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» NL Turnip GroupQueenFire6666New1/20/2016 8:14am
» New Leaf Calendarstrahd97New1/25/2016 9:20pm
» New Leaf - New Start!MandysAMess-New1/26/2016 12:19am
» HHA Harmonious ThemeMaggybeths2New1/27/2016 5:49pm
» When's the best time to fish coelacanth?LovesAlot5New1/28/2016 4:56pm
» Any GG's with AC Tumblr Blogs?MandysAMess1New1/29/2016 6:30am
» How can i tell if the wifi dropping is me?Junior_h3New1/30/2016 7:36pm
» Growned Up? Me?RyushiLester13New1/31/2016 12:44am
» Streetpass with 2 DSs in the same house?Junior_h3New1/31/2016 5:23pm
» New amiibo wave...strahd923New2/5/2016 4:57pm
» Animal Crossing City Folk UFOLovesAlot1New2/12/2016 10:01pm
» How to get silver fishing rod?LovesAlot7New2/15/2016 4:00pm
» Resetting Frustrations!MandysAMess6New2/16/2016 11:44am
» Wanting to get New LeafLovesAlot1New2/16/2016 2:02pm
» Things I want in the next AC game:MandysAMess13New2/17/2016 5:21pm
» Making fast bellsLovesAlot6New2/20/2016 4:34pm
» How to open island on New Leaf?LovesAlot2New2/23/2016 6:19am
» Let's PlaysMagicStatic5New2/24/2016 8:32am
» New Leaf DLC's...are they still sending them?tiredmum5New2/26/2016 8:42am
» Having trouble catching last 5 fishes in City Folk.LovesAlot2New2/29/2016 12:06pm
» New 3ds xlpuglovers014New3/9/2016 12:46am
» I cannot be the only one who thinks this...okaasan7New3/13/2016 6:14pm
» Gifts from Neighborslizzard3New3/22/2016 7:18pm
» AC:CFMrsD071New3/23/2016 6:09pm
» ACNew leaf pumpkin pie & afternoon tea set...Harvest festivaltiredmum1New4/2/2016 2:14pm
» I'm resetting. Care to join me?Eliza2512New5/7/2016 3:32pm
» FB Stalk Market groupBeg4MeJonDavis-New5/17/2016 3:13pm
» GameCube Animal CrossingLovesAlot2New5/27/2016 6:52am
» Lots of Wi-FiBritM18-New6/3/2016 5:57pm
» Does your town have a theme?MandysAMess3New6/17/2016 5:17pm
» Has anyone reset lately?BritM185New6/17/2016 5:31pm
» Wishing Real Life Was More like AC!Bara_no_uta4New6/17/2016 5:45pm
» Dancing CopperInHaven1New6/18/2016 8:26pm
» Does Street Pass still work?MandysAMess17New6/19/2016 2:59am
» Is it possible ?Loveless1New6/19/2016 7:06am
» goodwillvampmom5New6/19/2016 3:24pm
» E3 2016strahd911New6/20/2016 6:46pm
» giveaway for gownup gamersnormaheath6New6/21/2016 2:59pm
» turnip prices vampmom-New6/23/2016 8:14pm
» Clovers?puglovers015New6/25/2016 8:13am
» Animal Crossing Apps?strahd92New6/25/2016 1:23pm
» 10 years later still playingpixiepie9New6/26/2016 6:58am
» Final loan payoff...LuminousLisa3New7/2/2016 8:55am
» dream suiteIrishGarfield-New7/9/2016 2:56pm
» Dream sweet problems?woodyjj2New7/9/2016 8:02pm
» Starting overBabyfeets-New7/16/2016 4:29pm
» Is this common?jkool134New7/20/2016 1:48am
» Just RestartedMandysAMess3New7/20/2016 2:55pm
» I hear quacking, but no duck in my town.Magick_Nita2New7/24/2016 2:59pm
» But what is he?!Ocasiootoko4New7/28/2016 11:52am
» how to use give away threadstiredmum4New8/6/2016 8:28am
» New Life mannequinstiredmum5New8/6/2016 1:15pm
» Hello :)Aquabat2New8/11/2016 5:09pm
» Does anyone else do this?JC10007New8/12/2016 9:27pm
» Looking for active playersbrutalblonde1New8/23/2016 7:44am
» Anyone else feel a little lonely?Azada15New8/24/2016 12:18pm
» Ricky in boxesLJ92-New8/26/2016 12:29pm
» Im looking for people to play withZaysboo5New8/29/2016 6:13am
» Team SpeakCygnus21222New8/29/2016 6:07pm
» F 29 looking for friends lillyb09-New9/7/2016 11:37am
» Headgear?lopsidedhalo1New9/8/2016 11:22pm
» Japanese town nameLoveless3New9/9/2016 10:15am
» What is your most recent accomplishment?SleepyKitty15New9/10/2016 12:27am
» White Carnationslizzard6New9/10/2016 9:28pm
» Back on AC / In need of friends!Melshake2New9/11/2016 3:26pm
» Badges. Who is working on them?sillygoose164New9/14/2016 6:00pm
» Ores / anyone's retail buying at premium?sillygoose161New9/16/2016 2:02pm
» Any news on the next series?MandysAMess20New9/18/2016 2:15pm
» Looking for new friendsZ_Obsidian4New9/19/2016 8:47pm
» Cleocleotoo-New9/20/2016 11:38am
» Have Katie here. Need to bring her to someone's town pleasechancica8New9/25/2016 6:18pm
» Uh.. Anyone else hear this on their music player? social_worm-New9/25/2016 10:10pm
» Looking for fruits and friendsSleepyKitty7New9/27/2016 3:57pm
» LF - Kitchen Sink, Afternoon Tea Set, Plaid Cami Dress and Holiday Stocking and more!Zaybe2New10/2/2016 7:52am
» SignaturesAAdams12271New10/2/2016 9:47am

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