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Any suggestions you may have about the site, or the community as a whole, may be posted here. This board is owned and monitored by our Research and Development team, and they will be here to provide feedback for your suggestions. Please be sure to check that your suggestion isn't already posted before posting it to the board.  
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"My Towns" for New Horizons?eScorpio7New3/25/2020 12:11pm
Ask The Staff Board - Suggest Questions Version 2Jarikira7New1/24/2021 2:22pm
Suggestions for Game Guides to be addediolite5New2/29/2020 10:41am
Weekly Poll Suggestions - (Version 4)Jarikira16New10/22/2021 3:43pm
» "Change Avatar" is confusingILoveACCF2New9/27/2020 11:27pm
» "Emergency powers"Sonnic7New3/31/2016 10:03am
» *ACNL Catalog sort option?SydSaturn2New8/14/2015 2:32pm
 A "Filter" For (Private) ThreadsMissMaddy8New11/11/2016 10:57pm
» a day where there is an event on the siteyugdyhixruby2New7/5/2017 2:56pm
» A more secure ACCSuperpie2New4/22/2018 7:47am
» A New Board - Threads with Zero Replies? FeraligatrFTW1New10/1/2020 11:24pm
» A place to spend bells?Cryptocurrency2New8/13/2015 6:23pm
» ability to +1 peoples postsluxanna2New12/29/2016 11:55pm
» Ability to change your profile nameraymon974New1/6/2016 12:04pm
» Ability to Delete One's Own Postswalkingonthesun13New12/26/2020 1:32am
 ability to favorite/unfavorite a board from the board page itself10puppyluv102New4/3/2018 6:17pm
» Ability to mark a thread as "Unread"Amrasje3New10/9/2017 7:59pm
» Ability to quickly see who last responded to a threadspyro8791031New7/23/2015 4:41am
» Ability to search through FCHannahHaaa3New10/11/2015 6:17am
» Ability to search usernames on the "My Friend Codes" pageKaituTown339New11/3/2016 3:47pm
» Ability to see everyone who is online at same time as you.Nowi4New7/15/2015 10:09am
» Ability to turn the “want to advertise on ACC” ads off15952New4/2/2018 5:23am
» ACC application for android and appleSteenie2New12/1/2016 5:50pm
» ACC Art Competiton!ACGC1441New6/21/2018 7:47pm
» ACC Community: Friend CodesAradia1592New10/4/2017 7:30am
» ACC Discord Server?MGK11New2/22/2020 3:28pm
» ACC Friend RequestsCoolioCanada3New11/11/2016 5:57pm
» ACC private messengeraudreyyyyyy4New6/9/2015 5:52pm
» ACC swear filter word..emmabaker875New11/4/2016 10:07pm
» AccoladesMayorJason2New4/10/2016 5:26am
» ACNH Board SuggestionsMGK16New5/8/2020 4:44pm
» acnl patterns10puppyluv101New5/26/2017 8:33am
» Add Discord username for contact infoMGK19New3/8/2021 11:23am
» Add guides for Animal Crossing New HorizonsTlz4441New1/31/2021 7:31pm
» Add in a list of QR Codestoribug671New2/15/2016 9:33am
» Add newer AC games to the <meta> description/keywordsGavinGoneGlobal-New4/19/2019 2:09am
 Add Villager Birthday below list of Member Birthdays.kikicat11New8/10/2019 6:41pm
» Allowing Members to Use Their Own AvatarShawnaisus7New11/8/2016 4:12pm
» An ACC App?MollieScoop7New8/16/2016 1:02pm
» Animal Crossing 2019 BoardACGC144-New1/3/2019 2:09pm
» Animal Crossing Community NFTsCryptocurrency8New2/21 9:16am
» April 1 announcement Bennyboy923New4/2/2020 11:24pm
» Ask The Staff Board - Suggest Questions Version 1pedro_collins338New2/29/2020 10:58am
» Avatars & BIPOC RepresentationJjjj274New1/25/2021 10:43pm
» Badges? NL maps?jessruby2New5/21/2015 2:47pm
» Beginners tutorial please, how to lock, add, change title, etc. Add away community! :)jamieejamiee7New6/18/2015 3:50pm
» Bell Shop: Item Suggestions - Please post separate threadsBowserBasher252New6/6/2015 11:49am
» Bell Shop?zanemc3New1/19/2017 4:07pm
» Bell storePurplePiggie4New5/26/2020 6:48pm
» bells toward account perkslishygoo7New9/20/2016 7:25am
» Board for WW WifiGameSlash_4New3/1/2018 5:44pm
» Buying A Name Change With BellsAstrid_Alabma1New2/13/2020 8:30pm
» Calendar PlannerJjay122New2/15/2016 9:46am
» Can you please add NL avatarsrachelmaurtua37New2/6/2016 6:39am
» Changing Banner Based on TimeMissMaddy4New2/9/2017 10:44am
» Chat / Instant Messenger Feature?DaisyBry8New7/11/2020 1:24pm
» ChatroomLunessey9New2/28/2017 3:38pm
 Contact Info UpdateDilpyckle7New9/27/2021 9:43pm
» Crafting time will be shortened (not really)DaisyAnimal7New5/11/2020 12:27pm
» Custom avatar photo.Trip_Away11New7/10/2018 11:42pm
» De-fuzz Jackpot, User Name Lookup Outlinesprshack2New9/29/2017 8:14pm
» Delete all the DS/Wii games from the friend code list?Vaporeon10New9/13/2017 3:17pm
» Delete Old Threadsmayaora9New4/21/2017 10:49pm
» Demographics Check & Site Rules for PTs RevisedNowi2New10/11/2015 2:21am
 Desktop Notificationswakkitty7New10/25/2016 8:22am
» Development Sub-staff. BelleCooper4New11/4/2016 10:08pm
» Discussion of Wiimmfi for City Folktennisfan2139New11/28/2016 9:59pm
 Dobutsu no Mori e+ Avatars & Animal Crossing New Horizons Avatarskikicat13New2/19 11:24am
 DonationsFeraligatrFTW18New3/30/2020 4:42pm
» Downloadsgeoff2-New3/19/2020 4:37pm
» Dream Address Guestbooks!Creepiest5New9/3/2017 3:17pm
» Edit the Boy Smiling Emote to Look More Like the Girl VersionKEEBY6425New11/4/2016 9:23pm
» Emailing Updates/AnnouncementsStarlitGlitch2New7/17/2019 7:37pm
» End mandatory FCRs!Hadger4New9/2/2020 7:06pm
» Filter The ACC staff sidebarspyro8791032New6/27/2015 4:26pm

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