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AC:NL Halloween Guide


It's Halloween and that means only one thing - Jack, the czar of Halloween, is coming to town! That's right, he's coming to your town! The problem is, he's not the only pumpkin-headed character that will be wandering around the patch. Jack has recruited your villagers to work for him on All Hallows Eve, and their mission is to take as much Candy from you as possible. However, Jack has recruited you too! So, let the fun begin.....

Halloween is here!

Date: 31st October
Time: 6:00pm - Midnight

During All Hallows Eve you are able to acquire items, some of which are unorderable, in exchange for giving Candy and Lollipops to give to Jack. You are also able to collect special items from the villagers, both those that are outside and those who are in their homes, by playing and losing mini-games during Trick or Treat.

The items that can be acquired during the evening from Jack and the villagers, are:

Villagers - Indoors

Villagers - Outdoors
Old Flooring
Old Wallpaper
Patched Dress
Patched Hat
Patched Pants
Patched Shirt
Patched Shoes
Green Pumpkin Head
Purple Pumpkin Head
Red Pumpkin Head
Yellow Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Head
Bug Mask
Ghost Mask
Monster Mask
Mummy Mask
Skull Hood
Werewolf Hood
Creepy Bat Stone
Creepy Cauldron
Creepy Clock
Creepy Coffin
Creepy Crystal
Creepy Skeleton
Creepy Statue
Creepy Stone
Creepy Floor
Creepy Wall
Spooky Bed
Spooky Bookcase
Spooky Chair
Spooky Clock
Spooky Dresser
Spooky Lamp
Spooky Sofa
Spooky Table
Spooky Vanity
Spooky Wall Lamp
Spooky Wardrobe
Spooky Carpet
Spooky Wall

Preparation throughout October

The first time you play in October, you will find Jack wandering around your town. This is when he recruits you to work for him on Halloween. In addition, he'll provide you with one of the masks you will need on Halloween night and advise you to purchase Candy and Halloween masks during the month. He also tells you how he especially likes Lollipops.

Candy? Masks? Lollipops?

Throughout the month of October you can purchase pieces of Candy at the Nooklings' shop. Candy has orange and white striping on the wrapper, and mention of this throughout the guide refers to the actual item of Candy and not Lollipops, which are a different type of Candy entirely. A single piece of Candy is available daily from the Nooklings' shop for the cost of 400 bells. Also, throughout October you can purchase one Halloween mask daily from Labelle at the Able Sisters' shop for 1,031 bells - which is also the date format for Halloween in some countries, 10/31. Spooky!

The Halloween masks available are:

Bug Mask
Ghost Mask
Monster Mask
Mummy Mask
Skull Hood
Werewolf Hood

You will need the Halloween masks in order to scare indoor villagers into giving you a Lollipop during the Halloween event.

Other items you should stock up on during October are a hat, a one-piece, a pair of pants or skirt, a shirt, and a pair of shoes - all of which you should be willing to lose during the Halloween event. This is because villagers will at times take an item of your clothing and replace it with a collectible Patched equivalent. If you'd like to acquire those Patched items during Halloween night, you will need to ensure that you wear a one-piece to obtain the Patched Dress, a hat to obtain the Patched Hat, pants or a skirt to obtain the Patched Pants, a shirt to obtain the Patched Shirt, and shoes to obtain the Patched Shoes at some point during the Halloween event. Only one of the clothing items you are wearing will randomly be chosen to be turned into a patched item, so if you are going for a particular item, only wear the corresponding clothing item and wear patterns for all of the other items.

In addition to selling a piece of Candy daily during October, the Nooklings will sell a furniture item from the Spooky Series every day along with either the Spooky Wall or Spooky Carpet. All items in the Spooky Series can be bought for 4,124 bells each. The Spooky Series furniture items sold are random and it isn't guaranteed that you will collect every piece. If you miss out on some items, you can complete your collection during Halloween and sell any duplicates later at Re-Tail for 1,031 bells.

It's worth noting that although you can successfully participate on Halloween without advance purchases of Spooky Series items, pieces of Candy, masks, or clothes and shoes, it is significantly easier if you stock up before the night. Purchasing Halloween related items throughout October ensures that you spend time on the night obtaining items available exclusively during the Halloween event.

