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AC:WW Reactions Guide
In AC:WW, there are several story-lines that you can hear about: Sable from the Ables shop, Tom Nook from the Nook's store and Blathers from the Museum.

This guide is purely for those that want to know what happens on a day to day basis with each character. To do this, you must talk to this character everyday straight. Missing a day will make you have to start from Day 1 again.

Note: All pictures have been taken in AC:CF for good quality pictures. As well, all dates are examples and may not be right. Try to talk to these characters everyday.

Reactions List
Sable Tom Nook Blathers Resetti

Sable Reactions

Just like AC:CF, AC:WW follows the same "schedule" for Sable.

Day 1 - Unchanged
Day 2 - Unchanged
Day 3 - Unchanged
Day 4 - Unchanged
Day 5 - Unchanged
Day 6 - Acknowledge your character
Day 7 - Unchanged
Day 8 - Unchanged
Day 9 - Unchanged
Day 10 - Unchanged
Day 11 - Mable/Sable tells you a story about their past
Day 12 - Mable/Sable tells you a story about their past
Day 13 - Mable/Sable tells you a story about their past
Day 14 - Sable talks to you about taking Saturday off
Day 15 - Sable thanks you for visiting
Day 16 - Sable tells you that when you drop by, it makes her work feel worth while

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Tom Nook Reactions

On the last day of the Bright Nights Festival:

Tom: 'Pshew!! Oh, mercy, I must offer my apologies! What can I do for you, hm?
You: What happened?
Tom: ...Young (your name here)...I bet you think...that all I think about is money and how to make more of it, hm? Don't you?
You: Well, yeah.
Tom: Well, perhaps you're right...But I'm absolutely, 100% OK with that, hm? Indeed! I like to think that it's my job to show you young people how hard life is! As an adult, it's my responsibility. It's my TRUE job, if you will, hm?

A couple of days later, you find that the music in the shop has changed to a slow tempo:

Tom: Hmm...Oh my, how very rude. Please accept my apology. What do you need, hum?
You: Feeling OK?
Tom: I know that I look like the very embodiment of a successful businessman...In my youth, however, I had my share of terrible mistakes, you know!
You: Really?
Tom: Yes, yes, that was a rough time for me...Accidents and mistakes are difficult to get over, hm? Yes, I lost more than just money. I lost a friend...Worst of all, my passion faded, and that is a thing no man can live without...Listen up, (your name here). 'Easy' moneymaking schemes are NEVER easy, hm? If such a deal should present itself to you, I'd advise a quick retreat!

The next Sunday:

Tom: Ohhhh...Oh, I'm awfully sorry! I was...Well, never mind. What can I do for you, hm?
You: Talk to me!
Tom: My point is, (your name here)...This town is laid-back and easy to live in. Life in the city is completely different...It's a scary place, yes? It's a place where, unless you have money, no one will give you the time of day...It's just as they say, hm? A concrete jungle!
You: Really?
Tom: Yes, yes, really. Assuredly! Take the big-city banks, for example...They will deny a young man a loan, though they know nothing of his character! But I'm smarter now, yes? I know that you must take the branch manager out! You must woo his financial instincts if you are to get him on your side, hm? Yes, yes, sadly, I lacked that knowledge when I was a young, naive raccoon. In fact, I got so upset that I went on a tirade to end all tirades, hm? And the rest is history. Yes, yes, sad history...Back then, I was so very ignorant, hm? But such is the price of the passion of youth...

The next Sunday:

Tom: Oh, mercy...Whoops! How very forgetful of me, yes? What can I do for you, hm?
You: What's wrong?
Tom: I wonder, (your name here)...Do you know...the number-one reason friends become enemies?
You: No, what?
Tom: Well... It all starts with a small loan between pals. No matter how much you trust some one...you should never let a friend borrow money, hm? Unless you're willing to loan it to them assuming you'll never get it back. If a friend approaches you asking for help, you must be firm and say no!
You: All right, fine!
Tom: It sounds callous, but no! The longer you live, the more you'll understand...Even the most solid friendships become fragile when money is involved, hm? This is something that I learned firsthand when I was young. It's the truth!

