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AC:NL Island Extras Guide

What to do on an island tour besides the tour objective: Island Extras

On your own private island or on the online island, you can talk to Leilani behind the counter and select a tour. There are 64 different tours and every day you can pick from a selection of those. The tours on a certain date are fixed, which means that if two players play at the same date, they will have the same selection of tours available.

You can go on a tour, alone or together with friends, and earn medals. These medals can be used to buy things from Grams at the island shop. However, there are other things you can do on tours besides the tour itself.

This guide describes everything you can do on an island tour except the tour itself. At the bottom of this guide is a table with an overview of the extracurricular activities for each tour.

If you would like to find out more about island tours, please read our Island Tour Guide

At the start of a tour, you automatically get equipped with a tool specific to the tour.

Tools specific to Tours
Tool Tour
Fishing rod Fishing
Net Bug catching
Wetsuit Diving
Shovel Item-matching, Ore-hunting and Fossil-hunting
Toy hammer Hammer
Slingshot Balloon hunting
Net & Shovel Bug Hide-and-Seek

These tools can only be used to earn medals at the tour, all the catches you make with them will be released during the tour. As a result, these tools on those specific tours cannot be used to bring back anything from the tour.

On most of the tours, there's a gyroid next to Tortimer who can lend you other tools. Any tool you can borrow is useful. This means that if there's a Fishing rod, there will be fish you can catch, and if there's a bug net, there will be bugs to catch. The reverse is true as well, if you can't borrow a certain tool, there is nothing you could use it for.

Tours with and without a river

The Hammer tours, the Item-matching tours and the Labyrinth tours are in a restricted area that doesn't resemble your town or your island. The remaining tours can be divided into two categories: those on a map with a river, and those on an island without a river.

On all maps with a river, there will be Tropical fruit trees, except on the Easy Balloon hunt tour. On a map with a river, there won't be any trees on the beach and no Palm fruit (Coconuts or Bananas) is present.

On an island without a river, there will be Tropical fruit trees on the high ground and Palm trees on the beach.

All diving tours are on an island without a river.

The bug and fishing tours can be on either type, depending on the tour.

The Balloon hunt, Fossil-hunting, Gardening, Hide-and-seek, Ore-hunting and Scavenger tours are all on a map with a river.

You can acquire the following on island tours:

Tropical fruit and Palm fruit
Pitfall seeds
Deep sea creatures
A tan
Badges, entertainment, rumors and other miscellania

You can fill up your pockets, hence you can bring back up to 16 items from each tour. You can transfer them to your town using the Item-transfer box, which can hold up to 40 items, or you can keep fruit, Pitfall seeds and flowers on your island.

Below is explained which items you can bring back from which tours:


On most tours, you can find flowers and take them with you. These are all normal flowers, no hybrids. Most tours don't have Lily's or Violets. On the Gardening tours and the Butterfly-Discovery tour however, ALL existing normal flowers can be found, including Lily's and Violets. The Item Matching tours, the Hammer tours and the Labyrinth tours have no flowers at all.

Tropical fruit and Palm fruit

All tours with trees have some trees that bear Tropical fruit. The kind of fruit is random so if you're looking for a specific fruit, do some tours and you'll find it. The possible Tropical fruits are Lemon, Durian, Lychee and Mango. The Persimmon, although a Tropical fruit, can't be found on the island or on tours, but can only be bought in Leif's Shop in T&T Emporium.

On tours on an island without a river, there are also Banana trees or Coconut palms on the beach.

Item-matching, Hammer and Labyrinth tours have no trees. Additionally, the Easy Balloon hunt tour hasn't got any trees.

Pitfall seeds

Pitfalls can be found on the Elite Hide-and-Seek tour and on the Official and Elite Balloon-hunt tours. If you dig up a pitfall, you'll have a Pitfall seed, which can be reburied at a place of your liking. You can borrow a Shovel from the gyroid next to Tortimer.

One good use of Pitfall seeds is to bury them in the correct spots just before you're having the ceremony for a new PWP. Up to four villagers will attend the ceremony and if there's nothing in the way, like bushes or trees, the villagers will stand in predetermined positions. Then, when the ceremony is done, they'll all fall into a pitfall simultaneously! Oh my, they get so mad! If you want to play it fair, you could also bury a Pitfall seed on the spot where you'll be standing. If you don't know the correct spots, you might have the ceremony, note where everyone is standing, and quit without saving. Next you can bury the Pitfall seeds and have the ceremony again. Note that you can't trap Isabelle, she leaves before the pitfalls become active. If you feel cruel towards your villagers for having done this to them, just quit without saving again. You'll have had your fun and for the villagers it will be as if it never happened.

