45,090 bells
Animal Crossing: Wild World Guides
Bell Making Guide
Some quick and easy ways to make a few bells are listed in this guide.

Boondox Donations Guide
Pelly asking you for donations? If you're unsure of what you'll get in return, check this guide out. You'll find all the rewards you'll get, from feather to feather.

Buildings Guide
Your town is filled with buildings, and this guide will tell you what each of them has to offer.

Event Calendar
Check out the calendar to see what special happenings and events will be going on in your AC town throughout the year.

Face Guide
Frustrated that you can't get that face you want? Look no further, as this guide will steer you through the cryptic questions to get you the face you want.

Golden Tools Guide
The Golden Tools are the elusive upgraded versions of your standard tools. This guide will give you exact instructions on how to obtain these rare items.

Hair Guide
Want to get the style the best fits you? Use this guide to get the perfect hair and eyes for your character, fitted just for you!

HRA Guide
Want a nice looking house that we be the envy of the town? Use this HRA guide to get the most from your house.

Hybrid Guide
Be the envy of others with hybrid flowers in your town! This guide tells you all about them.

Items List
Use this handy-dandy tool to search/sort items in various categories such as furniture series, furniture themes, fossils etc.

Perfect Town Guide
After that elusive golden watering can? You'll need to keep your town perfect for over 2 weeks! This guide will help you spruce up your town, so you'll be gardening in style in no time!

Reactions Guide
Not all NPCs are boring! Some will open up to you and tell you about their past. Use this guide to find out when to talk to who and what to say.

Snowman Guide
It's winter and everyone likes a snowman. Come here to find out how to build them.

Special Characters Guide
At least twice a week, you'll get some interesting folks visiting your town. To know who they are and what they do, check out this guide.

Tree Guide
Do you like growing trees? Come here to find out all about trees.

TV Programs Guide
While it may just seem like a gimmick, your TV actually has a schedule, and can even predict the weather! This "TV Guide" will tell you the schedule so you can catch your show.

UFO/Gulliver Guide
Ever see a UFO fly across the sky? This guide will tell you what it is, who it is, and what it does.

Villager Guide
The Wild World of AC:WW has hundreds of animals in it. Check out this guide for a short biography on each animal which can come in your town.

Visitors Guide
In the Museum's coffee shop, The Roost, some NPCs will appear from time to time. To make sure you find who you want, check out this guide to find when they'll appear.

Wendell Guide
In AC:WW, you can find a walrus wandering your town. If you feed him, he'll give you a pattern. This guide will give you a key on what to give Wendell to achieve whichever pattern you desire.