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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:03pm
Hybrids VIIiolite720New11/16/2022 3:08pm
» *New* 3DS transfer tips needed. mrsflamingo7New5/19/2017 9:08am
» ~~~In diar need of some pals~~~Kirsty97-New3/21/2020 5:22pm
» 1 insect away from completing inventoryanimepet6New10/2/2015 9:52pm
» 10 years later still playingpixiepie9New6/26/2016 6:58am
» 100MillionYasher7New7/6/2015 9:47pm
» 18 M who just wants to chat about ACGCMyNameJeff8New1/15 12:05pm
» 19 uni student looking for people to get hype about ACNH with!!acIsLovedByMe14New3/29/2020 9:10pm
» 20+ Age ACNH Friends!Clarissa123453New4/2/2020 2:40am
» 23 F LF 21+ PlayersVampirianBlood10New4/2/2020 8:04pm
» 25 year old on ACNHcheeseychips-New4/9/2021 11:42am
» 30 F UK - lets be friends Mojitoisle20-New6/5/2020 8:12am
» 30 year old F ... newDaizzydoo1New4/26/2021 2:47pm
» 32 and New to Horizons....if anyone is out there. devlin641New1/17/2021 10:40pm
» 32 year old female, UK, looking for ACNH friends.Kallistra5New3/6/2021 5:34pm
» 32f - looking for new fun friends for ACNLAAdams12273New5/26/2019 3:03pm
» 34M UK looking for Cherries and PeachesWashedup1New3/1/2022 11:07am
» 38, SAHM, restarted second cartridge; looking to build up my friend list againchasy7New2/10/2020 7:58pm
» 3ds transfer questioncttooch2New11/13/2016 9:42pm
» 42/f looking for adult New leaf playersLovesAlot5New5/2/2019 11:12am
» 47 / F Looking for ACPC FriendsSerenity03K64-New5/21/2022 11:47am
» 49 F Northern Hemisphere Looking for ACNH Adult friends!Jodiva20213New10/15/2021 7:42pm
» 5,640 miles apart. We became friends 10+ years ago through ACC.Nukie2New2/4/2021 6:55pm
» 59yo F Southern Hemisphere looking for buddiesAcaddiction222New2/2/2022 9:36pm
» 63yr old F, UK,, just started ACNHTanzindrift9New9/5/2022 1:41pm
» A bit of a brag1BostonGirl21New7/2/2015 4:52pm
» A Blue Rose TaleYasher2New12/11/2015 5:00pm
» A horrible tragedy has occurredvix92018New11/8/2015 4:05pm
» A wonderful discoveryQueensryche4New5/13/2020 4:26am
» AC-HHD QuestionOcasiootoko-New3/2/2017 2:54pm
» AC:CFMrsD071New3/23/2016 6:09pm
» AC:NL Friends?teatown-New7/2/2017 7:15pm
» ACNew leaf pumpkin pie & afternoon tea set...Harvest festivaltiredmum1New4/2/2016 2:14pm
» ACNH Dupe GlitchCoralScott1New3/26/2020 11:08am
» ACNH Looking to buy flowers from Nookskimberly1015771New4/6/2020 4:17pm
» ACNH Tonight Released!Delisa6New3/20/2020 8:34am
» ACNH Town Names?MissMee23New3/26/2020 8:37am
» ACNL Guidemrsflamingo2New12/14/2016 9:07am
» ACNL LOOKING FOR FRIENDSharley04044New4/17/2020 4:06am
» ACNL Perfect Town Helplizzard3New11/21/2016 7:02pm
» ACNL right nooooooowascher3ds-New1/18/2016 3:53am
» active players for pocket camp emma17-New5/20/2018 9:26am
» Active Players.....38 F UKnuttykaty1New1/30/2018 11:20pm
» Active players?dyanna8516New11/4/2016 10:48pm
» ACWW - looking for friends! Grace_20202New7/22/2020 5:08pm
» Adult friendssilverlady11New2/18/2017 7:54pm
» Am I too young???Periraptor1New3/18/2019 11:08am
» Animal Crossing – photos of the amiibo figures and cardsn3dscrossinger1New6/18/2015 9:05am
» Animal crossing adults only fb groupKaztrekie2New5/18/2017 10:17am
» Animal Crossing Apps?strahd92New6/25/2016 1:23pm
» Animal Crossing City Folk UFOLovesAlot1New2/12/2016 10:01pm
» Animal Crossing New Leaf million bells in less than 5 minutes.LovesAlot4New7/6/2019 2:26pm
» Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch!!!!RaKage9New10/7/2018 6:59pm
» Animal Crossing Wild WorldSammykins1852New1/1/2018 7:13pm
» Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival n3dscrossinger3New7/16/2015 8:53am
» Animal Neighborssmilesalot07171New7/16/2015 10:58am
» Another E3WarriorTy1New6/9/2015 8:15am
» Ants, flies, and mole roaches Fugee_lalala5New5/10/2015 5:28pm
» Any advice on shooting stars in ACNH?lizzard4New4/26/2020 6:18pm
» Any fellow ACNL insomniacs out there?AAdams1227-New11/29/2017 3:41am
» Any gamers between 27-34?kay93x24New10/21/2022 11:02am
» Any GG completionists here?ArtieMcD5New8/17/2015 7:02pm
» Any GG's with AC Tumblr Blogs?MandysAMess1New1/29/2016 6:30am
» Any news on the next series?MandysAMess20New9/18/2016 2:15pm
» Any over 40 players?Crazyboutfishin50New12/12/2021 9:40pm
» Any players with kiddos who also love AC?Rhapz-New7/2/2020 3:48pm
» Any UK people in their late 20s and up playing New Leaf?LightLink-New8/3/2022 2:13pm
» Anybody have lunar horizon and lunar surface?laurasp3-New7/26/2015 12:39pm
» Anybody wanna sell some clothes? LazyBoi-New3/26/2020 8:35pm
» Anyonenuttykaty3New1/23/2017 6:50pm
» Anyone able to sell me office furniture?Loboctavian1New8/15/2020 3:29pm
» Anyone Completed the Catalog?MandysAMess16New6/2/2015 6:51pm
» Anyone else feel a little lonely?Azada15New8/24/2016 12:18pm
» Anyone else having trouble finding Amiibo cards?Tizzy7910New6/11/2017 12:29am

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