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Any suggestions you may have about the site, or the community as a whole, may be posted here. This board is owned and monitored by our Research and Development team, and they will be here to provide feedback for your suggestions. Please be sure to check that your suggestion isn't already posted before posting it to the board.  
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Weekly Poll Suggestions - (Version 3)cmh502New10/20 6:43pm
Official ACC Contests - Voice Your Opinions on Contests / PrizesDevin260060New10/20 2:36pm
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» Edit the Boy Smiling Emote to Look More Like the Girl VersionKEEBY6420New1:32pm
 Simpler NavigationJustin0152New10/19 7:45pm
» Discussion of Wiimmfi for City Folktennisfan2131New10/16 1:09pm
» New Leaf homepage design IheartPLL1New10/15 9:29am
» I'm sad. :(Dilpyckle13New10/3 7:31am
» bells toward account perkslishygoo7New9/20 7:25am
» Remove this acronym from the swear filterMemester13New9/16 6:05pm
» Delete Old Threadsmayaora5New9/3 5:08pm
» Select All Optionmayaora2New8/31 4:29pm
» An ACC App?MollieScoop7New8/16 1:02pm
» Make a New Thread for Showing Art and Fulfilling RequestsShawnaisus-New8/13 5:37pm
» Option to see how many people have seen your thread/post.IheartPLL6New7/27 1:34pm
» More options for managing mentions and threads you've posted in!thepinkninja043New7/26 5:49pm
» Add HHD and AF to the front page:)Dilpyckle4New7/26 9:42am
» Receive an e-mail when you receive a Private Threadgloriamatthews6New7/17 1:02am
» Management of Private ThreadsBubblebear18New7/14 5:46pm
» rewards for amount of posts?limes20066New7/13 2:30am
» Make the Time of Editing Posts UnlimitedShawnaisus10New7/10 10:20pm
» PollsShawnaisus6New7/9 6:51pm
» Community Exercise: Allow LGBTQA threads on public boardsiolite85New7/9 6:22pm
» Increased SafetyDilpyckle12New7/7 7:52am
 Referral BonusesDilpyckle7New7/6 1:38am
» Banned User ListDilpyckle5New6/11 3:08pm
» Ability to search usernames on the "My Friend Codes" pageKaituTown333New6/5 8:27pm
» Development Sub-staff. BelleCooper3New5/22 1:48pm
» ACC YouTube AccountDilpyckle12New5/13 11:22am
» HTML Tab Space optionTurangaa_Maax9New4/21 2:51pm
» AccoladesMayorJason2New4/10 5:26am
» Jigsaw Puzzles? :)BelleCooper4New4/5 2:58pm
» Sticky for NL Furniture tradingBelleCooper2New4/4 8:27pm
» Some Flagged Threads FeaturesDilpyckle3New4/3 12:19pm
» "Emergency powers"Sonnic7New3/31 10:03am
» Removal of Notifications and Points after a certain amount of time10puppyluv102New3/31 5:00am
» The Ability to See All New MembersDilpyckle15New3/17 8:05pm
» User search10puppyluv103New3/7 10:55pm
» Member List10puppyluv104New3/7 4:57pm
» Ability to Delete One's Own Postswalkingonthesun2New3/6 4:56pm
» Flagged ThreadsKEEBY645New3/6 11:36am
» History of Animal Crossing/About Animal Crossingwalkingonthesun1New3/5 7:33am
» Items in Miscellaneous section of AC:GC catalogYoungRL2New3/2 12:43am
 SnowflakesDilpyckle8New2/22 9:22pm
» In site search function--especially for villager names!Nowi2New2/22 12:34am
» ACC-Versaryjandor14New2/16 4:32pm
» Option to Turn Bell Ads On and OffKEEBY649New2/16 10:22am
» Calendar PlannerJjay122New2/15 9:46am
» Add in a list of QR Codestoribug671New2/15 9:33am
» Can you please add NL avatarsrachelmaurtua37New2/6 6:39am
 Dobutsu no Mori e+ Avatars.kikicat7New2/3 2:00pm
» official ACC facebook usageBoBobb1New1/24 8:56am
» Not displaying emotesspyro8791035New1/16 11:42pm
» Non-binary option for gender and pronouns displayedspyro87910351New1/10 6:32pm
» Ability to change your profile nameraymon974New1/6 12:04pm
» 1/2/3jandor4New12/27/2015 6:02pm
» Community Exercise: Allow LGBTQA advertising Stickyiolite21New12/26/2015 5:32pm
» Desktop Notificationswakkitty4New12/24/2015 2:58pm
» ChatroomLunessey6New11/10/2015 7:50am
» Pattern Voting RNGCariicarky1New11/7/2015 10:35pm
» Using tables (Or table coding.) in posts?BJN394New11/2/2015 11:34pm
» Ability to search through FCHannahHaaa3New10/11/2015 6:17am
» Demographics Check & Site Rules for PTs RevisedNowi2New10/11/2015 2:21am
» HHD STICKYTressawolf5New9/29/2015 2:53pm
» Site EmotesZekeWatson8New9/24/2015 4:31pm
» The ability to change your birthdate, but just ONCE.DarkerACGuy7New9/7/2015 4:12am
» Friend Request UpdateBrownjoe8New9/3/2015 7:44am
» Delete all the DS/Wii games from the friend code list?Vaporeon1New8/28/2015 2:43pm
» New Leaf Changes for ACCGabeEB3New8/27/2015 10:13pm
» Is the site ready for AC:Happy Home Designer amiibo card trading?prshack3New8/18/2015 10:28pm
» Invisible mode.Nowi3New8/18/2015 3:36am
» *ACNL Catalog sort option?SydSaturn2New8/14/2015 2:32pm
» A place to spend bells?Cryptocurrency2New8/13/2015 6:23pm

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