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Any suggestions you may have about the site, or the community as a whole, may be posted here. This board is owned and monitored by our Research and Development team, and they will be here to provide feedback for your suggestions. Please be sure to check that your suggestion isn't already posted before posting it to the board.  
Title Posted By Replies Unread Latest Post
List of Restricted and Conditional Suggestionsiolite-New12/14/2012 5:49am
Ask The Staff Board - Suggest Questionspedro_collins298New10/20 6:34pm
New Avatars - We need your helpHoney_Gal58New10/15 7:58pm
Bell Shop: Item SuggestionsBowserBasher247New9/24 11:07am
Weekly Poll Suggestions - (Version 3)cmh491New8/21 1:56pm
New games to be added to Friend Code ToolJedi723373New6/21 2:50pm
What do you want to see from a Pattern Maker? - Updated 8th October 2012iolite68New4/13 5:01pm
AC:NL Public Works Projects Guide - We Need Your Help!aldericon24New10/21/2013 1:58am
Help us update the Villager Guide - New info added to first post 12th JulyHoney_Gal20New7/28/2013 9:06am
Fully Utilizing Site Suggestions - A Guide on Suggestion and ResponseRodents21013New4/8/2012 3:54pm
» Adding alternative Item names to the New Leaf catalogPuzzlerBird5New10/20 1:59am
» Thread Tools and Forum Goodies for Giveaway OperatorsRender_1New10/19 4:58am
 Invisible Warnings or Alternate ColorMopyDream4412New10/18 6:54am
 Information loss - what to do about it?AnnetteSR11New10/15 6:38am
 Information loss - what to do about it?AnnetteSR11New10/15 6:38am
» Ability to edit My ACC Navigation Bar?roguemaster12245New10/13 7:12pm
» suggestioncraftygirlz20145New9/27 10:09am
» More Bell Ads?supersonic5513New9/27 12:26am
» I have a suggestion... I think...KatLyons1New9/26 12:59am
» Ranks & Posts to date/Rewardsghirahim7New9/20 9:40pm
 Non-italic blockquotesACCFDude8New9/17 6:39pm
 push notifications to email?stumpy04New8/25 6:53pm
 AC: NL BadgesKitty_Paine1New7/31 12:25am
 '3DS Code 2' or 2nd DS option under WiFi SectionAlphaWolf4New7/21 11:57am
» Staff Work Lists and Discussions - Updated Bug Fix List 13th July 2014iolite3New7/16 4:17am
 Organizing Flagged ThreadsAlphaWolf6New5/29 6:30pm
 Friend Code Organization.EnglandFairy8New5/14 7:50am
 ACC WiFi on the left side bar, functionality matching Nintendo Networkwakkitty15New4/22 9:06am
 Donations Drop-Down Menu wakkitty4New3/9 4:15pm
 "AC:GC Villager Guide"GavinGoneGlobal1New12/14/2013 5:26pm
 AC and Skype / AC and SteamMandy0101673New11/9/2013 11:52pm
 tagging option/I'm feelingspyro8791036New10/2/2013 10:05pm
 Site Development Blogrct2guy6New9/17/2013 8:06pm
 Grownup Gamers AC Trading BoardMopyDream4412New9/6/2013 10:05am
 Small layout update? hayleyhail5New9/3/2013 12:05pm
 Animal Crossing Plaza?ACdub101017New8/13/2013 2:09pm
 Town Info: Grass Shape and PWPs?PuzzlerBird5New8/10/2013 1:22am
 Ability to Give User Editing Power Over PTitsvictoria0847New7/22/2013 4:56am
 dream codes suggestion...doodlecat59New7/14/2013 2:19am
 Bringing the alternating colors to My Friend CodesDimentio953New7/9/2013 9:24pm
 Site Suggestions/Site Support Warning Messagewakkitty17New7/7/2013 10:50pm

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