A few days later:

Tom: Grrrumph...Oh, I'm most awfully sorry! Please, I insist you tell me what I can do for you, yes?
You: What happened?
Tom: Yes, yes, well...I told you about how I lost my dream in the cold heart of the big city, yes? Well, I should admit that in point of fact, that dream still exists...
You: Really?
Tom: Yes, yes, it lives on, but I know better now...You can't live off of dreams alone, hm? In the end, what really matters is money...I know it's depressing, but it's the truth.
You: Uh...
Tom: Oh, I'm so very sorry! I started getting carried away, there, hm? I should know that a youth like you doesn't want to hear about MY youth...Yes, yes, I'm not going to talk about it anymore! If you would do me a personal favor and forget I ever said anything, hm?

He will not confide in you again until May:

Tom: Oh boy...Ah, please forgive me. What brings you here to my establishment, hm?
You: What happened?
Tom: ...You know Harriet, the hairdresser who recently moved into my store, yes? Well, just the other day, she said to me...'Nook, sugar, have you ever thought about changing your hairstyle just a skosh?'
You: AHHH ha ha ha!
Tom: Well, I never! How very rude of you! You may not believe this, since it's not incredibly obvious to the naked eye...But I trim my hair every day, hm? Without fail! And on top of that, depending on how I feel that day, I customize it! Now, perhaps it might be a little too subtle for most people, but...That's how I express myself! It's where I let it all hang out, as they say, hm? Don't think I've not tried alternatives! This is the only style that suits me!

The next Sunday:

Tom: Oh me...Oh my! I couldn't be more sorry! What is it you need from me, hm?
You: What happened?
Tom: (Your name here), it's all right to ask you something, yes? Do you happen to know what a 'petriperm' is?
You: Uh, a rock band?
Tom: Uh, no, I don't believe so. The other day, Harriet came up to me and said...'Nook, I bet you'd look absolutely scrumptious in a petriperm!' Well, (your name here)? ...What do you think? A 'petriperm'???
You: No idea!
Tom: I have no idea either, hm? When she asked me, I got panicky and said...'Oh, yes, yes, a petriperm. I had those all the time when I was younger!'...Yes, yes, a blatant lie. I acted like I knew what it was, yes? Harriet just laughed...'Petriperm! Petriperm... What in the world could that mean, hm?' Ugh... Thinking about it is sure to steal sleep from me tonight!

A few days later:

Tom: Oh dear. Oh dear, terribly sorry. Forgive my woolgathering. Can I help you, hm?
You: How've you been?
Tom: Well...You remember that word that had us stumped, yes? I finally figured it out! I now know precisely what a 'petriperm' is!
You: What?
Tom: Yes, yes, I'll tell you! A 'petriperm' is......simply a shortened version of the term 'petrified perm'!
You: Ah ha ha ha!
Tom: It's no laughing matter, hm? Do you even know what a petrified perm is? They take a very skinny curling iron and give you very tight curls, yes? The curls are firm as rock! Why, if I did that, I'd look like a circus clown! I'd be the laughing stock of town, hm? They'd ask where my red nose was! Ugh...How mortifying, hm? The very thought makes me feel such humiliation...That Harriet...She probably knew I'd feel this way. That must be why she was laughing, hm? Ugh! I swear, I will never again play the fool for some big-city girl!

On August 12:

Tom: Phew...That certainly was a time...Oh, but I'm terribly sorry! How can I help you, hm?
You: What happened?
Tom: ...Well, actually, I was just thinking about the good old days, hm?
I know it seems that the world is my oyster, what with my fine shop... But in my childhood, I lived the kind of life you couldn't even imagine!
You: Really?
Tom: Yes, yes, but this was all some time ago, before I moved to this town, hm? Of course, I was born in our lovely Asgard, but I moved away for a time...Yes, yes, the city years I like to call them. I was a raccoon of action, hm? The big city certainly had its charms... but it had its pitfalls, as well. Indeed, I had to endure certain hardships that I've never spoken of, hm?...Hard to believe, yes? You're probably asking yourself, what the heck is Nook talking about, hm? For now, (your name here), maybe it's best that we forget we ever talked about this.

