34,610 bells
AC:NL Shampoodle's Guide


Once Shampoodle's has been opened, you can get one makeover per player each day. Your options are Hairstyle, Makeup and Color contacts. They each cost 3000 Bells.

Please refer to the Town Ordinances Guide to find out when your Shampoodle's is open for business.


You can get a new hairstyle and a new hair color.


This option allows you to select a new Mii mask, which will replace a previously selected mask.

Color contacts

This option allows you to change your eye color.


After having visited Harriet a number of times, you will occasionally get the option to select the opposite gender's hairstyle.

If you haven't played for 15 days (or you have time travelled for as many days), you'll get bedhead. This style is shown at the bottom of the hairstyle table. Getting bedhead won't change your hair color.

When you begin selecting your hairstyle, Harriet will ask you what overall look you are hoping for. A slider will appear, with Casual at the top and Formal at the bottom. The slider is subdivided into four equal sections, which are denoted by the character A-D, where A is the topmost section and D the bottommost.

The initial position, which looks like it's centered, is in section C. So, if that's the formality you're intending, don't move the slider. If you wish to select section A, move the slider all the way up. Section B: move the slider up by a small distance from the original position. Section D: move the slider all the way down. If you accidentally moved the slider and hence have lost the initial position, start all over again. Or just make an estimate; it's not too hard.

Your choice on the slider causes Harriet to ask a question, with two possible responses. Your answer to the first question will cause Harriet to ask a second question, also with two possible responses. So altogether, there are 4x2x2 = 16 possible hairstyles for each gender. When selecting the lowest/last of each option, you can choose betwen three options. If you answer "It's a secret", you will get a random hairstyle.

The table below shows all the possible slider positions and answers and the resulting different hairstyles.

HairstyleSlider positionAnswer 1Answer 2GirlBoy
AAAALoose and wavyLaid-back loosenessGirl Hairstyle AAABoy Hairstyle AAA
AABALoose and wavyConfident loosenessGirl Hairstyle AABBoy Hairstyle AAB
ABAAStylish sideI'm a role model!Girl Hairstyle ABABoy Hairstyle ABA
ABBAStylish sideI like being left alone!Girl Hairstyle ABBBoy Hairstyle ABB
BAABIt's on the messy side.I wish I could clean it.Girl Hairstyle BAABoy Hairstyle BAA
BABBIt's on the messy side.It's on purpose!Girl Hairstyle BABBoy Hairstyle BAB
BBABMy room is clean!I like to style my hair!Girl Hairstyle BBABoy Hairstyle BBA
BBBBMy room is clean!Natural is best!Girl Hairstyle BBBBoy Hairstyle BBB
CAACI'm very serious!Fight and overcome!Girl Hairstyle CAABoy Hairstyle CAA
CABCI'm very serious!Grin and bear it!Girl Hairstyle CABBoy Hairstyle CAB
CBACI'm a troublemaker!I'll settle down.Girl Hairstyle CBABoy Hairstyle CBA
CBBCI'm a troublemaker!Rebel for life!Girl Hairstyle CBBBoy Hairstyle CBB
DAADBusiness!Fresh!Girl Hairstyle DAABoy Hairstyle DAA
DABDBusiness!Vintage!Girl Hairstyle DABBoy Hairstyle DAB
DBADPrivate!It's a party!Girl Hairstyle DBABoy Hairstyle DBA
DBBDPrivate!It's a date!Girl Hairstyle DBBBoy Hairstyle DBB
RandomDPrivate!It's a secret!One of the aboveOne of the above
BedheadNot playing for 15 days or more. Boy Bedhead hairstyle

Hair Colors

After choosing your hairstyle, Harriet asks you what color you would like your hair to be. She first asks you what kind of color you would like. You are given 3 options - Natural, Intense, or Bright. If you choose Natural you will get a slider with different values. If you choose Intense or Bright you will get a question with four possible answers. Your choices will determine your hair color.

Selecting a hair color using the Intense and Bright hair color options is easier than using the Natural option, because you just get four options to choose from and you won't have to use that finicky slider.

When you've chosen your hair color and you're uncertain whether it went ok, you'll get the opportunity to select the hair color all over again.

The slider to select the different Natural hair colors works similarly to the slider for the hairstyles, only the color slider is subdivided into eight equal sections instead of four, which makes it harder to handle.

The color slider sections are denoted by the numbers 1-8, where 1 is the topmost and 8 the bottommost section. The initial slider position is at the top of section 5. So, it's very easy to select section 1 (slider at the top), section 5 (slider at initial position), and section 8 (slider at the bottom). The other sections are harder to select. Please use the table at the left to help you select the section you are aiming for. The other two tables show the options and the results for the Intense and Bright hair colors.

Natural Hair Colors
2Ash brownHair2.png
3Chocolate brownHair3.png
4Light brownHair4.png
Intense Hair Colors
Color of a burning loveRedRed_intense.jpg
Color of a forestDark GreenDarkgreen_intense.jpg
Color of a deep seaDark BlueDarkblue_intense.jpg
A moody colorPurplePurple_intense.jpg
Bright Hair Colors
Color of sweet lovePinkPink_bright.jpg
Color of a clear skyLight BlueLightblue_bright.jpg
Color of new leavesLight GreenLightgreen_bright.jpg
Color of angel wingsWhiteWhite_bright.jpg

Makeup (Mii Mask)

This option allows you to select a new Mii mask, which will replace a previously selected mask. You can choose between the masks that are stored in Mii maker, so you need to make the mask first in Mii maker to be able to select it at Shampoodle's. You can wear the mask and it will cover your entire head. It's really a mask in the sense that you won't be able to have facial expressions: your eyes won't blink and your mouth won't move.

In the Welcome amiibo version of New Leaf, your limbs will get the same skin color as the Mii mask; before the update, the skin color of your limbs didn't change when donning the mask.

Eye Colors

If you've opted for "Color contacts", Harriet will ask you two questions to specify your eye color. Each question has three possible answers, hence there are nine eye colors; however, some are only very subtly different from each other. You get no second chance to select eye color, so choose carefully.

The table below shows all possible eye color outcomes.

Eye Colors
Answer 1Answer 2Eye color
The vast sky.Pitch black.BlackBlack
The vast sky.A clear blue sky.Blue 1Blue1
The vast sky.Like rain was coming.Grey 1Grey1
The large trees.Their abundant leaves.Green 1Green1
The large trees.Their sturdy trunks.BrownBrown
The large trees.Their endless shade.BlackBlack
The endless ocean.A tropical, blue ocean.Blue 2Blue2
The endless ocean.A cold, wintry ocean.Grey 2Grey2
The endless ocean.An ocean of coral.Green 2Green2