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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guides
April Fools' Day Guide
Don't let Blanca's disguises fool you. Use this handy guide to see right through them!

Badge Guide
Phineas gives good boys and girls badges to commemorate their achievements. This guide will show you all the badges along with how to obtain them.

Bug Guide
Grab your net and go bug hunting! This guide will show you all the bugs along with the times that they are available to catch.

Bunny Day Guide
Channel your inner Zipper T. Bunny and use this guide to stop from getting behind on Bunny Day!

Cookie Guide
You can't have your cookies and eat them too... or was that cake? With these cookies, you can at least eat them and have something else!

Face Guide
Customize your gender and face style with Rover!

Festivale Guide
VIVA...FESTIVALE! Get ready to celebrate with Pavé and be sure to find those feathers!

Fish Guide
Grab your Fishing Rod and go fishing! This guide will show you all the fish along with the times and seasons that they are available to catch.

Halloween Guide
Jack is coming to town! Use this guide to help you avoid villager tricks and protect your candy.

Harvest Festival Guide
When Franklin visits, it's time to cook up some fun!

Hybrid Guide
Hybreeding just became complicated! Discover how to breed those elusive hybrids with this guide.

Island Extras Guide
Use this guide to find out all the extra things you can do on island tours!

Island Guide
This guide is your brochure for the island!

Island Tour Guide
This guide dissects all the island tours to help you get the most out of your island experience!

Mushroom Guide
You might find a surprise after picking up one of these... and no, you won't be finding any fairies.

Redd's Art Guide
Redd can be a sneaky art salesman. Use this guide to outfox him and avoid fakes.

Seafood Guide
Grab your wetsuit and go diving! This guide will show you all the seafood along with the times that they are available to catch.

Shampoodle's Guide
Having a bed hair day? Use this guide to improve your looks at the hair salon!

Snowpeople Guide
When snow sticks to the ground, it's time to have a ball and build some snow people!

Town Ordinances Guide
You are the brand-new mayor! Use this guide to choose which ordinance will be best for your town.

Toy Day guide
Jingle needs your help delivering the villagers' swag. Use this guide to have the task in the bag!

Welcome amiibo Items
The Welcome amiibo Item Table allows sorting and filtering of the data!