A final bit of preparation can be done on the night itself if you really want to be cheeky. At about 5:45pm you can track down all the villagers who are outside and dig holes around them to keep them trapped. You might be glad you did...

Static Pranking Me Mission from Jack Giving Sweets to Jack

Halloween night

Tracking Jack

At 6pm on the 31st of October, the fun begins. Whether you have trapped your villagers or not, they are all out to get everything from you. Ensure you are wearing clothes and shoes you are willing to lose and empty your pockets of valuables. It also helps to keep some empty letters on hand for hidden storage.

So, time to find Jack?

Before you do, first look at the four reasons there are to track down Jack:

  • To give him a Lollipop in exchange for an item from the Creepy Theme.
  • To give him a piece of Candy in exchange for an item from the Spooky Series.
  • To give him nothing and make him mad enough to give you a collectible Pumpkin Head.
  • To give him Candy in return for a Halloween mask with which to frighten your indoor villagers into giving you a Lollipop.

If for any reason you didn't manage to bump into Jack at any point in October, your first meeting with him on Halloween night will result in his recruitment speech. After he speaks to you and disappears with a somersault, you will have to scour your town looking for him. In fact, every time you track down Jack and speak to him, he will disappear in a puff of smoke and you will have to find him again. This is incredibly time consuming, which is why it is wise to prepare in advance by buying Halloween masks, Spooky Series items and pieces of Candy daily. This means that by the time Halloween rolls around you can concentrate on getting only the items that are available during the event itself.

If you've not trapped the villagers who are outside, you will have to avoid them while you look for Jack because, unfortunately, they are all Jack look-a-likes. As if it wasn't difficult enough to find Jack, the villagers are dressed in purple and black robes too, just like Jack. The only difference is that they will be sporting pumpkin heads that are differently colored, unorderable, and collectible. Where Jack has an orange colored pumpkin head, the villagers wear pumpkin heads that are green, purple, red or yellow. The yellow heads can be tricky because they can be confused with Jack's orange one. However, the eyes and mouths of the pumpkin heads all differ slightly from each other. Jack has a symmetrical smile and is about the same height as your player.

Once you've heard the recruitment speech from Jack, the first time you run into him can be unexpected because Jack, and the villagers, come at you with quite some pace during Halloween night. It is also highly unlikely that you'd have acquired a Lollipop at the beginning of the night, so you won't have anything but Candy to offer him. Whether you are carrying Candy or not, you may as well refuse to give Jack any so that you can be punished with a collectible pumpkin head. Just make sure you aren't wearing a hat, otherwise you'll receive a patched hat instead.

You should have Candy if you've been buying it during the month, but the only reason to track down Jack to give him Candy is if you've not completed your Spooky Series, or if you've not managed to acquire all the Halloween masks. If that's the case, load up with Candy and get going with finding Jack. In exchange for Candy, Jack offers you a choice of a Halloween mask or an item from the Spooky Series.

Once you have acquired the Pumpkin Head and completed your Spooky Series, plus obtained any masks you needed, it's time to concentrate on getting the Creepy items from Jack. However, in order to obtain the Creepy items you will need to give Jack Lollipops, and to acquire the Lollipops you will need to frighten the villagers who are inside their home.

Trick . . .

If you didn't manage to buy any Candy in advance of the event, or have run out of it during the evening, talk to any villager and they will ask "Trick or treat?" Respond with "trick", and the villager will play one of the following three mini-games with you:

Rock, Paper, Scissors - This is a game of chance. You and the villager choose either rock, paper or scissors. Rock will beat Scissors, Scissors will beat Paper, and Paper will beat Rock. If both you and the villager choose the same item, it is a tie and you play again. The game will continue until one of you wins.

Made Ya Look - This is another game of chance. Use the arrow on the D-Pad to guess the direction that the villager will look. If you look in a different direction to the villager, you lose. If you look in the same direction as the villager, you win.

Charades - This is the easiest game but you must ensure that your character is standing to one side so that you can see the villager. The villager gives you a riddle but replaces some words with emotions. You are then asked a question and given a choice of potential answers from which to choose the correct reply.

You should note that villagers outside will play with you no matter how you are dressed. However, villagers inside will only play if you hide your identity by wearing a Halloween mask that doesn't scare them.

