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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with grown-up gamers. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:17pm
High Turnip Price Advertising - AC:NL Version - Thread #2aldericon336New11/17/2020 2:21pm
» 46F Looking for Switch ACNH FriendsMissMee51New9/6/2020 1:07pm
» Looking for somewhat anti social New leaf friends.rainyday1347New11/27/2015 9:10pm
» 33 y/o female looking for friendsstaceyembach43New8/28/2017 1:56pm
» 25 yo F. Looking for NH FriendsxoxAshleyxox36New3/22/2020 4:44pm
» Friendly/Relaxed Adult PlayersBowsahWuvah33New6/28/2018 11:28pm
» Looking for Other College Students to Play With!horselover566829New10/19/2016 12:23pm
» Apples, cherries, oranges, palm trees, bamboo. Southern hemisphereEl_Tony28New6/5/2020 4:17am
» 29, Male, Seeking Adults To Game WithShallo25New5/12/2016 7:32pm
» Anyone wanna play?Maggybeths23New12/16/2017 5:00am
» 27/m looking for late night friendsVyse_the_Legend23New7/17/2015 1:25am
» (New Horizons) 23/M: Looking for AC:WW and AC:CF WiFi veterans.ResiS22New4/29/2020 7:33pm
» 29 F from UK looking for friends on AC:NLgoldcollie22New7/20/2016 7:07am
» 30F LF Friends for ACNL Amiiboomac4lifeo20New8/10/2017 6:26pm
» 34/M Looking for fellow night owls.Redd_Fox42020New10/30/2016 3:55am
» Looking to fill my 3DS friend list with active AC players!Realinho20New4/2/2016 7:51pm
» Looking for New Leaf players.LovesAlot20New2/27/2016 4:06am
» Looking for relaxed playersBowsahWuvah20New11/22/2015 6:00pm
» Looking for Trustworthy Wi-Fi BuddiesGadgetDaKlown20New8/18/2015 2:22pm
» Relaxed Mutual Visitehlyda19New8/23/2019 4:17pm
» 34m looking for nl friendstyeb018New10/29/2017 3:42pm
» New Leaf wifi group created on Line apphellokittykatt18New1/3/2017 1:39pm
» Need help pleaseLJ9218New8/5/2016 4:56pm
» Looking for active ACNL playersWarriorTy18New9/18/2015 7:14pm
» So tired of the "give me some bells" kids! 23/fontheflipside18New7/18/2015 11:11pm
» 29/M - Looking to make some friends in AC:NH!BryRig17New3/26/2020 9:59am
» Restarted / Looking for friends Cielmer317New12/26/2016 1:01am
» 21/F plays every day needs friendsNAGNAB17New7/9/2016 2:43pm
» 39/F/USA new town, new friends!lilopatt16New6/16/2019 7:36pm
» Friendly/Relaxed PlayersBowsahWuvah16New6/6/2016 5:17pm
» 27/F/US looking for NEW LEAF friends love_joydiver16New1/4/2016 11:42am
» friends who play daily Misty77cookie16New7/20/2015 3:27pm
» 20/M Looking for active friendskurtf0816New6/28/2015 2:23am
» Older players somewhat Anti Socialrainyday1315New3/25/2020 9:41pm
» 24/F in search of friendsHoustonLizzie15New12/22/2017 2:56pm
» looking for towns to visit!!kissabLe_j15New9/2/2017 9:05am
» going to islandcure_my_tragedy15New6/18/2017 12:05am
» Relaxed/Friendly PlayersBowsahWuvah15New12/8/2016 3:16am
» am 38 female want 2 make new friends on acnllovebug770915New3/3/2016 4:37am
» 25/M Looking for ACNH Friends!Lookiss14New3/21/2020 10:32pm
» 18+ looking for active playersemmabaker8714New1/22/2019 10:08pm
» 37/F Seeking New Horizons friendsesmeface13New10/5/2020 11:39am
» 35M Needs Help Getting Started Jimtaro13New10/31/2015 2:25am
» 48/F looking for more ACNH friends!chaynah112New5/15/2020 7:54pm
» 31/F/Ohio - NH Gates Open, Looking For New Friends :)peacemonger8912New4/9/2020 12:43am
» ACTIVE ACNL PLAYERS!!! c:reignofapples12New9/6/2019 9:48pm
» 30/f casual chat and visitsshefampyr12New5/24/2018 9:34am
» Finals are over... let's play!! leafyy12New6/14/2017 3:15pm
» Looking to register a few active "best friends"jess12289312New11/15/2016 11:28pm
» 38/F Just getting started in New Leaf Looking for Friendsmissap12New7/3/2016 11:21am
» 29/f looking for night owls ;)autoroboto12New1/15/2016 5:41pm
» GG Looking for Visiting Friendsehlyda11New3/4 4:44am
» AC GG NH Turnip Group?Wobbles11New5/27/2020 6:42pm
» Returning for New Horizonsromang11New5/4/2020 3:12pm
» How are you all handling the in-game chat?Mandy01016711New3/25/2020 6:16pm
» 29 year old new leaf player looking for some friends to hang with!XxAmazonQueenxX11New7/14/2019 6:19pm
» 34/f looking for adult friends Momokc11New4/13/2017 2:42pm
» Anyone There.....nuttykaty11New2/22/2017 5:34am
» 24/F More New Leaf Friends Wanted!kuddlykirara11New1/10/2017 8:16pm
» 22/F Looking For Active Friends!catgurlx11New10/2/2016 9:33pm
» 25/M, looking for friendsreutimus11New7/16/2015 2:25pm
» Ok peeps, settle down, make a line! HoustonLizzie11New6/22/2015 10:10pm
» Nooklink Voice Chat?dylanAB10New5/5/2020 10:13pm
» 32F from japan looking for ACNH friends:)erieri10New3/28/2020 1:25pm
» 24 yo looking for friends for upcoming switch releaseKaai10New3/14/2020 5:43pm
» Relaxed/Friendly PlayersBowsahWuvah10New2/15/2019 12:08am
» Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - GG Friends WantedNouvie10New1/15/2018 5:19pm
» Adult gamers welcome to my town!Marvino10New1/3/2017 5:53pm
» 18/F looking for a group of people to play withAleksah10New11/20/2016 11:47pm
» Looking for FRIENDSanimalove10New11/22/2015 3:30pm
» 21 M Looking for ACNL friendsAbyssBC51210New9/8/2015 5:42pm
» 31/f looking for buddiesDisarine10New8/18/2015 10:32am
» 23/f looking for a good friend!BillieJoeIsGod2310New7/12/2015 12:29am
» Fantasy Life?Awarathe10New5/28/2015 3:03pm

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