14,990 bells
AC:WW Boondox Donations Guide
When donating to Boondox, many people ruin their chances at obtaining feathers.

Here are a few things you need to remember when donating to Boondox:

1) The totals are cumulative. Below you will find the total amount of bells needed to obtain each feather as well as the running total amount of bells you will actually donate to obtain all the feathers. The donations from all characters in town are also cumulative. So, if all of the characters in your house donate money to Boondox it all counts towards the donation totals.

2) When donating be sure to always keep track of what you have given. If you don't it is really easy to miscount and you will likely skip over a feather.

3) Only donate once in a single day. If you donate more than once a day, you may over-donate and skip a feather.

4) If you skip a feather, there is no way to get it except through giveaways or a hacking device. No character in that town will be able to receive the feather you have skipped.

5) Always wait to receive the feather you are expecting in the mail before donating again to avoid over-donating.

Donation Amounts (in Increments)

Feather Donation Amt (bells) Donations Total (bells)
Green 10,000 10,000
Blue 190,000 200,000
Yellow 300,000 500,000
Red 300,000 800,000
Purple 300,000 1,100,000
White 300,000 1,400,000
Rainbow 5,000,000 6,400,000

So, the way it works is you donate 10,000 bells, receive the green feather, then donate 190,000 bells (makes a total of 200,000 bells) and receive the blue feather. Then, donate 300,000 bells (makes a total of 500,000 bells) and receive the yellow feather. ETC.

Methods of Donating

There are typically two ways to go about donating to Boondox. Either way you choose, it is important to keep track of how much you donate.

1) Small, Daily Increments. Some people prefer to donate this way as they are guaranteed not to miss a feather. Donating in increments of 10,000 bells every day you play can get you the feathers. However, doing so will take a lot of time and patience on your part.

2) Full Amounts. Others prefer to donate the full amounts needed to reach the next feather. This is good too, as long as you are absolutely sure of how much you need to donate, so that you do not over-donate.

Keeping Track of Donations

There are many different ways to keep track of your donations.

1) Letters. Whenever you donate to Boondox you can write a letter to yourself stating the donation amount as well as your running total of donations. Mail it to yourself and keep it in your pockets or save the letter at the post office. Before donating again look at the letter so you can know how much to donate and, more importantly, how much NOT to donate. Remember if you go over the next increment you will skip over a feather.

2) Bulletin Board. This is a little more difficult because eventually, the messages get pushed back and deleted from the bulletin board. But, if it suits you, you can use it. Just post how much you donate and a running total.

3) Paper and Pencil. Some people like to just keep a sheet of paper with a list of their Boondox donations and a running total.

Which ever way you choose to keep track of donations, it is highly recommended that you donate in full amounts. Save the money in your bank account until you have the amount needed to donate to get the next feather. A plus of doing this is that you will earn interest if it's in the bank for more than a month. When you have the amount needed, remove from your account and donate it. Your feather should arrive in the mail soon after.

You won't have to worry about missing a feather if you keep track of your donations.

Boondox Letters

Another thing to note about Boondox Donations is the letters you receive. If you donate in full amounts, you will receive only the letters accompanied by the feathers. However, if you donate in small, daily increments, you may see some empty letters throughout your donation history. Don't worry! This doesn't mean you have missed a feather, it just means that the game is trying to encourage you to continue donating. I do not know the amounts you will hit when you get these empty letters, but you may get quite a few before you reach the next feather amount and receive that letter with the feather attached.