On August 16:

Tom: Oh me, oh my...Oh, I must apologize, hm? Forgive this humble Nook! What can I do for you?
You: What's wrong?
Tom: The other day, after I told you a little about my past, young (your name here)...I started thinking more and more about the days of my youth, hm?
You: Nostalgic?
Tom: ...Actually, I think you hit the nail on the head! Yes, yes, right on it! I don't know what's come over me. I'm a businessman first and foremost...I shouldn't let my mind wander while working, hm? Work is work, and Bells are Bells...And the world can be a cold, cruel place!
You: Don't say that!
Tom: Oh, an optimist, hm? Well, well, (your name here)...I expected you to be more cynical than that, hm? Tell me, have you ever in your life joined the work force? It's brutal! The working world is a tough place...Definitely dog eat dog, hm? Let your guard down, and before you know it, the Man's got you pinned! No matter how grand your dreams are or how lofty your goals become...In the end, in this world, money is everything, hm?...Dreams alone aren't enough to make your belly full, no!

A few days later:

Tom: Whoops! My apologies! What is it that I can do for you, hm?
You: Talk to me!
Tom: (Your name here), I'd like to apologize for acting so self-important days ago...I think I may have eaten something that disagreed with me, yes?
You: Not to worry!
Tom: ...Yes, yes, (your name here)...I already mentioned to you that I'd spent some of my youth in the city, yes? To be honest, there's a bitter memory that I have of that time...I haven't quite come to terms with it, you see...May I tell you about it?
You: Sure.
Tom: Yes, yes, thanks much! You see, I had visions of success in the big city...Such visions led me from Asgard and into the cold arms of the city. Soon after I arrived, I discovered metropolitan life to be difficult...I was most unprepared, yes? And soon, it was one error after another for me...Yes, yes, i lost everything.I gathered my few meager possessions and slunk home. Yes, city life was rough...Savage and wild...But all was not dire, hm? Because I experienced the despair of rock-bottom...I was able to push myself to become the success that I am now, yes?

On August 22:

Tom: Oh, mercy! I'm so sorry! What brings you here? Some shopping, yes?
You: Talk to me!
Tom: Yes, yes, (your name here)...I've already shared much with your already, hm? At this point, I'd thank you much if you could hear me out to the end, yes?
You: Lay it on me!
Tom: Yes, my big-city dreams shattered in its heartless streets, so I returned, hm? Once back in Asgard, there was a period when I did absolutely nothing...When I left, I was bragging to everyone about what a success I was going to be...And then I returned without a thing, my tail between my legs...I was so depressed that even the kind words of my friends hurt me, hm?When they tried to console me, I would push them away and even yell at them! Appalling. When I think of my behavior, I'm mortified by the way I acted...
You: Take it easy.
Tom: No, I was wrong, and I got worse. I had a friend who was my biggest supporter...We grew up together, hm? She wasn't what you would call a verbose girl, but...She was the first to tell me that I could never give up on my dreams. But I...One day I...I turned to her and said these words: 'Dreams are nothing in the face of money!' She turned her back on me. From that day on, we were never the same again, hm? The strange thing is, her words of encouragement... are still with me today.

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Blathers Reactions

In April, during the Flower Fest:

Blathers: 'Uuurgh...
You: What's wrong?
Blathers: No, no, pay me no mind. I believe I'm just a touch on the drowsy side... If you think about it, I keep this place open day and night, 24 hours... It's no lovely park stroll! Rather a ferocious work schedule, eh wot?
You: Incredible!
Blathers: But then, it is my duty, so I try not to admit fatigue or clamour for vacation. And if you care to know a bit of a naughty secret, when the museum is empty...I go downstairs for a cup of coffee and a wee break, hoo! Oh, such naughtiness! Ah. Yes. Hoo. Indeed. Delectable...All this talking has got me thinking about how simply glorious a cup would taste! That bitter aroma that hits you as soon as you set foot in the shop...Hoo! Indeed, hootie hoo! A cup of java would truly hit the spot, wot wot!

Two days later:

Blathers: 'Muhhhh...
You: What's wrong?
Blathers: Well, I've been dealing with a rather nasty bit of insomnia lately...Could I perhaps have been drinking too much coffee?
You: Probably...
Blathers: 'Hoo. Yes. You have a point. In coffee, there is a substance called caffeine...And in caffeine, there are stimulants which awaken your senses, wot wot! That said, my usual is a heady blend which includes Brewster's special...... 'Pigeon Milk!' Just brilliant stuff, that! It counteracts stimulants and actually relaxes, wot! Yes. Indeed. Hoo. Ultimately, the subtle yin and yang of the two give me balance! Hoo? I beg your pardon? You think that means...They cancel each other out? So it wouldn't matter if I drank it or not? Hoo. Yes. Ah. Hm. Indeed. Why on earth AM I drinking that stuff, anyway?