Deep sea creatures

There are two types of tours where you can borrow a Wetsuit. In all other tours, you'll find the deep sea is devoid of life. So wearing your own wetsuit on most tours is useless, except if you just want to go for a swim without meeting any Jellyfish. You can dive for deep sea creatures on the Scavenger and the Hide-and-Seek tours. The creatures you can catch are the same ones you can catch on your own island and there are Jellyfish too.


You can catch fish and keep them on the Balloon hunt, Fossil-hunting, Gardening, Hide-and-seek, Ore-hunting and Scavenger tours. All these tours are on an island with a river, so you can catch river fish, pond fish and ocean fish. All these tours take place during daytime, hence you can only catch fish which can be caught during that time.

Some of the river fish you can catch on tours, you can also catch year round in your town. So it's not very useful to catch them on a tour. Other river fish can only be caught in certain times of the year, which makes it more useful that you can catch them on a tour.

Fish that can be caught on tours and all year round in your town are: Barbel steed, Black bass, Bluegill, Carp, Crucian carp, Goldfish, Pale chub and Popeyed goldfish.

Fish that can be caught on tours but that can't be caught in your town all year round are: Crawfish, Frog and Killifish in a holding pond, Dorado, Giant Snakehead, Guppy, Neon Tetra, Piranha and Sweetfish in the river. Note that these fish can all be caught in your town in August. The explanation is that the island and the tours where you can catch river fish are all stuck in an eternal August.

The sea fish you can catch on tours are the same ones you can catch around the island.


You can catch bugs and keep them on the Balloon hunt, Fossil-hunting, Gardening, Hide-and-seek, Ore-hunting and Scavenger tours. All these tours are during day time, hence you can only catch bugs that can be caught during that time. Most of the bugs you can catch on your own island too, but on a tour you can catch the Darner Dragonfly and the Banded Dragonfly as well. The Easy Balloon hunt tour is very well suited for this because there are no trees, which makes it easy to chase the Banded Dragonfly.

Additionally, you can catch bugs on Labyrinth tours. It isn't a large selection but it's possible. There's nothing you can't catch on your island though.


All tours that are during daytime, in the right season, and in which it isn't raining, allow you to get a tan. You need to spend at least 15 minutes outside for this and you shouldn't be wearing anything that prevents tanning, like large hats. You could get a tan on your own island, but it might be raining there or it might be heavily overcast, in which case the tours come in handy.

To work on your tan, all you need to do is stand around with the 3DS opened. If you select an eight-minute tour twice you're done. If you want medals too you'll have to do more tours, obviously.

Badges, entertainment, rumors and other miscellania

Fishing, Bug catching and Diving tours have two tools you can borrow, an Axe and a Shovel. The Axe may look like a normal Axe, but it doesn't break! With these tools, you can cut down trees and dig up the stumps.

You can use the Shovel to work on your Gardening badge! You can harvest fruit on tours and bury it, and all those new trees will count towards your Gardening badge. The advantage of this is that the fruit is free and of unlimited supply and that you don't need to shake trees in your town and dig up the shoots afterwards. A disadvantage may be the limited time you have, but on a Hide-and-Seek tour you have 8 minutes, in which you can easily plant a lot of trees, which will earn you your badge after a couple of tours.

The Axe can be used to chop down trees on the Hide-and-Seek tours and expose the villagers that are hiding behind those trees. This serves no purpose whatsoever except it's entertaining to witness the shock and discomfort of the villagers when they're discovered. It's still a matter of research whether chopping down many trees will award you the gossip "Stump maker" from your own villagers.

On a bug hunt tour, cutting down trees and leaving the stumps could have caused bugs to appear on the stumps. Also hitting rocks with the shovel might have caused Pill bugs to come out. However, this doesn't happen, except that bugs appear out of rocks on the Bug Hide-and-Seek tour, obviously. It's not very relevant either, because you can't bring them back from the tour, it costs too much time on tours where you need a certain number of bugs, and these bugs don't have a high value on tours where you accumulate Bells. This is mentioned for completeness' sake only.

It would have been useful if you could have borrowed a Fishing rod on some bug tours, because some are in Fall or in the evening. Sadly, this isn't the case.

