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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with grown-up gamers. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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» Nice neighborhood?Dengar2New5/24/2020 10:16pm
» 58/M/Western Australia/ACNH ... friends?pirot6New5/24/2020 5:21pm
» Just Shopping AroundTitan989-New5/22/2020 10:45pm
» Hello everyone :)gurliegirl3New5/22/2020 9:11pm
» Turnips at 377 eScorpio-New5/20/2020 5:14pm
» 31/m/uksubzee1New5/20/2020 7:23am
» I need buddies (AND peaches!)katie4561New5/17/2020 10:44pm
» New friends to animal crossing gameMimisgirl1New5/17/2020 8:28pm
» Friend codes Roseanator-New5/17/2020 8:09pm
» Looking for friends to visitDw5652New5/17/2020 7:43am
» 25F/ Looking for Island Inspo! Or Friends!Taurusajg2New5/16/2020 12:26am
» 48/F looking for more ACNH friends!chaynah112New5/15/2020 7:54pm
» Just started on New Horizons looking for new friends!ZeroStyle1New5/15/2020 5:53pm
» Looking to connect Colinshacks-New5/15/2020 12:24am
» Hybrids for Gold Nuggets YayaStarr6New5/14/2020 9:44am
» 23m Looking for friends!animaltoon041New5/13/2020 4:06pm
» Turnips at 284eScorpio2New5/9/2020 9:51pm
» Friends are Oranges Broffina-New5/9/2020 1:10pm
» Back on ACC for NH :DW0olf3New5/7/2020 8:08pm
» Anyone wanna visit my Scandinavian themed island? (26/M, US West)zapht6New5/6/2020 3:40pm
» Looking for some buddies (and oranges + peaches)katie4566New5/5/2020 11:28pm
» Nooklink Voice Chat?dylanAB10New5/5/2020 10:13pm
» Returning for New Horizonsromang11New5/4/2020 3:12pm
» 25/M Looking for Cool Down to Earth People AC:NHMrPro1New5/3/2020 10:34pm
» Looking for members for our Discord server!Emilyyy-New5/2/2020 6:07pm
» Anyone want a visitor?doydoy-New5/2/2020 5:33pm
» ACNH GG Gardening ClubCielmer3-New5/2/2020 1:50pm
» 26/FBaturner1227-New5/1/2020 9:29pm
» ACNL: 33/F Looking for friends (Si hablas español, ¡escribe ya!)ApricotAlex5New5/1/2020 6:48pm
» Need Shrubs! Help!DonnieBanana-New5/1/2020 1:56pm
» 26/F looking for friends from all over!LadyAudz1New4/30/2020 5:57pm
» Want Skye as a resident?!eScorpio-New4/30/2020 3:51pm
» (New Horizons) 23/M: Looking for AC:WW and AC:CF WiFi veterans.ResiS22New4/29/2020 7:33pm
» European M/39 - Looking for AC friends for some welcome online escapismZhanni1New4/26/2020 7:27pm
» Looking to visitdoydoy-New4/26/2020 5:15pm
» Pitfall Seeds?maltese1New4/25/2020 5:20pm
» UK player looking for friendsPeaheadj4New4/25/2020 5:17pm
» 33/f massachusetts gamer seeking Moon_Dreamer3New4/25/2020 10:56am
» Looking FriendsDonnieBanana3New4/24/2020 7:22pm
» Trading Pink Roses for Tulip Hybridsmaltese2New4/22/2020 2:04am
» Looking for Southern Hemisphere friends.Cinders-New4/21/2020 4:16pm
» Returning to ACC MrFicklePickle-New4/19/2020 12:01pm
» 41/M Quaran-Parent Noob L@@kin 4 FRENZerictfitzgerald-New4/19/2020 9:09am
» 47F UK Looking for Flowers ACNH Bindyboo22New4/19/2020 3:02am
» 38/F UK back for NH!Junior_h3New4/18/2020 6:18pm
» Southern HemisphereRyanMc1998-New4/18/2020 5:48pm
» 26/F Looking for friends who play evenings/weekends [EST] plus fruit, flower, & pattern trades :)melissapaige123New4/17/2020 11:25am
» Semi-active friendsSheepishJ5New4/16/2020 10:21pm
» Older Player looking fro active Friendslottym5New4/16/2020 9:20am
» Chief or Puck moving in your town?evilturkeyclone-New4/15/2020 7:15pm
» 32M looking for online buddiesJTown875New4/15/2020 10:16am
» 28, Nerdy dude from New York CityChromie1216New4/14/2020 8:56pm
» 37/F Northern Hemisphere Looking for helpful friendsMaggybeths2New4/14/2020 7:03pm
» 28/ M from the USSilver445-New4/14/2020 4:45pm
» 27F: Looking for players of AC: WW to visit!sassyytassie4New4/14/2020 4:06pm
» UK Player looking for friendsWeeMadArthur6New4/14/2020 8:37am
» 27 F From England! Looking for new friends :)Catxx_2New4/13/2020 2:09pm
» 46/F The Netherlands looking for missing fruit and flowersmicasjas1New4/12/2020 9:20pm
» 51M UK looking for friendsMartyMacFlash-New4/12/2020 12:16pm
» 31/F looking for missing fruit marty12883New4/12/2020 12:07pm
» Anyone with good turnip prices today?!eScorpio-New4/11/2020 2:23pm
» 40M/US/Oranges,Pears,Bamboo/NH Looking for friendsUncleJ6New4/11/2020 11:38am
» 23 M Looking for friends (ACNH)animaltoon043New4/10/2020 4:56pm
» Looking to add Best Friendsmason10692-New4/9/2020 10:58pm
» My turnips are 390 bells!Loboctavian-New4/9/2020 6:41am
» 31/F/Ohio - NH Gates Open, Looking For New Friends :)peacemonger8912New4/9/2020 12:43am
» Gate openDFB-New4/8/2020 12:16am
» I wanna fly!chedd132New4/7/2020 3:01pm
» Gates opened El_Tony-New4/7/2020 2:51pm
» Looking for Pen Pals (21+ pref) and People to help me with visiting Nook Miles (any age)ILoveACCF1New4/7/2020 11:21am
» F 22 looking for friends, pears and oranges Michelle48x2New4/7/2020 2:43am
» Day 5 playing New Horizon. Want friends <;\AlisonIsMe3New4/5/2020 9:20pm
» Honor swap/noobs and othersjac60k4eva1New4/5/2020 7:22pm
» 24/f north hem. Currently looking to pay someone 25k to water my flowers! YayaStarr1New4/5/2020 9:43am
» Flower hunt CoralScott7New4/5/2020 5:48am

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