A few days later, Blathers will relate the details of his first meeting with Brewster to you:

Blathers: 'Ahhhh...
You: What's wrong?
Blathers: Actually, I was just thinking about the very day that Brewster and I met...
You: Tell me!
Blathers: Well, Brewster and I met in a town far from here...in my hometown, in fact...'Twas on the outskirts of downtown, in the shadows of its towering skyscrapers...He owned and operated a cafe, much like the one in this museum, wot wot!
You: Tell me more!
Blathers: Crave the details, do you? Perhaps I should tell you what brought us together...I was still very young at the time, just a spring owl attending university. I was working towards a deadline on my thesis and having a rough time of it. I went all over town, from cafe to cafe, writing in an absolute furor, but...I still couldn't complete it. With each passing day, I became more frustrated. And then, as I descended into madness...the owner of a cafe said to me...
You: What? WHAT?!
Brewster: 'There's nothing more bitter or tragic than a rushed cup of coffee.' Just a simple comment, really. But it struck me to the very core, wot! It cut through the pall of anger and opened my eyes to what I was doing. Making coffee is more than just pouring water over grounds, you see. It's about taking one's time to coax the flavor from the savory beans...A thesis is the same way. He taught me that my brain was like his coffee beans! Yes. Hoo. You've guessed it. That barrister was none other than Brewster himself, wot! And that is how our long and deep-rooted friendship began! Hootie hoo!

On April 15:

Blathers: 'Mmmmph...
You: What's wrong?
Blathers: Well... To be honest, I was just revisiting my past a bit...
You: What part?
Blathers: Yes. Hoo. I was thinking about Brewster, who owns the cafe downstairs. Well, when he lived in my hometown, he had a bit of a rough life, you see...Compared to this town, it was a gargantuan city, and you know big-city life...Land was savagely expensive, and taxes astronomical......and dear Brewster was having a hard time making ends meet at the shop!

Then on April 19:

Blathers: Ooh hoo...
You: What's wrong?
Blathers: Well...I was just mulling over how Brewster used to be, once upon a time. It's in the past, so I think it's fine for me to share that he had it rough.
You: Really?
Blathers: Like Brewster himself, his shops have always been solely about the coffee...But traditional coffee cafes don't draw customers like they once did...And those in the city that try to attract hipsters have it even harder, wot! Because he was having a hard time filling the seats, he was financially pressed. At the time, he even considered closing up shop and turning in his apron...
You: Poor thing.
Blathers: Poor thing, indeed! Hoo! When I got wind of dear Brewster's predicament...Why, I knew I had to do something! I promptly dashed off a letter...I offered him one of the museum's rooms, free of charge, of course...But only if he agreed to move to your town name, start a new shop and a new life!
You: He agreed?
Blathers: ...Indeed! You can see what he thought of the idea! And business is booming! Oh, you can't swing a net in the city without hitting a coffee shop nowadays......but in your town name, it's still a bit of a rare treat, eh wot? I should say so! That pigeon loves coffee more than life itself, and he shares that love! Indeed, Brewster is what I would call a luminary of luscious lattes, wot!

In July:

Blathers: 'Hoo...'
You: What's wrong?
Blathers: Ah. Hoo. I was just thinking about my hometown. Not that this old bird is homesick, mind you. But there are certain times when I yearn for the neon lights of the big city...
You: Really?
Blathers: Hoo? What times, you ask? Well, it all relates to my university years, you see...At the behest of my professor, I often stayed late in the laboratory...So, rather than find a flat as I worked on my master's, I lived with my parents. Then I started working on my doctorate, of course...Yes, STARTED, hoo...'
You: Didn't finish?
Blathers: No, not as such...You see, one day, my professor approached me with an idea. He spoke of plans in the offing to build a museum in this town. They were having a most difficult time filling the curator position...'Twas my understanding that no one from the main Faraway Museum would move...And sadly, they were unable to fill the position with local talent...So, they asked the person heading up the project to find a good fit, wot! And that good fit was none other than yours truly! And so it went, hoo!
You: So that means...
Blathers: Yes. Well, the timing was perfect...I'd just received my curator's license, and before I knew it, I was the newest resident of dear old your town name! And the rest, as they say, is history, wot wot! Don't misunderstand, it's not as though I regret moving here! Not one jot! It's just that I can't help but get a wee bit nostalgic at times!

