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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with grown-up gamers. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:17pm
High Turnip Price Advertising - AC:NL Version - Thread #2aldericon336New11/17/2020 2:21pm
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» Just a girl on a quest for weeds and friends... can you help?Lady_Kpop1New5/17 10:56am
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» 33/M Looking for late night playersVyse_the_Legend-New5/1 1:02am
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» Looking for ACTIVE AC:NL friends!TvwCew14-New3/6 5:47pm
» New friends wantedHmewes01143New3/4 4:53pm
» GG Looking for Visiting Friendsehlyda11New3/4 4:44am
» Gates are open!Wobbles-New2/27 9:51pm
» 22/F Looking to visit some towns and have a wonder round! (UK)bananaxfrys3New2/25 9:58am
» 24/F LF: Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, ACNH friends! All ages!star95-New2/23 1:04am
» 35/f looking for just friends.Cheechy4New2/16 12:43pm
» 32/M/US looking for people that will be on often on and that will visit my ACNH islandTlz444-New2/13 9:31am
» New Leaf Anyone??Amethyst82-New2/11 10:22pm
» 24f looking for other girls to penpal with and hang out as a group!AlmostAlice8New2/9 5:00pm
» Back from hiatusmikey714-New1/24 1:05pm
» Why don't we be friends? ACNH 26/FOmgitsjessxo1New1/24 11:49am
» 40/F/UK - Looking for friends!Bundtcake1New1/24 11:45am
» married couple looking to game with new friendsMrFicklePickle-New1/18 10:29am
» Anbody on??kflyers4932New1/17 11:52am
» 28/F Looking for ACNH friends!HoustonLizzie1New1/13 9:33pm
» Male 47 UK looking for visitors/visitsMarvino1New1/7 9:37am
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» Ruby's birthdayDengar1New12/26/2020 3:43am
» New Year's Lockdown Party UK TimezoneEballElla-New11/24/2020 3:29pm
» 28 yo male. Looking for company in New leaf!Peepz-New11/19/2020 3:22am
» 25 and pandemic boredrx85796New11/17/2020 12:12pm
» 55M seeking other avid players in New LeafOcasiootoko2New11/11/2020 9:27pm
» Furniture CoralScott2New11/11/2020 1:41pm
» Quick Trick or TreatDengar-New11/1/2020 1:32am
» Exploring New HorizonsAlexander1-New10/31/2020 3:27pm
» 32/M/Louisiana/United States of America looking for people that will visit my ACNH islandTlz444-New10/22/2020 10:04am
» AC Buddies subzee4New10/7/2020 8:58am
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» Anyone Playing NH Tonight? horselover56683New10/2/2020 3:14pm
» 26/M looking for active New Leaf friends!RiceCrispies-New9/22/2020 8:50am
» ACNH 45f Looking for visits and visitors ehlyda-New9/19/2020 8:13am
» 24/M looking for friends to addkevin6126New9/16/2020 11:29am
» 23/M Looking for friends!PetitePiranah4New9/16/2020 11:28am
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» Re: Looking For Friendswondergirl100-New9/6/2020 12:54pm
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» 33F australia looking for friends!Tanyaalexiz5New8/14/2020 5:13pm
» Looking for active visitorsMaggybeths1New8/14/2020 5:11pm
» LF good turnip priceBridget83021New8/14/2020 5:09pm
» ACNH Chilled Out Visits and Visitors ehlyda-New8/13/2020 5:56am
» Newbie mom of two seeking friends/visitorsMiaLynn3New8/10/2020 11:46am
» Looking for friends for virtual happy hoursthecubiclelife2New8/1/2020 12:10am
» LF Great Turnip ProcesBridget8302-New7/30/2020 2:20pm
» Newbie needs friends :)Peaches7771New7/26/2020 1:24am
» 32/M/New Leaf: Looking for friendly conversationalistsTarpaulin-New7/25/2020 2:15am
» 32/F TX need friends?Mamarose2New7/25/2020 1:55am
» Looking to pay VISITORS to Water my flowers! star952New7/20/2020 7:45pm
» If You Can Dig It Keep It! - Start your Hybrid Farm Now! Sponsored By United Gardens YayaStarr1New7/19/2020 4:25am

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