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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members for any games that do not have a designated WiFi Lobby. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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FC Trading RulesDalek-New6/6/2012 4:38pm
Pokémon Trading & Battling - Please Specify Game/Console/Activityxsmilez354New5/17 7:40pm
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» Monster Hunter Generations ultimate JBB-New10/10 10:50pm
» Pokemon Gocatlover4New10/6 12:16am
» Xbox onesniperjoe3-New10/3 5:54am
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» Story of Seasons Trio of TownsAWESOMEGAMER-New7/9 11:39am
» TLoZ: Triforce Heroes Lets play togetherPokeMasterRed12-New6/24 11:36am
» Minecraft Nintendo Switch HostMike74932New4/17 4:09pm
» Nintendo Switchdrydinr3New3/26 3:58pm
» hello ahola looking for friends for acww and acnlLovePunchy4New3/4 2:01am
» Add meg72492261New1/24 4:35pm
» Just looking for some active friends for break!xshowmetheskyx1New12/23/2017 11:08am
» new town, looking for some friends or just a shampoodle (ac:ww)insehkt-New12/8/2017 12:55pm
» Looking for friends Tiawills2New11/27/2017 6:06pm
» Looking for a shiny bidoof for ORASredlink32-New11/13/2017 9:20pm
» Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Saa1New11/8/2017 3:01pm
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» Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo players?AndyBear924New9/14/2017 10:09pm
» Looking for People to hang with! Your town or mine doesn't matter. iPrecutbagel1New8/12/2017 6:24am
» CF bug huntingShakingTrees-New8/8/2017 3:18pm
» Splatoon and NL Friends?QueryOpal2New7/22/2017 2:06pm
» play with me!?Prompted_animal-New7/15/2017 5:43am
» Hosting a Minecraft Wiiu kamui_g-New5/31/2017 2:56am
» Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! I Want Some Racing Buddies!TopD1New5/22/2017 9:45pm
» ACCF help plz Restarting town for grandkids need to Wi-Fi drop & pick up items will give itemsGranma-New4/27/2017 12:39pm
» Hidden ability serperiorpunisher2189-New4/27/2017 1:39am
» Anyone still using AC:WW on the new server?SilentNinja12683New4/26/2017 12:30am
» Looking for friends to play Wild World with.cjmick2-New4/26/2017 12:04am
» Swapdoodle FriendsKEEBY644New2/18/2017 5:38am
» Triforce HeroesGabbyOfAvrgency1New2/4/2017 3:10pm
» Friend code help?CrazyIdaho4New1/6/2017 7:11pm
» Looking for friends on Wiimmfi. PM me your FC.ACLover11-New1/4/2017 11:46am
» anyone online right now?HoustonLizzie-New12/31/2016 2:22am
» Friends silverlady-New11/21/2016 5:55pm
» in need of flashy clothes!redeadhead-New11/15/2016 2:12pm
» Restarting Tri Force HeroesWarriorOfFire-New10/27/2016 7:10pm
» MineCraft PS3vjpark16-New10/22/2016 5:11pm
» Splatoon?Paws72972New9/14/2016 6:31pm
» Animal Crossing City Folk on AltWFCKEEBY6411New7/24/2016 9:54am
» City Folk Wiimmfizanemc2New7/23/2016 8:42pm
» Friends for City Folk wiiwills19956New6/10/2016 11:41pm
» Looking for friends to play fantasy life withSapphireDaisy2New5/29/2016 9:03am
» Looking for someone to play Fantasy Life with!!!Sburker1-New5/21/2016 10:36am
» Looking for friends to play Wild World with (Wiimmfi)bronzeelff2New5/20/2016 12:19pm
» Rescue Me! Pokemon Mystery Dungeonbobthemi1New3/30/2016 7:09pm
» LOZ: Triforce Heroes ((( online play)))mobacnl3New3/16/2016 4:40pm
» Final Fantasy Explorers WiFiSam1112New3/14/2016 6:32pm
» Borrow ZapdosBleachHollow98-New3/8/2016 9:02pm
» In need of friends for Triforce Heroes!Blazegreg1New2/18/2016 5:35pm
» Fantasy Life fun!holygrail001New12/16/2015 5:34pm
» Fantasy LifeBeastCrossing5New12/16/2015 5:32pm
» Second LifeLucyExiled1New11/21/2015 3:58pm
» Smash or acc anyone?Darkninja211New10/7/2015 2:55pm
» Pokemon Rumble World SpotPass Gabby_Male-New10/1/2015 10:24pm
» Anybody have a Buneary with limber? (X/Y)PKBlueberry-New9/29/2015 7:10pm
» Can anyone get a specific Dunsparce for me?PKBlueberry-New9/28/2015 6:24pm
» Need Mitten Crab Soup! :)ymmas6262New8/16/2015 11:12am
» Mario Kart WiiChibiCupcakes7New8/15/2015 12:33pm
» Super Smash Bros 3DSChibiCupcakes-New8/1/2015 1:24pm
» Smash bros 4 friendshyperonion-New6/21/2015 3:05pm

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