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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:03pm
» Ants, flies, and mole roaches Fugee_lalala5New5/10/2015 5:28pm
» Looking for new friends!!Stefantabulous15New5/19/2015 9:50pm
» Is it possible to get a townie back once they've moved? MrsStamps2New5/22/2015 1:14pm
» Looking for friends!Yueh311New5/23/2015 9:30am
» I'm having no luck here, so where can I find friendly, active ACNL players?Mercuri57New5/30/2015 10:23am
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» Anyone Completed the Catalog?MandysAMess16New6/2/2015 6:51pm
» if you could choosecraftygirlz20148New6/4/2015 9:27am
» wow bummercraftygirlz20143New6/4/2015 8:48pm
» Dorothy Effect2updaisy2New6/7/2015 3:24pm
» Another E3WarriorTy1New6/9/2015 8:15am
» Birthday bash! Come one come alldarkannie4New6/9/2015 4:32pm
» Animal Crossing – photos of the amiibo figures and cardsn3dscrossinger1New6/18/2015 9:05am
» wanna wifi?lauralovesharry2New6/26/2015 1:43pm
» A bit of a brag1BostonGirl21New7/2/2015 4:52pm
» im backfancyblue11New7/4/2015 8:58am
» Are Toy Hammers still worth anything?Starlurk1New7/6/2015 5:46pm
» 100MillionYasher7New7/6/2015 9:47pm
» Sloppy furniture?Zactalia6New7/8/2015 1:17am
» Old Member Who is Back!MooMaster12New7/14/2015 2:56pm
» Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival n3dscrossinger3New7/16/2015 8:53am
» Animal Neighborssmilesalot07171New7/16/2015 10:58am
» How to display town layout for 3DSmrsflamingo2New7/18/2015 4:42pm
» Gracie wont open shopdeedee718New7/18/2015 9:08pm
» Anybody have lunar horizon and lunar surface?laurasp3-New7/26/2015 12:39pm
» Is A Transfer of Downloaded ACNL from 2DS to 3DS XL Possible?calvin9944New7/29/2015 11:12am
» Anyone want to visit my ACNL town?Tlz444-New8/1/2015 8:23pm
» Looking to catalogue furniture sets iloveanabel-New8/3/2015 11:48am
» I just got New Leaf! Let's hang outminsley6New8/3/2015 11:51am
» Need Help To Start Again ??iloveanabel5New8/4/2015 8:48am
» Ditched (ACNL, Rant Alert)Bokujo12New8/7/2015 12:38am
» HH showcase doesn't register?ymhdejongh1New8/7/2015 10:55am
» Turnips and PearsJimtaro-New8/12/2015 10:49am
» Any GG completionists here?ArtieMcD5New8/17/2015 7:02pm
» No new DLC for New Leaf?strahd926New9/1/2015 4:34pm
» What's the best way to transfer ACNL pics from a New 3DS XL?Dextr7New9/24/2015 6:09pm
» 1 insect away from completing inventoryanimepet6New10/2/2015 9:52pm
» Hair style questions!Fugee_lalala12New10/4/2015 3:35pm
» Is Goodwill Still Around?MandysAMess2New10/8/2015 2:04am
» Just Restared My TownMandysAMess7New10/12/2015 1:03pm
» Sound Off or On?Yasher19New10/13/2015 7:36am
» Start over? Kinda temptedEliza2511New10/13/2015 9:07am
» can someone help with villager ???ashneye3New10/13/2015 9:13am
» City Folk Sassygirl832417New10/16/2015 6:40am
» Island Traveling for second playersDoitallmom412New10/18/2015 12:09am
» Ds or XL craftygirlz201427New10/30/2015 7:54am
» A horrible tragedy has occurredvix92018New11/8/2015 4:05pm
» Happy Home DesignerFionaOfAvalon182New11/10/2015 12:48pm
» Did they stop streetpass and wifi for ACNL?Zactalia4New11/13/2015 12:38am
» How to Reel a fish in?LovesAlot5New11/14/2015 6:45pm
» I've Been Visiting Your Dreamtowns.Yasher9New11/16/2015 1:36pm
» Is there an easy way to get a silver or gold av?LovesAlot2New11/16/2015 5:26pm
» Growing Money TreesLovesAlot1New11/17/2015 2:37pm
» City Folk Town Villager with fleasLovesAlot1New11/17/2015 6:16pm
» City Folk Perfect TownLovesAlot1New11/17/2015 6:27pm
» Town Villager Ftiend Leaves TownLovesAlot2New11/18/2015 6:23pm
» Won City Folk Fishing TournamentLovesAlot-New11/23/2015 3:21pm
» I'm stumped Maggybeths12New11/25/2015 8:49am
» HHA score of 1,728,000! YayArkieRN4New11/25/2015 8:49am
» Longest Town You've Played?breannmae9New11/27/2015 7:10pm
» Catalog / WishlistsQueenFire6668New11/28/2015 11:22pm
» the HHD Amiibo cardsOcasiootoko2New11/29/2015 9:57am
» help I want to keep my camperLasta-New11/30/2015 8:40pm
» Island Hopping For Sea GlobeYasher35New12/10/2015 7:30am
» A Blue Rose TaleYasher2New12/11/2015 5:00pm
» Looking for... That Think... You know!TigerOfKai4New12/24/2015 8:18pm
» Need help to get rid of flies near trap.LovesAlot5New12/31/2015 11:37am
» Count down the new years!TigerOfKai-New1/1/2016 1:59am
» GameCube Animal Crossing make fast bellsLovesAlot1New1/5/2016 3:02am
» Is there a way you can still play City Folk with wi-fi?LovesAlot11New1/5/2016 4:36pm
» I missed Tortimer!!Junior_h4New1/6/2016 12:39pm
» police stationIrishGarfield1New1/8/2016 5:43pm
» ACNL right nooooooowascher3ds-New1/18/2016 3:53am
» NL Turnip GroupQueenFire6666New1/20/2016 8:14am

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