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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with grown-up gamers. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:17pm
High Turnip Price Advertising - AC:NL Version - Thread #2aldericon332New3/2 3:21pm
» Day 5 playing New Horizon. Want friends <;\AlisonIsMe3New4/5 9:20pm
» 48/F looking for more ACNH friends!chaynah12New4/5 7:50pm
» Honor swap/noobs and othersjac60k4eva1New4/5 7:22pm
» Anyone looking for a visitor?Peach13New4/5 5:46pm
» Apples, cherries, oranges, palm trees, bamboo. Southern hemisphereEl_Tony19New4/5 4:44pm
» UK Player looking for friendsWeeMadArthur3New4/5 2:39pm
» Turnip buddies for NHMaggybeths2New4/5 2:10pm
» 24/f north hem. Currently looking to pay someone 25k to water my flowers! YayaStarr1New4/5 9:43am
» Flower hunt CoralScott7New4/5 5:48am
» Looking for new flowersHak882New4/5 2:56am
» I wanna fly!chedd13-New4/4 11:04pm
» 28, Nerdy dude from New York CityChromie1214New4/4 6:37pm
» 23 M Looking for friends (ACNH)animaltoon041New4/4 6:36pm
» 31/M from Washington State looking for UK friendsevilturkeyclone-New4/4 2:21pm
» a wacky island for sure but a friendly host ascher894New4/3 2:07pm
» 27m looking for active friendsPunchyXcat2New4/3 2:06pm
» [20/M/US]In Search of Active Friends!Luckily_for_Me4New4/3 8:55am
» 26 F looking for southern hem friends! All fruits to trade! WhitDaly2New4/3 8:11am
» 31/F/Ohio - NH Gates Open, Looking For New Friends :)peacemonger896New4/3 4:51am
» 29 F from Hawaii looking for friends!hblynn2New4/3 4:44am
» a good bug catching day with flick here. gates open ascher89-New4/2 9:35pm
» Catalog furniture CoralScott-New4/2 3:03pm
» weird town and a variety of fruitascher89-New4/1 4:13am
» Who wants to befriend a mouse! (New Horizons)AliciaStraymaus-New4/1 2:55am
» Looking for New Friends/39F/Gates Open/Dodo CodePinkieACC1New3/31 9:05pm
» 40M/US/Oranges,Pears,Bamboo/NH Looking for friendsUncleJ4New3/31 5:11pm
» Online - Looking for towns to visit CoralScott3New3/31 3:17pm
» weird town and a variety of fruit a few laughs in store ascher894New3/31 8:03am
» 38yo/CA... looking for Islands to visitStuartN3New3/30 9:09pm
» Furniture CoralScott-New3/30 1:32pm
» weird town and a variety of fruit ascher89-New3/30 1:12pm
» F 22 looking for friends, pears and oranges Michelle48x1New3/30 10:54am
» New FriendsDeannaHipo111New3/30 7:01am
» 21/M/US Northern hemisphere, LF someone to hang with in Southern Hemisphere rad14-New3/29 3:27pm
» 25/F/UK Looking for friends! AC:NHOmgitsjessxo5New3/29 1:58pm
» 21/F Looking for help for weeding day (EU/US?) ACNLA_smol_vaporeon-New3/29 10:18am
» Dodo code. Gates open ascher89-New3/29 3:37am
» Gates open DODO CODEascher89-New3/28 7:19pm
» 32/F Northern Hemisphere and PeachesKalaniCay4New3/28 7:05pm
» Grown-up Gamer Gal (40/F) looking for visitors Erynfaith12New3/28 6:08pm
» 48/F Northern Hemisphere - Gate Is Open NowDaisyMe4New3/28 5:34pm
» any chinese or japanese people play ACNH?ascher89-New3/28 2:24pm
» looking to make new friends. DODO code!ascher89-New3/28 1:28pm
» 32F from japan looking for ACNH friends:)erieri10New3/28 1:25pm
» 28/M looking for NH friendsmrknight26New3/28 1:13pm
» Anyone need a visitor?Peach12New3/28 12:45pm
» 27F From UK looking for more friends :)Catxx_-New3/28 9:06am
» 38 year old female looking for friends!happyindenver811New3/28 3:24am
» 25/F looking for friends to play ACNH! (dodo code)fuzztown3New3/28 12:33am
» Looking for visitors eb121352New3/27 10:21pm
» Here's my dodo code, gate is open for a bitlilopatt2New3/27 10:20pm
» I've got the best fishing around!motobrokane-New3/27 9:49pm
» 23/M Looking for friends in AC:NHSkyler973New3/27 8:22pm
» 27 m been here from the beginning.PunchyXcat1New3/27 8:02pm
» 46F Looking for Switch ACNH FriendsMissMee39New3/27 7:34pm
» Anyone with an atmosphere switch use Lanplay? no online?ascher89-New3/27 6:21pm
» (ACNH) Anyone awake this late?four_eyes4New3/27 4:45pm
» Anyone up for playing with voicechat on?legdairy1New3/27 3:58pm
» ITEM/CATALOG ISLANDCoralScott-New3/27 3:12pm
» 25 F ACNH Gate Open! Lulalove94-New3/27 12:58pm
» 20 M Looking for friends.AhhFrederick1New3/27 10:40am
» 29/m/usa - looking for new friendsLazyBoi-New3/26 8:42pm
» 32M looking for online buddiesJTown872New3/26 3:05pm
» 29/M - Looking to make some friends in AC:NH!BryRig17New3/26 9:59am
» Older players somewhat Anti Socialrainyday1315New3/25 9:41pm
» 24 / f Always Looking for new friendsShadowcat458New3/25 9:24pm
» 46 F looking for visitorsjac60k4eva-New3/25 7:36pm
» AC Buddies subzee3New3/25 7:29pm
» How are you all handling the in-game chat?Mandy01016711New3/25 6:16pm
» 27F Looking for active ACNH Players :)Catxx_3New3/25 4:59pm
» 23F Late Night - All Day Player!Kit_Kat964New3/24 10:40pm
» 35F Citrus Island Farmers MarketDisarine-New3/24 10:11pm
» 25M - ACNHWeirdDog-New3/24 6:14pm

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