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Older ACC members can come here to shoot the breeze about pretty much anything and everything. Some examples include topics discussing gaming as a parent, classic games and consoles you remember from your "younger" years, or to find out interests you have in common with other older members. Note that the same forum rules that apply to the rest of the site apply here as well.  
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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:17pm
» Would you ever?amylase6New1/16 7:13pm
» Movie and Video Game fansLovesAlot-New1/11 12:37pm
» Night Shiftersrollergirl9New1/9 11:15pm
» Any vet nurses, vet techs, vets around? Or any animal related careers?becks96-New1/7 5:07pm
» I'm back!kirbydreamer-New1/6 9:44pm
» Fitness, fighting, and fun!beautyandboxing1New1/6 10:59am
» Anyone on here pursuing a career in law enforcement?beautyandboxing4New1/2 3:54pm
» Ergonomics while playing on 3DSMrs_Dodd3New12/30/2017 7:42pm
» 42/f looking to chat with fellow adult gamersLovesAlot2New12/27/2017 2:54pm
» Working from home - Is "the grass always greener?"GavinGoneGlobal4New12/26/2017 1:45pm
» Anybody else have a lot of trouble learning to drive?Bara_no_uta31New12/16/2017 9:12am
» University Students?Gorgangler1294New12/15/2017 5:57pm
» Anyone here have tattoos?circleoffriends12New12/11/2017 6:23am
» How long have you been on ACC?vix92027New12/7/2017 1:17am
» Awww I feel kinda oldLouLouBelleXO13New12/3/2017 3:08pm
» It’s been such a long timexxphantomxx4New12/3/2017 3:04pm
» How many trick-or-treaters did you get?GavinGoneGlobal13New11/28/2017 3:51pm
» Looking for adult with Aspergers SyndromeLovesAlot1New11/27/2017 5:28am
» Does Anyone Play MK8 on Switch?KokiriToonLink2New11/22/2017 10:07am
» Job Interviews - Are you a master at them?amylase5New11/18/2017 5:27pm
» 2dsxl...BIGBADDAD1New11/1/2017 4:31pm
» IngressAutumnTiger1New10/31/2017 9:57pm
» What country do you live in?cbf90068New10/31/2017 12:57pm
» Any Minecraft Wii U players?MonkeyKissess1New10/27/2017 3:18pm
» Tamagotchi players?GabrielleW10New10/27/2017 3:07pm
» Any medical students here ?roli6New10/27/2017 8:41am
» 42/f looking for friendsLovesAlot1New10/26/2017 9:51am
» Way of putting pictures from nintendo onto laptop?lauralovesharry9New10/26/2017 9:05am
» How Old Is Everyone On Here?RainbowStar237228New10/25/2017 9:59am
» Since Miiverse is shutting down I would like to talk to fellow adult gamers and movie watchersLovesAlot2New10/24/2017 11:18am
» What do you do for a living?Queensryche40New10/11/2017 6:51am
» 34m looking for nl friendskeylala-New10/9/2017 7:19pm
» animal crossing tattoo sleeve ideas!!! please helpBrkdglvr1New9/26/2017 2:50am
» Movie and Video game fansLovesAlot-New9/19/2017 4:58pm
» Looking to chat with someone from OregonLovesAlot-New9/14/2017 2:44pm
» Hello, fellow artists/cartoonists!MyPetDinosaur12New9/7/2017 10:16pm
» Body Modification?stephxduloc12New8/20/2017 1:33pm
» YouTubeNormalSkull7New8/18/2017 7:44pm
» Storm anxiety Bennyboy922New8/18/2017 1:25am
» Broken 3DS with preloaded ac gameDw5654New8/7/2017 11:39am
» locals vs internet craftygirlz20145New8/3/2017 10:53am
» 2DS or 3DS XLTillieTeetee8New7/26/2017 9:30am
» GG The Witcher/ CD Projekt Redcarrotmayor2New7/10/2017 3:14pm
» Football/SoccerQueensryche4New7/2/2017 6:50pm
» The Adventure Zone? [will avoid spoilers]Deg-New6/25/2017 9:12pm
» Hi! New Member Here!Cherrixo4New6/12/2017 11:32am
» TerrariaxDukii-New6/10/2017 4:05pm
» New Moms - Old Moms - All the Moms!kimundrwd33New5/25/2017 8:20am
» WoW players, anyone?kiuayoukai5New5/25/2017 1:41am
» Any League of Legends players?xDukii6New5/18/2017 12:19am
» Anybody playing Story of Seasons?nina5130New4/20/2017 10:33pm
» Multiplayer gamesCrazymoose-New4/17/2017 4:21am
» Swapdoodle BuddiesMissMee3New3/29/2017 7:00am
» Nintendo Switch looking for friends to addparasiteeve911New3/16/2017 2:06am
» Vampire Diaries Finale (spoilers?)CraftyChrissy-New3/14/2017 12:02pm
» Final Fantasy Trading Card GameQueensryche2New2/20/2017 12:20am
» Foster care?myalilah28-New2/11/2017 11:27am
» Miitomokiuayoukai1New2/2/2017 12:44am
» animal crossing tumblrmakenzie5565667New1/16/2017 7:58pm
» any ps4 gamers?vampmom10New1/14/2017 1:30pm
» GRE?TayTay10104New1/1/2017 3:32pm
» how manycraftygirlz201411New12/27/2016 11:33pm
» Favorite pokemonvronai27New12/21/2016 10:45pm
» What where your favorite Nintendo 64 games?BlueAmethyst20New11/26/2016 6:59am
» Board games? (ranging from casual to hardcore)TaylorGS7New11/13/2016 9:46pm
» Any Wii Fit Players?jeo1883New11/10/2016 11:00pm
» Anyone Play Minecraft PC??Christiancb16New11/9/2016 3:45pm
» What do you want for the holidays?GavinGoneGlobal3New10/28/2016 11:23am
» Good books about Bushido?Nowi7New10/1/2016 2:49pm
» 39/F Looking to chat with fellow Zelda fans.LovesAlot16New9/11/2016 3:28am
» Harvest Moon New Beginning rainyday13-New7/12/2016 7:03pm
» New here. Sorta :)majesticfire3New6/10/2016 4:59pm
» Any gym buffs or fitness gurus here?Lonewolf19901New6/9/2016 4:39pm
» Return to PopoloCrois~~~ Anybody else playing it?nina5114New4/2/2016 1:32pm

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