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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:03pm
Hybrids VIIiolite720New11/16/2022 3:08pm
» A bit of a brag1BostonGirl21New7/2/2015 4:52pm
» Dorothy Effect2updaisy2New6/7/2015 3:24pm
» 32f - looking for new fun friends for ACNLAAdams12273New5/26/2019 3:03pm
» Any fellow ACNL insomniacs out there?AAdams1227-New11/29/2017 3:41am
» SignaturesAAdams12271New10/2/2016 9:47am
» 59yo F Southern Hemisphere looking for buddiesAcaddiction222New2/2/2022 9:36pm
» Dilemma: Please help!ACCFlol146New4/25/2020 10:42am
» 19 uni student looking for people to get hype about ACNH with!!acIsLovedByMe14New3/29/2020 9:10pm
» Getting back into the swing of things...Adever3New11/5/2016 10:43am
» New Horizon- Friend Islands to visitAdventureHM-New3/24/2020 1:51pm
» Looking for Friends NHafarrell11New6/5/2020 4:59am
» Hi I'm new!!! Aksinya3New10/19/2017 10:32pm
» Looking For Apple and CherriesAlejoGizmosis2New4/21/2020 3:34am
» Trade cosmos/roses for fruit/bamboo/rest of flowers?Alicia1243-New4/5/2020 8:47pm
» Strawberry Friends!AliciaStraymaus-New12/5/2016 11:22am
» New member 2020Andre594New11/29/2020 2:12pm
» Anyone have festive trees? Sale, trade ?ANGELg3New1/5/2019 8:53pm
» LF friend group for when New Horizons comes out!AnimalEmily11228New3/20/2020 3:44pm
» 1 insect away from completing inventoryanimepet6New10/2/2015 9:52pm
» Favorite Villager?Annechovy11423New2/20/2020 3:11pm
» New to ACNH! 25 FAnxiousTaina4New7/31/2021 12:26am
» Hello :)Aquabat2New8/11/2016 5:09pm
» Looking to make some friends! Ari7553New11/4/2016 2:39am
» HHA score of 1,728,000! YayArkieRN4New11/25/2015 8:49am
» Any GG completionists here?ArtieMcD5New8/17/2015 7:02pm
» ACNL right nooooooowascher3ds-New1/18/2016 3:53am
» anyone have any tips on how to make custom patterns out of photos more clear?ascher892New3/28/2020 7:36pm
» can someone help with villager ???ashneye3New10/13/2015 9:13am
» Hi everyoneatriad1New2/28/2021 8:14am
» Anyone else feel a little lonely?Azada15New8/24/2016 12:18pm
» Starting overBabyfeets-New7/16/2016 4:29pm
» Wishing Real Life Was More like AC!Bara_no_uta4New6/17/2016 5:45pm
» grown up friendsbecky1977-New3/6/2017 7:17am
» FB Stalk Market groupBeg4MeJonDavis-New5/17/2016 3:13pm
» Trading fruitsBigDaddy685New11/21/2021 8:06pm
» First lily of the valleyBigDaddy683New6/21/2021 3:56pm
» Looking for some older game players to hang withBigDaddy68-New5/10/2021 11:51am
» Anyone want to come hang out?blaze3002New5/2/2020 5:31pm
» LF New Horizons, Overcooked 2 Friendsblindfaeth2New2/28/2020 12:10pm
» Anyone wanna explore New Leaf with me before New Horizons?BlueLector2New3/25/2020 6:17am
» Whooo...Returning after 3+ yearsBMyRosie5New2/26/2021 11:16pm
» Ditched (ACNL, Rant Alert)Bokujo12New8/7/2015 12:38am
» Longest Town You've Played?breannmae9New11/27/2015 7:10pm
» Back to NL and need friends!Bridget83025New12/5/2016 4:51pm
» Has anyone reset lately?BritM185New6/17/2016 5:31pm
» Lots of Wi-FiBritM18-New6/3/2016 5:57pm
» Can I Visit Your Islands?BROKINDI3New8/23/2021 5:46pm
» Looking for active playersbrutalblonde1New8/23/2016 7:44am
» Looking for Penpals!CalamityJayne31New10/4/2021 12:45pm
» Is A Transfer of Downloaded ACNL from 2DS to 3DS XL Possible?calvin9944New7/29/2015 11:12am
» Getting back to this game! NLCandymindt1New4/30/2018 7:26pm
» Looking for friends, just started playing again.carmlettmix3New10/12/2019 10:22am
» New playerCarriedrift3New1/3 1:18pm
» Looking for trustworthy playerschancica4New11/7/2016 7:30pm
» Is it just me?chancica3New10/21/2016 6:38pm
» Have Katie here. Need to bring her to someone's town pleasechancica8New9/25/2016 6:18pm
» Missing Fossil Help?charlotte247New11/20/2018 11:01am
» New Here - Looking for Friendschaselindley3New8/9/2017 6:10pm
» 38, SAHM, restarted second cartridge; looking to build up my friend list againchasy7New2/10/2020 7:58pm
» 25 year old on ACNHcheeseychips-New4/9/2021 11:42am
» LF35 over friends new horizonsChichiri24New5/1/2020 7:27am
» Anyone here in 2019? chicken_peep2New12/11/2020 2:55pm
» Do you prefer buying K.K songs from his street live instead of from the shop?chickpea11203New3/11/2022 3:11pm
» Thinking of cute names for my Islandchpmcheeks5New2/27/2020 1:28pm
» New leafchpmcheeks7New6/24/2018 12:24pm
» Anyone playing chpmcheeks1-New2/19/2017 7:12pm
» 20+ Age ACNH Friends!Clarissa123453New4/2/2020 2:40am
» Cleocleotoo-New9/20/2016 11:38am
» New FriendsCloudyLucy3New9/11/2017 12:08pm
» Characters CoralScott2New3/30/2020 12:37pm
» ACNH Dupe GlitchCoralScott1New3/26/2020 11:08am
» Looking for funny new ACNL friendsCraftyChrissy13New11/29/2017 3:32am
» Ds or XL craftygirlz201427New10/30/2015 7:54am

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