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AC:GC Wisp Guide
So who is Wisp, you ask? Wisp is a ghost in Animal Crossing that will appear on random mornings at 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM.

Appearance Times
Wisp will not appear every morning, nor will he appear on a certain day of the year. He appears randomly through the week from 12:00 AM - 4:00 AM, not PM!

How to find Wisp
If you're up so late that the clock strikes 12:00 AM, then that's your chance to look for Wisp! Wisp appears in random acres; simply search every acre in the forest through rows from acres A-1 to F-5 until you see grey text appear on the screen under the name, ?????. It would say certain messages leading you to Wisp such as, Hello? Could you come this way please?, No no this way., Sorry if I'm bothering you., Your almost there. Let Wisp's voice guide you the way to him, this might take awhile but have patience.

The Five Spirits
When you find Wisp he, will explain to you that he has accidentally lost five spirits and that, if he doesn't return all of them to his master with them by 4:00 AM, then he'll be in big trouble. Who is the master you ask? Nobody knows as it has never been explained and only Nintendo knows about it. Wisp will then ask you to catch all five spirits with your bug-catching net and return all of them to him before 4:00 AM. This task is the hardest and most time consuming, besides trying to find Wisp.

Collecting the Spirits
The spirits are light blue orb-like objects that glow and are said to feel very ectoplasmic. They move around like butterflies, hovering above the ground, but slower, and, thankfully, they don't go fast or fly away when you approach them, even if you run.

This is where the hard part comes in. The spirits you are asked to catch are in random acres and moving all the time. You have to look through every acre in the town and this can be tiring and boring after a while. The easiest was to find them is to go through every row of acres, starting with acre A-1, left to right.

If you found some spirits, good job! If you didn't find them all, then go back through the acres backwards and repeat until you find them. When you find a spirit you must have your net equipped and swing it at them to catch them.

If you have successfully captured all five of the spirits that Wisp requested, return to him for a prize. He will thank you and reward you with one of three options. The options are:

1. Pick all of your weeds - Wisp is also a good way to get rid of weeds if your town is overrun with them
2. Give you an item that is not in your catalog, basically an item you have never picked up before. Note: The item will not be a rare item.
3. Paint your roof any color you want.

- "You have to catch Wisp with your net and he will bribe you to let him go."
False. You cannot catch Wisp even if you try. You must catch five different spirits before 4:00 AM and then he will give you the three options.