Whether playing inside or outside, if you lose a villager's mini-game, a piece of your clothing will be replaced with the patched version of that clothing - if there is a patched equivalent. So, if you are wearing a hat, shoes, shirt and trousers, you may receive either the patched hat, patched shoes, patched shirt or the patched trousers. If you are wearing patterns for clothes or no shoes, you cannot get the patched clothing or shoes. Instead, something in your pockets will be replaced with a Jack-in-the-Box, Old Wallpaper, or Old Flooring.

If you lose a mini-game to a villager who is outside wearing a green, purple, red or yellow pumpkin head, you will receive a pumpkin head in the same color as the one the villager is wearing. However, if you are wearing a hat or are already wearing any colored pumpkin head, and either the entire patched outfit, or wearing items that can't be replaced with a patched version, then a Jack-in-the-Box, Old Wallpaper, or Old Flooring may replace something in your pockets. If your pockets are empty, one of these three items will be placed in your pockets for free.

If you win a mini-game with any villager, you will receive a piece of Candy.

Trick or treat!

. . . or Treat?

Already have plenty of Candy? Then why not choose "treat" when asked by a villager! If you do, they will share a secret with you in exchange for a piece of Candy. The secret will be a hidden fear of one of your other villagers. The information can be given in three ways. The first is to name a specific fear and then name two villagers who could have that fear. The second way is to name a specific villager, but also name two fears. The final way, which happens rarely, is to name one villager and a single fear. Although it is more frequent to be given a choice of two villagers or two fears, it still narrows it down for you. The fear always tells you which Halloween mask, or masks, to use on the named villager or villagers. This is important because it takes you a step closer to acquiring a Lollipop, which in turn will mean you can acquire pieces of the Creepy themed items.


Knowing the secret fear of your villagers means that you can frighten them by wearing one of the six Halloween masks. The masks only frighten villagers who are in their home, and each villager you successfully scare will reward you with a Lollipop.

Villager fears are specific to personality type and species, and there will be one mask in particular that will scare a villager. If you'd rather not waste Candy, or time, to discover which mask will frighten a particular villager, you can use the two tables below. Use the first table, with information provided by Liquefy, to look up the name of a villager you wish to frighten and find out their personality and species. Then use the second table to determine the mask you should use on a villager with that particular combination of personality and species.

Species Cranky Jock Lazy Smug Normal Peppy Snooty Big Sis
Alligators Del Sly Alfonso, Drago - Gayle - Alli -
Anteaters Cyrano Antonio - Olaf Annalisa Anabelle, Pango --
Bear Cubs Vladimir Kody, Poncho Barold, Chester, Pudge, Stitches - Maple, Pekoe Bluebear, Cheri - Tammy
Bears Chow, Curt, Grizzly, Groucho Teddy Nate Beardo, Klaus - Pinky, Tutu - Charlise, Paula
Birds - Jay, Jitters, Peck, Sparro Anchovy Jacques,Lucha Midge Twiggy Robin -
Bulls & Cows Angus, T-Bone, Vic Coach Rodeo - - Patty Naomi, Tipper -
Cats Kabuki, Tom Kid Cat, Rudy, Stinky Bob, Moe, Punchy - Kiki, Lolly, Mitzi Felicity, Merry, Rosie, Tabby, Tangy Ankha, Kitty, Monique, Olivia, Purrl Katt
Chickens Knox Goose Benedict, Egbert Ken Ava - Becky, Broffina -
Deers Bruce Bam Beau, Erik Lopez, Zell Fauna - Diana Deirdre, Fuchsia
Dogs Butch Mac Benjamin, Biskit, Bones, Lucky, Marcel, Walker Shep Daisy, Goldie Cookie Portia Cherry
Ducks - Bill, Scout Derwin, Drake, Joey Quillson Deena, Molly Freckles, Pate, Pompom Gloria, Maelle, Mallary, Miranda -
Eagles Apollo, Avery, Frank Pierce, Sterling - Keaton Celia - Amelia -
Elephants - Axel Big Top, Dizzy, Tucker - Margie, Tia - Eloise, Opal -
Frogs Camofrog, Croque, Wart Jr. Cousteau, Drift, Frobert, Ribbot Jeremiah, Prince Henry Jambette, Lily Puddles Gigi Diva
GoatsGruff--KiddChèvre, Nan-VelmaPashmina
GorillasCesar, PeeweeBooneAlHans--VioletRocket
HamstersHamphreyHamletClayGraham, RodneyFlurryAppleSoleil-
HipposHarry, RoccoBiff-HippeuxBerthaBubbles--
HorsesRoscoeBuckClyde, Elmer, PapiColton, Ed, JulianPeaches, SavannahVictoria, WinnieAnnalise-
KangaroosRooney, Walt---Kitt, Marcie-Astrid, MathildaSylvia
Koalas-LymanOzzieEugeneAlice, Melba, Sydney-YukaCanberra
LionsElvisBud, Mott, Rory-Lionel----
MiceLimberg, RizzoMoose, Rod, SamsonBroccoloChadderBettina, DoraAnicotti, Bella, PenelopeBree, Greta-
MonkeysMontyFlipDell, Simon-NanaTammiEliseShari
Ostriches--CranstonPhilGladysFloraBlanche, QueeniePhoebe
PenguinsHopperIggly, RoaldBoomer, Cube, PuckTexAuroraSprinkleFriga, GwenFlo
PigsRasherCobb, Curly, KevinHigh, SporkChopsGala, LucyPeggy, TrufflesPancettiAgnes
RabbitsGastonGenji, SnakeCole, DocO'HareCocoBonbon, Bunnie, Carmen, Chrissy, Dotty, Gabi, Pippy, RubyFrancine, TiffanyMira
Rhinos-Tank--Merengue, Rhonda--Renée
Sheep---Curlos, PietroEunice, VestaWendyBaabara, Timbra, WillowFrita, Muffy
SquirrelsRicky, StaticSheldonFilbertMarshalCally, Caroline, Poppy, SallyAgent S, Nibbles, PeanutBlaire, Mint, PecanHazel
TigersRolfLeonardo, Rowan---Bangle, BiancaClaudia-
WolvesChief, Fang, Lobo, Wolfgang---Skye-Freya, Whitney-