A few days later:

Blathers: 'Hrrrgh...'
You: What's wrong?
Blathers: Ah. Yes. Hoo. I was...merely reminiscing again...
You: Tell me!
Blathers: I suppose I was still at university then. Indeed, I was on summer holiday. Yes. Hoo. As I recall, I was about to start my new part-time job. You see, there was a bit of a mold problem with the library's books, wot. So, it was my duty to lay them out on the windowsill to dry in the sunlight. Hoo! The horror of it all. 'Twas on that job that I made a grievous error...
You: What'd you do?
Blathers: 'Hoo. Very well. There are various specialized books in the university library......not to mention the reference books that rarely get red, eh wot? These books tend to get eaten by book lice and the like, you see...Now, bear in mind, I loathe insects. I was holding a book by a page's corner, but the weight of the tome proved too portly for the poor page...RRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIP......I looked up, aghast, and the librarians' eyes were on me! Such shame...Such shame...I must say, I rather think the episode served to...Well, I believe it exacerbated my fear of creepy-crawlies. Hoo...

A few days later:

Blathers: 'Mrrrrgh...'
You: What's wrong?
Blathers: Hoo. To be quite honest...I was just mulling a bitter recollection from my past...
You: Tell me!
Blathers: Hoo. Yes. Ah. Indeed. Well. It happened back when I was still at university...My professor asked me to do a spot of work for him. He wished me to proctor the college entrance examination, eh wot? Yes, in any case, it was my job to hand our the test forms...And to foil cheaters, of course. A crucial job, to be sure, but quite easy. Or so I thought until, during the examination, something awful happened...
You: What?!
Blathers: Hoo. Yes. The exam had begun, and all the students were working away...But the room began to get rather warm and stuffy, don't you know, so...Thinking it a capital idea to let some air in, I opened a window a tad. Hoo, what a tragic error! A single fly flew into the exam room...Vile thing. Ugh. I couldn't peel my eyes off the wretched creature as it flew around the room! That suffocating room...I stood, nearly molting, grinding my beak...After an eternity, the bell rang, as scheduled, and the exam was over...But the constant beak grinding had given me a cramp in my face muscles...
You: Long story!!!
Blathers: Hoo my! My apologies! I shan't bore you with my stories any longer...I don't know what's gotten into me... I don't think of myself as being prone to bouts of homesickness...

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Resetti Reactions

Mr. Resetti is a short-tempered mole who appears in all of the Animal Crossing games. He will give a long boring lecture if the power is turned off without saving or the "RESET" button is hit, brandishing his pick-axe as he does. The first time he meets you, you will be thanked and yelled at. I believe in saving, and you really don't wanna mess with him. He will taunt you, and try to get you as mad as possible. The only way to avoid him is to SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!

First Time Resetting:

Yeah, so uh, hello there.
Lemme introduce myself.
Name's Resetti. Mr. Resetti.
You and me...we met before?

At the museum, somethin' like that?
Yeah, whatever.
I guess I oughta thank you for buying this game, Animal Crossing: Wild World.
Yeah, so, on behalf of everyone at Nintendo, I...

Uh... What was next, again?
Aw, forget it!
I ain't recitin' that stupid line again!
I give up!

Let's get down to business, whaddaya say?
You an' me gotta talk a bit here.
I gotta let you in on why I've come to visit.
You followin' me, bright eyes?

When you quit playin' last...
How'd you do it?
You do anythin' unusual, maybe?
Like...I dunno, you turned off the power without savin'?

Anythin' like that?
Huh? I didn't hear whatcha said there.
...You did? You quit without savin'?
I KNEW it!

Don't tell me, I'll tell YOU, pal!
THAT'S the reason!
THAT'S why I'm here!
If you're gonna turn the power off, you gotta save first!

