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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with grown-up gamers. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:17pm
High Turnip Price Advertising - AC:NL Version - Thread #2aldericon336New11/17/2020 2:21pm
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» 31/F Hoping to find some new friends to play with!AbsolutAsh8New1/22/2016 6:29pm
» 21 M Looking for ACNL friendsAbyssBC51210New9/8/2015 5:42pm
» 23F UK AC:NL - New friends wantedAce7777776New8/30/2015 3:42am
» 22F looking for New Leaf friends!acfish1New3/18/2020 7:02pm
» 26F long time AC player back on ACC to make some new friends :)acGAL737New9/1/2020 7:15pm
» 3DS AC:NL:WA 27/F/UK Looking For Friendsaclacl8New4/13/2017 2:45pm
» 21/m looking for active friends for new leaf or just chatacornboy-New8/10/2016 9:29pm
» 21/m looking for active friends for new leafacornboy8New7/19/2016 3:04pm
» Looking for active ACNL players (ages 19+)acornboy2New3/15/2016 5:37pm
» Always looking for new friends!adorkable677-New8/31/2016 10:18pm
» Who's on right now?adorkable677-New8/12/2016 7:26pm
» Can I sell my perfect cherries at someone's retail? (:adorkable677-New8/11/2016 1:50pm
» Online right now! Come to my town! adorkable677-New8/7/2016 10:58pm
» Wanting help to make my town prettier.adorkable677-New8/5/2016 1:03am
» 25/F looking for towns to visit. adorkable677-New8/1/2016 4:43pm
» Hello!Adventur2New4/28/2017 8:55pm
» WII won't connect to wifiaes_15_998New2/15/2016 4:02pm
» AC WILD WORLD!!! agustina_rose5New11/25/2019 4:34pm
» 20 M Looking for friends.AhhFrederick1New3/27/2020 10:40am
» Looking for casual gamersailishmckechnie2New9/4/2015 5:08pm
» Looking For Active Friends! <3AJess1972-New12/2/2017 9:57am
» Looking for New Leaf/ Switch friends!Aleksah4New3/18/2020 3:20am
» 18/F looking for a group of people to play withAleksah10New11/20/2016 11:47pm
» Exploring New HorizonsAlexander1-New10/31/2020 3:27pm
» Who wants to befriend a mouse! (New Horizons)AliciaStraymaus-New4/1/2020 2:55am
» Day 5 playing New Horizon. Want friends <;\AlisonIsMe3New4/5/2020 9:20pm
» 24f looking for other girls to penpal with and hang out as a group!AlmostAlice8New2/9 5:00pm
» Ohai guise!alpharod-New10/8/2015 3:32pm
» Started playing again 28/Famandaissorad2New12/29/2016 1:17am
» New Leaf Anyone??Amethyst82-New2/11 10:22pm
» Looking for friends for my newest town!!Amethyst826New12/13/2019 6:29am
» I need of new friends!!Amethyst825New6/15/2015 1:19pm
» Hello thereAmy4Luis3New2/19/2017 9:13am
» Opening my gates..amyjoanne1New12/15/2016 1:10pm
» I want some buddies!amyjoanne2New8/6/2015 3:11pm
» coming back for moreamytuesday252New6/26/2019 9:13am
» 29yof-achieving goals :)amytuesday254New9/23/2017 8:07pm
» Giveaway to get train station upgrade!amytuesday252New7/21/2017 8:02pm
» Gracie in your town? andrexeno1New6/13/2015 3:53am
» 27/F Looking for male friends!andSUGARcubes1New7/3/2020 11:21am
» Looking to get back into AC regularly!AndyBear921New5/9/2017 4:54am
» Looking for FRIENDSanimalove10New11/22/2015 3:30pm
» 20/f looking for friends!animalove9New5/31/2015 6:55pm
» 23/M/US looking for NH friends and penpals animaltoon04-New10/10/2020 9:18pm
» 23m Looking for friends!animaltoon041New5/13/2020 4:06pm
» 23 M Looking for friends (ACNH)animaltoon043New4/10/2020 4:56pm
» Looking for friends on AC:NLanna_beatrice-New4/29/2018 11:59am
» Looking for buddies!anna_beatrice1New5/7/2017 3:01am
» New to the community / looking for ppl to play with anna_beatrice-New5/1/2017 8:50pm
» college student acnl group!AppledOutLadyG6New11/8/2020 5:44pm
» UK adults?applescrumper5New7/1/2015 11:34am
» ACNL: 33/F Looking for friends (Si hablas español, ¡escribe ya!)ApricotAlex5New5/1/2020 6:48pm
» 35 f looking for new friends and new towns to visitAprilSawyer99999New1/31/2016 3:43pm
» LF friends to visitArrudo-New11/6/2016 8:30pm
» 26 yr old male. just re downloaded ac new leafascher3ds1New1/29/2016 12:47am
» 26 year old male from UK, currently living in China- wants friends who play ACNLascher3ds-New1/18/2016 3:23am
» a wacky island for sure but a friendly host ascher894New4/3/2020 2:07pm
» a good bug catching day with flick here. gates open ascher89-New4/2/2020 9:35pm
» weird town and a variety of fruitascher89-New4/1/2020 4:13am
» weird town and a variety of fruit a few laughs in store ascher894New3/31/2020 8:03am
» weird town and a variety of fruit ascher89-New3/30/2020 1:12pm
» Dodo code. Gates open ascher89-New3/29/2020 3:37am
» Gates open DODO CODEascher89-New3/28/2020 7:19pm

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