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Older ACC members can come here to shoot the breeze about pretty much anything and everything. Some examples include topics discussing gaming as a parent, classic games and consoles you remember from your "younger" years, or to find out interests you have in common with other older members. Note that the same forum rules that apply to the rest of the site apply here as well.  
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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:17pm
» How Old Is Everyone On Here?RainbowStar237330New12/22/2022 6:46pm
» I've had this account since I was eleven. I'm 22 now. Anyone else log back in for old times sake?mitzi_my_bff160New3/18 1:23pm
» University Students?Gorgangler12126New2/19/2020 1:05pm
» What country do you live in?cbf90077New2/27/2021 2:58pm
» What do you do for a living?Queensryche76New6/19/2020 11:24pm
» When do you feel like a *real* adult?ImJustBecca56New2/13 2:23pm
» Anybody else have a lot of trouble learning to drive?Bara_no_uta54New2/2/2021 7:11am
» How long have you been on ACC?vix92050New10/12/2018 5:04pm
» Favorite pokemonvronai49New3/20/2022 1:51am
» What where your favorite Nintendo 64 games?BlueAmethyst48New2/26/2021 11:14pm
» New Moms - Old Moms - All the Moms!kimundrwd38New2/16/2018 10:21pm
» Body Modification?stephxduloc37New5/20/2020 4:43am
» How far away do you live from your family?SilhouetteSmile31New9/6/2020 3:01pm
» Anybody playing Story of Seasons?nina5130New4/20/2017 10:33pm
» When did ACC start letting people say "crap" again?abigaildafrog25New11/4/2022 6:49am
» Any GG playing pokemon sword shield?k1pper24New1/9/2020 5:50am
» Tell me about your pets!PseudoPG22New3/30/2020 1:25pm
» Awww I feel kinda oldLouLouBelleXO22New2/26/2020 8:40pm
» Anyone Play Minecraft PC??Christiancb21New9/7/2021 9:21pm
» What cringeworthy things did you do when you were younger?juliabadulia19New3/26/2021 1:09pm
» Night Shiftersrollergirl17New12/17/2020 2:12am
» What advice would you give younger members of ACC?RFZT16New6/27/2021 10:21pm
» 39/F Looking to chat with fellow Zelda fans.LovesAlot16New9/11/2016 3:28am
» Game recommendations for someone who isn't very good at them?Julianne9715New2/17/2021 4:42pm
» firstsarepo15New4/13/2020 2:46am
» Wedding PlanningPenguinGeek14New6/1/2020 10:54am
» Return to PopoloCrois~~~ Anybody else playing it?nina5114New4/2/2016 1:32pm
» Job Interviews - Are you a master at them?amylase13New4/14/2020 1:08am
» any ps4 gamers?vampmom13New10/14/2018 1:27am
» Nintendo Switch looking for friends to addparasiteeve912New11/19/2019 6:30pm
» Hello, fellow artists/cartoonists!SleepyKitty12New9/7/2017 10:16pm
» What is your favorite older console & game for it? Do you still have them today?lobobias11New3/28/2021 2:59pm
» how manycraftygirlz201411New12/27/2016 11:33pm
» SPYROcrossinggirl1710New2/17 12:41pm
» Any League of Legends players?xDukii10New4/16/2021 11:10am
» Single people: who do you live with? ImJustBecca10New3/22/2021 4:19pm
» YouTubeNormalSkull10New2/11/2020 3:18am
» Any Music Lovers - Producers / Musicians On Here?Epsilon1449New2/23/2021 1:06am
» Good books about Bushido?Nowi9New4/1/2020 4:00pm
» Would you ever?amylase9New4/30/2018 3:40pm
» Seeking some adult guidance on a work altercationTanukichisama9New1/30/2018 1:36pm
» Way of putting pictures from nintendo onto laptop?lauralovesharry9New10/26/2017 9:05am
» Documentaries?forgottenpixel8New1/24/2021 6:14pm
» Zoo Tycoon (2001)SeaLion8New8/7/2018 1:42pm
» 2DS or 3DS XLTillieTeetee8New7/26/2017 9:30am
» Favourite Childhood games?Staffy38New2/21/2016 4:41pm
» Anyone on here pursuing a career in law enforcement?beautyandboxing7New8/9/2021 2:26am
» hitatilina87New6/26/2020 6:48pm
» The shift to Binge Consumption of media -- Thoughts?H_bean7New4/22/2020 7:29am
» Uni studentsImJustBecca7New8/5/2019 6:03pm
» Do Your Dogs Get Into Things?Tara17477New5/12/2019 10:44pm
» animal crossing tumblrmakenzie5565667New1/16/2017 7:58pm
» Board games? (ranging from casual to hardcore)TaylorGS7New11/13/2016 9:46pm
» High school graduation?KokichiLove6New5/20/2022 7:10pm
» **Programming Question** Pseudocode - Seeking opinionsRaKage6New2/10/2021 9:20am
» Python or JavaScript?Alex_in_Cattown6New8/6/2020 11:44pm
» animal crossing tattoo sleeve ideas!!! please helpBrkdglvr6New7/17/2019 7:07pm
» Any medical students here ?roli6New10/27/2017 8:41am
» i want to be grown up and mature but i cant White_Chao15New10/2/2022 8:03am
» Wiccan Gamers??CdlBnyTwrl5New5/10/2020 1:27am
» An old dude Rambling about ACCcol3janes5New5/7/2020 5:03am
» AC Discord and AC RedditEspyLynn5New5/7/2020 4:57am
» Mandolincmh5New12/16/2019 10:13pm
» GRE?mechataylor5New6/16/2019 2:39pm
» Animal crossing Pocket Camp.TeacherEugene5New4/9/2019 2:10pm
» Broken 3DS with preloaded ac gameDw5655New10/14/2018 1:32am
» It’s been such a long timexxphantomxx5New2/5/2018 3:36pm
» locals vs internet craftygirlz20145New8/3/2017 10:53am
» WoW players, anyone?kiuayoukai5New5/25/2017 1:41am
» Respect for Satoru Iwata’s passingNowi5New8/19/2015 9:18am
» Does Anyone Play MK8 on Switch?KokiriToonLink4New5/19/2022 9:44pm
» Gaming Survey for my son's Final Year Dissertationfunkyrod4New10/12/2021 5:31am
» Favorite "Bad" GamesSeaLion4New5/2/2021 3:27am
» Movie and Video Game fansLovesAlot4New2/19/2021 4:22pm

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