C'mon, use your head!
Didn't old man Nook do his routine on how you can save in the attic?
If that's too much work, you even got START right there...lazy bones!
Just shuttin' down is the same as resettin', and you know what that

Yeah! I gotta tunnel out here and lecture you!
Got it? Good! Don't forget!
So tell me somethin': you even know what resettin' does to your play time?
It vanishes it.

All that time you spent playin'?
POOF! Gone. Bye-bye!
No big deal, huh?
Maybe it was just a minute of your life.

What do I know, right?
Well, I'll TELL you what this mole knows: you gotta treasure life.
Every second!
And don't even talk to me about other games, neither.

This ain't another game.
This is Animal Crossing: Wild World.
We...encourage you NOT to do stuff like that.
Hey, I know what you're thinkin'.

"This is MY game. I can do whatever I want!"
Look, I hear ya, pal, loud an' clear, but we got rules here.
They ain't negotiable.
Did I explain that slow enough for you? Yeah?

We clear here? Good.
Seein' as this is your first offense, I'm gonna let you off easy this time, OK?
But you oughta know, kid, I'm goin' outta my way to be friendly here.
That's right, friendly...

Normally, well...I got some anger-management issues.
I was born with a short fuse, and that thing gets shorter every single day.
I don't try to be mean or scary or nothin', but some people are real sensitive.

Pfff... I'm just tryin' to scratch out a livin' here.
I ain't a goblin, y'know?
But, hey, fear and loathin' comes with the hard hat, so...BOOOOOO!

...Yeesh! Look at the time!
I gotta get tunnelin'.
Here's hopin' I don't have to come see you no more.
But I'm warnin' you...

I gotta talk to you again, punk, an' I'm gonna be wearin' my angry hat.
It is one ugly hat, too.
You'll get straight-up, high-octane, mad mole!
No cream, no sugar, punk!

And don't you forget it!

Second Time:

Hold it right there, punk!
What did you do? Huh?
Tell me what you did!

What am I talkin' about? Huh?
Don't you play dumb with me!
Don't you DARE!
Before you turn the power off, SAVE!

You gotta SAVE!
I KNOW you knew that!
Don't even lie to me!
When you power down without following procedure...

Know what happens?
I get lights and sirens playin' and electric mambo at HQ!
Gotta relax. Deep breath. Haaaaaah...

I can see now, you don't listen too well...
Well, clean out your ears, [name].
Calm... Haah... Happy mole...

You hear me? SERIOUS!
Haaah... Cool, dark tunnel... Release the anger...
You're gonna gimme health problems, punk.
Don't be such a twerp... Haaaaaah...

...OK, listen, everybody, and I mean everybody, makes mistakes.
That's just life.
And maybe you didn't plan to do this.

Maybe this is all a big misunderstandin'.
Yeah, it's possible.
But you know somethin'?
It don't make a clod of difference.

Think about it, will ya?
What, you wanna fix all the things that go wrong?
You wanna snap your fingers and erase your screw-ups?
Sure, who don't?

I mean, pssshh, I wish I hadn't dropped outta dental school.
Good money there.
I REALLY wish I hadn't washed my white boxers with my red sweatshirt...BUT!
Is turnin' the power off without savin' gonna change any of that?

...Of course it ain't, punk!
That kinda thing only happens in video games!
In REAL life, in the REAL world, it ain't happenin'.
And that's normal. Hear me?

That's the way it is, right?
It's takin' whatever comes your way, the good AND the bad, that gives life flavor.
It's all that stuff rolled together that makes life worth livin'.
Turnin' the power off 'cause you didn't get an item you really, really wanted?

Or tryin' to backtrack and avoid some kinda sticky situation?
C'mon, [name].
Stop playin' like that.

Stop LIVIN' like that!
I mean, grow up, will ya?
You're better than this...
You know anybody who's got a perfect life?

'Course not.
'Cause nothin's perfect.
So I'll say it one more time and hope you REALLY hear me this time...
Mistakes and disappointment make the sweet things in life that much sweeter.

You gotta take everythin' life throws atcha.
Roll with the punches, hear me?
Deal with the consequences of your actions, 'cause life ain't no video game.
You feel that irony, punk?

Aw, for the luvva dirt...
What's with the face, punk?
You think I need that look?
You got that how-long's-this-guy-gonna-keep-yappin'-at-me face. Yeah.

