus18New11/1/2020 11:43am
» Who are your favourite villagers? HatakeSage20New10/18/2020 7:37pm
» Ask the staff question - starting villagers?Degemination21New9/28/2020 5:32am
» How far along have you gotten in the progress of your islands so far?JellyBeans9718New9/18/2020 3:54pm

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