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AC:WW UFO Gulliver Guide
Gullivers'S UFO: Random Weekday (Mon-Fri), 6AM-12PM

In Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Gamecube, Gulliver (after Swift's Gulliver's Travels) would wash up once a week on the shore of your village. If you spoke to him, he would reward you with a knick-knack he had acquired in his travels. As in the prior game, Gulliver gives away exclusive items. This time, however, he's graduated from a small time sailor to an astronaut. Speak to Booker to find out what days Gulliver's been sighted. If Booker says that Gulliver has been sighted recently, during the day you will sometimes see a UFO fly through the top screen of your Nintendo DS (On minutes ending in : x4). Gulliver is in this UFO, and if you shoot him down fast enough with a slingshot (we recommend that you be close to the top of the village to do so successfully) he will send you out on a quest to retrieve parts for his spaceship. If you help Gulliver out, he will reward you with a number of artifacts.

Nintendo Power listed an inventory of the items Gulliver gave out in their Official Guide to Animal Crossing: Wild World, but notably left out one item internet users found very quickly. Gulliver can give out an unlisted Metroid (from the Metroid games) which is part of a four-piece Nintendo set. For a full listing of Gulliver items, consult the chart below:

Gulliver Items
Arc de Triomphe Matryoshka Moai Statue Tower of Pisa
Chocolates Merlion Mouth of Truth Tribal Mask
Mermaid Statue Pagoda Manekin Pis Metroid
Plate Armor