SpeciesCranky Jock Lazy Smug Normal Peppy Snooty Big Sis
Alligators Mummy MaskMonster MaskBug Mask-Werewolf Hood-Ghost Mask-
AnteatersBug MaskMummy Mask-Monster MaskSkull HoodGhost Mask--
Bear Cubs?Bug MaskMummy MaskWerewolf Hood-Mummy MaskSkull Hood-Monster Mask
Bears?Skull HoodMonster MaskGhost MaskWerewolf Hood-Mummy Mask-Skull Hood
Birds-Skull HoodMummy MaskBug MaskGhost MaskMummy MaskWerewolf Hood-
Bulls & CowsMummy MaskMonster MaskGhost Mask--Werewolf HoodGhost Mask-
CatsSkull HoodGhost MaskMonster Mask-Bug MaskWerewolf HoodMonster MaskMummy Mask
ChickensMummy MaskWerewolf HoodSkull HoodMonster MaskMonster Mask-Ghost Mask-
DeersBug MaskMummy MaskWerewolf HoodSkull HoodWerewolf Hood-Monster MaskGhost Mask
DogsMonster MaskSkull HoodMummy MaskMummy MaskWerewolf HoodBug MaskMonster MaskGhost Mask
Ducks-Werewolf HoodMonster MaskGhost MaskWerewolf HoodBug MaskMummy Mask-
EaglesGhost MaskBug Mask-Werewolf HoodMummy Mask-Skull Hood-
Elephants-Monster MaskBug Mask-Skull Hood-Ghost Mask-
FrogsMummy MaskBug MaskMonster MaskWerewolf HoodGhost MaskSkull HoodWerewolf HoodGhost Mask
GoatsSkull Hood--Monster MaskGhost Mask-Bug MaskMummy Mask
GorillasMonster MaskSkull HoodMummy MaskGhost Mask--Werewolf HoodBug Mask
HamstersSkull HoodMonster MaskMummy MaskBug MaskBug MaskWerewolf HoodGhost Mask-
HipposMonster MaskGhost Mask-Skull HoodBug MaskGhost Mask--
HorsesGhost MaskWerewolf HoodSkull HoodBug MaskMonster MaskWerewolf HoodMummy Mask-
KangaroosBug Mask---Werewolf Hood-Skull HoodMummy Mask
Koalas-Ghost MaskBug MaskMonster MaskMummy Mask-Bug MaskWerewolf Hood
LionsBug MaskGhost Mask-Monster Mask----
MiceMummy MaskBug MaskWerewolf HoodBug MaskGhost MaskMonster MaskSkull Hood-
MonkeysSkull HoodGhost MaskMonster Mask-Monster MaskMummy MaskBug MaskGhost Mask
OctopusesWerewolf Hood-Bug Mask-Skull Hood---
Ostriches - - Monster Mask Mummy Mask Bug Mask Werewolf Hood Mummy Mask Skull Hood
Penguins Monster Mask Bug Mask Werewolf Hood Ghost Mask Skull Hood Skull HoodMummy Mask Werewolf Hood
Pigs Ghost Mask Mummy Mask Bug Mask Werewolf Hood Monster Mask Monster Mask Mummy Mask Skull Hood
Rabbits Werewolf Hood Bug Mask Ghost Mask Bug Mask Mummy Mask Monster Mask Skull Hood Bug Mask
Rhinos - Skull Hood - - Ghost Mask - - Mummy Mask
Sheep - - - Werewolf Hood Werewolf Hood Werewolf Hood Werewolf Hood Werewolf Hood
Squirrels Skull Hood Mummy Mask Werewolf Hood Ghost Mask Skull Hood Bug Mask Werewolf Hood Monster Mask
Tigers Skull Hood Werewolf Hood - - - Ghost Mask Monster Mask -
Wolves Werewolf Hood - - Skull Hood Mummy Mask - Bug Mask -


