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This board is designed to allow our older members to find each other and hold discussions related to Animal Crossing. Note that the same forum rules that apply to the rest of the site apply here as well.  
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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:03pm
Hybrids VIIiolite719New8/31 9:47pm
» Looking for the 20-something players!Emilyyy43New9/26 11:59pm
» GG GroupNicksFixed3New9/24 3:39am
» ACNH 45f Looking for visits and visitors ehlyda-New9/19 8:13am
» Old Timers: What do you miss (or not)?OscarGrouch17New9/16 6:48pm
» F 60+ ACC -3 looking for ACNH friendsGranny7892New9/7 12:14pm
» Brand new grownup. Looking for friends!ZiggyAnn1New9/5 3:21pm
» Any gamers between 27-34?kay93x16New9/4 1:39pm
» Any over 40 players?Crazyboutfishin38New8/31 9:53pm
» How did animal crossing shape your childhood?themessypeach5New8/17 3:35am
» Anyone able to sell me office furniture?Loboctavian1New8/15 3:29pm
» Last 4 sea creaturesZestykat1New8/2 5:29pm
» Police StationLovesAlot5New7/31 3:36am
» New Member To Forum and ACNHMisterJStar6New7/30 3:27am
» Yo, PURPLE TEAM represent!!!RaKage5New7/28 4:34pm
» ACWW - looking for friends! Grace_20202New7/22 5:08pm
» Pretty new to AC(CF)lobobias1New7/4 7:44am
» Any players with kiddos who also love AC?Rhapz-New7/2 3:48pm
» Looking for a few ppl to water my flowers! Will pay!YayaStarr5New6/14 3:58pm
» frinedsemma171New6/13 12:02pm
» Looking for Penpals!CalamityJayne30New6/9 6:02pm
» From City Folk to New Horizons. I need friends Oneira1New6/8 11:09pm
» Anyone want to visit my island?Tlz4444New6/7 5:41pm
» New Horizons FriendsDawn19841New6/5 3:04pm
» 30 F UK - lets be friends Mojitoisle20-New6/5 8:12am
» Looking for Friends NHafarrell11New6/5 4:59am
» New to playing on my kids switch/ I'm in need of friends, to travel to please SRJ714New6/5 4:24am
» New to AC - help please!Mojitoisle203New6/4 1:36pm
» Starting Over - ACNHlizzard5New5/30 2:24pm
» Looking for Beehive diypinkpirate332New5/21 1:41pm
» looking to visit manicmoo2New5/16 9:11pm
» Discord?koolboy6899New5/15 12:22pm
» A wonderful discoveryQueensryche4New5/13 4:26am
» Looking for ACNL friendsonycatgaming2New5/12 7:03pm
» Have a Rocket?eScorpio5New5/12 2:19pm
» GG AC NH Small Group visiting and turnip pricesWobbles-New5/12 2:11pm
» Mom missing?strahd93New5/3 7:11pm
» Anyone want to come hang out?blaze3002New5/2 5:31pm
» LF35 over friends new horizonsChichiri24New5/1 7:27am
» tiny library!erieri4New4/30 1:44pm
» New Friends for New Horizons Emmy871New4/28 8:24pm
» Any advice on shooting stars in ACNH?lizzard4New4/26 6:18pm
» Did they really just remove...Maggybeths13New4/26 11:53am
» So confused on how this all works? Stacella232New4/25 12:55pm
» Dilemma: Please help!ACCFlol146New4/25 10:42am
» Want to buy some fruits and flowersRyzzui1New4/24 10:54am
» DAL pre-flight song...eScorpio-New4/23 12:16am
» Looking for some southern hemis friends! Northern here. Also looking for PAGODA!xDukii-New4/22 4:05pm
» Looking for UK gamers Kent1211New4/22 2:39am
» Looking to add UK playersevilturkeyclone4New4/21 5:32pm
» Looking For Apple and CherriesAlejoGizmosis2New4/21 3:34am
» Anyone else?MrFicklePickle6New4/20 1:59am
» Need groovy rug pattern for outsideFatHedgehog-New4/19 8:16pm
» Want to host pick up and put back down trading cornerMaggie88Games1New4/17 4:33pm
» Looking to add Friends! mason106925New4/17 4:08am
» ACNL LOOKING FOR FRIENDSharley04044New4/17 4:06am
» Looking for cherry blossom recipesLoboctavian2New4/14 10:42pm
» I hate this Egg day crapLoboctavian27New4/14 4:48am
» Digging left, Joycon driftLoboctavian7New4/13 5:39pm
» Question re Inviting People Overk1pper3New4/12 5:43am
» Come fish with me!YayaStarr2New4/11 3:00pm
» Sahara rugs tradeLoboctavian3New4/11 11:49am
» Turnip Helpk1pper-New4/11 9:17am
» ACNH Looking to buy flowers from Nookskimberly1015771New4/6 4:17pm
» I need some flowersCualacino1New4/6 9:02am
» Can anyone help me with fruit and flowers?marlasinger5New4/6 1:58am
» Trade cosmos/roses for fruit/bamboo/rest of flowers?Alicia1243-New4/5 8:47pm
» Is it just me??revcake7New4/5 5:51pm
» Simple wooden fences micasjas2New4/5 1:21pm
» How to "remove" houses and trees to look behind them on NHmicasjas4New4/5 8:56am
» 23 F LF 21+ PlayersVampirianBlood10New4/2 8:04pm
» 20+ Age ACNH Friends!Clarissa123453New4/2 2:40am
» Characters CoralScott2New3/30 12:37pm
» M 35, New Horizons. Tokyo. Orange, Peach, Cherries. Up for tradingLoboctavian-New3/30 5:03am

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