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Knowing Your Town
Every Animal Crossing town is exactly the same size and all of the towns share the same basic structures. Although the layout of your town may differ from your friends' towns they all have the same buildings that are shown here in this guide. Check your town map (given to you by Tom Nook at the beginning of the game or by Copper when visiting another town) to find where these familiar structures are located. There are some places you may want to memorize the location of very quickly (Tom Nooks and Post Office) because you will find that you visit them often. Use the map to the right to familiarize yourself with these common structures.
Your House
24 Hours
Home sweet home, your crib, your humble abode, or whatever you want to call it. It's basically the place you will end up storing all your useless junk. The best thing about your home is that it's yours to do whatever you want with. You can change the color of your roof, decorate it with eclectic furniture, display your patterns on your door for all your friends to see, or just be a total slob (if you don't mind getting a low HRA score). Your house will eventually undergo 4 upgrades. The bigger your house, the more useless junk you can store. Your home is also your saving place. You must talk to the Gyroid that is outside your door to save your progress. Don't forget to do this before shutting off your game or you will get a not-so-friendly visit from Mr. Resetti.
Tom Nook's Store
9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Nook 'N Go: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.)
Residents in Charge: Tom Nook, Tommy and Timmy
Tom Nook is the businessman that runs the local shop. This entrepreneurial raccoon makes his living selling furniture and other knickknacks that no true Animal Crossing collector can do without. You will spend a lot of time either buying, selling or getting codes from Tom Nook. Be sure you memorize where his shop is because you will find yourself going there quite often and it's best if you know the shortest way to get there. When you first start the game Nook grants you a loan to get started. Eventually you will pay off your loan and Nook will offer an upgrade to your house. Your house will undergo 4 size upgrades and each time Nook will give you an advance on the construction costs. As you payoff your debt to Nook he will upgrade his store with the money he earned from all the interest and inflated expenses he charged you. As his store grows the selection of items grows. Nook will also hold an occasional sale to show his gratitude towards his favorite patron. You can find one of a kind items at Nooks sales such as pinwheels, balloons and grab bags. Nook isn't as money hungry as he may seem. For every major purchase you make Nook will give you a raffle ticket to use in his monthly raffle. The raffle is held on the last day of every month and usually has some very hard to find items. The more you buy the more chances you have at winning. Keep in mind that the raffle tickets are good only for the month in which you received them. You cannot carry them over to the next month's raffle so spend them while you have them! Back to Top
Train Station
24 Hours
Resident in Charge: Porter
All Aboard! You can't stay cooped up in your town forever. Have you ever wondered what your friend's town looks like? Well then, take a trip. Hop on the train and visit your friend's town. Turnip prices may be lower there or you may be able to sell the ones you have at a higher price. Tom Nook's store (the ubiquitous Tom Nook seems to have a monopoly on the retail market) in your friend's town may have a different selection of furniture. Your friend's town may have a different native fruit. There are many reasons to travel to new and exciting places and the only way to get there is via the Train Station. There are 15 different types of Train Stations and the type of Train Station you have will determine what type of Train Station model you get later on in the game. At the Train Station a monkey named Porter will greet you. Eerily enough the train conductor looks identical to Porter. Long lost brother perhaps? While on your trip you may run into a couple of friendly faces. Once in a while you will run into a freak show named Blanca. This is your chance to show off some of your artistic skills (or lack thereof). Blanca will ask you to give her a new face. Always wanted a villager that looks like Groucho Marx? Well, now is your chance. Be sure to visit the Train Station every Saturday night between 8 p.m. and Midnight to jam with your favorite traveling musician Totakeke (K.K. Slider). He will accept requests and play you tunes to get those feet moving! If you're ever bored with the humdrum of your town and want to see new and exciting faces head down to your Train Station and take a trip. There's a whole new world out there! Back to Top
Police Station
24 Hours
Residents in Charge: Copper and Booker
Since there aren't any real laws in Animal Crossing the Police Station acts as an information center and lost and found. Sometimes you will notice that items you buried suddenly went missing. These items usually turn up at the Police Station. You can sometimes find stuff that your fellow villagers have lost. Booker is gullible and will believe you if you say the lost items are yours. Copper is always up to date on the current and upcoming events. If there are any special visitors coming to your town he will know when they are coming. If there are any special visitors currently in your town he will know where to find them. Talk to Copper frequently to stay up to date with all the upcoming events. Back to Top