Well, wipe it off, ingrate!
You're lucky I ain't MORE mad, you dirty resetter!
Ah, whatever.
All this tunnelin' and barkin's got me beat.

I'm done with you, kid.
I'm cuttin' you loose.
But you gotta promise me, when you're don playin'...
You'll SAVE before you turn the power off! SAAAAAVE!

...You got that?
Oh, and before I forget, one last thing...
Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom!
We clear? Good!


Third Time:

What? What's in your head?
You think I wouldn't notice?
You think I'd let it slide?

SAVE before you turn the power off! SAVE!
What don't you understand? AAAARGH!

I think I screamed too hard there...
Talk about a head rush, everythin's sparkly...
YOU! You're a real piece of work, you know that, kid?
What is it you're tryin' to do to me here?

Don't you know I got high blood pressure and chronic tunnel toe?
My doc tells me I gotta take it easy, try not to get too worked up.
Do I LOOK not worked up? No!
All this chasin' you around's gonna do me in.

You're doin' this on purpose, ain't you? Yeah!
You're enjoyin' this! AARGH!
Why don'tcha just toilet-paper my cave while you're at it, you little punk!
Don't you kids ever LISTEN?

You wouldn't believe what I gotta do to stay healthy.
Lately I've been tryin' to make yogurt from scratch!
You hear me? YOGURT!
The scary part is havin' to taste-test it.

You ever try spicy meatball yogurt?
Not good.
So waddaya say?
You gonna stop messin' with me, [name]?

[Select "Whatever."]
Uh... What was that?
All you had to do was say "OK"!
Two stinkin' letters!
"O" and "K"!

You're pushin' the wrong buttons, kid.
The big, red, angry buttons.
You ain't takin' this seriously.
Worse, you ain't takin' ME seriously!

Kids today, no clue what you're thinkin'.
You got alien brains or somethin'.
[It repeats from above.]

[Select "OK." (or later, "Whatever.")]
Ah, whatever...
You're all mouth and no heart, you know that?
You're laughin' at me right now, aren't ya?
Yeah, I see. I got your number, punk.

Know somethin'?
I've had it with you.
I'm tired of wastin' my time.
I'm gonna go watch some TV.

One of my favorite movies is on: "A Few Good Moles."
All right, set me up with a little "you-know-what" and I'll hit the tunnel.
C'mon... You know. Right?
There's no way you don't know. I KNOW you know!

No tip whatsoever? Uh-uh.
I ain't buyin' it, punk.
I know you got somethin'.
What? I ain't askin' for all your cash!

Just a little taste, is all...
I don't need a full meal!
Just a side order, no big deal, know what I mean?
Look, I know you got somethin'.

I hear them pockets jinglin'!
What's the hold up, punk?
It's not like I'm muggin' you over here.

What're you, a mime?
You forget how to talk?
You don't tip?
You ain't a tipper?

Tippin' against your moral fiber?
Say somethin'!
You don't wanna listen to me no more?
You tired of talkin' to me? Huh?

...That is IT!
You done it now, punk!
You made the list!
That's right!

You been LISTED!
You WILL learn to save before you turn the power off.
That's a promise!
You got yourself on the bad side of a bad mole on a bad day, punk!

You're gonna regret this for the rest of your life, you resettin' cheater!
Oh, yeah, one last thing...
When you take a bath, try usin' some soap, stinky!
We clear? Good!


Fourth Time:

You know how many people I gotta repeat myself to?
Read my lips: save first, and then, and ONLY then, turn the power off...

How many times I gotta tell you that?
You doin' this...on purpose?
Are you maybe turnin' the power off without savin' for laughs?

You wanna get the crazy mole out here an' see what he says next, that it?
This entertains you, punk?
You think this is funny?
A little stand-up mole?

Ah-HA! I saw that, kid!
You rolled your eyes at me!
You DO think this is a joke!

Y'know, I been with the Reset Intervention Bureau since the family took over.
I gotta say, though, I ain't NEVER had to deal with a nutjob like you.
It's OK. I been trained.
It just means I gotta lose the kid gloves an' get serious.

