45,105 bells
AC:NL Town Ordinances Guide

As the mayor of your town in Animal Crossing New Leaf, you have the option to customize your
town to your liking. Enacting an ordinance can have a variety of effects on your town, depending
on the exact ordinance you sign. Before you can sign the ordinance, though, you have to have 100
mayor points. In the game, that means a 100% approval rating. You can accomplish that by doing
little things around your town like donating items to the museum, watering flowers, picking weeds,
sending letters, and introducing yourself to your villagers. Once you have that 100% approval rating,
you can sit in your mayor's chair and enact an ordinance. There can only be one ordinance in effect
at a time. Each time you enact an ordinance, you must pay 20,000 Bells, but canceling an ordinance
is free.

There are four different ordinances. Each ordinance is special and unique in its own way. They
allow you to personalize your game more towards the way you want to play.

Wealthy Town

The Bell Boom Ordinance affects the economy of your town. It raises the amount of Bells you can
receive from selling items and it raises prices. The mortgage price remains the same, but shops sell
and buy items for 20% more than they would in the regular town. This includes items on the island.
Items on the island sell for 20% more and 20% more medals can be earned from doing island tours.
A final effect of the ordinance is that Re-Tail's premium item list, a list that tells what items can be
sold for a special price, will show two items instead of one.

Beautiful Town

The Keep _Your Town Name_ Clean Ordinance keeps the town neat, free of garbage, and pretty. This
ordinance is best for players that want a nice town but may not be able to care for it every day. In the
Keep _Your Town Name_ Clean Ordinance, villagers water and plant more flowers; and weeds pop up
less often. Cockroaches don't appear at all and flowers don't wilt. This ordinance doesn't affect "lost
items," however. For the people that enjoy time-traveling, good news! With this ordinance in place,
time-traveling won't affect your town's environment any more.

In both the Wealthy and the Beautiful Towns, the regular times for the stores apply. Also, towns
don't have to have an ordinance in effect. These towns are called regular towns and they have the
regular hours for the shops and villagers. In all the ordinances, Dr. Shrunk can be visited until
8PM and K.K. Slider can be visited from 8 PM to closing time.

Regular, Beautiful, Wealthy Villager Times:
Jock: 7am - 12am
Smug: 8:30am - 2am
Lazy: 9am - 11pm
Cranky: 10am - 4am
Normal: 6am - 12am
Peppy: 9am - 1am
Snooty: 9:30am - 2am
Uchi: 11am - 3am

Regular, Beautiful, Wealthy Shop Times:
Nookling Junction: 8am-10pm
T&T Mart: 7am - 12am
Super T&T: 9am - 8pm
T.I.Y: 10am - 11pm
T&T Emporium: 9am - 9pm
Retail: 9am - 11pm
Nook's Homes: 10am - 8pm
Club LOL: 12pm - 2am (Sun-Fri)
               12pm - 12am (Sat)
               8pm - 2am (K.K. Slider)
               12pm - 8pm (Dr. Shrunk)
Garden Store: 9am - 8pm
Able Sisters: 10am - 9pm
Kicks: 10am - 8pm
Shampoodle: 10am - 8pm
Fortune Teller's Shop: 9am - 7pm
Reset Surveillance Center: 9pm - 12am
Redd: 10am - 12am

Early Bird Town

The Early Bird Ordinance is great for you if you play during the morning. This ordinance adjusts
the game so everything starts earlier. Shops open and villagers wake up earlier. Bugs are not
affected by this ordinance. The times below are the hours for the shops and the villagers.

Early Bird Villager Times:
Jock: 6am - 12am
Smug: 7am - 2am
Lazy: 7:30am - 11pm
Cranky: 8am - 4am
Normal: 5am - 12am
Peppy: 7am - 1am
Snooty: 8am - 2am
Uchi: 8:30am - 3am

Early Bird Shop Times:
Nookling Junction: 6am-10pm
T&T Mart: 6am-12am
Super T&T: 6am-8pm
T.I.Y: 6am-11pm
T&T Emporium: 6am-9pm
Retail: 6am-11pm
Nook's Homes: 7am-8pm
Club LOL: 10am - 2am (Sun-Fri)
               10am - 12am (Sat)
               8pm - 2am (K.K. Slider)
               10am - 8pm (Dr. Shrunk)
Garden Store: 7am - 8pm
Able Sisters: 7am - 9pm
Kicks: 7am - 8pm
Shampoodle: 7am - 8pm
Fortune Teller's Shop: 6am - 7pm
Reset Surveillance Center: 7pm - 12am
Redd: 7am - 12am

Night Owl Town

This ordinance is great if you play during the later hours of the day into the wee hours of the night.
It's the same as the Early Bird Ordinance, except it's flipped. Shops close and villagers go to sleep
later. Bugs aren't affected by this ordinance either. The times below are the hours for the shops and
the villagers.

Night Owl Villager Times:
Jock: 7am - 2:30am
Smug: 8:30am - 3:30am
Lazy: 9am - 2am
Cranky: 10am - 6am
Normal: 6am - 2am
Peppy: 9am - 3am
Snooty: 9:30am - 4am
Uchi: 11am - 5:30am

Night Owl Shop Times:
Nookling Junction: 8am - 12am
T&T Mart: 7am - 5am
Super T&T: 9am - 12am
T.I.Y: 10am - 3am
T&T Emporium: 9am - 12am
Retail: 9am - 2am
Nook's Homes: 10am - 12am
Club LOL: 12pm -5am (Sun-Fri)
               12pm - 12am (Sat)
               8pm - 5am (K.K. Slider)
               12pm - 8pm (Dr. Shrunk)
Garden Store: 9am - 11pm
Able Sisters: 10am - 12am
Kicks: 10am - 11pm
Shampoodle: 10am - 11pm
Fortune Teller's Shop: 9am - 11pm
Reset Surveillance Center: 9pm - 2am
Redd: 10am - 4am