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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with grown-up gamers. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:17pm
High Turnip Price Advertising - AC:NL Version - Thread #2aldericon336New11/17/2020 2:21pm
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» Just another townWaterdust2000-New5/8/2015 4:09pm
» Looking for adult friends with similar taste/humorlittlespacebaby5New5/11/2015 9:01pm
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» 40 female in USA playing new leaf chpmcheeks12New5/20/2015 8:39pm
» ptwarterfall2New5/21/2015 1:18pm
» open gate Misty77cookie-New5/21/2015 6:27pm
» hey im lookin for help to get signaturesMaedhros3New5/24/2015 5:32pm
» 27 yr old weekly player looking for new friends Tweaketa1New5/25/2015 12:37pm
» Oi! FURRIES!codeTONY-New5/28/2015 3:27am
» 23 femaleCandra-New5/28/2015 7:27am
» Fantasy Life?Awarathe10New5/28/2015 3:03pm
» fantasy lifebren442New5/28/2015 3:39pm
» 20/f looking for friends!animalove9New5/31/2015 6:55pm
» Lets play?Nookems73-New6/1/2015 1:05am
» Boredbren443New6/2/2015 6:02pm
» 21M~ New Leaf CrewNookems735New6/2/2015 7:45pm
» 20/F looking for some friends to hang/just started to be active againShinningHeart941New6/4/2015 12:49am
» 18/F Looking for friendsEiloONTHEMOON-New6/6/2015 4:16am
» In need of new online friends!Omgitsjessxo1New6/7/2015 9:48pm
» How much are Toy Hammers going for?Starlurk2New6/7/2015 11:27pm
» Waddup thou.Leannaxx2New6/8/2015 11:59pm
» Newbie to New Leaf - Need friends to visit lynnja5New6/10/2015 12:55pm
» 19/F looking for wifi friends to play now and later!superkell8New6/10/2015 6:09pm
» I'm Back and Ready To Hang!LittL-New6/10/2015 6:18pm
» Looking for some active friends! 20/fzeefwee7New6/11/2015 1:11pm
» 26/f looking for new friends MegBerlin1New6/12/2015 2:20pm
» Gracie in your town? andrexeno1New6/13/2015 3:53am
» Looking for friends!!oraccfboy9New6/14/2015 3:18pm
» I need of new friends!!Amethyst825New6/15/2015 1:19pm
» 27/F central time zone. Looking for friends to hang with. Mamarose-New6/15/2015 1:24pm
» Winter towns?Fugee_lalala-New6/15/2015 1:30pm
» 20/f need new friends(:NAGNAB-New6/20/2015 1:52am
» 19/M Looking for new friends to play with!rickster4751New6/20/2015 10:30pm
» Let's play!! 21/mBluegrassher-New6/22/2015 5:26pm
» Looking for friends. I play most nights. starkitty723-New6/22/2015 9:27pm
» Ok peeps, settle down, make a line! HoustonLizzie11New6/22/2015 10:10pm
» I don't talk bit looking for towns to visitjenmarie032New6/23/2015 9:20pm
» Looking for bell ordinance and no native oranges.Candra-New6/24/2015 11:34pm
» 20/M Looking for active friendskurtf0816New6/28/2015 2:23am
» Need Flowers?DistantWords6New7/1/2015 11:33am
» UK adults?applescrumper5New7/1/2015 11:34am
» Anyone have a winter town? 23/fFugee_lalala-New7/2/2015 5:22pm
» Looking for island friends! (19/f)dezarae1New7/2/2015 8:53pm
» Looking to go to a townLavonnamae1New7/4/2015 8:25am
» Looking for friendsWaenara-New7/6/2015 6:21am
» Looking for players who can chatCandra-New7/7/2015 7:45pm
» Request to help find my fossil =)TikTokk4New7/8/2015 2:40am
» Can i bring this kitten to someones town? mely055New7/8/2015 10:04pm
» 20/F looking for friends! active playerwildfox952New7/11/2015 2:40pm
» 23/f looking for a good friend!BillieJoeIsGod2310New7/12/2015 12:29am
» I have a child safe town to visit (children, grand kids)Nowi-New7/14/2015 5:26am
» 21/F/TN Looking for friends!Tay04051New7/14/2015 8:58pm
» Looking to rebuild my New Leaf friend listeruesso5New7/16/2015 11:55am
» 25/M, looking for friendsreutimus11New7/16/2015 2:25pm
» 23/ f looking for casual nl friends. minorspirit-New7/16/2015 4:07pm
» 27/m looking for late night friendsVyse_the_Legend23New7/17/2015 1:25am
» 20/m Aussie looking for winter townDklye11New7/17/2015 1:50am
» Summer town, played intensely for a few monthsNowi1New7/17/2015 3:26pm
» Let's dilly dally in townPandaSmooches1New7/18/2015 8:26am
» 26/F looking for new friendsMegBerlin1New7/18/2015 10:51pm
» Looking to visit other townsNelsoMatic1New7/18/2015 10:56pm
» So tired of the "give me some bells" kids! 23/fontheflipside18New7/18/2015 11:11pm
» 23/f looking for friendsPantsLad8New7/19/2015 5:58pm
» friends who play daily Misty77cookie16New7/20/2015 3:27pm
» Looking for a GracieGrace & new friends! xxmarshmallow1New7/20/2015 3:45pm
» Adult / F Looking for active playersrosie644New7/21/2015 9:27pm
» 18/F Animal Crossing Skype friendsEiloONTHEMOON-New7/22/2015 7:53am
» 21/M Looking for alot of friends to add..harvestjunkie8New7/24/2015 7:20pm

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