36,505 bells
AC:GC Bug Guide

Grab your net and head off into the fields - it's time to catch some bugs! Click on any picture to return to the top.

Name Picture Season Time of day Location Price (Bells)
Common Butterfly March-October 8am-5pm airborne 80
Yellow Butterfly March-October 8am-5pm airborne 80
Tiger Butterfly April-September 8am-5pm airborne 200
Purple Butterfly June-August 8am-5pm airborne 2,000
Brown Cicada July-August 8am-5pm on trees 200
Robust Cicada July-August 8am-5pm on trees 300
Walker Cicada July-September 8am-5pm on trees 400
Evening Cicada July-August 4am-8am on trees 850
Red Dragonfly September-October 8am-7pm airborne 80
Common Dragonfly May-July 8am-5pm airborne 130
Darner Dragonfly June-August 8am-5pm airborne 200
Banded Dragonfly July-August 8am-5pm airborne 4,500
Cricket September-November 5pm-8am ground 130
Grasshopper August-September 8am-5pm ground 130
Pine Cricket September-October 5pm-8am ground 100
Bell Cricket September-October 5pm-8am ground 430
Ladybug March-July 8am-5pm flowers 130
Spotted Ladybug March-July 8am-5pm flowers 200
Mantis August-September 8am-5pm flowers 430
Long Locust August-November 8am-5pm ground 200
Migratory Locust September-November 8am-7pm ground 1,350
Cockroach March-November all day on trees, flowers and rotten turnips 5
Bee all year all day trees 4,500
Firefly June 7pm-4am near freshwater 250
Drone Beetle July-August all day on trees 80
Longhorn Beetle June-August 8am-5pm on trees 200
Jewel Beetle July-August 8am-4pm on trees 3,000
Dynastid Beetle July-August 7pm-8am on trees 1,350
Flat Stag Beetle June-August 7pm-8am on trees 2,000
Saw Stag Beetle July-August 7pm-8am on trees 2,000
Mountain Beetle July-August 7pm-8am on trees 2,000
Giant Beetle July-August 11pm-8am on trees 10,000
Pondskater June-September 8am-7pm on the lake and holding ponds 130
Ant All year all day candy or rotten turnips 80
Pillbug all year all day rocks 250
Mosquito May-September 8am-11pm airborne 130
Mole Cricket November-May all day underground 200
Spider April-September all day trees 300
Snail April-September all day flowers during rain 250
Bagworm October-March all day trees 250