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Older ACC members can come here to shoot the breeze about pretty much anything and everything. Some examples include topics discussing gaming as a parent, classic games and consoles you remember from your "younger" years, or to find out interests you have in common with other older members. Note that the same forum rules that apply to the rest of the site apply here as well.  
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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:17pm
» When did ACC start letting people say "crap" again?abigaildafrog25New11/4/2022 6:49am
» Does anyone else hate wall-to-wall carpet?abigaildafrog-New4/15/2020 12:28pm
» Python or JavaScript?Alex_in_Cattown6New8/6/2020 11:44pm
» New Friends - I need Friends 😂Alice19901New11/8/2020 12:13pm
» Job Interviews - Are you a master at them?amylase13New4/14/2020 1:08am
» Would you ever?amylase9New4/30/2018 3:40pm
» First time logging on in years!andytsharpe4New3/3/2019 3:31pm
» firstsarepo15New4/13/2020 2:46am
» IngressAutumnTiger1New10/31/2017 9:57pm
» Anybody else have a lot of trouble learning to drive?Bara_no_uta54New2/2/2021 7:11am
» Anyone on here pursuing a career in law enforcement?beautyandboxing7New8/9/2021 2:26am
» Fitness, fighting, and fun!beautyandboxing2New4/12/2018 8:24pm
» Any vet nurses, vet techs, vets around? Or any animal related careers?becks96-New1/7/2018 5:07pm
» Mystery oreosBennyboy921New2/25/2020 11:11am
» Storm anxiety Bennyboy922New8/18/2017 1:25am
» 2dsxl...BIGBADDAD2New5/13/2018 12:32pm
» What where your favorite Nintendo 64 games?BlueAmethyst48New2/26/2021 11:14pm
» animal crossing tattoo sleeve ideas!!! please helpBrkdglvr6New7/17/2019 7:07pm
» GG The Witcher/ CD Projekt Redcarrotmayor3New7/12/2018 11:29pm
» Final Fantasy Explorers 3DS - anyone planning to play?CBAC4New1/30/2016 6:00am
» What country do you live in?cbf90077New2/27/2021 2:58pm
» Wiccan Gamers??CdlBnyTwrl5New5/10/2020 1:27am
» Hi! New Member Here!Cherrixo4New6/12/2017 11:32am
» Anyone Play Minecraft PC??Christiancb21New9/7/2021 9:21pm
» Mandolincmh5New12/16/2019 10:13pm
» An old dude Rambling about ACCcol3janes5New5/7/2020 5:03am
» Vampire Diaries Finale (spoilers?)CraftyChrissy-New3/14/2017 12:02pm
» are ya herecraftygirlz20144New12/11/2020 2:38pm
» locals vs internet craftygirlz20145New8/3/2017 10:53am
» how manycraftygirlz201411New12/27/2016 11:33pm
» Multiplayer gamesCrazymoose-New4/17/2017 4:21am
» SPYROcrossinggirl1710New2/17 12:41pm
» It's been a while!daniellerose3New3/16/2020 1:11am
» The Adventure Zone? [will avoid spoilers]Deg-New6/25/2017 9:12pm
» Broken 3DS with preloaded ac gameDw5655New10/14/2018 1:32am
» I need game suggestionsEliza253New3/28/2016 12:39pm
» Any Music Lovers - Producers / Musicians On Here?Epsilon1449New2/23/2021 1:06am
» AC Discord and AC RedditEspyLynn5New5/7/2020 4:57am
» Documentaries?forgottenpixel8New1/24/2021 6:14pm
» Gaming Survey for my son's Final Year Dissertationfunkyrod4New10/12/2021 5:31am
» Zelda Tri Force Heroes - anyone playing it?goldcollie-New3/13/2016 11:27am
» University Students?Gorgangler12126New2/19/2020 1:05pm
» The shift to Binge Consumption of media -- Thoughts?H_bean7New4/22/2020 7:29am
» When do you feel like a *real* adult?ImJustBecca56New2/13 2:23pm
» Single people: who do you live with? ImJustBecca10New3/22/2021 4:19pm
» Uni studentsImJustBecca7New8/5/2019 6:03pm
» Any Wii Fit Players?jeo1883New11/10/2016 11:00pm
» What cringeworthy things did you do when you were younger?juliabadulia19New3/26/2021 1:09pm
» Game recommendations for someone who isn't very good at them?Julianne9715New2/17/2021 4:42pm
» Any GG playing pokemon sword shield?k1pper24New1/9/2020 5:50am
» Pokemon X/Yk1pper3New9/9/2015 12:31am
» gowkageshiro-New8/24/2015 5:19pm
» 34m looking for nl friendskeylala-New10/9/2017 7:19pm
» New Moms - Old Moms - All the Moms!kimundrwd38New2/16/2018 10:21pm
» I'm back!kirbydreamer2New2/21/2018 1:44pm
» WoW players, anyone?kiuayoukai5New5/25/2017 1:41am
» Miitomokiuayoukai1New2/2/2017 12:44am
» High school graduation?KokichiLove6New5/20/2022 7:10pm
» Does Anyone Play MK8 on Switch?KokiriToonLink4New5/19/2022 9:44pm
» I'm Backkszmyd4New2/4/2016 6:53pm
» The MandalorianLadyKathryn4New1/2/2021 1:55am
» Way of putting pictures from nintendo onto laptop?lauralovesharry9New10/26/2017 9:05am
» What is your favorite older console & game for it? Do you still have them today?lobobias11New3/28/2021 2:59pm
» Any gym buffs or fitness gurus here?Lonewolf19902New10/20/2020 8:00am
» Dungeons and dragonslorimag-New11/14/2018 2:54pm
» Awww I feel kinda oldLouLouBelleXO22New2/26/2020 8:40pm
» Movie and Video Game fansLovesAlot4New2/19/2021 4:22pm
» I'm thinking of buying A Link Between Worlds on my 3DSLovesAlot4New7/29/2018 4:01pm
» Since Miiverse is shutting down I would like to talk to fellow adult gamers and movie watchersLovesAlot2New10/24/2017 11:18am
» Movie and Video game fansLovesAlot-New9/19/2017 4:58pm
» Looking to chat with someone from OregonLovesAlot-New9/14/2017 2:44pm
» 39/F Looking to chat with fellow Zelda fans.LovesAlot16New9/11/2016 3:28am
» Will Twilight Princess HD be comming to the Wii u?LovesAlot3New12/3/2015 12:23pm
» Zelda ULovesAlot1New11/28/2015 7:29am

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