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AC:NL Hybrid Guide

Following the same principles as Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, hybrids in New Leaf are still flowers that are not available to buy in the game. Instead, they are created by cross-breeding two particular flower types and colours next to each other either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

New Additions

Cross-breeding flowers or creating hybrids has become much more extensive in New Leaf partly due to the addition of two new flowers: lilies and violets. Along with these two new additions arrives a few new colors and combinations.

Special Flowers

Along with the new combinations and colors introduced in New Leaf, there is also now a particular method for breeding some hybrids which utilises certain special flowers. These flowers spawn as the common colored flowers in that they appear as either red, white or yellow, or in some varieties, they look like any other hybrid. However, these special flowers are instrumental to the creation of certain hybrids. Blue Roses are an example of this new method because they are created from using only Special Red Roses and not any other way.


Red White Pink Red White
Red Yellow Orange Red Yellow
Red Red Black Red
Orange Orange Purple Orange Red
Red Orange Purple Orange Red
Red White Pink Red White
Red Yellow Orange Red Yellow
Orange Orange Black Orange Red Yellow
Red Yellow Orange Red Yellow
White White Blue White
Red Blue Special Red Blue
Special Red Special Red Purple Red
Orange Blue Special Orange Blue
Special Orange Special Orange Purple Orange
Red White Pink Red White
Red Red Black Pink Red
Red Yellow Orange Red Yellow
White White Purple White
Orange Purple Special Red Orange Purple
Orange White Special Red Orange White
Purple White Special Red Purple White
Special Red Special Red Blue Special Red
Wilted Black Golden Can Gold
Red White Pink Red White
Red Yellow Orange Red Yellow
Red Red Black Pink Red
Purple White Blue Purple White
Pink Pink Pink Red White
Red White Pink Red White


You receive a pink carnation from a letter from your mother on Mother's Day and a red carnation from a letter from your father on Father's Day. For a Golden Watering Can, you first need to achieve a perfect town. When you have a perfect town for 15 consecutive days, you can obtain a Golden Watering Can from Isabelle in the Town Hall.

Beautiful Town Ordinance

New Leaf also sees the introduction of Town Ordinances. One of these is the Beautiful Town Ordinance and when that is activated, no flowers will wilt. In addition, it will increase the chance of hybrids spawning by 20%.

Please remember that if you want Gold Roses, you should first have acquired a Golden Watering Can by achieving Perfect Town Status. You will also need to wait for your Black Roses to wilt before watering them with the Gold Watering Can. Therefore, in order for your flowers to wilt, the Beautiful Town Ordinance must not be in use. If you have already activated it, use your Mayor character to speak to Isabelle from the Mayor's Chair in the Town Hall, and ask for the Beautiful Town Ordinance to be deactivated.

Tips and Tricks

In order to create your own colorful town full of hybrids, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Hybrids can be produced in a number of ways: diagonally, horizontally or vertically. It's a good idea to experiment with these methods to find out which one best suits you.
  • Always try and leave as much space around your planted flowers so there is room for a hybrid to spawn. This is especially useful to keep in mind if you are using patterns for paths.
  • Fertilizer is available later in the game after you upgrade your store to T&T Emporium and it can be purchased from Leif in the garden corner. Fertilizer increases your chance of producing hybrids by a small amount. Simply dig a hole and bury the fertilizer next to your flowers in order for it to take effect.
  • Watering flowers is also known to increase your chance of producing new offspring. In New Leaf, watered flowers sparkle so it is easy to see which ones have been watered or not. To really increase your chances of spawning particular hybrids, try not to water all your flowers. Water only wilted flowers and flower combinations that you wish to produce hybrids.
  • When you activate the Beautiful Town Ordinance there will be lots of flowers you've not watered but will sparkle. This is because your villagers have watered those flowers.
  • The Beautiful Town Ordinance eliminates the need to water flowers. However, you can further increase the chance of hybrids by still watering certain flowers which you wish to spawn hybrids from.