Island Extras table
TourName TourType Stars Time River Shovel Axe Net Rod Wetsuit Fruit PalmFruit Pitfalls Flowers LiliesViolets Tanning
Easy Balloon-Hunt Tour Balloon 5
Official Balloon-Hunt Tour Balloon ✶✶ 5
Elite Balloon-Hunt Tour Balloon ✶✶✶ 5
Beetle-Hunting Tour Bug 5
Butterfly-Discovery Tour Bug 5
Dragonfly-Discovery Tour Bug 5
Cicada-Catching Tour Bug ✶✶ 5
Fall Bug Tour Bug ✶✶ 5
Hop-To-It Bug Hunt Bug ✶✶ 5
Market-Price-Bug Tour Bug ✶✶ 5
Bug Hide-and-Seek Tour Bug ✶✶✶ 7
Elite Market-Price-Bug Hunt Bug ✶✶✶ 5
Evening Firefly Tour Bug ✶✶✶ 5
Giant-Dragonfly Tour Bug ✶✶✶ 7
Easy Bug-Catching Tour Bug * 5
Bug Free-for-All Tour Bug * ✶✶ 5
Pros-Only Bug Hunt Bug * ✶✶✶ 5
Crab Free-Diving Tour Diving 5
Shellfish Free-for-All Tour Diving 5
High-End Seafood Tour Diving ✶✶ 5
Market-Price-Seafood Tour Diving ✶✶ 5
Shrimp-and-Lobster Tour Diving ✶✶ 5
Octopus Free-Diving Tour Diving ✶✶✶ 5
Sea-Urchin Diving Tour Diving ✶✶✶ 5
Spider-Crab Diving Tour Diving ✶✶✶ 8
Super-Luxe Seafood Tour Diving ✶✶✶ 5
Amateurs' Free-Diving Tour Diving * 5
Seafood Free-Diving Tour Diving * ✶✶ 5
Pro-Diver Tour Diving * ✶✶✶ 5
Easy Tropical Fishing Tour Fishing 6
Reel-the-Eel Tour Fishing 6
Ancient-Fish Encoun-tour Fishing ✶✶ 6
Dangerous Fishing Tour Fishing ✶✶ 6
Market-Price Fishing Tour Fishing ✶✶ 6
Advanced Price-Fishing Tour Fishing ✶✶✶ 6
Shark-Battle Tour Fishing ✶✶✶ 6
Tuna-Kahuna Tour Fishing ✶✶✶ 6
Beginner Fishing Tour Fishing * 6
Classic Tropical Fishing Tour Fishing * ✶✶ 6
Elite-Class Fishing Tour Fishing * ✶✶✶ 6
Easy Fossil Finder's Tour Fossil 10
Official Fossil Hunter's Tour Fossil ✶✶ 10
Elite Fossil Hunter's Tour Fossil ✶✶✶ 10
Easy Gardening Tour Gardening 5
Official Gardening Tour Gardening ✶✶ 5
Elite Gardening Tour Gardening ✶✶✶ 5
Easy Hammer Tour Hammer 3
Level-Up Hammer Tour Hammer ✶✶ 3
Elite Hammer Tour Hammer ✶✶✶ 3
Easy Hide-and-Seek Tour Hide-and-Seek 8
Official Hide-and-Seek Tour Hide-and-Seek ✶✶ 8
Elite Hide-and-Seek Tour Hide-and-Seek ✶✶✶ 8
Easy Item-Matching Tour Item-Matching 5
Official Item-Matching Tour Item-Matching ✶✶ 5
Elite Item-Matching Tour Item-Matching ✶✶✶ 5
Easy Labyrinth Tour Labyrinth 5
Official Labyrinth Tour Labyrinth ✶✶ 5
Master Labyrinth Tour Labyrinth ✶✶✶ 5
Easy Ore-Hunter Tour Ore 4
Official Ore Tour Ore ✶✶ 4
Elite Ore-Hunter Tour Ore ✶✶✶ 4
Easy Scavenger Tour Scavenger 6
Official Scavenger Tour Scavenger ✶✶ 6
Elite Scavenger Tour Scavenger ✶✶✶ 6
TourName TourType Stars Time River Shovel Axe Net Rod Wetsuit Fruit PalmFruit Pitfalls Flowers LiliesViolets Tanning

Tours marked with * are the standard creature-catching tours that are always offered together.