I may even hit the gym and go a few rounds with my cousin, Vicious Vole Vinnie.
See if you wanna keep resettin' after I bounce a couple mole elbows off ya!
For the time bein', though, you get to tell me how sorry you are.
Testin', testin', 1, 2, 3!

All right, no feedback.
We're good to go.
Now I'm gonna give you an apology, an' you're gonna repeat it back to me.
You get it wrong, I know you ain't serious, and you get to say it again!

Uh, lemme see...
Yeah, that's a good one!
You ready? Here goes!

"Forgive me."
"Hail Resetti!"
"I love to save."
"I need help!"
"I'm a cheater."
"I'm dirt. DIRT!" [one space after period]
"I'm a loser."
"I'm so dumb!"
"I'm so sorry."
"It's my fault."
"My apologies."
"Never again!"
"No cheating!"
"Resetti rules!"
"Save! SAVE!" [one space after first exclamation mark]
"So sorry!"

[Type what's between the quotes with exact capitalization and punctuation.]

[If you typed correctly the first time:]
Hmmm... Naw, that ain't gonna cut it neither.
That wasn't from the heart.
You didn't really mean it.
That was just lip service.

You spat on the mic, too!
Guess you're gonna have to try somethin' else, punk.
OK... What next?
GOT IT! This is a good one!
You ready? Here goes!

[If you typed incorrectly:]
No! No! NO!
Say it again!
You ready? Here goes!

[If you typed correctly the second or later time:]
...You really mean it?
You ain't just playin' with me? Huh?
OK. What you just said?

Seriously, no more, OK?
This better be the last time, I mean it!
Oh, hold on, one last thing.
Brush your teeth once in a while.

And don't forget to floss, too, moss-mouth!
We clear? Good!

Fifth Time:


What's it gonna take to get it through your thick skull?
If you're gonna quit, you gotta SAVE first!
Use your head, punk!

It's even written in the manual!
...You hate me, don't you?
I mean, you just hate me more than anythin', right?

More than laundry, traffic jams, an' bad breath all rolled together, Right?
You hate me so much you can't stand it, huh?
That's why you keep doin' this over an' over, right?
You're tryin' to do me in.

...Hey, FINE BY ME!
At least I know how you really feel, punk.
Lemme tell you, though, you ain't the only one with feelin's here. We clear?
An' today's the day I put a stop to this.

You listenin', you little monster?
Until you can convince me you're truly an' sincerely sorry, I ain't goin' home!
You an' me are gonna go round an' round an' round!
First, you're gonna show me how sorry you are, and I'd better FEEL it!

I don't want no smirks, eye-rolls, or nothin' like that.
I want remorse, punk!
Oh, an' don't try lyin'.
I can smell lies! Smell 'em!

All you gotta do is be honest.
Gimme some genuine emotion, know what I mean?
You go for melodrama, you're gonna get the wrath of Resetti, you hear me?
All right, let's do this.

Tell me, and tell me true...
After all this, how sorry are you?

[Select anything from "Really sorry!" to "Very sorry."]
...Huh? Is that the best you can do? You SERIOUS?!
You know what? You're nothin' to me.
Nothin' but a thoughtless punk.
I dunno, maybe you're slow.

Or maybe you don't know how to express yourself.
Pay attention.
"Apologies" are a buncha words strung together, right?
Follow me?

We use 'em to tell others that we wish we hadn't done whatever it is we did.
HOW you say the words is as important as the words themselves, [name].
So you gotta show me you know HOW to say the words!

[Select anything less than "Really sorry!" and it repeats from above.]

[Select "Really sorry!"]
Hmmm... Uh... Yeah...
OK, if that's how you really feel...
Guess it'll have to do at this point.
I got nothin' left over here, so I'm gonna cut you some slack.

We're clear here, ain't we, [name]?
You're gonna save before you quit, right?
Don't be pullin' my chain here.
You follow the rules an' finish your game, then you go back to your life.

You go do whatever it is you do out there in your world...all right?
Don't you let me down!
I don't wanna talk about this no more.
Hey, hold it, one last thing.

Chew your food, and stop talking with your mouth full, you little piggy!
We clear? Good!

Note: Starting with the sixth time you reset, the second through fifth dialogs repeat.

Useful Tip: You might also talk to Resetti when he visits The Roost, the cafe in the basement of the Museum. He sometimes appears there on Sunday afternoons from 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM.

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