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Animal Crossing (GameCube) Guides
AC Characters
Use this guide to tell you about the special characters you find in your town as well as a list all the villager neighbors.

Aerobics Guide
Every August, Copper gets your town in shape! To exercise the right way, check out this guide!

Bug Guide
Grab your net and go bug hunting! This guide will show you all of the bugs, along with the times and seasons in which they are available to catch.

eReader Guide
Nintendo released e-Reader cards to complement Animal Crossing, allowing you to get rare villagers and town tunes. Check out this guide to get the low-down on how they work.

Event Calendar
Check out the calendar to see what special happenings and events will be going on in your AC town throughout the year.

Face Guide
Stuck on choosing your face? Can't get it right? This guide will steer you through Rover's cryptic questions to get you the face you want.

Feng Shui Guide
All about the tranquility of the art of Feng Shui, explained in only a few minutes of reading!

Fish Guide
Grab your fishing rod and go fishing! This guide will show you all of the fish, along with the times and seasons in which they are available to catch.

HRA Guide
Want a nice looking house that will make all your neighbors turn red with embarrassment? Read this guide to find out more!

Island Guide
Ever wonder what that pier on your beach is for? It'll take you to an exotic island! Read on to find out how.

Items List
Use this handy-dandy tool to search/sort items in various categories such as furniture series, furniture themes, fossils etc.

Summer Camper Guide
See a tent in the summer? You've got a camper! Check out this FAQ to learn about them.

Tools Guide
Tools? Seriously? I have to work in this game? Find out what types of tools are available, how they can be upgraded, and how a few of them can also help you to become very rich.

Tree Guide
Do you like growing trees? Come here to find out all about them.

Turnip Guide
Want to improve your results in the volatile turnip Stalk Market? Then check out this guide for tips and tricks!

Villager Guide
Made it to the island? Find some curious folks around town? This guide will tell you who they are, what they're like, along with their 100+ friends!

Wisp Guide
In the wee hours of the morning, you can assist Wisp to gain a wish! This guide will tell you how to help him, how to find him, and what those wishes are!

Your Town Guide
Not sure exactly how to get around your town? Everything explained, right here in this handy-dandy guide!