Farway Museum
24 Hours
Resident in Charge: Blathers
At first your Museum is empty (don't ask who funded a Museum with no collection), but soon your local Museum will have a collection that will even rival the Louvre. Ok, well maybe that's going too far. It will, however, be a place to showcase some of the cool things you find in Animal Crossing. The museum is separated into 4 collections: Fossils, Insects, Fish, and Art. If you have any fish, insects, or artwork that you would like to donate simply talk to Blathers and he will accept any kind donations you have to offer. Fossils are a bit different. You must send any fossils you find to the Museum within a letter for inspection. They will send the specimen back to you with a complete analysis on what type of fossil you have found. You can then bring in your specimen to Blathers to donate. Once you have completed all the collections you will receive a Museum Model in the mail. Back to Top
Post Office
24 Hours
Residents in Charge: Pelly, Phyllis, and Pete
Everybody loves getting mail. Your fellow villagers are no exception. You can write and send letters to your fellow villagers via the town Post Office. However, you can only send mail to villagers within your own town (the Post Office hasn't figured out that there's a train that goes to other towns). Any time you want to pay off some of your debt to Tom Nook you must do so at the Post Office. Once you have paid off all of your debts you can save money in your savings account. The Post Office will reward you with special rare items when you've saved up enough money. You will get a box of tissue for saving 1,000,000 Bells, a piggy bank for saving 10,000,000 Bells, a mailbox for 100,000,000 Bells, and a Post Office model for saving 999,999,999 Bells. This may seem like an unreasonable goal, but you will soon find it's not as hard as it looks. The Post Office is also home to your local ETM. If you have a Gameboy Advance, an e-Reader and Animal Crossing e-Cards you can scan them in at your local ETM and you will receive a nice letter from one of the Animal Crossing characters along with a piece of furniture. Be careful when you visit the Post Office. There's a cranky night clerk named Phyllis that loves to bust your chops. Back to Top
Wishing Well
24 Hours
The Wishing Well is the place to get info on the status of your town and also doubles as a meeting area for special events. In order to get the Golden Axe you must keep your town in tip-top shape for 2 straight weeks. The Wishing Well will tell you how your town is doing. If it tells you that a certain acre is amiss you should hightail it over there and fix it up proper. Usually it means that there are too many or too few trees. Flowers do not factor into the equation. On certain special events the Wishing Well acts as a gathering place and is usually where you will find Tortimer. Make sure you check the Wishing Well during these times to talk to Tortimer. Most of the time he will give you a memento of the occasion, which is usually a rare gift not found elsewhere. Back to Top
Garbage Dump
24 Hours. Emptied every Monday and Thursday at 6:00 a.m.
Ever wondered what to do with your old raffle tickets or trash that you fished out of the lake? Take it to the Dump and let the trash crew deal with it. Tom Nook will usually take your unwanted junk off your hands at no cost, but he's not open 24 hours and sometimes you just don't feel like going through the hassle of talking to Nook. That's what the Garbage Dump is for. Your fellow villagers also use the dump to get rid of any unwanted stuff. Sometimes you can find some real gems there that your fellow villagers, for some reason or other, did not want. So make sure you stop by your local Dump and check out what's there and ignore your friends that say trash digging is for Hobos. Back to Top
Tailor (Able Sisters)
7 a.m. to 2 a.m.
Residents in Charge: Sable and Mabel Able
Sable and Mabel Able are the town's Tailors and the place where you can create your own patterns. They will charge you a small fee to produce your own patterns, but if you have a Gameboy Advance and a link cable you can use their services for free. Not only that, but you can download the program to your GBA and create patterns on the go. You can use your patterns on clothes, your door, signs, walls, floors, umbrellas, or even the flag on your island. Sometimes you'll even see your fellow villagers wearing your designs. You can only hold eight designs at a time, but you can save up to 96 different designs at the Able Sister's Shop. You can even use our Pattern Maker to show off your patterns to your fellow ACC users. Back to Top
Most of the year the lighthouse is run by Tortimer, but during the Winter he will go on vacation and ask you to watch over it. If you do a good job during Tortimer's week long vacation you will receive a box of chocolates and a lighthouse model. Back to Top
Melody Board
24 Hours
Have you ever wondered about that tune that plays when you enter buildings? That tune you hear is your Town Melody and it can be changed at the Melody Board outside the Post Office. You can keep the default one, create your own, or use special e-Reader cards to change the melody using an e-Reader and a Gameboy Advance. Show off your creativity or use some tunes created by your fellow ACC users at our Town Tunes section. Back to Top