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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with grown-up gamers. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:17pm
High Turnip Price Advertising - AC:NL Version - Thread #2aldericon336New11/17/2020 2:21pm
» (ACNH) Anyone awake this late?four_eyes4New3/27/2020 4:45pm
» (New Horizons) 23/M: Looking for AC:WW and AC:CF WiFi veterans.ResiS22New4/29/2020 7:33pm
» ..::25F/ Looking for New Friends!::..Shiizuku6New3/11/2019 11:05pm
» :)chancica3New11/3/2016 12:41pm
» [20/M/US]In Search of Active Friends!Luckily_for_Me4New4/3/2020 8:55am
» 100k for those who can provide assistanceBrownSonic-New8/26/2016 12:31pm
» 18+ looking for active playersemmabaker8714New1/22/2019 10:08pm
» 18+ looking for friends AC:NL ConCon142New1/29/2018 7:24am
» 18+ WiFi friends? Mimi345New4/29/2018 12:02pm
» 18/F looking for a group of people to play withAleksah10New11/20/2016 11:47pm
» 18/F Animal Crossing Skype friendsEiloONTHEMOON-New7/22/2015 7:53am
» 18/F Looking for friendsEiloONTHEMOON-New6/6/2015 4:16am
» 18/F New To New Leaf Looking For Friendskirajayne982New11/30/2016 3:08pm
» 18/F/UK looking for new leaf friends :) MonstehDinosawr1New10/17/2015 10:35am
» 18/M Getting back into NL again, so LF Friends!TheSir-New7/25/2015 9:55pm
» 18/M Looking for active playersQueryOpal1New11/20/2016 11:47pm
» 19 F looking to get back into AC:NLraquel11vh-New7/29/2015 7:09pm
» 19 y/o Male, Looking for ACNL FriendsJDDouglas3New6/18/2017 8:09pm
» 19+ Accepting active ACNL players ;)magiccammy4New3/27/2016 12:45pm
» 19/F looking for friends!wunderwumun2New5/18/2016 9:05am
» 19/F looking for NL friends! :)Toonheads6000-New5/17/2016 6:14pm
» 19/F looking for wifi friends to play now and later!superkell8New6/10/2015 6:09pm
» 19/F need new friends!wunderwumun1New5/17/2016 6:16pm
» 19/M Looking for new friends to play with!rickster4751New6/20/2015 10:30pm
» 20 M Looking for friends.AhhFrederick1New3/27/2020 10:40am
» 20 year old female from the UK Xurgara5New9/12/2017 1:59pm
» 20 Year Old Looking For Friends!Kati447New10/15/2019 11:05am
» 20 year old male looking for an AC:NL friendWaffle1017-New8/20/2018 3:48pm
» 20-something night owl wants friendssorberet5New3/29/2016 5:46pm
» 20/F ACC newbie, new to New Leaf ---18+ players & UK night owls?em_1New8/6/2016 5:03am
» 20/F LF New FriendsKokiriToonLink4New6/27/2017 7:40pm
» 20/F LF New Friends!DuskWolfen6New8/3/2016 12:39pm
» 20/F Looking for friendscrossinggirl178New6/18/2017 8:06pm
» 20/f Looking for friendsBrookey24683New12/1/2016 1:42pm
» 20/F Looking for friends for acnl!gymgirlcarrie2New3/11/2019 11:07pm
» 20/F looking for friends to play with. Jinxtinx3New2/3/2019 11:59pm
» 20/f looking for friends!animalove9New5/31/2015 6:55pm
» 20/F looking for friends! active playerwildfox952New7/11/2015 2:40pm
» 20/F looking for some friends to hang/just started to be active againShinningHeart941New6/4/2015 12:49am
» 20/F Looking to make some friends ^-^Eizen9New9/16/2017 5:52am
» 20/f need new friends(:NAGNAB-New6/20/2015 1:52am
» 20/f very active playerNAGNAB9New6/13/2016 1:34pm
» 20/m Aussie looking for winter townDklye11New7/17/2015 1:50am
» 20/M Looking for active friendskurtf0816New6/28/2015 2:23am
» 20/M looking for Fantasy Life friends!kurtf084New9/10/2015 7:55pm
» 20/M looking for NL friendsSalamiBro-New8/29/2020 12:01pm
» 20M looking to meet new people. HaydenS95-New1/8/2016 8:02pm
» 20M Returning to ACNL LF Friends Gamelova-New5/27/2017 12:37pm
» 21 M Looking for ACNL friendsAbyssBC51210New9/8/2015 5:42pm
» 21 y/o looking for friends for new horizons !!charlescollins-New3/21/2020 9:52pm
» 21+ gamers NL town opening soon!beautyandboxing1New11/29/2017 4:21pm
» 21/F Looking for friends!miamariexo1New12/1/2019 10:00pm
» 21/F Looking for help for weeding day (EU/US?) ACNLA_smol_vaporeon-New3/29/2020 10:18am
» 21/F plays every day needs friendsNAGNAB17New7/9/2016 2:43pm
» 21/F/TN Looking for friends!Tay04051New7/14/2015 8:58pm
» 21/M - Friendsdynamic91121New9/30/2015 5:50am
» 21/m Looking For 18+ Friends To Play Withjo3do88y6New6/13/2018 5:34am
» 21/m looking for active friends for new leafacornboy8New7/19/2016 3:04pm
» 21/m looking for active friends for new leaf or just chatacornboy-New8/10/2016 9:29pm
» 21/M Looking for alot of friends to add..harvestjunkie8New7/24/2015 7:20pm
» 21/M looking for friends to play new leaf!srhxv83New6/2/2016 2:51am
» 21/M Looking for friends. I play late too. ESTConor8912New6/5/2016 8:02pm
» 21/M looking for people my age to playsrhxv8-New5/22/2016 2:55pm
» 21/M/US Northern hemisphere, LF someone to hang with in Southern Hemisphere rad14-New3/29/2020 3:27pm
» 21M~ New Leaf CrewNookems735New6/2/2015 7:45pm
» 22 female on everyday :)kittylip1New8/6/2016 1:47am
» 22 female trying to make friends :)kittylip-New5/30/2016 9:08pm
» 22 Looking for friends to help on New Leafabbeydoodle-New7/19/2016 11:25pm
» 22/ F, looking for new friends kgreatie4New11/5/2018 11:33pm
» 22/F Animal Crossing CITY FOLK Wi-Fi Meet Upmayorjennie3New5/26/2019 5:06pm
» 22/F in need of friends!NAGNAB3New9/4/2016 11:06pm
» 22/f looking for 18+ friends to play with? :)Laynerss4New7/7/2018 2:23pm
» 22/F Looking For Active Friends!catgurlx11New10/2/2016 9:33pm

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