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Any suggestions you may have about the site, or the community as a whole, may be posted here. This board is owned and monitored by our Research and Development team, and they will be here to provide feedback for your suggestions. Please be sure to check that your suggestion isn't already posted before posting it to the board.  
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Weekly Poll Suggestions - (Version 4)Jarikira7New8/30 2:12pm
Ask The Staff Board - Suggest Questions Version 2Jarikira4New7/4 9:32pm
"My Towns" for New Horizons?eScorpio7New3/25 12:11pm
Suggestions for Game Guides to be addediolite5New2/29 10:41am
» Two Factor Authenticationjoey54New9/21 8:39pm
» move the "why do lgbtqa threads keep getting locked" thread to another board, or change the title?Cariicarky2New9/18 8:59am
» Sorting the Friend Codes?FeraligatrFTW4New9/4 10:05pm
» End mandatory FCRs!Hadger4New9/2 7:06pm
» Some UI IdeasAnkokuflare2New7/31 10:28am
» Suggestion: AC:NH Items567hanna2New7/11 4:26pm
» Chat / Instant Messenger Feature?DaisyBry8New7/11 1:24pm
» is there a way of changing my username yetKittyInABox212New7/7 1:13pm
» Bell storePurplePiggie4New5/26 6:48pm
» Sign Up the ACC for BATSphithix3New5/20 1:55pm
» Still have 1 announcement (thanks I guess)DaisyAnimal2New5/17 12:55pm
» wifi ratings for dodo visits + mark announcement threads as readmadelineonline5New5/11 11:39pm
» Add Discord username for contact infoMGK18New5/11 1:02pm
» Pocket camp.. what’s that animal?DaisyAnimal1New5/11 12:29pm
» Crafting time will be shortened (not really)DaisyAnimal7New5/11 12:27pm
» Pattern Maker - Print All FeatureYoshistory-New5/10 10:29pm
» ACNH Board SuggestionsMGK16New5/8 4:44pm
» New Leaf Dream Codes displayed in profilePeanutFan14_-New4/25 2:50am
» New Leaf map ever coming?syrupbottle2New4/24 9:39pm
» Integrate Dodo Codes into the FCR system MGK13New4/20 1:03am
» New idea: New order featureTheNewEugeneMan-New4/13 11:18pm
» With so many old timers here- where is the Tortimer emoji!?asorrypartridge3New4/11 3:13pm
» Patterns/qr code section for ACNH?gizmo2152New4/8 1:23am
» "Change Avatar" is confusingILoveACCF1New4/7 11:07am
» Separate board for NH Trading and Villager Trading? bunniehop1New4/3 8:46am
» April 1 announcement Bennyboy923New4/2 11:24pm
» Non-binary option for gender and pronouns displayedspyro87910360New4/1 7:40pm
» Option to add town name from ACNHMGK11New3/30 9:59pm
 DonationsFeraligatrFTW18New3/30 4:42pm
» Pretend to delete this website to increase trafficWhite_Chao15New3/28 7:31pm
» Thread for giving love to the newsletter!BelleCooper3New3/28 4:37pm
» town edityoshiloves1New3/24 5:29am
» Downloadsgeoff2-New3/19 4:37pm
» Official ACC Contests - Voice Your Opinions on Contests / PrizesDevin260072New3/19 3:03pm
» January events update Bilbgoat816New3/3 9:36pm
» What do you want to see from a Pattern Maker? - Updated 8th October 2012iolite76New2/29 11:01am
» Ask The Staff Board - Suggest Questions Version 1pedro_collins338New2/29 10:58am
» ACC Discord Server?MGK11New2/22 3:28pm
 Dobutsu no Mori e+ Avatars & Animal Crossing New Leaf Post Update Avatars.kikicat12New2/20 7:33pm
» Buying A Name Change With BellsAstrid_Alabma1New2/13 8:30pm
» Update Sticky ThreadsStarlitGlitch1New12/10/2019 12:35pm
» Site Support - Mark as Resolved and Staff Repliedcmh-New12/9/2019 8:01am
» Fix the Way the Top Bells List Handles Ties707penguin2New11/11/2019 6:56pm
» List of most recently replied to topics?zanemc2New10/2/2019 11:21am
 Add Villager Birthday below list of Member Birthdays.kikicat11New8/10/2019 6:41pm
» HHD towns?thedarkcave-New7/22/2019 7:49pm
» Emailing Updates/AnnouncementsStarlitGlitch2New7/17/2019 7:37pm
» More Time for the Summer EventStarlitGlitch1New7/1/2019 10:50pm
» Add newer AC games to the <meta> description/keywordsGavinGoneGlobal-New4/19/2019 2:09am
» Genderless emojisDegemination6New3/14/2019 4:57pm
 Flagged ThreadsKEEBY649New3/9/2019 8:05am
» Something to do with BellsDeathEater8143New3/8/2019 10:49am
» Mobile Responsive SiteOnyonaut1New1/16/2019 12:33am
» Animal Crossing 2019 BoardACGC144-New1/3/2019 2:09pm
» Pattern voting refresh?NarutoUchiha-New11/12/2018 3:23am
» New catalogue sort option - sort by location obtainedSnowlico-New11/11/2018 2:14pm
» Custom avatar photo.Trip_Away11New7/10/2018 11:42pm
 Pokemon Go?ASUtown5New6/25/2018 1:00pm
» ACC Art Competiton!ACGC1441New6/21/2018 7:47pm
» A more secure ACCSuperpie2New4/22/2018 7:47am
 ability to favorite/unfavorite a board from the board page itself10puppyluv102New4/3/2018 6:17pm
 Addition of partially recognised/unrecognised states to the "Country" list on profilesOceanSunfish6New4/3/2018 3:54pm
» Ability to turn the “want to advertise on ACC” ads off15952New4/2/2018 5:23am
» New Board for AC:NLMGK19New3/24/2018 12:34am
» Missing VillagerFlying_Buffalo2New3/19/2018 4:07am
» Board for WW WifiGameSlash_4New3/1/2018 5:44pm
» User name change as a donation incentiveCreepiest20New2/18/2018 3:32am
» Live Updatesonionboy9New2/7/2018 10:51am
 Keeping the Festive Avatars for LongerDilpyckle11New12/29/2017 1:43am
» PT Notification Muting FeatureCranium5-New12/23/2017 8:24pm
» Updated Emotes & Doubutsu no mori avatarsPrinceNines10New12/12/2017 9:44pm

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