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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with grown-up gamers. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:17pm
High Turnip Price Advertising - AC:NL Version - Thread #2aldericon328New10/27/2017 2:41pm
» Playing AC:NL agian. 43 yr old female chpmcheeks4New7/14 5:34pm
» 30/f Looking for new friends for New Leafomac4lifeo5New7/14 5:29pm
» 23/F/UK ~ Lets be friends?Omgitsjessxo7New7/7 6:43pm
» 22/f looking for 18+ friends to play with? :)Laynerss4New7/7 2:23pm
» Active players 25F UKLJ922New7/6 5:29pm
» Back after Hiatus. 21/F & 20/MKit_Kat968New7/1 9:22pm
» 23/f night owlgloomygerudo-New6/30 1:11am
» Friendly/Relaxed Adult PlayersBowsahWuvah33New6/28 11:28pm
» Calling all ACNL players!!! :)Camarieee4New6/25 9:30am
» 23/Female Playing NL once againPenguidox1New6/25 8:15am
» im back againfancyblue1-New6/21 6:06am
» Looking for adult friendsPibbles101New6/17 3:33pm
» 21/m Looking For 18+ Friends To Play Withjo3do88y6New6/13 5:34am
» F/24 looking for regular players to join up withTsukiken3New6/7 2:43pm
» 23/f back into AC :) gloomygerudo4New6/7 2:41pm
» Looking for New Leaf players to play withchpmcheeks3New6/5 10:17pm
» F/42 Wants some new friends!shell755New5/29 4:24pm
» Hello, hello! ^_^ <3Night_Lily4New5/24 9:36am
» 18+ looking for active playersemmabaker8712New5/24 9:35am
» 30/f casual chat and visitsshefampyr12New5/24 9:34am
» Looking for adult female New Leaf playersLovesAlot2New5/24 9:32am
» Need Help Fixing Up/Looking For Friends XxoMamaoxX4New5/17 2:16pm
» 50+ Female Looking for playersrosie645New5/5 11:39pm
» 33/male Active in AC:CF I want new friend to visit :)Jeden3New5/3 4:09am
» Old persons unite!Tarpaulin5New5/2 12:04am
» Adult gamer - had to start NL all over again ...NEED FRIENDS! :)TvwCew145New5/1 4:05pm
» 18+ WiFi friends? Mimi345New4/29 12:02pm
» Looking for friends on AC:NLanna_beatrice-New4/29 11:59am
» Bored 30yo male looking for visitorsPANDADIGDUG4New4/29 11:56am
» Need Bells LovesAlot-New4/10 10:57am
» Starting over need new adult people to playOcasiootoko5New4/8 9:59pm
» Fortnite (PS4)esunny-New3/31 9:16am
» 45 male looking yet againnaturegloom6New3/24 4:15pm
» SALON PLEASE ; __;gloomygerudo-New3/17 3:12pm
» 28/M Looking to TRAVEL to other town. Preferably Time Traveled...CARLITOS72889-New3/17 5:09am
» Looking for adult female New Leaf gamers 35-45yrs old with Ice Items LovesAlot2New3/14 6:35pm
» Looking for GG Pocket Camp Friendsmaltese2New3/9 6:47pm
» Katie ConCon147New3/8 9:41pm
» im masho 30 years old when i was 18 i use to be on here....masho1New3/3 12:58pm
» Gates openConCon142New3/2 1:49pm
» Active Players.....nuttykaty6New2/28 2:10pm
» Looking for friends, old and new like.shell752New1/30 4:06pm
» 18+ looking for friends AC:NL ConCon142New1/29 7:24am
» My gates are open! TvwCew14-New1/24 1:47pm
» City folkAshaida02074New1/15 5:41pm
» Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - GG Friends WantedNouvie10New1/15 5:19pm
» 24/F looking for friends to game with!captmoonkitten2New1/12 10:51pm
» looking for adult pocket camp players with leaf ticketsLovesAlot-New1/1 6:37am
» 25/M looking for ACNL friendsRyan_17-New12/29/2017 1:00am
» Snowman/BingoLliamR-New12/24/2017 3:48pm
» 24/F in search of friendsHoustonLizzie15New12/22/2017 2:56pm
» Adult gamers wanted ACNLMarvino1New12/21/2017 1:29pm
» 23/F Looking for friends!Zendea5New12/19/2017 8:49pm
» Looking for friends 18+ ACNLabiwalkerx-New12/17/2017 3:35pm
» Any 18+ UK players? :D AC:NLKati442New12/17/2017 3:34pm
» I know...sniperjoe31New12/17/2017 1:43pm
» Anyone wanna play?Maggybeths23New12/16/2017 5:00am
» lookin' for some old friendstshirt_time-New12/8/2017 11:00pm
» Looking for active players I'm 25....xDukii-New12/7/2017 2:21am
» Looking for friendsNobleHeart99-New12/3/2017 9:19pm
» Looking For Active Friends! <3AJess1972-New12/2/2017 9:57am
» 21+ gamers NL town opening soon!beautyandboxing1New11/29/2017 4:21pm
» Any late night gamers out there?AAdams1227-New11/29/2017 3:38am
» Looking for 21+ FriendsGamelova8New11/29/2017 3:36am
» ACNL Friends 21+ onlybeautyandboxing1New11/28/2017 6:47pm
» looking for friends new leaf keylala1New11/24/2017 8:54am
» Nintendo Switchkeele4New11/23/2017 11:58pm
» Late night fun? tierdrop02-New11/23/2017 1:10am
» looking for 18+ peoplebrookiecookie22New11/22/2017 12:32am
» Feel free to visitlemonthyme3New11/12/2017 1:28pm
» 30/F Looking for Friendsomac4lifeo1New11/10/2017 11:16pm
» 41/f looking for fellow adult New Leaf playersLovesAlot8New11/7/2017 5:35pm
» Town tourslemonthyme-New11/5/2017 3:42pm

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