After successfully scaring a villager at home, you will receive a Lollipop. You can receive only one Lollipop from each villager that is at home. Therefore, once you've been acquired a Lollipop from each of the handful of villagers that are home at the start of the event, you will need to save and quit, then reload the game to get different villagers at home. You may need to reload a few times to ensure that each of one of your villagers takes a turn to be at home.

Unfortunately, reloading the game will also mean that trapped villagers are no longer trapped. However, if you started the night by trapping villagers you will have saved a lot of time early on, and have a good chance of getting all the exclusive items in a shorter amount of time.

Jack will exchange each Lollipop you give him for an item from the Creepy Theme. However, there are 10 pieces in the Creepy Theme and you may not have 10 villagers in your town from which to obtain the required number of Lollipops. If you are able to WiFi, try to arrange a visit to another town to obtain more Lollipops. Alternatively, you can use a second character or try to complete your Creepy Theme collection next year.

Scared Bam Scared Lopez Scared Chow


So, you followed our guide above, got everything available from Halloween, and you're pleased with yourself. Time for a cheesy grin, no?

No! Time to shake your head.

Halloween comes at a cost. Here's the bad news.

Before you toddle off to Re-Tail to sell some of your haul, you may want to look at the table below that shows you which items will bring you some Bells at Re-Tail and which items will cost you a disposal fee. Apparently, Reese at Re-Tail isn't a big fan of all Halloween items...

Halloween Item Bells paid at Re-Tail Cost of Disposal
Creepy Bat Stone 500 -
Creepy Cauldron 900 -
Creepy Clock 700 -
Creepy Coffin 500 -
Creepy Crystal 2000 -
Creepy Floor 500 -
Creepy Skeleton 2000 -
Creepy Statue 500 -
Creepy Stone 500 -
Creepy Wall 500 -
Jack-in-the-box - 400
Lollipop 100 -
Old Flooring - 400
Old Wallpaper - 400
Patched Dress - 400
Patched Hat - 400
Patched Pants - 400
Patched Shirt - 400
Patched Shoes - 400
Pumpkin Head 1000 -
Green-Pumpkin Head 1000 -
Purple-Pumpkin Head 1000 -
Red-Pumpkin Head 1000 -
Yellow-Pumpkin Head 1000 -

Yes, after all that effort, the Halloween exclusive items aren't very profitable. Even the ones that Reese will pay you for aren't worth too much. Worse still, out of all the items that are available exclusively during Halloween night, everything but the Pumpkin Head cannot be re-ordered from the Nooklings.

Do you think we'd leave you only with bad news at the end of a guide? Fear not, we have a Bell saving tip. Build a trash can as a Public Works Project or buy a trash can furniture item to place in your house. Both are a quick and easy way to dispose of your items for free!