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Any suggestions you may have about the site, or the community as a whole, may be posted here. This board is owned and monitored by our Research and Development team, and they will be here to provide feedback for your suggestions. Please be sure to check that your suggestion isn't already posted before posting it to the board.  
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Suggestions for Game Guides to be addediolite-New4/16 8:26am
Official ACC Contests - Voice Your Opinions on Contests / PrizesDevin260067New3/17 9:45pm
Weekly Poll Suggestions - (Version 3)cmh517New3/1 5:55pm
What do you want to see from a Pattern Maker? - Updated 8th October 2012iolite75New2/22 6:35pm
New Avatars - We need your helpHoney_Gal105New2/1 7:04pm
Ask The Staff Board - Suggest Questionspedro_collins333New11/12/2016 9:43pm
» Delete Old Threadsmayaora9New4/21 10:49pm
» Looking for creative ideas to interact with the communitycodaman1272New4/12 8:09pm
» Guides for the People?StarlitSunset4New4/10 3:27pm
» Post queueSashaChan9New4/9 11:19pm
 sticky flagged threads emma_lee-New4/7 10:03pm
» My Ratings - View Ratings GivenDilpyckle3New4/6 8:49pm
» Stickied Public thread for PTsPeanutprimrose3New4/5 9:20pm
» Friend List Groups10puppyluv101New4/4 10:10pm
» Gyroid faced AC:GC avatars?PikaGal4444New3/31 10:43pm
» Shamrock Day EmotesMissMaddy6New3/17 12:39pm
» Silencing PT'sBrownjoe3New3/16 6:35pm
» Increase the Amount of Missed Bells Added to the Jackpot from 5% to 10%asho282New3/9 3:19pm
» white black and gray avatarsSilverStarr4New3/6 10:43pm
» Welcome Amibo & new 3dsxlAWESOMEGAMER1New3/6 5:54pm
» Pink GrassMissMaddy6New3/3 5:30pm
» Typo when editing avatarhpotter_hockey1New3/2 10:39am
» Flagged ThreadsKEEBY647New3/1 4:59am
» ChatroomLunessey9New2/28 3:38pm
» Pattern Voting RNGCariicarky2New2/28 1:15pm
» Delete all the DS/Wii games from the friend code list?Vaporeon7New2/20 12:20am
» Add Villager Birthday below list of Member Birthdays.kikicat9New2/20 12:18am
» Make a New Thread for Showing Art and Fulfilling RequestsShawnaisus5New2/13 12:57am
» Changing Banner Based on TimeMissMaddy4New2/9 10:44am
» New ways to encourage site activity, giveaways and WiF-ing with new people...15952New2/8 1:54pm
 Markup Bar for ProfilesMissMaddy9New2/8 1:02pm
» More EmotesMissMaddy21New2/4 11:05am
» History of Animal Crossing/About Animal Crossingwalkingonthesun3New2/2 11:05pm
» SFQ - SortingDilpyckle4New1/31 9:59am
 Dobutsu no Mori e+ Avatars & Animal Crossing New Leaf Post Update Avatars.kikicat11New1/30 4:07pm
» trading Amiibo cards Princessbreez3New1/22 9:44am
» Bell Shop?zanemc3New1/19 4:07pm
» QR Codes BoardPurplePiggie2New1/9 8:15am
» Ability to Delete One's Own Postswalkingonthesun12New1/6 4:05pm
 Keeping the Festive Avatars for LongerDilpyckle10New1/6 3:50pm
 SnowflakesDilpyckle9New12/31/2016 5:12pm
» ability to +1 peoples postsluxanna2New12/29/2016 11:55pm
» New Leaf homepage design IheartPLL2New12/23/2016 9:02am
» Member of the week/Top Poster.kikicat8New12/8/2016 4:19pm
» ACC application for android and appleSteenie2New12/1/2016 5:50pm
» Discussion of Wiimmfi for City Folktennisfan2139New11/28/2016 9:59pm
 Minor Graphical ChangesDilpyckle22New11/24/2016 3:10pm
» Instant Messengermystique19827New11/17/2016 7:45pm
» Hiring a 24/7 Moderator At 2% Above Minimum Wage in Oklahoma CityWhite_Chao14New11/17/2016 9:06am
 A "Filter" For (Private) ThreadsMissMaddy8New11/11/2016 10:57pm
» ACC Friend RequestsCoolioCanada3New11/11/2016 5:57pm
» Lock the current Dream Suite thread and open up a new onePikaGal4448New11/9/2016 4:53pm
» Old Rating System.nintendoguy101New11/8/2016 7:57pm
» Allowing Members to Use Their Own AvatarShawnaisus7New11/8/2016 4:12pm
» Development Sub-staff. BelleCooper4New11/4/2016 10:08pm
» ACC swear filter word..emmabaker875New11/4/2016 10:07pm
» Edit the Boy Smiling Emote to Look More Like the Girl VersionKEEBY6425New11/4/2016 9:23pm
» have spaces show up properly in town namesJaymz7771New11/4/2016 9:11pm
» Ability to search usernames on the "My Friend Codes" pageKaituTown339New11/3/2016 3:47pm
» Desktop Notificationswakkitty7New10/25/2016 8:22am
» ACC-Versaryjandor15New10/24/2016 1:22pm
» Select All Optionmayaora3New10/24/2016 12:40pm
 Simpler NavigationJustin0152New10/19/2016 7:45pm
» bells toward account perkslishygoo7New9/20/2016 7:25am
» Remove this acronym from the swear filterMemester13New9/16/2016 6:05pm
» An ACC App?MollieScoop7New8/16/2016 1:02pm
» Option to see how many people have seen your thread/post.IheartPLL6New7/27/2016 1:34pm
» More options for managing mentions and threads you've posted in!thepinkninja043New7/26/2016 5:49pm
» Receive an e-mail when you receive a Private Threadgloriamatthews6New7/17/2016 1:02am
» Management of Private ThreadsBubblebear18New7/14/2016 5:46pm
» rewards for amount of posts?limes20066New7/13/2016 2:30am
» Make the Time of Editing Posts UnlimitedShawnaisus10New7/10/2016 10:20pm
» PollsShawnaisus6New7/9/2016 6:51pm
» Community Exercise: Allow LGBTQA threads on public boardsiolite85New7/9/2016 6:22pm
 Referral BonusesDilpyckle7New7/6/2016 1:38am

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