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Board Guidelines and FAQs -- please read before posting!jader201-New11/4/2006 1:03pm
Hybrids VIIiolite710New4/20/2017 7:57am
» Oldest Gamer? mark_in_bc60New1/17 10:44am
» Hi like to make some friends JLwolf-New1/14 6:05pm
» Is there a way to get more leaf tickets for free on Pocket Camp?LovesAlot12New1/13 5:09am
» 42/f looking for adult New leaf playersLovesAlot1New1/6 9:03pm
» 42/f looking for adult Pocket Camp playersLovesAlot7New1/6 9:30am
» Animal Crossing Wild WorldSammykins1852New1/1 7:13pm
» pocket camp Pinkemma2919New12/28/2017 5:19pm
» So how about that Pocket Camp version?micasjas7New12/17/2017 9:03pm
» Harv's Wi-Fistrahd93New12/17/2017 10:59am
» Young Adult Newbie looking for New Leaf PalsPaopuBlossom7New12/17/2017 12:17am
» Anyone with a spare golden shovelmicasjas3New12/5/2017 6:17am
» Old City Folk Website?pancake25New12/4/2017 11:16pm
» Looking for bffsitsvutran10New12/4/2017 8:53am
» Any fellow ACNL insomniacs out there?AAdams1227-New11/29/2017 3:41am
» Picked up NL, ready for some friends!IAmFinnTheHuman2New11/29/2017 3:34am
» Looking for funny new ACNL friendsCraftyChrissy13New11/29/2017 3:32am
» Public Work Projects!MyPetDinosaur18New11/28/2017 12:44am
» GG Over FortyJeanette100913New11/26/2017 2:29pm
» New Leaf & Pocket CampMaggybeths-New11/26/2017 9:19am
» looking for friends!Jolymarie307New11/25/2017 8:02pm
» Discord serverferalqueen17New11/3/2017 4:51am
» hey am new here Pinkemma294New11/1/2017 11:42pm
» Looking for new friends and visitorsspiderwitch7New11/1/2017 6:19pm
» Use wisp to get your favorite villagers at startupmicasjas2New10/26/2017 6:37pm
» New Friends Neededsmilesalot071712New10/21/2017 8:08pm
» Hi I'm new!!! Aksinya3New10/19/2017 10:32pm
» What Do You Do With the Coffee Beans?Yasher4New10/18/2017 2:14am
» RV AMIIBOEmmy8716New10/17/2017 12:24pm
» City Folk: Finally!strahd92New10/16/2017 10:53am
» New Friends For New LeafRylongFaqtu-New10/15/2017 12:35am
» Elmer Moved Back To My Town!!pixiepie1New10/10/2017 8:31pm
» Looking for new friends new leaf Larissajoy4New10/9/2017 1:49am
» Turnip Prices?MsKawaii-New9/21/2017 5:40pm
» Looking for new friends Emmy879New9/16/2017 3:05am
» Turnipsjackspicer2New9/16/2017 3:02am
» hello all!snow420-New9/12/2017 12:31pm
» New to the Community!HaveACool6New9/12/2017 12:22pm
» New FriendsCloudyLucy3New9/11/2017 12:08pm
» New guyturoen19903New9/9/2017 1:32pm
» Welcome Amiibo RV Requestsmrsflamingo13New9/1/2017 4:01pm
» Corrupt Datastrahd95New9/1/2017 5:20am
» Want Elmer backpixiepie1New8/22/2017 8:34am
» Police StationLovesAlot3New8/18/2017 12:25pm
» New friendsLilmissprincess2New8/9/2017 6:14pm
» New Here - Looking for Friendschaselindley3New8/9/2017 6:10pm
» Landscape silverlady39New8/9/2017 2:49pm
» Looking for new leaf friendsPANDADIGDUG-New8/7/2017 1:18am
» Welcome amiibo cardsmrsflamingo8New7/28/2017 3:26pm
» AC:NL Friends?teatown-New7/2/2017 7:15pm
» Animal Crossing New Leaf million bells in less than 5 minutes.LovesAlot-New6/17/2017 3:20pm
» Anyone else having trouble finding Amiibo cards?Tizzy7910New6/11/2017 12:29am
» *New* 3DS transfer tips needed. mrsflamingo7New5/19/2017 9:08am
» Animal crossing adults only fb groupKaztrekie2New5/18/2017 10:17am
» New here, hello.Tammyads1New5/14/2017 8:18pm
» Need GG friendsFoxylady26New5/14/2017 4:00pm
» Town Tune help needed pleaseEmmy87-New5/13/2017 11:17am
» LOOKING FOR BUNS!!genisue1New5/10/2017 7:14pm
» Anyone on now with a Shampoodles?Sydderrx182New4/30/2017 4:33pm
» Spotpass Weekend & Issuesstrahd99New4/30/2017 12:58pm
» New Town and Badges?MandysAMess2New4/29/2017 2:13pm
» Brand New, Looking for Friends!smithton1New4/28/2017 8:58pm
» Grace is in my town and I need help! KirstyB2610-New4/25/2017 10:05am
» Looking for friend for AC:NL! :)SunnyIrisBelief15New4/24/2017 3:38pm
» Long In The Tooth FriendsCrazyInCambs1New4/23/2017 11:31pm
» Looking for new friendsMyPetDinosaur38New4/22/2017 4:24pm
» What Is Your Town's Tune?Yasher18New4/22/2017 12:13pm
» Did You Update?Yasher46New4/18/2017 10:45pm
» New FriendsFoxnWonderland1New4/18/2017 10:26pm
» Fishing for Char....Maigery3New4/5/2017 11:14am
» Looking for lady friends =) !TxKitten8New4/3/2017 9:08pm
» Bee'sGentlerain11New4/3/2017 7:45pm
» Update ideasmrsflamingo8New3/27/2017 6:32pm
» Black Wii Umrsflamingo11New3/15/2017 10:42am

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