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» TGFNH(Thank Goodness for New Horizons)kdBADim1New3/21/2020 1:35pm
» Is it worth getting Nintendo online for NH?DavyDavz9814New3/21/2020 1:21pm
» Looking for New Horizon players imminently! Dunczzz58New3/21/2020 1:11pm
» Send those requests!YayaStarr1New3/20/2020 6:09pm
» LF friend group for when New Horizons comes out!AnimalEmily11228New3/20/2020 3:44pm
» Been playing New Horizons since midday Aussie time ...revcake2New3/20/2020 10:06am
» ACNH Tonight Released!Delisa6New3/20/2020 8:34am
» On the New Horizonsdee_dee1New3/15/2020 1:00am
» Discord serverferalqueen22New3/13/2020 12:35pm
» Friends for New HorizonsKellyFaithxoxo9New3/6/2020 1:50pm
» Looking for some NH friendslordcin2New3/2/2020 8:49pm
» LF New Horizons, Overcooked 2 Friendsblindfaeth2New2/28/2020 12:10pm
» Thinking of cute names for my Islandchpmcheeks5New2/27/2020 1:28pm
» Looking for older gamers for occasional play ...LilBit3189New2/24/2020 12:39am
» Favorite Villager?Annechovy11423New2/20/2020 3:11pm
» I was looking for animal crossing stuff???macho 1987-New2/13/2020 11:54pm
» Getting ready for new horizonsrevcake6New2/13/2020 10:39am
» 38, SAHM, restarted second cartridge; looking to build up my friend list againchasy7New2/10/2020 7:58pm
» Masho I try to find my old acww friends.masho-New2/9/2020 9:38pm
» My Animal Crossing JourneySlimmons3New2/8/2020 4:08pm
» Anyone playing CF? Peanut140173New2/3/2020 1:52am
» Late Night Players?Shirororasuketo5New1/11/2020 3:17am
» Looking for Fruits?toastilalita2New1/10/2020 8:33pm
» Going back to AC/GCKB8915New10/31/2019 7:29pm
» Desert Island Escape!Ocasiootoko1New10/26/2019 10:14pm
» Looking for friends, just started playing again.carmlettmix3New10/12/2019 10:22am
» Anyone play acww anymore? Confused and older helpPawspurr2New9/24/2019 12:43pm
» Anyone Here Remember the old ACWW Forum?kngaroo4New9/22/2019 8:00am
» Isabelle Smash amiibostrahd912New9/10/2019 8:54pm
» Hello!OtaconPliskin1New8/30/2019 2:05pm
» Friends?!Omgitsjessxo1New7/31/2019 4:29pm
» GG Over FortyJeanette100919New7/29/2019 9:59pm
» Animal Crossing New Leaf million bells in less than 5 minutes.LovesAlot4New7/6/2019 2:26pm
» I'm so sad!!toastilalita3New6/30/2019 2:12pm
» Need friends? Me too!toastilalita2New6/30/2019 2:10pm
» Dose anyone play ACNL daily?gothkid16New6/30/2019 2:04pm
» What do you want to see in ac switchKaai12New6/16/2019 11:59pm
» E3...and no mention of Animal Crossing for Switch?eScorpio18New6/11/2019 10:46pm
» E3 2019strahd92New6/11/2019 9:24am
» Hi! I'm looking for ACNL friends!sugaroreo-New6/9/2019 12:00am
» looking for new friends ACNLdomodizzle1New6/8/2019 11:57pm
» 32f - looking for new fun friends for ACNLAAdams12273New5/26/2019 3:03pm
» Anyone interested in joining me on discord owlamore-New5/7/2019 5:35am
» Looking for some nl friends (*^*)/)FairyLady12New5/4/2019 8:31am
» 42/f looking for adult New leaf playersLovesAlot5New5/2/2019 11:12am
» Looking for new leaf friends!Ritsy14New4/30/2019 1:12pm
» Looking for signaturesRoxieM3New4/9/2019 8:32pm
» Looking for Adult Players - ACNLMandy0101678New4/8/2019 7:13pm
» pocket camp Pinkemma2921New3/24/2019 8:53am
» Am I too young???Periraptor1New3/18/2019 11:08am
» Maybe I play AC too much?pauliemarie27New3/12/2019 1:50pm
» Flowers silverlady3New2/26/2019 3:40pm
» Check out my Free Beach Sale postMandy010167-New2/18/2019 4:13pm
» Anyone with a spare golden shovelmicasjas6New2/16/2019 7:51pm
» Public Work Projects!SleepyKitty22New1/26/2019 12:07pm
» Haven't been on in years.TheAbberDoo5New1/8/2019 7:42pm
» Anyone have festive trees? Sale, trade ?ANGELg3New1/5/2019 8:53pm
» Zucker makes me madmicasjas5New12/11/2018 4:17pm
» Missing Fossil Help?charlotte247New11/20/2018 11:01am
» Signatures Omgitsjessxo-New11/2/2018 9:06am
» Looking for friendsMemaw52314New10/30/2018 10:49pm
» Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch!!!!RaKage9New10/7/2018 6:59pm
» Lets be franzdotvillemayor-New9/27/2018 9:47pm
» New to New LeafSugaberry4New9/27/2018 11:12am
» BE MY FRIEND uwuKaririn4New9/26/2018 9:29pm
» Pocket camp etiquetteDw5652New9/10/2018 12:12am
» City folk onlineHonkeyKong3New9/6/2018 2:10am
» Friends~!pastelmoon1New9/6/2018 12:28am
» campsite vansLunarDee3New8/9/2018 11:05am
» Learning Pocket Camp have a guestionmarionnj1New7/22/2018 1:03pm
» Picked up NL, ready for some friends!IAmFinnTheHuman8New6/30/2018 12:03am
» Reset looking for friends MaloneyBaloney1New6/25/2018 7:55am
» Looking for bffsitsvutran14New6/25/2018 7:50am
» New leafchpmcheeks7New6/24/2018 12:24pm
» im backfancyblue12New6/21/2018 6:18am

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